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    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    Just a quick update that Tesla already reached out. They apologized for the error and said they will have someone deliver Just an update. After speaking to Alliant Credit Union and them telling me Tesla made a mistake and should have given me the car once I showed the paperwork, Tesla reached...
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    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    Just a real-time update. I went to my scheduled closing appointment yesterday at the Carlsbad location. It was a real sh*t show. There were people everywhere. Tons and tons of people closing on a Sunday. Also, there was a lady that hit the update on her car so she couldn't drive it away...
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    2022 model y?

    I'm picking up my Y on 12/26 and my VIN in my app also starts with N in the 10th digit and Tesla said it's "2022".
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    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    Bummer it wasn't as low as my last rate with them 6 years ago when I got my X. That was 1.9%. It was 2.3% for 70 months for this Model Y.
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    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    Yes, it seems like it was that. Tesla did the right thing and credited BOTH $250 payments as I had to reorder it. It took a few phone calls and the Tesla Corporate HQ was not helpful. I credit this resolution to Matt Barnes in the Tesla San Diego UTC center. He was amazing! He is the one...
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    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    No I didn’t cancel it. I literally just want the same exact car. Matt from the UTC office is helping me and promises to get it resolved.
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    Delivery Day Horror

    Yes, I know that but I just wanted to have something on record that I called them ASAP to let them know of their error. I couldn't get through anywhere else.
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    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    This is the LAST case option. I really want the car and never canceled the order. That's the issue here. I called my local store ASAP when I saw the cancelation email. I know I can dispute the charge but the issue here is how this happened and more importantly how Tesla is acting on this...
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    CA Waiting Room

    I had a strange situation yesterday. I placed an order for my wife online (just as I did when I bought my Model S and Model X). About 10 minutes later I get a cancellation email. I immediately call my local San Diego UTC store to tell them I didn't cancel. I'm still trying to sort out that...
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    Delivery Day Horror

    At lest you guys had your orders go through! I placed an order yesterday and then got a cancellation email shortly after followed by a random text in the evening offering to possibly move up my delivery date (I suspect from someone that cancelled their order). Here are the details below: I...
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    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    I originally bought the Model S when it first came out. I owned it for several years and then bought the Model X when it came out and I still have it almost 6 years later. I went on Tesla's website yesterday to order a Model Y for my wife. I successfully placed the order so I was puzzled...
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    Touch - Car Wash... Who has taken the chance?

    I've owned Teslas for the past 8 years. I didn't take my Model S through it when I first got it because it was black. But I've been taking my white Model X through it since 2016. Well, I took my car through the carwash and the plastic piece that goes above the wheel on the outside of the car...
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    Falcon Wing Door Opening Height

    Did you ever get this resolved? I have a 2016 Model X and it used to fully open but it's been a while since it would fully open and now it seems like it's getting worse the older it gets. Even when I'm out in the open and nothing is obstructing it sometimes it won't fully open and I'm...
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    Best way to remove scuff from fender?

    Before you spend a ton of money try these magic erasers. They really are amazing! I can't tell you how many buffs I got out with them. https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Clean-Cleaning-Durafoam-Packaging/dp/B007EUSKNI
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    Model X - worth buying now

    I have a 2016 Model X and the Falcon wing doors used to open all the way up but the past several months only will raise part way. It's totally annoying. Even when there is no obstruction. I always have to manually open them and hold it down to manually fully open them.
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    No contacts from phone on 2019.32.11

    Yep this happened to me too after the update. I had to disconnect my phone and totally remove it from my Model X and then re-add the phone and then after that it's showing my contacts.
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    Anyone with an S/X still waiting for V9?

    I didn't have an update but forgot that changing to wi-fi would probably help. I switched to wi-fi network and voila. About 10 minutes later it was ready for download. Took about 20 minutes to download. I have to test the car to make sure all works ok but at least it updated.
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    Good Bye Tesla

    I have enjoyed my Teslas. I took delivery of my Model S in mid 2013 and I took delivery of my Model X in July 2016. My first Model S I had in the shop over 10 times for various things. Fortunately my Model X I took it in to the shop for the first time in October 2017. I don't think I could...
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    Anyone here total their X?

    Way, way off. Even a fender bender can run $20,000. That's about what my repair bill was for a front end fender bender. They have to repair quite a few parts. I'd definitely go for it for the extra $9/month.
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    Model X Sold and Learned from it!

    I'm not sure about how long Model X takes to repair but back when I owned my Model S. I was in a minor fender bender and it took about 6 weeks to fix my car. Amatto's in San Diego was the only authorized repair center and they had a TON of cars waiting to get repaired. Not sure what the wait...
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    Streaks on interior window

    Yep. I've had this happen from Day 1 since I got it last August 2016. It's annoying. I will wash the windows well but if you roll down the windows the annoying lines come back. Doesn't seem to be any way to get rid of it.
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    Speed (MPH) needed to deploy Airbags on Model S?

    I didn't have AEB either as this was back in 2013. Yes, it took a LONG time to get my car repaired back then as there is only one authorized repair shop in San Diego. It was really cool to see Tesla's strip down to frame. They let me walk back and showed me. They had many, many being repaired.
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    Speed (MPH) needed to deploy Airbags on Model S?

    Thanks purduelion. This is the type of incident I was curious about. A few years ago I also hit an SUV from behind at very low speed. Probably 5 to 10 MPH at time of impact. Damage to their vehicle was very minor. Dented fender and broken tail light. We really weren't going that fast...
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    Speed (MPH) needed to deploy Airbags on Model S?

    Thanks for the info about the deer and the airbags not deploying even at 55 MPH. I was just curious if there was a specific MPH that triggers the airbags in the event of an accident. Just curious how the car determines when the airbags should deploy?
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    Speed (MPH) needed to deploy Airbags on Model S?

    Do any of you know the minimum speed needed to set up the airbags in the Model S?
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    sudden acceleration

    Yep. This also happened to me before. I think it's exactly as you mentioned above and I accidentally pushed the stalk which activated the cruise control and it accelerated very rapidly. The scary thing was it was a red light ahead and cars and the car didn't seem to slow down. I had to slam...
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    Did my first parallel parking...

    It's nice when it works but my Model X rarely detects a spot. Might work 3 out of 10 times.
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    Nail in tire... SC said it will take $50 to patch it?

    If you have a Discount Tire just go there. I had a nail in my tire that was leaking air badly. Discount Tire fixed it and patched it for FREE. They are fabulous.
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    Does anybody NOT wrap their cars?

    My first P85 Model S was exactly like this. No exaggeration, I'd wash it and if I rubbed too hard on the towel it would leave a little mark. Of course that was with a black Model S. I switched to a white Model X and so far it's great. I even take it through car washes now without stressing...
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    Parking Brake Safety Recall Notice

    Yep I also got it. Hopefully it won't take too long to fix it once it has to get replaced. And for those of us here in San Diego we'll probably get a cheapo Enterprise rental. :(
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    More Tesla Model X Fails, videos and pictures

    I think without question you DEFINITELY got a lemon.
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    More Tesla Model X Fails, videos and pictures

    Good luck! Keep us posted. I love Tesla but there should be NO argument that you should have a perfect vehicle and one that is free of any/all defects. No excuse for any NEW car not to be perfect let alone a $100,000+ one.
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    Mindset Regarding Quality From Model S Owner

    Yep. I had to also get the drive train on my Model S replaced. Here is a cut/paste from my repair order. Diagnostics show the drive unit is not functioning appropriately. Isolated HV and 12v system. Removed and replaced the drive unit, pushed updated firmware to ensure proper communication...
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    Mindset Regarding Quality From Model S Owner

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. I too had quite a few issues with my Model S P85. However, I took delivery of a Model X back in August 2016. I was thrilled that the build quality is much better than when I took delivery of my Model S back in mid 2013. I haven't had to take it in yet which...
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    Model X hits semi.

    Ha, ha. That could be it too. I just know when I had to take my car in to Amatto's in San Diego it was chock full of Teslas that needed to be repaired. I mean a TON. Maybe it's because it's the only authorized repair shop in San Diego but I was surprised just how many Tesla's were in the body...
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    Model X hits semi.

    Well, I'm not just talking about surviving a crash and living. I'm talking about general safety. I could make the argument that many Teslas are involved in many accidents because of a lack of basic safety features that are in other cars. I'm not just talking about surviving a horrific accident...
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    Model X hits semi.

    I think Teslas are far from the safest cars out there. I really hope they eventually add some basic things that are already in many vehicles. The Cadillac Escalades are really fabulous with the 360 degree view. Makes parking in any parking spot super simple with the 360 degree camera which the...
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    Model X hits semi.

    I'm just glad this driver is alive. I do have to say I agree there is a "flaw". I've had autopilot on before where it never detected a car in front of me and it was going fast. If I didn't take control it would have also hit the vehicle in front of me. I never fully trust Auto Pilot and am...
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    Hong Kong Model X issues.

    Knock on wood, my Model X (delivery in August 2016) hasn't had any problems. My Model S when I bought it in 2013 I had to take in a bunch of times but fortunately all is well with my Mod X.
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    cracked windshield

    I'd probably just report it to insurance. My Model S back when it first came out got chipped and it was really expensive but I filed a claim and just paid a small co-pay. Also, I got in a fender bender (that ended up costing $20,000) and my premium didn't go up. This is really the biggest...
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    For Sale Model X P100D

    Good luck! That's a pretty steep price for a USED car with no tax credit. Just out of curiosity why you trying to sell it so soon after buying it?
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    Rivets.....really Tesla??

    THIS^^^^. My car took like 2 months to get fixed for a fender bender. My insurance only covers a maximum of 30 days. I guess the problem is so bad with Teslas and the time it takes to repair that the body shop here in San Diego (Amato's) has to have a fleet of complimentary loaner cars...
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    How did I Get Scratches in Paint

    Ha ha. Yeah, I never thought I'd own a non-black car. I'd disagree though about dirty black cars. I think they look pretty horrible when they are dirty. I'm actually surprised how much I like the white Model X. I totally agree about the optical being a waste of money. I've seen a few...
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    More Tesla Model X Fails, videos and pictures

    I definitely agree that you have to have patience being a Tesla owner. I was super patient with Tesla as I knew I was a beta tester back 4 years ago. Honestly, now I don't really look at a buyer as being a beta tester. Or at least a company that has been around as long as Tesla has should be...
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    How did I Get Scratches in Paint

    Yep. I've seen several cars with the opti coat that also had swirl marks. I'd be pissed spending even more money trying to protect the paint only to still see this. Up until my current Model X, I've ONLY had black cars as I think they look the best when they are clean. But I would get swirl...
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    Complete and utter disappointment... (sarcasm)

    I agree Tesla's are MUCH better built than years ago. I took delivery of my Model X in August 2016 and so far I haven't had to go even once to the service center. On my Model S it was in the shop several times. Great to see build quality go way up compared to back in 2013.
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    I experienced the worst of Teslas during our road trip. And it wasn't that bad!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. It sounds like the superchargers up there aren't busy at all. Did you have to wait at all? Here in Southern California the biggest issue is many times the spots are all full so you have to wait a while. The issue should continue to get...
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    More Tesla Model X Fails, videos and pictures

    I completely agree with this. As a long time Tesla owner I say just let the OP post about his legitimate problems with Tesla and his Model X. I was an early owner of the Model S (P85) from mid 2013. I loved the car but it had many issues. I was pretty patient with Tesla and let them fix...
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    Rain sensing wipers

    This ^. Mine are pretty worthless as well. They don't sense rain very well.
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    MX HVAC issue...

    I love my Model X but I'd agree with this about AC/ Heat. I typically have to use the App 10-15 minutes before I arrive to my car to be comfortable many times.

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