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  1. GeekyDoc

    iOS 16 Public Beta - Tesla App and Watch for Tesla App

    Thanks, good to know! Any differences in the UI with either of the apps or the widgets in iOS16?
  2. GeekyDoc

    Problem with WIFI

    I had to reboot sometime after I got 16.2 to get back wifi otherwise it wouldn't see the SSID in my garage. Has solved the dashcam mounting issue but now I have seen multiple BT connectivity issues/lagging connections etc. This base build has connectivity issues up the wazoo..
  3. GeekyDoc

    Problem with WIFI

    Same here, set to advanced but didn't realize until last week that the Y was not connecting to Wifi; thought the problem was only related to dashcam/USB mounting errors. I think this release has a connectivity bug; my bluetooth connection also just vanishes from time to time randomly but that at...
  4. GeekyDoc

    Problem with WIFI

    Ugh, that's problematic then. Catch 22: can't connect to wifi to download update that will then hopefully fix said wifi connectivity issue. That said, I have noticed my dashcam has not shown the dreaded red X for the last 3 days, even after being awakened from deep sleep.
  5. GeekyDoc

    Problem with WIFI

    So thank God for this thread and you all folks, thought I was going nuts. But it looks like the 12.3.2 broke not just sentry/dashcam but also Wifi connectivity! And it also looks like the 12.3.12 update hasn't fixed the Wifi connectivity issue? I had heard it had fixed the sentry/USB not...
  6. GeekyDoc

    App is getting 500 server error. Cant connect.

    Thankfully the 2-button reboot fixed it. It was strange because when I got into the car, it didn't recognize the phone and I had to manually connect to it. Which it was able to do. But the app would not update even though it had charged and pre-conditioned as per schedule and I had received...
  7. GeekyDoc

    Supercharger details popup obscured by list of nearby superchargers. Workaround?

    Love this forum! Thought I was going crazy and trying to figure this out! Have been waiting impatiently for the 12.1 update 😬
  8. GeekyDoc

    App is getting 500 server error. Cant connect.

    Hate to revive this thread but I’m getting 540 and 500 errors all of a sudden since last night. Anyone else experiencing the same? Car is charging currently, I got the message that it had started charging as per the norm but app is spinning and won’t update car status.
  9. GeekyDoc

    Alert for leaving phone (key) in car

    I understand the need for an alert; one of the things I miss from my Q5. If my phone was plugged in and I put the car in park and opened the driver door, an alert would sound reminding me my phone was still in the car. I have set the Tesla to lock audibly; so if you leave the phone in the car...
  10. GeekyDoc

    Notice: Limited Deceleration

    Its the new text for regen being limited when the battery pack is cold or when you might have greater SOC. You can also swipe left on that bubble to reduce it to a triangle if the text irritates you; it goes away shortly.
  11. GeekyDoc

    2022.12 looks promising!

    Nice! Can't wait. Ofcourse my car got 8.3 last night and I was like o_O so waiting impatiently for this to drop. I can't see where homelink is in the app?
  12. GeekyDoc

    The elusive blind spot chime

    Twice now the car has beeped when I have my turn signal on and am planning to move into a lane where a car is in my blind spot. I didn't go through with the lane change maneuver so don't know if it would have steered away but it beeped right at the correct moment to be of benefit. LOVED it. That...
  13. GeekyDoc

    Goodyear Electric Drive GT tires

    No love for the 20"s?
  14. GeekyDoc

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    Same here, I pre-ordered in August and just received it last week of December. And I must say I was underwhelmed. The apple charger doesnt charge my watch and it's hard to keep the watch "attached". What an absolute waste of time and money. Lesson learnt.
  15. GeekyDoc

    News about Tesla that caught fire while charging in PA

    I truly appreciate the civil discourse on this thread. Some great thoughts and insights for sure. That said, I really would like us to not trivialize these concerns especially because the way a battery fire burns, it has the potential to take a lot down with it very fast. Cars burned per miles...
  16. GeekyDoc

    News about Tesla that caught fire while charging in PA

    Appreciate you all chiming in. I have always had ICE cars prior to the MY and while I’m sure ICE cars catch fire, I personally haven’t seen it happen or heard about it happening that commonly apart from isolated incidents. Not that I’m saying it’s common with Teslas and before anyone rips me a...
  17. GeekyDoc

    News about Tesla that caught fire while charging in PA

    Just saw this on my feed and got concerned: https://6abc.com/maple-glen-pa-car-fire-tesla-montgomery-county-pennsylvania/11268621/ I usually leave my MY plugged in overnight in the garage and will be traveling this coming weekend. Never before really worries but reading this got a bit...
  18. GeekyDoc

    Model Y P vs Rivian R1S

    Thanks for this thread OP and great info here. Similar thought process in my head only not the MYP but another tesla vs the R1S. However the X is way over the budget for us and we would like to replace the wife's MDX with another EV; the R1S comes really close. Only factor for me is the charging...
  19. GeekyDoc

    Model Y Bio Defense filter question

    Thanks, I would be interested in knowing what it costs and how long it takes to get done.
  20. GeekyDoc

    Can I view my iPhone photos on screen?

    Saw this and might be worth a try: https://www.imore.com/screencasting-app-replica-adds-support-teslas-huge-car-displays
  21. GeekyDoc

    Model Y Software Update 2021.36

    That’s what I just got prompted for and I came here to check feedback lol.. what’s the info on this update - ok to install?
  22. GeekyDoc

    Tire Rack now offering Model Y TPMS

    I didn’t know Tesla can swap and mount the winter tires for you. Do you know how much they charge for this service?
  23. GeekyDoc

    2021 Model Y Tire Options for better ride & range

    All this talk has me now worried since Winter is coming and I have the stock 20” with Goodyears. Got the car in May, has been ok in the ran. Am in Philly and suburbs. Is the recommendation to swap these out for either the Michelin's or other better rated all season tires? The SA was adamant...
  24. GeekyDoc

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    Thanks, interesting read. I'm curious about the motion sickness being exacerbated in the Y since my daughter is prone to it as well but usually happens when she rides in the third row of our MDX. Did you use the Tesla built in app to plan your trip or ABRP?
  25. GeekyDoc

    Samsung T7 SSD vs high endurance class 10 Micro SD card

    I know the SSDs are working well for some folks but for me, the SD endurance card is working flawlessly with sentry mode recording events and functioning as expected. I would recommend if you want plug and play to try the same. Links are on this and other similar threads; if you cant find it...
  26. GeekyDoc

    High beams not working or I don't know how to work them

    This is usually on back roads and mostly pretty dark; trying to avoid deer. Pulling the stalk towards me gets me the high beam everytime but it doesn't stick (which is supposed to work that way as far as I understand and all good). It's the pushing forward on the stalk which does nothing and...
  27. GeekyDoc

    High beams not working or I don't know how to work them

    Yikes, was going to post and then came across this thread and got a bit confused. I'm having a similar issue (I think): I have auto beams on in settings. But I do not see the icon that indicates that they are on in the display. At night when I randomly need to use high beams and push the stalk...
  28. GeekyDoc

    MagSafe Accessories for Model Y?

    Ah gotcha. I agree, that would be great. I did see one from Scosche but not too hot on sticking it on my dash. https://www.scosche.com/dash-window-mount-kit-for-magsafe-charger
  29. GeekyDoc

    MagSafe Accessories for Model Y?

    I thought they already released a magsafe version: https://www.jowua-life.com/products/invisible-foldaway-car-mount-with-magsafe-for-tesla
  30. GeekyDoc

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Correct; here's the amazon link in case: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G5JV2B5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  31. GeekyDoc

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    After trying all of these options, I have gone back to using a SanDisk USB reader with a Samsung pro endurance card and that seems to work the best. Sentry mode seems to work every single time now without any issues.
  32. GeekyDoc

    Samsung T7 SSD vs high endurance class 10 Micro SD card

    It had a “whine” to it when connected in the glovebox. Did not do it when I connected to the laptop.
  33. GeekyDoc

    SSD for Model Y Cam's

    Sorry to resurrect a 2 month old thread but just wondering how the T7 is working out for you guys? Was it just as simple as plugging in and formatting using the tesla menu? how is playback in car? TIA!
  34. GeekyDoc

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I too would love to hear what the knowledgeable folks have to say since I just went through this; the original Tesla USB stick worked fine for the first month (MYLR got in May) but then I started noticing it slowing down or not displaying the video when trying to play in the car. Got the Samsung...
  35. GeekyDoc

    Samsung T7 SSD vs high endurance class 10 Micro SD card

    An update for those who might be grappling with the same choice: I noticed the thumb drive failing to record or display sentry events and I tried the SSD. It seemed to work fine but when I tried to play back a clip in the car, it wouldn't even load the "directory" screen where all clips are...
  36. GeekyDoc

    Questions about Ordering Model Y Tow Hitch

    Thanks for clarifying, very helpful. If I was to buy from Tesla now and have the SC install, would it have the hardware and the trailer mode?
  37. GeekyDoc

    Questions about Ordering Model Y Tow Hitch

    Could you kindly elaborate? I'm thinking of getting the OEM hitch installed but I also read somewhere that trailer mode is not enabled when hitch is installed post delivery? TIA!
  38. GeekyDoc

    Phone Mount: My Experience

    I’m having the same challenge; I don’t want wires and anything to take away from the minimalistic look. This looks like a good option but I don’t use popsockets; I’m trying to find some solution that leverages MagSafe tech while keeping with the same minimal aesthetic of the car. Thanks for...
  39. GeekyDoc

    Samsung T7 SSD vs high endurance class 10 Micro SD card

    Now I'm rethinking my whole approach: how have you mounted the SSD? Is it in the glovebox? velcroed to the side? Pics would be awesome to get a sense of the setup. TIA!
  40. GeekyDoc

    2021.4.18.3 just dropped....

    Could you confirm whether your MY has radar or not and what software version you are on? Thanks.
  41. GeekyDoc

    2021.4.18.3 just dropped....

    I think it's safe to assume that sentry mode is broken in non-radar MYs up until 4.18.3. Those with radar are not affected. Can folks on this thread confirm or maybe we can do a poll?
  42. GeekyDoc

    2021.4.18.3 just dropped....

    Just saw .2 pop up; quick question: does it cause Sentry issues or is that more of a specific issue with certain users?
  43. GeekyDoc

    How does Tesla sense and alert vehicles in their blind spots?

    Correct, no cross traffic alert. Another thing I got used to in my Q5 which provided an extra/additional layer of safety. You still look but every additional sensor/alert helps. Standard stuff on a LOT of ICE cars.
  44. GeekyDoc

    How does Tesla sense and alert vehicles in their blind spots?

    No. None of the driver assist features were on and I rarely use AP/TACC. But it was interesting because I don't recall it working this well and I have only had the 1 updated to 4.18 after getting the car in May. I got used to the non-audible, visual alerts in my Q5 so I'm fine with it being this...
  45. GeekyDoc

    How does Tesla sense and alert vehicles in their blind spots?

    Recently I have started noticing that cars will show up on either side on the central display in gray as they enter the "blind zone". initially it used to be hit and miss. While I still practice the old school way of lane changing, it's interesting that now when the car vanishes from the corner...
  46. GeekyDoc

    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    Love the creativity! Do you have any pics?
  47. GeekyDoc

    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    Read here: Tesla dials in Model Y production line with tooling improvements and else where (which I cannot seem to find atm) regarding the improvements in the manufacturing process for the MY. As you said, MY's produced now are pretty much defect free as compared to even earlier in the year or...
  48. GeekyDoc

    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    Yikes..that sounds like a nightmare. But at least they agreed to a buy back and you *hopefully* didn't lose any money. I'm surprised they couldn't figure out the faulty cable; seems like QC continues to be an issue at the Fremont factory and I wonder if going back and buying once TX is online...

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