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  1. mbaier

    Treefrog roof rack for Model X

    thanks for your reply ! did you experience any issues with the falcon wing doors not opening propery due to the extra weight of two pairs of skis ? I have talked to another owner who decided not to open the door at all once the rack was installed. he would remove the skis from the rack before...
  2. mbaier

    Treefrog roof rack for Model X

    Hi - that sounds interesting - what specific modifications are needed?
  3. mbaier

    Treefrog roof rack for Model X

    I will be getting my new Model X sometime in Q1 2022 and am looking for solutions to transport at least 2 pairs of skis. I found these suction cup racks specifically made for the model X. Does anyone have experience with these ? I originally planned to maybe use the official tesla tow hitch...
  4. mbaier

    Yoke turn radius changeable ?

    that's shame - setting a tighter turning radius at least at the service center would have been nice
  5. mbaier

    Model X 22inch vs 20inch range impact ?

    Thanks DCGOO - that's great feedback and I defenitely will not go with the 22inch wheels then
  6. mbaier

    Model X 22inch vs 20inch range impact ?

    I am loving the look of the new 22inch dark wheels. However I am concerned about the range impact they might have. I am currently driving a Models S with 19inch wheels and I read that going to 20inch wheels does have a range impact. So going to 22inch might have an even worse impact. Are there...
  7. mbaier

    Yoke turn radius changeable ?

    yep it can not be changed or yep it will be changed via software update : ) ?
  8. mbaier

    Yoke turn radius changeable ?

    Do you think that maybe Tesla will change/reduce the necessary turn radius of the new yoke so that less of a turn is necessary ? Maybe via a software update or is this a physical thing that cannot be changed ?
  9. mbaier

    Model X refresh manual ?

    I have seen the new Model S manuals online and was wondering if anyone has seen the manuals for the new Model X ? I just ordered a Model X and would like to have a look at the manuals - even if the car will only arrive in Q1 2022.....:(
  10. mbaier

    Modify Existing Model X 2021 Refresh Color

    I would contact the closest delivery center. I also have not decided my new Model X color yet and my contact at the service center said that I will eventually get a call from Tesla asking me that I need to finalize my order. A color change is always possible before this "final" call.
  11. mbaier

    Beige seats and dirt

    I am thinking about buying a new Model X by the end of the year and am leaning towards the red multi coat with the beige interior. However I am worried about the beige seats getting dirty or "jeans stained" too quickly. What are the experiences with the beige seats from other owners ?
  12. mbaier

    Lighted door sill plates By Norm

    Also installed Norms sill plates two months ago. I asked for blue LEDs which he gladly provided. Took me about 30 minutes per side and was easily done. Interestingly enough I noticed that my 2015 85D does not have any sound dampening material underneath the plastic plate as I have seen on other...
  13. IMG_0047


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  15. mbaier

    Custom wireless charger for Tesla premium center console

    Ever since I got my new iPhone X which I am using the a clear case, I was unable to use the built in lightning charger since it ended up being too short in combination with my iPhone case. With the information I found on this thread, (USB-C connector for premium front console - no plans to...
  16. mbaier

    Automatic High Beams Suck

    same here : ) no problems whatsoever on my 2015 85D
  17. mbaier

    WANTED: Engine Noise Simulator

    My Volt had a pedestrian horn to warn people when coming up behind them. It would be great to either have that or opt for a futuristic EV sound that is played from somewhere in the frunk of the car when moving slowly. Just so that people can hear you coming. I've had many incidents where I had...
  18. mbaier


    I've also noticed that the collection of my daily trips is rather spotty. Sometimes they show up in the app. Sometimes not. Sometimes I get weird 0 km trips with efficiency numbers in the multiple hundreds. When I look at the leaderboards I see people with efficiencies of more than 1000%. This...
  19. mbaier


    I agree that the supercharger availability feature as it exists today in the app should be either removed or should tap into the data that tesla uses. It's much easier to get very current information directly in the car compared to day old information that is available in the app.
  20. mbaier


    With the latest update 1.3.1(176) for iOS the app always crashes when I open the profile section and then try to switch between the car/stats/trips panes.
  21. mbaier

    Marc Baier, [email protected], +41786106999

    Marc Baier, [email protected], +41786106999
  22. mbaier


    I have a Tesla real applique / "Zierleiste" for sale. It was properly removed by my service center. If anyone is interested, drop me a message. I'd have to check about shipping costs though. The thing weighs nothing but is rather long : )
  23. mbaier

    Chrome real applique for sale

    I have a Tesla rear applique for sale. It is in excellent condition and was professionally removed by my service center. (see pics). I live in Switzerland, european or even US shipping is possible, but I'd first need to check the costs. Just send me a message if you're interested.
  24. mbaier

    hi - i happenend to stumble over the image of your lighted wheels - what product did you use to...

    hi - i happenend to stumble over the image of your lighted wheels - what product did you use to get this effect ?
  25. mbaier

    Hi - I live in Switzerland which is pretty close to Germany if no german Model S owners contact...

    Hi - I live in Switzerland which is pretty close to Germany if no german Model S owners contact you Cheers Marc
  26. mbaier

    Aa 1800km road trip through Europe

    Wow - that's quite a trip. The supercharger network in Slovenia and Croatia seems rather thin - how are you going to handle that ?
  27. mbaier

    Aa 1800km road trip through Europe

    We just got back from our first long distance road trip using only superchargers - here's a short report on how it went for anyone who is about to go on a long trip: A 1800km pure electric road trip through europe with our model S
  28. mbaier

    Fan speed goes up to 11 after update ?

    thanks for all the replies. I like the fact that I can now set it to 11. It would be a nice feature to actually see the amount of energy I am using for all "non driving" activities like the AC, Radio etc.
  29. mbaier

    Fan speed goes up to 11 after update ?

    I just noticed that after the last software update the fan speed when in range mode now all of a sudden goes up to 11 instead of being limited to 8. Did anybody else notice that ?
  30. mbaier

    Vendor Energi - App for Tesla

    my tesla is still shown as a white car although it should be blue. I also openend the sunroof by accident yesterday since the app does not really give you feedback if a button has been pressed or not.
  31. mbaier

    Vendor Energi - App for Tesla

    Thanks - that helped !
  32. mbaier

    Vendor Energi - App for Tesla

    how do I actually get the tesla battery meter onto the watch ? i tried to customize an existing watch face but i can't figure out how to add data from energi to the watch face...
  33. mbaier

    Vendor Energi - App for Tesla

    The hamburger also crashes the app on my iphone 6. I also can't figure out how to set the color of the car. I read that this was added ?
  34. mbaier

    Vendor Energi - App for Tesla

    Hi - how to you change the settings from miles and Fahrenheit to kms and Celsius ?
  35. mbaier

    2016 Model S Refresh Mega-thread

    do any of you know if the new nose might be retrofittable on a 2015 model S85D ?
  36. mbaier

    how to add spotify content to "favourites"

    yeah - i wish Tesla would have added a way to access your spotify account via mytesla.com - the way it works not is almost totally unusable for me. If you can't define favourites or playlists, what is the added value ? It's a pain (and dangerous) trying to enter album or artist info while you're...
  37. mbaier

    how to add spotify content to "favourites"

    how to add spotify content to "favourites" you guys usually get everything else first : ) let us europeans have some fun for a change : ))) don't feel too bad about it - the functionality is not great at all. you can't create playlists on your computer since you don't know your tesla...
  38. mbaier

    how to add spotify content to "favourites"

    I tried this as well and was not able to find my public playlist
  39. mbaier

    how to add spotify content to "favourites"

    Hi everyone - after getting the 7.1 update with spotify I've been unable to define a playlist or station as a "favourite" so that this favourite then appears under "browse - favourites". Currently this view only shows radio stations and TuneIn stations that I was able to "favourite" using the...
  40. mbaier

    EV Charge cards for Germany and the Netherlands

    Hello Bas - thank you for putting my mind at ease :) have a great electric week :) Marc
  41. mbaier

    Work on lighting lift gate appliqué begins

    Maybe we can find a group of people who are willing to finance these guys to fly to Europe and do a couple install weekends? If we get 10 people and everyone donates 500 euro we should be able to get this done
  42. mbaier

    EV Charge cards for Germany and the Netherlands

    Hi Bas - thank you for you quick feedback. I have now found an easy way to quickly create a free bank account (Das kann Bank | DKB AG) and am now able to use the charging network from TheNewMotion : ) It's amazing that I was able to create an account complete with identification via video call...
  43. mbaier

    EV Charge cards for Germany and the Netherlands

    Hi there - we will be spending our summer holidays in the Netherlands and even though we will do all the long distance charging at superchargers, I was trying to order a charge card from one of the bigger charging providers like "TheNewMotion". As it turns out, you can only order a card if you...
  44. mbaier

    How long do you plan on keeping your Tesla?

    I plan to keep mine for at least 5 years
  45. mbaier

    2nd day of ownership: First issue. "Driver Assistance Functions Not Working"

    Where exactly is the camera is located? Is it behind the rear view mirror on top of the windshield?
  46. mbaier

    Rear Handle Grabbing Me

    Also has happened to me several times but only since I got the 7.0 update
  47. mbaier

    Work on lighting lift gate appliqué begins

    I wish there was a group install event in Europe :)
  48. mbaier

    No used 85D

    I certainly don't want to give up mine :)
  49. mbaier


    Was supposed to get my winter tires last week but tesla seems to have a great backlog on winter tires and are not able to deliver - so I can't help you as I'm still waiting for my winter tires (Pirelli)
  50. mbaier

    Autopilot review after 600+ kms

    That's a sight to behold! :)

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