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    21" Wheel/Rim Damage (crack and leak) - Options?

    21s are a complete fail! They are revenue generators for Tesla, they will leave you stranded, they will cost you a $hit ton of wasted money as @yobigd20 stated, they are heavy (low performance), they require different alignment settings than 19s and 20s, they require adjustable after market rear...
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    Fixed: Loose rear end (pulls right accelerating, left on regen)

    Thanks @zwede ! I have noticed my jan 2013 delivery 90,000 mile P85 getting loose(r) this past year. I will mic the eccentric slot, add weld, and then file the weld bead accordingly for a zero clearance fit. Gosh, you and @lolachampcar are real lifesavers WRT to addressing the shortcomings of...
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    Vibration with aftermarket wheels

    Yes! This great basic technique can help you troubleshoot which wheel(s) is the problem child.
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    Vibration with aftermarket wheels

    Offset is generally more a function of clearance and fitment IMO. Might the shop rats improperly (excessively or unevenly) torqued the lug nuts thus warping the mating/flange surface? Proper hubcentric reducer rings deployed if required?
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    Vibration with aftermarket wheels

    If the wheels were handled rough or dropped during shipping a wheel could be bent. You may check the runout on both the inner and outboard bead surfaces after you have had them rebalanced and have had the tires spun 180 degrees on the rim. Did they visually balance okay? Did one of the wheels...
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    Have an Audi R8, does a Tesla or some other EV make sense for my commute?

    My response is predicated on the fact that you currently own one V E R R R Y sweet ride. 1. a PD3 or S ludi 2. either way 3. a Tesla will be great for your commute 4. nope Still own the nearly 7 year old P85 that spent the first 5 years of her life with a 78 mile rt with an occasional 160 rt...
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    Jalopnik article about Supercharger network

    I too much prefer destination charging and charging on friends and relatives dryer outlets (10-30 and 14-30) with my 50’ Gen 1 UMC over wasting my time supercharging. I wish Telsa still offered the 72a or 80a option on my LR RWD M3. It is not very often that I charge my P85 at 80a, but it sure...
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    Jalopnik article about Supercharger network

    Oh my goodness, me too! I had to pay $2.24/gal for my gas cars and a CRASZCHY $2.64/gal for my diesel the other day AND then I had wait 90 seconds on Friday at the Turkey Lake super this past weekend. It is just plum ridiculous to pay these exorbitant fuel prices or waste my time waiting for a...
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    Door gap specification

    I was wondering if someone else on this thread remembered that line of pure B.S. to Gail during the plant tour interview.
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    Anyone buying the new 2020 Corvette C8 before the Roadster 2020?

    True that! I had such a good ol' belly laugh at this thread title. I talked to a Roadster owner a month ago, and he has been waiting patiently for 2 years now on the stinkin' battery upgrade option. And now with J.B. getting out of dodge, who knows what projects will get lost/indefinitely...
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    Four Rial Lugano 19" wheels bent in two weeks - are they up to the task?

    I have a few sets of wheels including 21 square, 21 staggard, TSportline 20s, and Ronal 20s along with a modded rear suspension to increase tire service life. I am very surprised that you are bending so many rims in Fl where our roads are quite decent as compared to the shelled roads points...
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    Supercharger - Hudson, MA

    Sorry to read that. Kudos to you for upgrading to a 72a on board charger! Drove to a Tesla store just last night inquiring about purchasing an X only to be told that Tesla dropped the 72 option approximately a year ago and that Tesla will no longer upgrade at a SC. The new whimpy 48s will not...
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    East Coast Supercharger Closures for Dorian

    Please keep us informed. Safe travels.
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    Why does NEMA 6-20 (240v 20a) get 4x the charge of 5-20 (120v 20a)?

    Cool. So 32 w/Gen II MC, and 40a @120 w/Gen I ?
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    Wife got curb rash on right rear wheel, Kal-tire quoted me ~$250. Any suggestions?

    I have repaired several of the Sargent Major's curb rash incidents (ahem, one was my:eek: fault). I always have the wheel powder coated after my filing and and block sanding at my fav shop for $100 to return to new condition.
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    Why does NEMA 6-20 (240v 20a) get 4x the charge of 5-20 (120v 20a)?

    Been over 6 years ago, so if my memory is correct, some of us very early S cars were software limited to 24a @120v, and the later 2013 S models could charge 40a @120. Since the brick on both Gen I UMC and Gen II MC don’t recognize v (the car does, which allows me to charge at 240v on a...
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    Why does NEMA 6-20 (240v 20a) get 4x the charge of 5-20 (120v 20a)?

    Teslas chart is wrong. My LR RWD M3 with a Gen II MC shows*: 5 mph w/5-15 adapter 7 mph w/5-20 adapter 11 mph w/6-15 adapter 15 mph w/6-20 adapter *slight variances occur depending on car configs and how stiff your outlet voltage is
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    I'm an idiot lol — installed NEMA 6-50 instead of 14-50

    ....and the onboard charger(s). For ex., my P85 can accept 80a (the max), my LR M3 can accept 48a, and yet a SR M3 can only accept 32a.
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    I'm an idiot lol — installed NEMA 6-50 instead of 14-50

    +2 !! Your 6-50 is fine ! I have installed every receptacle (except the 10-30 since it hasn't been to code for some 40 years on new construction since it isn't a grounded receptacle) and charged on every outlet that Tesla offers adapters for on both Gen I 40a UMC and Gen II 32a MC along with...
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    Anyone Selling Wheels?

    I have a set of primo (no curb rash, no repair) gray 21 staggards for sale. I am currently in central FL, but can deliver them to bethesda (or anywhere in between if others are interested) in approx 6 weeks free of charge. They come with very low mileage front Contis, no rear tires.
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    21” Wheels & Tires

    I have a primo set of gray staggards. They come with very low mileage front Contis. I am 40 min north of Turkey Lake supercharger.
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    Potential S Buyer with Newbie Question-- S vs Porsche 911

    I have never owned a Porsche, but caught a ride in RUF previously owned by RL. BEYOND INSANE ALL AROUND!! Best to rent a P90DL or a P100DL on TURO for a few days so that *you* can sort it out. I don’t really like big heavy cars such as our S, but as @Buster1 said, the extroadinary low C/G...
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    Upper Rear Link Build (Reduces rear camber to improve tire wear)

    I agree with @3mp_kwh post. I am very old and old school in that I grew up driving only solid live axle cars, no fancy expensive European cars with IRS and built in camber gain for handling. If one moves beyond a ~.250” increase in UL, like 3mp stated, you will run out of toe. I made some...
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    Best charging routine

    Lol, that’s like saying, “but my DS told me to charge to 90% everyday” or my buddy said, “touchless car washes won’t give my car micro-scratches”, or “Ford recommenced a certain tire pressure on my Firestone’s for my Explorer” (ok, that analogy was a little extreme, lol) or “I need to follow...
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    Best charging routine

    I agree with @SSedan. I am one who enjoys overthinking charging strategies to reduce stress and increase the pack service life since I keep my cars and equipment nearly forever. I have lost 8 miles of range in 6.5 years with ~ 85,000 miles on Veronica. I have been deploying the same extreme...
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    6000mile DIY rotation, and front tires wearing on inside shoulder...

    I realize this a M3 thread, but except (generally speaking) for the 1/2 ton lighter weight of my M3, I deploy the same tire pressure and rotation pattern for both my P85 and LR RWD M3. Personally, I never rotate front to back on the same side as I always try to even out the feathering...
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    New Owner of Model S w/ 48K Miles...

    WRT to an extended warranty, I am neutral, in that in many ways the car is well engineered and has a simple drivetrain as compared to an ICE vehicle, yet a touchscreen replacement can be costly. After spending much time in the northeast with salty winters, I may be more inclined to consider an...
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    Vanity tag / plate opinions

    L 2 S 5-56 KAG Thank - you for your service!
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    HPWC, 21” Gray staggard wheels, M3 tires, 50’ Gen I UMC complete

    Gen I HPWC $380 + ship 21” perfect gray staggards with (2) low mileage 245 Contis on the front $1,999 local pick-up central FL or I can deliver as far north as DC along 95 sometime over the next 2 months M3 Firestones $500 + ship with < 1,000 miles 245/40-19, 265/40-19 50’ Gen I UMC $999 +...
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    14-30 adapter and extension cords for gen 1

    I am selling my Gen I 50 foot UMC with every Tesla adapter (5-15, 5-20, 6-15, 10-30, 14-30, 6-50) except an easily sourced 14-50 for $999 + shipping if you are interested or if you are interested in any single adapter for $100 + shipping.
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    Tesla in South Carolina

    If true, that is insane! I own a P85, LR RWD 3, (4) Guvernment Motors vehicles, and a VW diesel (that is not even close to giving up after 300K miles). I am in need of a new dually crew cab Duramax to tow 26,000 lb. loads. Because Mary has been talking $hit about Tesla since taking the helm...
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    6000mile DIY rotation, and front tires wearing on inside shoulder...

    Here ya go. Alignment specs attached Since I am not tracking our Teslas, I prefer to run minimal camber and minimal toe to increase efficiency and extend the service life of my tires. btw, @zwede, @lolachampcar, and @HyperMiler are all extremely knowledgable about alignments with @zwede...
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    6000mile DIY rotation, and front tires wearing on inside shoulder...

    Just some background here. The S has non-adjustable rear upper camber links (ULs). The M3 has neither rear nor front camber adjustability. Your tire pressure should be okay at factory spec, however, I run both my S and M3 a bit higher. If your car remains at the stock ride height, you should...
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    UMC cable and NEMA 24-50 adapter very hot

    I would turn off breaker, triple check that the receptacle is indeed de-energized, re-torque all conductor -> receptacle connections, visually inspect for overheating/discoloration on receptacle and wire insulation. If all checks out ok and the MC is still too hot, I would then manually reduce...
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    Final Decision, 14-50 or Wall Connector?

    A 6-50 for sure. I just don’t see much additional benifit in pumping a measly extra 8 amps over a Gen I 40a UMC that can be had on the used market for a reasonable price to keep permanently docked at home. The 32a Gen II MC can be kept stowed in the trunk where you never have to worry about...
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    Tesla Owners That Hog Supercharger Spaces

    Dunno about your Tesla, but both my S and M3 can be locked with charge port door closed and as soon as I depress the charge handle button, voilà, charge port door opens and I plug in.
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    NEMA 14-50 Out of stock?

    Gosh, very sorry for the stress of not being able to charge yall's most incredible mass market EV on the planet with a 14-50. Here’s my $.02..... I wonder if some might consider: a) switching to a 6-50 which has the ability to charge at the same rate and will most likely become the default...
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    Wtb: Nema 6-30 Adapter

    As I am sure you already know, Tesla has never offered a 6-30 adapter for either of the Gen I 40A UMC nor the Gen II 32A MC. You can source said custom high quality Gen II MC adapter from EVSEadapters.com for 85 bucks. Temporary love?:) Good luck!
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    Non-existent Customer Service

    I am not disputing the fershit experience of most posters on this thread one bit. However, I can report that my past experience at both Charlotte and Richmond are mind blowing along with the most stellar Ranger service imaginable as well. Maybe Mr. Twitter really should have quit twitter and...
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    About To Buy Pre-owned Ms And Battery Dies!

    Unless that particular car is a unicorn optioned “must have” car that speaks to you, I would leave that potential problem child for someone else to sort out.
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    Another Carbon Ceramic Brake Install

    Indeed! Very nice precious gems. Thanks to @mb300sd (still drooling over his upgrades), and to you for the detailed install write up.
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    Firestone FireHawk Indy 500 Experience

    Dunno how much my 500 experience carries over from my 1/2 ton lighter LR M3, but I do like them especially for the price point (I am too cheap to buy the good stuff). I agree with the reviews by the tire rack professional testers. Also, they spun nicely on the balancing machine and ride...
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    Personal license plate help...

    NICE ! Holy smokes ! B E A U T I F U L all around ! ! Enjoy your Porsche eating, Lamborghini destroying, Ferrari killing KILLER!
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    Using Phone as Key - Stolen Phone

    Firstly, I am not offended one bit if you tell me to RTFM. (as every new owner should!) Secondly, I am a very basic low tech dinasour who mostly waits for new features, new updates, new tech to be completely wrung out and essential deemed to be made bullet proof by y’all sorting out weaknesses...
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    Which part of the 14-50 plug am I supposed to leave in?

    Yup, leave the whole Gen II MC (mobile connector) and adapter plugged in. It is fine for the brick to get warm, but not so hot that you can’t touch it. If you are still concerned about the temp of the brick, you can take it to a service center and have them test it for you and/or you can open...
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    2016 75D - CPO with a major heart-wrenching issue

    YESSIR! Hats off to @EV-CPO ! I believe your patient, sound , documented, and methodical approach to this failed uncorking issue will force Tesla to a) be more careful (similar to the P85D power claim) in the future in providing accurate information, and b) fix their mistake and make you...
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    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    YESSIR! I would go so far as to doctor (service center) shop around to have duals installed. I would luff to have an upgradable 48 -> 72a or an add-on (duals) charger option for my LR RWD M3. Besides the rare use/convience of gulping down or providing 72 or 80a to visitors, it can often also...

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