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    Model Y trunk storage with 3rd row

    I'm trying to a sense of how much storage there is in the back trunk of a Model Y with the 3rd row up. Online I only see 'max storage' which includes frunk and the space with both 2nd and 3rd row folded down. Can someone that owns a the 3 row configuration please measure and post the size of the...
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    Kentucky Event April 28th

    Hey Folks. People may know me from TMC Silicon Valley, Brianman's better half, or more recently (since 2017) as the President of Tesla Owners Club Pacific Northwest. Myself and 3 other members of the leadership team of TOCPNW will be vacationing in Kentucky at the Caste in Versailles...
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    +1 more, up to 14
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    You still have a few more days to respond. I've received payments from about 1/2 of the folks. If you don't have my email yet, please contact me via private conversation at this site.
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    We still have 13 folks (EldestOyster can't make it, but his sig, Karen will be there), and our faithful leader Doug. Looking forward to seeing everyone
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    Excited to see everyone. Brian and I start driving to CA tomorrow. Yay!! If you want to join us after the shareholders meeting please RSVP by June 3rd. Payment is due in advance of lunch via paypal. Please PM (start private conversation) for more info.
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    Current list of attendees below. This is pretty good mix of 'regulars' and 'newbies'), and good response (13 folks), considering I hadn't posted any details yet. lorih Brianman Klaus Fechner +1 Steve Casner +1 EldestOyster +1 ORB cschadewald Nosken neroden Bonnie (stopping by, no lunch)
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    Updates: It is usually more like a late lunch or early dinner. Normally around 3:45 or 4:00. Not sure if meeting will be longer this year, since it is Tesla Energy instead of Tesla Motors, but we will still just walk across parking lot to restaurant whenever meeting is over. Location: Cucina...
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    In previous years people have voted against lunch before meeting, as some people like to get in line for meeting very early to assure seating in main room. I think we will keep as it is, "late lunch/early dinner" after meeting, around 3:45-4:00. But we would love to see you Bonnie, so Brian...
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    BTW...haven't gotten official notice on shareholders meeting yet, other than the date. I am ASSUMING Elon will host in the same place, but if not, I will be sure to have lunch walking distance, parking in Mt View is hard, so we don't want to move cars....
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    Funny!....yes, shareholders meeting has been in the same building (computer history museum in mountain view since the first one in 2012). As for the lunch, I have been organizing for last 3 years. We leave the cars where they are and walk across the street to the restaurant. I didn't post...
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    Shareholders meeting 2017 group lunch

    Thinking of organizing the annual group lunch after shareholders meeting June 6th 2017. Anyone interested? We usually meetup for price fixed menu and hangout for 2-4 hours (or until people get tired...we never seems to run out of conversation). I with contact restaurant and arrange details if...
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    Summon on AP2.0

    We used Summon on previous Model S with AP1. It makes parking two Model S in garage easy, as you don't need room to open doors. We now have two Model S without Summon and one ends up in the driveway. We have been waiting for Summon update since Dec 2016. PLEASE TESLA BRING BACK SUMMON FOR AP2...
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    Anyone heard of Totem Power solar power startup?

    Here's the link to Totem Power: Home I just read three articles about this company (all posted on their press links), from TreeHugger, Greentech Media and Cleantechnica (three sources I read periodically), but none of these articles do anything more than quote what is basically on the...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    Just sipping tea myself, but feeling TSLA smug, none the less. :)
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    TMC Connect 2016

    Just wanted to thank the organizers (Doug and Danny) and helpers (Klaus, Annegret and their daughter Miriam) for a great connect. Great food (best of the 4 years in terms of healthy, tasty, and accommodating to all diets) Good organization Great speakers Great fun
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    Smelly interior on recirc or during a rain

    We had an issue with mold in our garage. I am EXTREMELY allergic to mold. After a few months, I started coughing as soon as I go into the Model S. I called our detailed, explained, and they said they would do a clean air service. They basically use a non-toxic citrus cleaner to clear your sir...
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    Andrea James interview 8/8/16

    When I was working in instrumentation COGS was pretty stable, changing little in each quarter, but given that Elon says Tesla is constantly replacing parts, re-engineering, and bringing goods in-house (on the order of hundreds of parts per year), the COGS are a moving target which requires some...
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    Andrea James interview 8/8/16

    Thanks DaveT and Andrea this was amazing. To those asking about spreadsheets. DaveT has been very opening to sharing his analysis in the past. I am sure a couple of you here could join forces to share info and refine an analysis (I think I hear AustinEV volunteering in my inner ear)
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    Andrea James interview 8/8/16

    I truly understand everyone's frustration here, but honestly, I have gone to the annual meeting every year, and Elon takes X questions from private shareholders and 95% is a complete waste of time. They ask questions Elon has previously stated in public talks, on conference calls and Twitter...
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    Who's coming to TMC Connect 2016?

    Can't wait to see everyone again! Me and Brianman: TMC connec and Bonnie's, Brianman will be at GF, but no Giga for me, I already gave away my ticket)
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    Party at Picnic Creek - 2016 - Sunday, July 31st

    Can't help you with flights, but we will do group ride leaving at noon. Find us, and I am sure someone will let you jump in their car to get to Bonnie's
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    Party at Picnic Creek - 2016 - Sunday, July 31st

    Yup, we will eat together 10:30-11:30 in casino someplace (we can announce at connect), then drive together starting at noon. A lot of folks know me already, but if you don't, I will be the one with the red electric mobility trike. :)
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    Party at Picnic Creek - 2016 - Sunday, July 31st

    Thanks Bonnie Sorry, didn't mean to add to your overloaded plate.
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    Party at Picnic Creek - 2016 - Sunday, July 31st

    So, I don't need to follow-up with Larkspur? How did they find you Bonnie?
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    Party at Picnic Creek - 2016 - Sunday, July 31st

    As most of us know, what makes this forum great is the people. With that in mind, I've decided to be the point person to organize more "TMC" 1) Organized caravan between Connect at Reno, and Bonnie's party (actually Brianman will do most of this organizing, since he will drive) 2) potential...
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    Group Lunch after TSLA Shareholders Meeting 2016

    For those at the meeting. It is 4:48. QA just started. I will stay here as long as I can. Will update when we are heading over. PM me if the schedule precludes your attending lunch.
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    Group Lunch after TSLA Shareholders Meeting 2016

    Final count: 11 folks, plus 2 for drinks. This is much smaller than the two previous years, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Meet at the signature red Model X in the handicap space after the meeting. :)
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    Group Lunch after TSLA Shareholders Meeting 2016

    Yes, shareholders meeting is May 31st, 2 pm pacific time. Group lunch after.
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    Group Lunch after TSLA Shareholders Meeting 2016

    Please sign up by tomorrow (payment by Memorial day is fine). The more the merrier, please join us. We currently have 10-12 people signed up Attendees so far: Lorih Brianman bigT slcasner (and Karen, sorry, if you have TMC handle, I don't remember it) EldestOyster (plus a very cute date) ORB...
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    Ultra White Seats

    Lots of talk here about blue jeans. I don't know about the white seats either way, but I would like to say that unless you are wearing new dark blue jeans (unwashed or washed just once) there shouldn't be any dye coming off. They newer style jeans are "prewashed" or "acid washed" depending on...
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    Group Lunch after TSLA Shareholders Meeting 2016

    Update: One week from today (May 25th) is the deadline to sign up for the group lunch. So far we have: 6 people signed up 7 maybes 2 just joining for a quick drink We normally have 15-25 folks, so please contact me if you are interested. If there are too few people this year, I might...
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    Had you already driven a Tesla before you ordered M3?

    Oh, as for me, I don't drive because of physical limitations, but hoping the 'extra Model 3' reservation in this house will be for me, if autopilot is good enough for me to drive safely. But I DO get to caress the passenger side door of a Model S all the time. :) (weird yes, but those that...
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    Had you already driven a Tesla before you ordered M3?

    This is in line with what I heard at local store. A lot of folks have been coming in wanting to test drive Model 3 (i.e. new to Tesla, weren't even aware of the wait time), and ended up buying a 70KWh Model S instead.
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    Group Lunch after TSLA Shareholders Meeting 2016

    aww [email protected] We love you Bonnie, want you to stay for EVER...
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    Group Lunch after TSLA Shareholders Meeting 2016

    in case this got lost in the long description. You MUST RSVP and pay via paypal (PM me for details) before May 25th for early bird pricing ($50). There will be a limited (1 or 2 ONLY) slots available day of at 55$. you must contact me directly, not just on this thread. FYI we have 5 folks...
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    Group Lunch after TSLA Shareholders Meeting 2016

    So, it's that time again. I've arranged for us to have three course meal at the same restaurant. We will meet at 3:30 pm at Computer history museum at the Signature Red Model X parked in the handicap space right outside, and we will walk together to the restaurant across the street. Appetizers...
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    Potential replacement for antibotics in factory farming

    Those that know me know I am adamantly against factory farming in any form. I ran across this article (link below) and given the high number of techies here, I thought it would be nice to see if anyone knows anything. I am NOT looking to start another thread about animal rights and/or...
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    2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback

    Elon has said (tweet) it won't be a hatchback.
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    Silicon Valley Group Open to all

    Hi Chris Please and PM to GasDoc. I no longer admin for this group. If you get no response, please let me know.
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    Priority Given to MS&X Owners

    Way to scam the system! This would be bad for Tesla, bad for investors, and potentially create bad blood with a great company. If you really hate lines, stay home and open a browser on your computer, but please don't lease and cancel. Tesla doesn't need a ton of inventory cars that were used...
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    How many Model3s will you order!

    I will have the help of Briannam (camping out) with his own reservation, but I will have 4. My mom, my old roommate. My godchild's aunt, and a longtime friend, so with Brianman's that makes 5, and I don't even drive. I am NOT ashamed. I'm a Tesla advocate. :)
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    New Forum Design

    @danny Thanks for your work on the new format. You mentioned you are adding functionality to the groups section. One of the things that was really missing in the old design was the ability to "subscribe" and get notifications of updates. I tried to use the group section to organize in-person...
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    TMC Connect 2016

    "Doctor EVS and the Electric Mayhem"
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    TMC Connect 2016

    If don't know what would scare me more. Sharing the hotel with the girls following a real boy band, or seeing the band that Rolo puts together.
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    Is TACC/AP supposed to detect stopped cars in your lane?

    A few things to check: 1) make sure your TACC is set for the proper distance. It might not stop for the distance you like. 2) if it really gets to the point where it is too close to stop it should give you a collision mitigation warning and it should emergency break for you. 3) make sure it...
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    EZPass not reading, getting hit with MAX TOLL per instance

    On the WA gov website they list three type of passes, and have a link to a PDF of cars with "Metalized Windshields" that require license plate tracker instead of inside windshield. This is apparently a very common design for other manufacturers as well...
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    Door handles vs (expensive) fingernails...grr...

    This entire thread cracks me up! Sorry to your wife, I know it sometimes hurts (literally) to loose a nail, but this thread made me laugh the same way I did when I heard my mom complain that her iPhone was not compatible with long fingernails and she that had to type with her knuckle instead of...
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    Guidelines for Press and Customer interactions at Supercharger construction locations

    As much as we may not like this, I think it is a clear and useful document for folks that aren't used to being in the media (high end managers, CEO's etc, who should already know what they should and shouldn't say). I like that they made "friendly and respectful" the top priority, allowed...
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    How long does the test drive take?

    How did they get you to give it back? In my mind I can hear a paraphrase of Charlton Heston. You can have this car back when you pry it from my cold dead hands. :cool:

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