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    Long family camping road trip; how would you?

    There are some backyard scientist studies out there that have shown that a roof box with wheels (e.g. on a utility trailer) is significantly more efficient than a roof box on the roof. Which would be another option! Reduced frontal area and significantly reduces the wake size is the general...
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    Removing Enhanced Autopilot

    In theory, it is forward compatible. At least right now. Down the road you may need HWX.X to support the FSD version, but let's say you changed your mind a month after receipt, it'd be no issue. As for cost: my understanding is the cost would be the current cost difference between EAP and FSD...
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    Removing Enhanced Autopilot

    OP is in the UK. If I recall there are other countries laws and regulations that required allowing EAP to continue to exist because some FSD capabilities are not allowed.
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    Why aren't the back seats level?

    In my car the seat backs are level, but in one position (there are two) the right side sits forward a little more. I have seen others that are not. My assumption is it's some tolerance stack between the latch, the seat frame, and the vehicle body. In the fully reclined position it is more level.
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    Does anybody know the part number

    It would appear both brackets are part of the "front ankle catcher" assembly. 1505433-00-A PS: Tesla service has provided free access to the service manual for one year (for now): https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/tesla-service-manual-100-free.267600/
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    Vendor Bomely® Tesla Model 3&Y Accessories are Constantly Being Updated.

    I like this concept. I store probably too much in the trunk and treat it like my old hatchback and unfortunately don't take good enough care. I have a trunk mat that covers the carpeted area, but is too short to prevent scratching of the upper plastic area. Would be nice to see if these could...
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    2022 Model Y 4680 Structural Pack is "Amazing", Says Munro & Associates

    It really is just the potential for a larger range pack in. But as noted before, it doesn't make sense to extend the range beyond 300 miles for cars like the M3, MY, MS, MX unless they offer an "extended range" version say an increased officer point. Especially if the 4680 had reduce charging...
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    Towing with Tesla Model Y LR

    Some insight to SAE J2807, which may be useful to others who want to know what defines the tow rating of a vehicle, rather than the tow rating of the equipment. https://www.motortrend.com/how-to/1502-sae-j2807-tow-tests-the-standard/...
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    Model Y Black window Trim chips

    As far as I understand, the black trim on our MY is actually aluminum oxide colored black in the anodization process. As a result, I don't think you'll ever quite get the right effect with paint. You might try this product from Caswell, which is a big name in anodizing, otherwise sharpie is a...
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    Model y performance air suspension?

    I mean tires are part of suspension, and they're filled with air! Also double checked, rear suspension is spring and damper.
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    Model y performance air suspension?

    Unless they made some drastic updates under the radar, still just coilovers on the MY's. Only X and S have factory air suspension. Sure would be nice, though!
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    Help Finding Thread on hard wire Radar Detector

    Not sure if you found but maybe this is what you or future thread finder may be looking for.
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    System Error - Sentry, Autopilot, etc

    Good to see it's hardware related, at least there is a root cause in this case! (Hopefully!)
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    Autopilot errors in 2022.12.3.16

    I didn't think to post here, this definitely makes more sense. Seems we had very similar issues. Some additional resources I referenced while on my trip (there are many more) indicating there is no real rhyme or reason, just a series of unfortunate events resulting in some stack error, but...
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    System Error - Sentry, Autopilot, etc

    2021 MYLR in NA. Just updated to 2022.12.3.20 on Friday. I have often had "System Errors" kick me off NoA or FSD, I think due to no cell service somewhere in the hills of West Virginia (US35 north of Charleston). This last time I was heading northwest on I77 to I64 south of Charleston, and I had...
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    At Home Charging costs vs. Superchargers

    I also average close to 0.10/kwh vs 0.27/kwh at local SC.
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    What to do with FSD?

    Engaging FSD is the same as engaging autopilot. The primary indication that FSD is engaged when you activate autopilot is the blue line with the FSD beta visualizations. NOA (highways) seems to take precedence over FSD, so the FSD visualizations disappear. But to make sure FSD is activated on...
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    Purchase process when using cashier's check to pay for vehicle?

    Anecdotal, but: I picked mine up in Indiana May '21, I did not hand over the check until I was done reviewing the vehicle. They did not ask me to do so, either. They did ask me to hurry up with my review, though. Once complete, I did sign documentation and handed over the check. I suppose if...
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    Seatbelt alarm, with backseat folded

    Yes, I also experience this. There is no sensor to identify if the back seats are folded or up, only a weight sensor in the seat and seatbelt buckled or not. As a result, seat backs folded or not, if there is weight in the seat, it will indicate the need for a seatbelt. It is an annoyance, but...
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    Teslas ICE’ing

    I have only seen chargers ICED/blocked 6 times since May (cumulative 15k miles between Bolt EV and MYLR). 2 times were destination chargers, blocked by EV's only because the chargers themselves had been neglected and were not functional. 2 times by fuel tankers at EA chargers or SC on the...
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    What do yo do for a flat tire?

    I would be caution using that jack. From what I'm reading, it has a safe working load of 1000kg (2240 lbs). The Model Y LR AWD has a curb weight teetering over 2000kg (4500 lbs) unloaded. The general rule of thumb I learned was the working load needs to be 2/3 the weight of the vehicle at min...
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    FS: Gen 3 Wall Connector - 18 FT - Indianapolis

    Apologies, someone had PM'd me before and purchased not long after my original post! As for PM/conversations, I think you need a minimum of 10 posts to start one.
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    FS: Gen 3 Wall Connector - 18 FT - Indianapolis

    Still available! Photos below:
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    Winter battery range

    Seems reasonable, 250 ish mile range on full. Looks pretty similar to last winters thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/cold-weather-efficiency-impacts.215506/#post-5206740
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    Model Y for short drivers

    My wife is 5', we own the Y and a CRV. In the Y, she has the same complaint with respect to the B pillar on the left side, since she sits so far forward. Respectively, she also does not like the rear windshield of the MY being so tall and small. Seems like the M3 may be better in both.
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    FS: Gen 3 Wall Connector - 18 FT - Indianapolis

    Selling 18ft Gen 3 wall connector for 350 + shipping (or label) Background. We also own a Chevy Bolt. This was installed since May/June. Needed to change to the 24 ft length to charge the Bolt outside the garage with the door closed until recall is fulfilled. So, I swapped the base plate (where...
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    What Features and Accessories Come with New Tesla Models?

    Took delivery of LRMY in June '21, May build. Heated steering wheel is standard now (previous gen did not include). Passenger Lumbar support removed Rear door PPF included free by service center (Indianapolis, IN) Wireless phone charging in center console came standard The above should be...
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    Upgrading to the new door trim and headlights in the future

    I'm curious why you say the likelihood of a non MYP would get them is very close to 0? Given that Giga Shanghai produces the M3 for much if Europe, and Fremont does not, why would they dump the Global Headlight into all versions of the M3, but not the MY? The premise seems very similar. Perhaps...
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    Nail in tire. Should I request roadside assistance or take it to a tire shop myself

    Similarly, I personally have found tire certificates to be worthwhile. I learned when you can buy them even if you didn't buy the tires from the store (with Discount Tire, anyways). They're a little more expensive because of the cost of the tire, but much less expensive than replacing just one...
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    1up USA Bike Rack

    That's disappointing... Would be nice if they included it as option to pick between the two... The annoying thing is that a standard hitch pin/lock won't fit (or wouldn't in my cases anyways).
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    Suspension upgrade recommendation for 2021 MY LR AWD comfortable ride

    Some discussion about comfort here, may have some other options: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-y-suspension-and-ride-comfort-options.225668/#post-5455694 Worst case you can reach out to either of those companies and ask them what their targeting with their shocks. In essence...
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    Regen... manual driving vs TACC.

    I still do it in the MY. Kind of muscle memory between the two vehicles, I guess. It is also similar to engine braking the previous manual ICE and to ICE motorcycles (chop the throttle vs roll off results in big suspension upset vs smooth transition). To be honest, though, at first I really...
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    Phantom Braking Discussion

    Interesting! I rest on the accelerator primarily because the phantom braking is unpredictable and the response is much less trained into muscle memory. Whereas resting my foot on the accelerator and moving to the brakes in the event if emergency is akin to driving a car without cruise control...
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    Safe way to buy from forum members?

    And do not pay as "friends and family" to avoid the 3% fee.
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    LDCRS vs Tesla Shields Floor Mats

    By the way, you marked out the last name of the support specialist in the signature, but not at the top of the previous message below it.
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    Model Y front glass broke. Does Tesla warranty cover this?

    Your title will be clean. An unclean title means it is salvaged, flood, redbuilt or similar. But it will likely show up as a repair on a vehicle history report, but not as an accident. Wiki on Title Branding: Vehicle title branding - Wikipedia
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Too early to tell with the MYLR with 19" Gemini's for me. In my experience, though, they will help but not resolve completely. I would expect with salt you will have some spray above the mudflap, and behind, but it will mostly be salt water rather than solid debris. In my experience with my...
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    Unlocking rear doors in an emergency

    Not sure if the original poster still lurks, but here is an example of one way to execute:
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Depends on your threshold for effort. In my opinion, no. The RA flaps essentially use drywall anchors in place of clips. I honestly don't know how to remove them without destroying them. You could leave them in, but I honestly found it to be enough if a pain to screw into because they free...
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    Model Y Bumper Question

    I recently noticed this too. It is not common with any car I've owned but may be common to the MY. The line you see appears to be a shrinkage issue of the plastic base material during the injection molding process. It won't harm anything, just looks not flat. Since it's not noticable except at...
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    Limits speed to 45 mph when unknown speed limit

    In Indiana, our state has the 55 rule. In our neighborhood, there is a posted speed limit of 20, but sometimes the vehicle shows it as 45 if I have not gotten to it yet, which is terrifying. This is the only instance I have noticed it.
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    Phantom Braking Discussion

    All I came in here for was to ask if people noticed a significant difference between phantom braking with basic AP vs FSD and all I find is a highly unproductive flame fest. Maybe as Mobyshake mentioned, those of you who do not experience phantom braking, what type of environment do you normally...
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    Chicago - North Broadway Charger: How do I get in?

    You probably know this by now, but for future users: yes, the Target parking garage off 90/94 and Western/Logan, parking is free. On the right side when you pull in.
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    Upgrading to the new door trim and headlights in the future

    Agreed. I have no reference point for Tesla replacement parts costs, but I would plan to spend something into the 1000's for a pair of OEM headlights - anecdotally based on my historical investigation of buying OEM HID projector headlights for my Subaru. Ended up retrofitting my own into the...
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    Swivel Screen : Warranty Issues

    The indexing/detents are there, but they are pretty soft and loose in the center position. Maybe 5-10 degrees of play once the index for center is hit. It hasn't bothered me at all, though.
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    It seams you may be unraveling the truth. But seriously I think you are right. Open seam is coming undone on the inside. Worth asking about, but if history has told us anything, unless you recently picked it up, they will not take responsibility. Similar scenario with M3
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    Convince me to install a Wall Connector

    If you plan on buying another EV anytime soon it may be beneficial to buy the wall connector due to the tax credit. We have a Bolt and the MY. Originally I was planning on just using the mobile connector for both vehicles but realized if I leave for a week, there is no remaining 240V EVSE for...

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