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    GVWR of Model Y

    GVWR is the weight of the vehicle plus the max load the vehicle can carry, so lets hope it's 6,001 lbs! .
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    End of Model S lease questions!!!

    Get ready to get HOSED compared to a major car manufacturer. Be sure to buff out any minor scratches because they will ding you for it. Keep the car dirty when they come inspect it. Hope the tires are ok. Good luck and be ready to pay a few hundred extra.
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    Did Model S range get reduced from 335 to 315 miles?

    Only $4000 charge for Long range now!
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    Used Tesla Model S Prices Show Signs of Weakness

    How are you getting carpool sticks on a 2013 car? Unless it's from out of state or the previous owner never applied for the sticker?? I agree that the lease returns are saturating the market. It's when Tesla firs started to lease their cars. We just returned ours since the carpool stickers...
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    US Bank end of Lease

    It was around $350 for nonsense stuff that other luxury brands would not have charged for. I had a very small spider crack in the windshield that was filled by Safelite- showed him the receipt. Small curb rash that was dinged for. Some really mild scuffing on the black lower rubber that I could...
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    US Bank end of Lease

    Will never lease through US Bank again. What a bunch of crap they charge at the end of the lease. I'm done with Tesla at this point too. Such a bad feeling from this whole transaction. .
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    Diesel owner looking to convert

    We just turned in our MS85 after leasing for 3 years. The interior leaves a LOT to be desired. Yes I know some like the "simplicity" but the materials are cheap and there a lack of storage compared to the M3 interior, which is much better thought out, IMO. The seats fit me fine but really lack...
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    US Bank end of Lease

    Thanks David29. Just the kind of info I'm looking for. Car goes back next weekend. Most banks/leasing companies don't even bother with door dings. US Bank seems to be pretty strict with these things since some have been dinged with curb rash too. .
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    US Bank end of Lease

    You guys buy new tires before returning the car? Not sure if my tires will pass? Anyone know how much they charge for 19" tires? .
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    Here's a cool feature that should be added re: superchargers

    Nice idea but would also need a camera to show how may cars are WAITING to charge. It can be a huge line in Cali. .
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    Tesla offering me early lease return if lease a new car

    Awesome garage you have! Any pics of the McLaren or Raptor? I'm kind of in the same boat with the lease. But now there's other options like the Jag SUV and MB just announced an SUV. Both will have interiors I'd prefer over the S, who's interior I really can't stand. And the link above isn't...
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    US Bank end of Lease

    For you guys who extended, was there a figure they gave for the residual value? It's definitely in the banks best interest to just continue the current payment since the drop in car value after 3 years is very little compared to the first 3 years but you're still paying the same amount. The...
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    iPhone X and Bluetooth connectivity issues

    My car is 2015 model and I've lost BT on my iPhone 7+ lately. The phone and car show the BT symbol but nothing happens over BT. When I open the BT symbol on the car, it just shows a loading image forever. But both the phone and car show BT is connected. I'm thinking it's the last update. .
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    Porsche Mission E

    Here's a pretty good look at a Mission E test mule driven by a Porsche race car driver (in case you don't know who Webber is). To me, it looks smaller than an S and a little bigger than a 3. Hope it's not a repost. I did search before posting. .
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    Is the $1,000 deposit Refundable?

    She DID CALL. And some IDIOT told her it's non-refundable. I just wanted to check here before telling her she spoke to an idiot. I remember the site saying it was refundable when I signed up for the wait list. .
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    Is the $1,000 deposit Refundable?

    My sister signed up for a car but has a long wait since she doesn't own one, but I'm not going to use my reservation and wanted to give it to her, but someone at Tesla said the deposit is non-refundable? Is this true?? .
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I like the standard Model 3 aero wheels with the "aero" covers removed. .
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    Transfer Model 3 to a Friend

    How much are reservations selling for now? .
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    Lowered standard Suspension Model S review

    $500 for springs!!! And I thought BMW and Porsche "tax" was ridiculous. This is straight up, bending you over, and giving it to you with a broom stick price gouging. .
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    One year service...worth it?

    I got a 4 wheel alignment too.
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    Lowered standard Suspension Model S review

    It's sad to see a $100,000 care with cut springs as the only means to lower it. That's stuff that performance guys would cringe at in other cars, but I guess there's really no choice in this situation. Cutting springs is what Ricers used to do back in the day, but even they've outgrown cutting...
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    Porsche Mission E

    From everything I've read, Porsche is placing this car below Panamera, and knowing Porsche, they'll handicap it's performance to let the Panamera be top dog. Just like they've limited the Cayman's performance to not step on the big brother 911's speed and lap times. .
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    Porsche Mission E

    Double shaking my head now. All anyone here knows about performance cards are 0-xxx numbers. That's NOT why people buy Porsche sports cars. It's all about how a car allows you to feel the road, and how fast it allows you to drive around a turn and feel good doing it. My point is, Porsche isn't...
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    Porsche Mission E

    What you guys don't get is, German's aren't enamored with 0-60. They know the numbers but it's not THE number for them. Whereas, on this forum, 0-60 is all anyone seems to care about... because the MS does well in this category. .
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    Charge Speed Reduced to 22amps

    Anyone have any idea if the adaptor is covered under the car's warranty? It's never been abused or dropped. If not, how much is it? Thanks. .
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    Charge Speed Reduced to 22amps

    Sorry for confusion. Theses are level 2 chargers at 2 different work locations both using the J1772 adaptor. I'll have to check the other location about the voltage the next time I'm there. Charging at superchargers seems fine and I'll be charging tonight at home. Will report back if there's an...
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    Charge Speed Reduced to 22amps

    That would mean TWO different charging sites BOTH have issues exactly at the same time?? I'm not talking 2 chargers at the same work location. I'm talking 2 different sites miles apart owned by two different companies using two different Level 2 chargers. Both sites worked fine for the last 2...
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    Any reason not to hook up a battery tender to the 12 volt battery ?

    Most of our trips are 5-10 miles and longer trips are 40 miles each way a couple times a week. No chargers or accessories attached to the car. PowerSave mode is on. .
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    Charge Speed Reduced to 22amps

    I've charged at 2 different work locations without problems until recently. Both show 22amps because "external cord used or bad wiring" It usually charges at 30amps. Is this a car issue I need to bring it in for? Other's at work haven't noticed any issues with charging. Thanks .
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    Any reason not to hook up a battery tender to the 12 volt battery ?

    Same for me. It's been 2 years that I've owned the car.
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    So Cal Edison - Time Of Use EV Rates?

    Do you have a link or info as to what changes? I figured it wouldn't last forever. :(
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    So Cal Edison - Time Of Use EV Rates?

    I recently got an actual check from Edison for surplus money. I didn't think I'd actually get a check from them!
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    Model S sales versus other large luxury vehicles

    People are smoking too much pot in Denver! .
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    So Cal Edison - Time Of Use EV Rates?

    OP, my numbers are pretty much exactly like yours. My panels put me in Tier 1/2 most of the time on the standard plan. With TOU-A, you sell back at the higher rate most of the day, and use the electricity mostly at night. We now do laundry at night and you can even run the pool pump at night...
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    911 after a P90D

    That's way beyond my budget. That's $330,000 with the required orange paint, alcantara/leather/red stiching and Weissach package, plus all the other goodies Porsche will sell you. Dealer mark-up will hit $400,000 for the first year easily. .
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    911 after a P90D

    If anyone here wants to get rid of a GT3 or GT4, or R8 please let me know!!
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    Tesla 21' Arachnid Wheel Advice Needed

    Is that a typo where after "Weight" where it says 20x8.5 and 20x9.0? Isn't it a 21" wheel? Thanks for the info. .
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    Tesla 21' Arachnid Wheel Advice Needed

    Thanks. Didn't have time to watch the video. That makes more sense. Does anyone have the weight of just the wheels? They have different tires on the vid. .
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    Tesla 21' Arachnid Wheel Advice Needed

    WOW. 52 and 54lbs each wheel?? Those are anchors!! That means the 21" turbines are 60 lbs??!!!! I can't imagine the 19" wheels weigh that much. For track wheels, we always try to go with a smaller wheel because metal is heavier than more than rubber. .
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    Need new 20" (245/40 20) tire recommendations

    Most major manufactures have a prorated mileage warranty. I bet Continental has something on those tires you bought. Trade them in for the ExtremeContact Sport tires that are getting a ton of good press. Those PS4S should have one since the SuperSports they replaced had a 30,000 mile warranty...
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    Has Tesla Changed its Suspension Supplier?

    Elon is crazy if he wants to make his own suspension pieces. It's got to be cheaper to outsource that. ALL the performance manufacturers outsourse suspension.
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    Tesla 21' Arachnid Wheel Advice Needed

    Does anyone have the weights of the 21" arachnid vs. the 19" wheels? Congrats OP. If you have the same tires on both wheels, I doubt you'd be able to tell a significant difference if it was truly a blinded test. Tires will cost a LOT more too. .
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    Porsche’s Mission E caught testing alongside Tesla vehicles

    It's just a matter of how you look at it. All that nonsense you mentioned would never make it into a production car. I'm talking about the desige of the interior. It's like how women always comment on the color of the car and I'm only seeing it as a Ferrari that I can wrap or repaint. .
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    Porsche’s Mission E caught testing alongside Tesla vehicles

    That prototype S interior is SO MUCH better than what we're stuck with. IMO. .
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    Porsche’s Mission E caught testing alongside Tesla vehicles

    They're testing bits and pieces on the old car to see if they work or perform as expected.
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    Battery Charge Level Will Be Restricted. FML.

    How do you get this view on your dash? Thanks.
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    Top Gear Chris Harris Drives P100D vs Porsche 911R

    It's pretty OBVIOUS, most of the people who posted negative remarks DIDN'T WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO. He raced a 911R, but I didn't hear ANY comparison between the two car ANYWHERE in the videos. So for all the people who asked, "did he really compare a MS against a 911R" the answer is NO he...
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    What do you use your Frunk for?

    I have an 85 and the Frunk is pretty big. Big enough for most of our Costco shopping trips. It makes it much easier to unload since our house door is by frunk. .
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    How efficient is regen?

    I just read in one of the big car mags, a company was proposing charging through the regen pathway instead of going through a charger that all cars currently use. The article claimed that charging through the regen pathway was much faster. They did NOT propost spinning the wheels backwards, just...
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    Porsche’s Mission E caught testing alongside Tesla vehicles

    It's pretty obvious, it's a test mule using a sligtly modified Panamera body to test the powertrain. IMO. .

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