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    Discussion: Can top end Horsepower be increased on Model 3P?

    Cool info and graphs, thanks for all that! One last OT question, what did you do to warm up the battery in a Model 3? I thought (wrongly, obviously) that only the S models had some sort of drag racing preconditioning.
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    Discussion: Can top end Horsepower be increased on Model 3P?

    I see that the charge is 10% different and the cell temp is 15.5c different. Are those the main factors affecting Max Discharge?
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    Cost to Replace Charge Port Door

    Just had a quick look at the service manual to see what's involved, looks like for a service tech who's done this before it might take an hour to 1.5 hours. Not sure how much time Tesla charges however. Must be annoying for you that the closest service center is 4 hours away, there's nothing to...
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    Cost to Replace Charge Port Door

    Looks like just the part itself used is $120 on ebay, up to $200 or so for a new one, plus labour to install.
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    Cost to Replace Charge Port Door

    Can they do mobile service for this?
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    Programming key card

    Please try and report back. I'd be shocked if adding a keycard is allowed/possible in a rental however.
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    @roblab , do you ever manually toggle recirculate? Before I manually toggled recirculate, the car smelled fine for 8 months. Not long after I started recirculating on the freeways to minimize intake of exhaust gases, the AC system started to smell. Only for 30s or so every time it starts up...
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    Are Service Appointments Not Handled Same Day?

    Every time I've had to go to the service center, appointments were weeks out, and then none of the repairs are performed on the same day. That's my experience so far in LA at least.
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    and how well does it work? how many miles/months does the cleaning last to eliminate the smell? What's your procedure for spraying? Any particular location/area that you aim at? Do you turn the fan on right after you spray to push the foam through?
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    Model 3 Road Noise

    What are some areas and materials used that made the biggest difference so far?
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    10k review (M3LR).

    Great update and review. To me this is one of the best features. It gives me hope that we'll love all kinds of EVs as more of them become available. Everytime I drive an ICE car, even ones with a great engine sound and gearbox like my Porsche, I can't help but feel that it's so old school and...
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    Thoughts on Using Two Teslas

    If you can afford it, go get that second car. You could make it any other EV if you just want an EV! It's not a problem whatsoever to let an EV sit as long as you leave it plugged into even a normal 120v outlet while it's sitting. Life's too short man, unless you could put that money to better...
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    My Model 3 had a stroke it seems like

    That's an awful long time. As much as I love my car, my 3 service experiences in LA for very minor issues hadn't been very speedy. It makes me quite worried about the future (especially the next 2-5 years), the lack of service centers, and the almost complete monopoly of diagnostics/parts, plus...
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    M3SR and install solar, or M3LR and pay for electricity?

    If you have to ask, that implies a limited budget or you're looking for the best deal for your money. You're in California, if you don't ski, and have plenty of sun, SR + Solar makes sense. Of course the more the better, LR + solar? M3P + solar? But since you're making the comparison, I assume...
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    Alternative Jack Stand Point

    not a good place for it, that's a moving part, generally you want it on the frame where it's nice and solid. Also the middle of the control arm could bend, it's not designed to take any vertical load at that point, it's strength is in locating the wheel and resisting lateral movements.
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    Model 3 Road Noise

    Interesting stuff, care to show us a picture or two? I'm assuming the rear sub trunk is what makes the most road noise? The frunk with the firewall in between the cabin and it probably won't transmit much noise?
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    My Model 3 had a stroke it seems like

    Sounds like the story is the loaner is being used by the SA as a personal ride and he's mad it's being used as a loaner?
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    CarMax sold me a broken model 3?

    Yep, sounds like he really wanted to keep the car, so maybe Tesla fixed it and it's fine now. Maybe he took the sound advice of taking advantage of the Carmax return policy and got something else. File this under "Thread random people find on google in the year 2030 about certain issues that...
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    2021 Model 3 LR vs 2020 Performance

    RWD models are now only less than 200 lbs lighter than the LR AWD due to the RWD switching to the heavier LFP iron batteries. So no, with the 2022s, I don't think the RWD is the better "driver's" car than the LR. The 2021 or older RWD were almost 500lbs less like you said.
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    New Model 3 - Rattling / Noise Issues

    Everyone who's into DIY rattle fixes, a good tool to use is a frequency generator app on your phone. Playback low frequency sounds very loudly through the car speakers and it should let you pinpoint most of the interior rattles and allow you to apply felt tape in the most effective manner. Most...
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    Will this Model 3 be totaled by insurance?

    It's $20k worth of repairs for a deer hit on a Buick, at less than $50/hr labour rate. I can see why so many "lightly damaged" teslas are totalled then. Great info!
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    SR+ vs LR Interior Size

    LR costs more money so your wallet shrinks more, and therefore there's more interior room left for the 3 of you. But seriously maybe you bought the LR under the full moon and the tides stretched the car a bit more at the factory. There could be many reasons!
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    Deleted keyfob from car, but its still paired to the car

    as they should, it's like saying "danger please be aware if you lose your car key to your normal car people could steal it!!!"
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    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    Despite what some youtubers with videos on the stinky smell topic had said, I'm quite certain having recirculate ON either causes or exacerbates the problem. The first 10 months of owning the car I never used recirculate and there wasn't a hint of smell, but I realized I was getting headaches...
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    It is not
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Yep, those gadgets for filter inlet will NOT fix stinky sock issues. My car is in So Cal and it hasn't seen rain in a long time, still stinks. Smell is purely from the AC design flaw.
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    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    in my case, yes, it's too late. Put it on Auto all you want, once it stinks it'll keep stinking, especially on trips with multiple short stops.
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    and the AC foam sprays can only reach the front face of the condenser, what about all the fins and what's behind the fins? I can start to see why some people have success with their foam cleaning and some don't.
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Looking like maybe there's a lot of mold/debris near the bottom of the filter/drain/condenser area. I wonder if a proper cleaning involves vacuuming that area (seems rather difficult without some small bendy hose and a way to see the results) and maybe flooding that area with some sort of...
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Probably not a good idea, unlike other cars, there's no mechanical way to knock most of the moisture from the air stream before it encounters the cowl area. Reviews of a filter in the cowl area in a Model 3 all says that filter gets smelly/soggy in the rain.
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    6K miles, metal on metal grinding noise - Do my break pads look ok?

    It could be something as boring as the brake heat/dust shield being bent a bit too close and coming into contact with rotating part of the brake/wheel assembly, just rubbing slightly.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Thanks for that, you're a good person, encouraging everyone to be more rational and less xenophobic, TMC is lucky to have you as a moderator. That said, there's a pretty big difference between good quality OEM stuff made in China and brands in China with an actual history of quality, vs some no...
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    Regen braking stopped working [2021]

    Update to the latest software, the car will now add physical brakes when regen is limited.
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    Passenger Side Leak

    Looking like the battery/HVAC loop has a leak. That liquid isn't from a car wash.
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    6K miles, metal on metal grinding noise - Do my break pads look ok?

    I'd suggest giving all the wheel nuts some tightening (preferably with a torque wrench). Years ago I've had "intermittent rhythmic tapping sound" in my WRX, turns out one of the wheel nuts was loose and the entire wheel was wobbling just enough to make a tapping/grinding noise every rotation. I...
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    Updating Software at Tesla Service Center

    That's incorrect. Tesla does push updates through LTE if the update is recall related. I live in an apartment with no wifi and have gotten 2 updates over the last 12 months downloaded via LTE. Both times were when a recall related item is in the update, for example, disabling playback of sounds...
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    I wouldn't buy that. All the long term reviews I've read about a filter in that location says they eventually took it out. Air flow gets drastically reduced. Other cars usually have a filter at that location, but they don't have another filter in the interior like a Model 3. Also in cars with a...
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    M3P windshield crack that looks like a suction cup

    Yikes, so that was a "f you in particular" act of vandalism :(
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    2018 Model 3 Resistive Cabin Heater not working while driving

    That's awful service and design on Tesla's part. Sorry you had to go through all that.
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    12 Volt battery died yesterday

    Hope you get that loaner until it's sorted. I'm really worried about Tesla's service, it's already not great, and they're selling sooooooo many cars these days, Give it another couple of years and people might stop buying Teslas due to the crummy service at this rate. You have a brand new Model...
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    Anyone switch from a 2018/9 M3LR to a 2021/22 M3P pr M3LR

    I could tell you're a true car/driving enthusiast, what a truly great post talking about the pros and cons of the dynamics and handling of the M3P! Having stickier tires open up a rabbit hole of mods that you kind of have to do. OEM suspension dampers often feel inadequate with today's max...
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    SR+ vs LR handling?

    2022 SR+ 1,745 kg (3,847 lb) 2020 SR+ 1,611 kg (3,552 lb)
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    SR+ vs LR handling?

    IMO the 3SR was a great car in terms of price vs performance when it was $38000-40000 with the NCA battery. At $47000 with the LFP battery, it's a bit slower and an extra 350lbs only serves as a detriment to the fun factor in the twisties. The only times in the canyon north of LA where I felt...
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    SR+ vs LR handling?

    The LR doesn't turn in as kneenly as the SR. There are an extra 500lbs after all, it simply cannot respond to steering changes quite as quickly. Other than that though, it just feels a lot faster coming out of corners than the SR, not that the SR is slow by any means (especially the ones pre LFP...
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    Hit by an 18 wheeler [is my car totaled]

    August? The heck... we're still in May! Everyone better make sure they have rental car insurance and hope to god the rental car coverage pays for the insane supply constrained prices these days.
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    For Model 3 Is the rear crossbeam/shelf (that the rear seats click into) a structural piece? Can I remove it?

    1. It's a metal piece directly connecting above the top of the rear suspensions, plus it holds the seats in place, I'd be surprised if it isn't structural, especially considering the rear window design of the 3 without a cross beam like a normal sedan 2. the decrease in resale value of your...
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    Any help is greatly appreciated with this noise that’s driving me insane!

    You took the interior door card off before right? I'm saying the clips on the back of the door card where it goes onto the metal frame of the door itself might be rattling. But that's just a guess. You could also try squeezing in some small bits of electrical tape in the gap between the satin...
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    Any help is greatly appreciated with this noise that’s driving me insane!

    Man that noise would drive me crazy. If you've already tried opening the door panel, I recommend trying to put some rubberized tape or felt tape near where the door panel clips onto the door itself. To me it sounds like one of the clips is slightly rattling in its bracket. Also you can use a...

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