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  1. KentuckyX

    Squeak/creek from the left front?

    I'm at 90,000 miles now, and the creaking has returned yet again. I'm going to schedule service to have this addressed for the third time. It's kinda ridiculous. At least we now have a service center here in Kentucky and I won't have to drive 100 miles to get this fixed.
  2. KentuckyX

    Best TRUNK refrigerator/freezer in 5 seater Model X refresh vs Original Model X.

    What are the dimensions of the refresh trunk space? I have a Massimo 40L that I've had for a few years. Works great. Costco has a 50L model online. The dimensions are: 23.1 in. x 16.3 in. x 21.5 in
  3. KentuckyX

    Upper Control Arm Creak Options

    What really bothers me about all this is I had the control arms replaced and everything lube and resealed in December. Now, 6 months later, creaking returns.
  4. KentuckyX

    Model X front end creaking

    Count me in as another victim of the front suspension bugaboo. 87k miles and the front passenger side is making A LOT of noise when going over speed bumps, turning into parking spaces, and braking/accelerating (putting the suspension in a compressed or decompressed state). Obviously, I’m out of...
  5. KentuckyX

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    April 2017 Model X 100D here. Got FSD Beta last night with a 97 Safety Score. Tried it out today several times. Best way I can describe it is like this: Did you ever wish for a Christmas present all year long and then, when you finally got it, it wasn't at all what you expected? That would be...
  6. KentuckyX

    Has anyone received a '17 Model X AP Camera Upgrade?

    The holdup, according the the ranger who did my retrofit back in March, is due to the fender cameras being shipped with a black housing (they’re manufactured for the new models). They, in turn, have to be retrofitted with a chrome housing before they can be installed. The front camera array and...
  7. KentuckyX

    Has anyone received a '17 Model X AP Camera Upgrade?

    I had mine done via Mobile Service in March. 2017 MX 100D.
  8. KentuckyX

    Used 2018 Model X Getting Nervous! Should I Be?

    So…how did it go?
  9. KentuckyX

    Sandy Munro favorite Tesla Model X

    I’ve had the camera retrofit done on my 2017 MX. They won’t be changing your rear view mirror housing. The updated tri-cams fit inside the old housing.
  10. KentuckyX

    Paint flaking off underside of spoiler

    Tesla service told me the flaking/corroding spoiler is NOT covered under any sort of corrosion warranty.
  11. KentuckyX

    Paint flaking off underside of spoiler

    Tesla service is telling me I will have to pay for a small, bubbling paint (obvious rust underneath) patch on my hood as well as the flaking, corroding paint on the underside of the spoiler since my basic warranty has expired. Where is the paint corrosion warranty listed? Anyone have a link?
  12. KentuckyX

    Is a 7-seater with the 3rd row folded down the same as a 5-seater?

    Exactly right. I have an April 2017 build and this is the only regret I have with this car. Having never ridden in the second row of a ‘fold-flat’ variation, I can’t really compare the comfort, but I can honestly say that I’ve never minded the few times I’ve ridden in the second row of my X...
  13. KentuckyX

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    I was religiously checking my tires with a depth gauge (inner, middle, outer treads - I was showing 7/32) and was shocked when the advisor called me over while the car was on the rack and showed me the extreme inner part of the tire (where I wasn't measuring) and both back tires were down to...
  14. KentuckyX

    2020 LR+ Tire Replacement at Tesla

    I had all 4 done recently at the Indy service center. $1437.50 (20" Conti OEM tires)
  15. KentuckyX

    Intermittent power steering loss?

    It wasn’t, in my case.
  16. KentuckyX

    Paint flaking off underside of spoiler

    I was curious about this, so I inspected the underside of my spoiler and it is, indeed, showing signs of flaking. That seems so odd since it’s the underside and protected from the rays of the sun. I’m also still having issues with the FWD scraping the body. The dealer ”fixed” this twice by...
  17. KentuckyX

    Upgrading from Model3…

    I, like you plan to do, upgraded from a 2018 LR M3 RWD. I have ZERO regrets. Much easier egress/ingress. Much nicer on road trips. I don’t have small kids, but you (and they) will love the ease of getting into, and out of, the second row seats. Charging is a bit slower and tires are a bit more...
  18. KentuckyX

    Help please! Model X Glove box can't open

    Try applying force INWARD on the door of the glovebox.
  19. KentuckyX

    Half shaft Problem

    When it gets REALLY bad, you’ll start feeling it under normal acceleration on hills and mild inclines; or, at least I did.
  20. KentuckyX

    FSD Beta Experience - Be Careful What You Wish For

    Excellent summary. I just got the camera retrofit for my 2017 Model X and am ready for the commitment!
  21. KentuckyX

    Complimentary camera upgrade - Cameras not connected, AutoPilot does not function, Navigation stuck at Service Center

    Not exactly what I experienced, but after my camera retrofit last week, nothing cruise control related would engage, the headlights stayed on during the day, my auto wipers weren't functioning correctly and the screen brightness was messed up. When the ranger came back out, it was a 5 minute fix...
  22. KentuckyX

    2020 Model X coat hooks don't fit

    You might want to include a pic. I have a 2017 Model (with the non-shiny seat backs) and I have hooks that fit okay.
  23. KentuckyX

    Full Self Driving Capability - Not having full self driving?

    The problem with the supply of cameras, as I found out during my retrofit last week, is the “new” front fender cameras are shipped with the black housing on them. The rangers have to fit them with the silver housings before installing them into our (older) vehicles. I was postponed 4 times due...
  24. KentuckyX

    Polestar 2 Fully loaded experience and comparison

    Thanks for the review. I was behind one at a light the other day and was very curious as to how they drive. Nice to hear it from a Tesla perspective.
  25. KentuckyX

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Kman - Have you heard of ANYONE who’s gotten the beta firmware after a camera upgrade? Like you, I am patiently (well, sort of patiently) waiting for the magic to happen.
  26. KentuckyX

    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    Why rain on this guy’s parade? He didn’t exactly “accomplish nothing”; he added an extra dashcam. I‘ve got one, as well. There have been MANY times I’ve looked at the screen and noticed my Tesla camera wasn’t on or recording. Thankfully, it was never during a sentry event, etc., but it’s nice to...
  27. KentuckyX

    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    Nicely done. I did mine a couple of years ago and wired into a connection inside the left kick panel (driver’s side). My camera was a leftover from the “pre-sentry” days of Tesla.
  28. KentuckyX

    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    Although I’m not looking to replace my 2017 MX100D, I often wonder how our older Xs are going to be able to handle the tech involved with the FSD commands. That’s the biggest concern I have and the biggest reason I can’t wait to get the beta firmware - to see how my old car deals with the...
  29. KentuckyX

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I believe it’s actually 8 cameras (fenders, b-pillars, and the 3-camera array in front). I took my first long drive with my new camera set this weekend and the only thing I noticed was, during light rain, I got the ”poor weather” warning just about every time the wipers came on; even for a one...
  30. KentuckyX

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I’ve got an April 2017 build. Just got my camera retrofit yesterday. Safety Score is 97. MCU 2 and HW3. Have you gotten your beta yet?
  31. KentuckyX

    New to me 2018 MX 100D :)

    These may be some of the same things you had in your S, but I bought a Tesla frunk mat and trunk mat, a storage bin for the “sub trunk”, a Tesla sunshade for the windshield/roof (some Xs have this as standard equipment - mine didn’t), performance pedals, wireless phone dock, cubby tray (for...
  32. KentuckyX

    Boot trim replacement

    When you say “accumulates underneath”, do you mean water is actually getting into the interior of the car? I just checked my trim piece and there is a small gap but, as far as I know, the water just drains through and on out around the bumper.
  33. KentuckyX

    My Model X has been replaced with a used charger and AP2.5. It says the version does not match. What should I do?

    I'm probably not alone when I say I have no idea what you're talking about. Could you perhaps offer up a little more information?
  34. KentuckyX

    Best interior color for Model X?

    I have white and love it. I find it easier to care for than the black that I had in my Model 3.
  35. KentuckyX

    Switching from a Model 3 Performance to a Model X Plaid, anyone done it?

    What ngng said. Coming from a 2018 Model 3 LR RWD to a 2017 Model X 100D, that was my biggest adjustment; well, that and the speed in which you can take curves and off ramps. I was always a small car/small SUV owner but stepping up in size to the X was a quick learning curve. It really feels so...
  36. KentuckyX

    Sentry Mode Viewer Buggy

    Same. I have a 2017 Model X. I thought maybe it was the age of my car causing the issue but I'm seeing similar complaints from owners who have much newer vehicles than mine. Like you, I have the black screen. I'm never actually able to select and view a clip anymore.
  37. KentuckyX

    Sentry mode viewer takes forever to load

    2017 Model X owner here. When I try to launch the viewer, I get nothing but a black screen for a couple of minutes and then a frozen pixelated snapshot of a recent clip. I'm never actually able to launch the viewer and view whatever stored clips are on the SSD. If I bring the SSD into my house...
  38. KentuckyX

    Poor Range

    We’ve all probably beat this thread up with the obvious, so I might as well add a couple additional things that go without saying…terrain is a huge factor (hills), rain, and wind. I have a website called “Windy” in my favorites on my browser and always take a peek at it before I start a...
  39. KentuckyX

    Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier NP trip from the East

    I second that. We used the Gypsy app for Yellowstone, Tetons, Arches, Canyonlands, and Rocky Mountain NP. There’s a lot a cool stuff packed in that app. Cool stuff we would’ve missed if we hadn’t had it.
  40. KentuckyX

    Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier NP trip from the East

    Shortly after getting my Model 3 in late Spring 2018, we took a trip westward from our home in Kentucky. No 250kw chargers back in those days. We stopped in Denver for a few days (it was a partial work trip for me) and then headed north to see Wind Cave, Mt. Rushmore, and Devil’s Tower...
  41. KentuckyX

    Is MCU2 upgrade worth it?

    If it were me, and I planned to keep the car 4 more years, I’d spring for it. There’s no way it’s going to get cheaper; not with all the availability and supply issues going on.
  42. KentuckyX

    MCU2 rebooting often

    Same same. I thought it was due to my X being a 2017 (although I’ve got MCU2) but I see it being an issue with a lot of newer ones, too. If it needs to reboot as regular computer maintenance thing, I wish it would do it at night while the car sleeps. During a trip last weekend, mine rebooted as...
  43. KentuckyX

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I have an April 2017 Model X, opted into FSD beta in October, am currently carrying a solid 98 Safety Score, driven about 10k miles in that time but haven’t gotten the golden ticket yet. I purchased FSD back in 2018, so I’ve had it in my back pocket since then. I wish there was more of a rhyme...
  44. KentuckyX

    Steering wheel heat stopped working

    I have a 2017 model and sometimes the wheel gets really hot and sometimes I can barely feel the heat. Doesn't seem to be regulated properly.
  45. KentuckyX

    Steering wheel heat stopped working

    Don't forget to update this thread when Service gets your heated wheel working again. Curious as to the cause.
  46. KentuckyX

    Anyone else sick of "service"?

    Good point. 25 years ago, if you said there would be no Sears stores in 2021, people would've looked at you like you'd lost your mind. They had a snobbish attitude about the way they did business and refused to adapt to the changing times. If it could happen to them, it could happen to any company.
  47. KentuckyX

    Anyone else sick of "service"?

    Happy to say (and not trying to rub it in) but in my 3.5 years of ownership and many, many service center and mobile ranger visits, I don't have one single bad story to relate. I've always gotten loaners, when needed, and have always gotten fair treatment and honest assessments of my car's...
  48. KentuckyX

    2017 Model X- connectors hanging down where Cubby Box should be under Main Screen

    Submit a service request. Mobile service will bring it to you and pop it in.
  49. KentuckyX

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Congrats! I've got a VIN slightly higher than you (0452xx) and I'm still waiting for the notification. I have a service appointment on 12/29 for "shudder issues" and would love it if my notification came in but since I've already got service scheduled, I wouldn't be able to get into the Service...

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