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  1. Tinca

    Today I drove an ICE !

    I'm working in the US at the moment and I have a Toyota Camry as a hire car. Yesterday after I parked, I just got out and walked away. I made it about 10 yards before I remembered that I needed to turn off the ignition, remove the key and lock the door. How quaint!
  2. Tinca

    Maps Display - is it just me?

    I noticed a couple of weeks ago that some A roads seem to have been overlaid or highlighted to make them stand out more. Not every one, but some. I then reached the end of my Premium Connectivity trial and I haven't renewed it yet. Now everything on the map looks the same!
  3. Tinca

    Has audio improved in 2021 models?

    I've got a 2021 M3LR and the sound quality is good. I came from an ICE with a Bose 16 speaker system and it is at least as good. I use Tidal and the sound quality is noticeably better vs Spotify and USB. The on-board Spotify is OK, but nothing special.
  4. Tinca

    Whats your favourite and least favourite supercharger and why?

    Braintree is really something. A fully electric service station. Very impressive and a taste of things to come.
  5. Tinca

    Whats your favourite and least favourite supercharger and why?

    Least favourite - any SuC that is part of a multi-storey shopping site. I'm looking at you Dartford, Cribbs Causeway and White City! How the hell do you find them? I need a 3D sat nav to show that it is two floors below me.
  6. Tinca

    Whats your favourite and least favourite supercharger and why?

    Heathrow Hilton During lockdown it was like a set from Zombieland - grass growing everywhere and no-one around. I quite liked the post-apocalyptic vibe. After lockdown, the Hilton is open and you can grab a coffee in decent surroundings. Never failed to get on a stall and a choice of 150kWh and...
  7. Tinca

    Too Cautious with Charging?

    This is a very good point. I do mainly motorway miles and I've got to know how my M3LR generally responds. I've dropped onto SuC quite a few times with 3% or less. This is usually late in the evenings, so the chances of all the stalls being full is unlikely. It is also when the ambient temp has...
  8. Tinca

    Navigation Inconsistent

    It is very hit and miss with the instructions. I keep the voice nav off the majority of the time. I'd rather watch the map and the road and go from there. I use the voice nav when in busy city centres as I find it useful not to be watching the map all the time. Apart from that, silence....
  9. Tinca

    Frunk storage vs. Boot for cables/first aid

    Takeaways! That is definitely what it was made for. Why else would a Domino's large pizza box fit exactly? 😂
  10. Tinca

    Frunk storage vs. Boot for cables/first aid

    I'm the opposite. All cables, pumps, first aid kit, hi-vis etc all goes in the underfloor storage in the boot. Not really a hassle to get out what I need even with a boot liner. I don't usually have a lot in the main boot though. I've found that I forget about the frunk. Packing for a road trip...
  11. Tinca

    How do you listen to music in your Tesla?

    I was in that camp too, but was convinced to use playlists by one of my daughters. Having half a dozen playlist of different genres/moods is so much easier than searching for what you want to listen to for each track/album. Kind of like a big mix tape! Go on, give it a go..... ;)
  12. Tinca

    How do you listen to music in your Tesla?

    It's free for three months, so what is there to lose? It is more data heavy than Spotify, so can take a while to load tracks if the signal isn't great. Worth it for the sound difference though.
  13. Tinca

    How do you listen to music in your Tesla?

    Switched from Spotify on the car's subscription to Tidal via the three month free trial. It may be my imagination and my ears playing tricks, but I do think Tidal is a better audio quality than Spotify, Bluetooth and USB. I'm fairly sure I'll be keeping it after the trial comes to an end. I've...
  14. Tinca


    I think it is in the passenger side. I charge my car facing one way and can't pick up wifi from the house. Turn it around (so that the passenger door mirror is closer to the house) and it connects to wifi and will hold a signal strong enough to download updates.
  15. Tinca

    Sahara Desert

    Mine's looking the same in Surrey! Why is always after a wash? :rolleyes:
  16. Tinca

    Airport Parking

    The Supercharger at the Hilton Hotel, Poyle Road near Terminal 5 is very close by should you need it. Even after the recent price increase it is still 23p/kWh - one of the cheaper Tesla Supercharger sites. It also has V2 and V3 chargers.
  17. Tinca

    Ohme EV charger turned dumb

    I have an Ohme charger teamed with Octopus Go and I've been using it for about 9 months with only a few minor issues. I have found the best way for me is to use the cost limit on the Ohme app - 'don't charge over 5p per unit'. I leave this set all the time and do not schedule any charging on the...
  18. Tinca

    545 mile day tomorrow

    The estimate of charge at arrival always seemed to be more cautious - until the temperature dropped!
  19. Tinca

    545 mile day tomorrow

    Pleased the journey went well. I've regularly done long journeys in my M3 with no issues (25K miles in 9 months) The charging network is key and the main reason I went for a Tesla. The downsides of the car have been discussed many a time on this forum - and I agree that the auto wipers, TACC...
  20. Tinca

    Speeding Fine!

    I've had one through for 52mph on the M6 near Coventry on a smart motorway showing 40mph. The thing is, I'm sure that the matrix signs were showing 50. However, I wasn't quick enough to think to press the horn and keep the video. My advice would be that if you get flashed on a smart motorway...
  21. Tinca

    Contacts won't sync. Only favorites and call history. [android phones]

    I have no idea how you worked this out, but thank you very much. Worked for me right away. Much appreciated.
  22. Tinca

    Does anyone find their Model 3 seat very uncomfortable?

    For me, the seat is the worst thing about the M3. Admittedly, I'm a fairly large guy - 115Kg, 1.8m and broad. I've covered over 20K miles in 6 months and I often have lower back pain that I have not had before from previous cars - Infiniti Q50, Audi A6, BMW 5. I put it down to the length of the...
  23. Tinca

    Mobile phone

    I have a Samsung S21 and it fits perfectly. Charging works well too.
  24. Tinca

    Mobile phone

    If your phone will run the Tesla app, then that might be OK for you. The app is useful for unlocking/locking, checking charge progress whilst you're not in the car, pre-heating/cooling, but it isn't essential. Depends what you're happy with. As has been said, I always carry one of the cards with...
  25. Tinca

    If not this Tesla what?

    I'm a company car driver and looked at M3, Polestar and Ford Mach-E. I went for the M3LR. Tesla won for me due to base spec of the car, supercharger network, AWD, supercharger network, performance and supercharger network. I'm sure I made the right choice.
  26. Tinca

    CCS / Type 2 socket - charge cable not fully secured errors

    Good point. I'll delete the Ohme app and reinstall. Thanks.
  27. Tinca

    CCS / Type 2 socket - charge cable not fully secured errors

    .... and I thought it was just me getting more of these errors! I've never had it before when connecting the Type 2 of my home charger, and then twice in two days. I'll check the connectors (maybe not as thoroughly as with a magnifying glass ;)), but it does sound like a car software issue. I...
  28. Tinca

    Free vending supercharger or charge delay?

    I get a ping from my credit card within a few seconds of terminating the SuC charge - so the cost is applied for straight away. When I was using free supercharger miles, there was no ping on my CC (no cost) and the car charging screen showed the cost as £0.00. It did show up on the online...
  29. Tinca

    Does the model 3 need to be fettled to be a daily driver?

    Obviously, the basics need to be checked as on any car - but I've not found any 'fiddling' is necessary. You may want to tweak and change setting to suit yourself or a situation, but I drive mine on the same settings all the time with no issues. I clean the glass and camera lenses with Rainex...
  30. Tinca

    A few last minute questions before I fully commit

    1. No experience personally, but aware of loaners being used regularly 2. Never happened to me 3. One false alarm in 4 months. Not sure what caused it, but put it down to a fly inside the car 4. Only driven the LR. Traction control is fantastic. No slip even in wet weather under full...
  31. Tinca

    Do you use a screen protector?

    I didn't get one and don't plan on getting one. That said, my kids have grown up and left home and I drive 95% of the miles in the car by myself. I don't find the fingerprints too bad and a quick wipe every now and again does the trick. If I did have small children in the car a lot, I think I...
  32. Tinca

    Edinburgh central charging options?

    Have a look at the ChargePlace Scotland app. Download it and register. Mostly free chargers up to 55kWh. Work well from my recent experience. Looks like there are a couple in the centre of Edinburgh. Not as quick as a SC, but free is free! As an example, there are three rapid chargers at...
  33. Tinca

    Seeking advice on U.K. electricity provider

    Me too. Works very well.
  34. Tinca

    Can you slow down super chargers?

    So I'm not the only one to notice this! :) I'm sure it's purely coincidental, but I've lost weight whilst I've had a Tesla. I've put it down to avoiding petrol stations and not hanging around motorway services for too long. Maybe we're onto something.....
  35. Tinca

    Android App Latest Update Bugs

    Not on android from what I can see. I believe the iOS one does.
  36. Tinca

    Android App Latest Update Bugs

    Have a look at this thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/5867596
  37. Tinca

    Android App Latest Update Bugs

    I've installed 4.0.1 the same way - via APKmirror - and it works fine (so far!). I don't think android v4 is available on the Play store at the moment.
  38. Tinca

    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    Just sent you a message @Tom Tes. Let me know if you don't receive it. Thanks.
  39. Tinca

    Charge place scotland since takeover - all fine?

    I used a contactless card as I have not yet received my RFID card. Was suggested by the person I called on their helpline whilst sat next to a charger. Couldn't get the app to work, but the contactless card did the trick. This was an older former EVolt charger. The newer ones in the Abington...
  40. Tinca

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    Still waving at every Tesla I see 4 months in. Get a lot less waves back in the areas where there are more on the road - but I persist even driving through London! My experience is that MX drivers join in, MS don't (picking up a bit of a superiority complex over us lowly M3 owners there!) and M3...
  41. Tinca

    Octopus Plans and renewals

    Unfortunately not. You'll be charging at around 7kWh - so it is 7 x 16.03p for each hour. In reality, you won't be charging from 0% to 100%. I have Octopus Go and charge almost every night using the 4 hours at 5ppu. I have the charger set not to charge above 5.1ppu, and this looks after...
  42. Tinca

    Chargeplace Scotland - App or RFID card?

    I signed up for ChargePlace Scotland this week ahead of a business trip. No issues in signing up, but I didn't have my RFID card before I left. Not a problem as I thought I'd use the app - same app as BE EV use in Greater Manchester by the look of it. Arrived at a Abington car park to find 4...
  43. Tinca

    Heathrow Airport Superchargers

    I was there yesterday afternoon (Sunday 22nd August). All OK and the chargers are open. As @pgkevet says, it has an odd feel with the car parks around the hotel overgrown and no-one around. The charger worked OK with several 250Kw ones available - as @spooksman mentions these are on the right as...
  44. Tinca

    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    I had no response when I switched to Octopus and signed up to their 'I'm interested in a Smart meter' link. Chased it up with a named individual at Octopus who emailed over another account related point. Got an appointment to install the meter quickly and it was all done within two weeks. Great...
  45. Tinca

    Epic precondition?

    I've experienced the opposite. I've only seen my car pre-condition once in over 2 months and 15 supercharger visits. I always use the nav to set the supercharger destination, but put it down to the warmer weather.
  46. Tinca

    Moving to smart tarrif

    I'm on Octopus Go and the 4 hours of power at 5ppu between 0030 and 0430 generally works well for me. I've got an Ohme charger and set it only charge at the cheaper rate unless I need to top up more. Functionally, it all works well. Set the charge level on the car (generally 90%) and plug in...
  47. Tinca

    Travelling from West Midlands to London advice please

    I tend to come into London from M1 or A1 not M40, so there may be better options. I often use the Sainsbury at Edgware: Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Station Rd, Edgware HA8 7BQ There is plenty of parking including some commuter spaces at the far end in a separate car park that cost less for the...
  48. Tinca

    Phantom braking (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    TACC was well behaved on a run from Lincolnshire to Guildford and back yesterday. Only a couple of unexpected slow-downs and no full braking events. I did find TACC in a long M25 traffic jam to be really good. First time I've used it in that way, and it worked well with good distance between...
  49. Tinca

    First Serious Drive in M3 LR.

    There's no 'winning' on the tax take for sure! :rolleyes:
  50. Tinca

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    Lots of waves this week in the South (M25, M11, M1, A1). I even exchanged thumbs up with a guy heading back to his M3 in Guildford Tesco car park whilst I was sat in mine. Interestingly, we'd both parked just about as far away from the store as you could get with no other cars around us! Loving...

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