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    Supercharger - Moe, Vic

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    Supercharger - Moe, Vic

    I went past this morning and fencing and construction equipment all gone, didn't notice witches hats If someone wants to lend me a Tesla I'll go and see if they are operating :) I'll go back soon and get a photo.
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    Supercharger - Moe, Vic

    plenty of good food options on the main street which is only a block away, not much around after 9 or 10pm though. Hopefully it will be open soon and the lockdowns can end. Anyone know what could be in the big boxes, there are 2 of them, I thought maybe more chargers but I could see anymore...
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    Superchargers in Australia

    There is confirmation that a Supercharger is been built at the Coles carpark in Moe.
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    Superchargers in Australia

    I haven't heard about the Moe one, I thought it was going to be in Traralgon. I'll have to keep a look out :)
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    Sydney to Cameron Corner (a.k.a. how to break ABRP)

    Vostok, the sand is not deep or in very long sections, its just that your driving over it and does take extra power to get through it. If you had to stop on some of the steeper dunes it may be a problem getting going. It is a great road fun to drive in the right car, your Tesla should be fun. I...
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    Sydney to Cameron Corner (a.k.a. how to break ABRP)

    I did the trip in April 2019 in my Moke which has a shorter range then a M3sr. You could stop for short 'lunch break' charge at either Packsaddle or Milparinka and I'm sure you could get a few hours charge at the Corner as the sandy sections may chew through the power. Love to see some photos...
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    ChargeFox EV charging Network

    I've just noticed that RACV Solar have installed a charging station at their showroom in Bairnsdale, they don't say what output it has but it operates through the Chargefox network, looks like only one charger so could be busy during long weekends etc.
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    Speed limit detection problems

    On my daily drive to work through a small country town they have fitted new speed limit signs and road marking, the red circle and limit is on a much larger green sign, on the road they have 2 lines about 1m apart with cross lines for about 20m each side of the sign. I wonder if this is to make...
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    Where do the written off Teslas go in Aus?

    Its so sad seeing a nice looking car written off because of a few dints (ok lots of dints). Why do they write them off, I'd rather drive that ne once the glass was fixed than not having a Tesla at all.
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    If the side windows are toughened glass like most cars they will not crack but will shatter into a million pieces, the tinting will hold the pieces together. If they are laminated glass they may crack. There should be a logo on the glass saying if they are toughened (safety glass) or laminated...
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    Driving Melbourne to Brisbane in 45 Celcius heat

    Anyone have a thermal camera to get reading off the different roof materials and the interior of a glass roofed car and steel roof.
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    ChargeFox EV charging Network

    I'm told Moe opened a few days ago, 2 fast chargers and 2 Ultra fast chargers, nice shady area not far off the Princes Freeway. Public toilets about 5m away Gippsland Heritage park and café about 50m away 24 hour McD's about 100m away.
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    Would you, could you drive a ICE again?

    I don't have a Tesla (Skoda vRS owner) but I feel your pain, I have been using a cordless electric mower for the last 15 years or so but recently had to use a ICE mower on one of my rentals (grass to long and wet) What a horrible piece of machinery, so noisy, smelly, hard to start and...
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    NRMA fast charging network

    Chargers at Moe almost ready, they are located at Old Gippstown which is on the Western end of Moe about 200m off the Princes Freeway East bound (also accessible for West bound traffic) Looks like 2 different sorts of chargers so not sure if they have different rates, photo was from a few days...
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    Tesla meets in Melbourne?

    Interesting article about @timpoo and JetCharge in the latest Wheels magazine.
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    ChargeFox EV charging Network

    Nah, the petrol generator in the cabinet has a fuel leak :(
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    Lowest price Model S yet in Oz? MY2016 60D for $67K

    $59,990, probably good valve for the buyer, it was from a dealer so I wonder what they got as a trade in?
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    Lakes Entrance

    If you use the one at Gippsland Solar you could quiz them about the location of the planned supercharger, they have a couple of Tesla's and are working with Tesla to get a supercharger in the area. Apparently Gippy Solar will run you back into Tgon cbd if you want or need a longer charge, plenty...
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    Supercharger - Moonee Ponds, Vic

    Are the pipes and cable trays high enough to allow X's to spread their falcon wings?
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    NoA nearly here?

    I was watching a youtube video by Tesla Kim just last night and she was saying that if you have destination in your nav and using auto pilot while on a freeway it will indicate at take the exit required to get to the destination, auto pilot will turn off towards the end of the freeway off ramp...
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    Electric V Hydrogen

    Mod's, should this talk of Hydrogen be in this thread Electric V Hydrogen
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    Electric V Hydrogen

    Hopefully hydrogen will be a fizzer. probably more of a bang like the refueling station that recently exploded. The way I see it is that it needs to be processed (just like oil) It needs to be transported to refueling sites just like oil It's highly volatile (worse than petrol) I think it is...
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    Jaguar i-Pace

    Can you get white seats in the Jag, asking for a friend!
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    Supercharger - Tuggerah, NSW

    Are the chargers in the right spot in relation to the parking bays or do you use the charger in the next bay?
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    HWY 1 trip

    If you need a top up between Bairnsdale and Richmond you can stop in at Gippsland Solar on eastern side of Traralgon and use one of their Tesla HPWC chargers.
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    HWY 1 trip

    If you need a top up between Bairnsdale and Richmond you can stop in at Gippsland Solar on eastern side of Traralgon and use one of their Tesla HPWC chargers.
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    Model Y Hits Tesla Website With New Teaser Image

    I think they should call the Roadster a Model R and the pickup (called Ute here in Aust.) be called a Model U so then the line up could be RU S3XY or UR S3XY :)
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    Superchargers in Australia

    They probably are the type of guys (Mitsu & Merc men) with disabled stickers that they got from their mums just so they can park in disabled car parks. Tesla need to have spikes at front of charging spot that pop up when the space empty and automatically lower when a Tesla reverses in.
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    Supercharger - Tamworth NSW

    Seems an unusual location, mainly residential except for the leagues club, hotel & Scully Park.
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Spotted a red (or sig red) Model X on the outskirts of Tamworth the other day, they were heading towards Gunnedah but still within town limits so not sure if a local or passing through.
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    Real world range in P100D

    @mhh Did BMW trade in your Tesla or are you selling privately?
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    Model 3 display events in Australia

    Does anyone know if there is a M3 in Melbourne either in Richmond or Chadstone?
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    [Poll] - Saudi Arabia investment a conspiracy to control and crush Tesla?

    A few questions to ponder, just for fun. How much are the Saudi's expected to spend to get a larger stake if Tesla goes private? I saw somewhere $64 billion What is the return on investment for the Saudi's if they invest in Tesla? I guess if Tesla's losing money it is negative $ How much...
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    Tesla market share of BEVs in NSW

    I'd be interested to know what types of BEV's are used for this chart, do they include elec forklifts and other utility type vehicles, sometimes these have rego to cover TAC liabilities. Hopefully the increase in non Telsa's is from other manufacturers importing cars for testing ie VW Golf E...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Quote from Chug's link "My colleague who does a lot of driving (3+ hours each day) claims he spotted a bunch of model 3's being delivered into Brisbane today. I'll called him out on it, but he claims he knows the difference between a Model X and an S. Anyone heard about deliveries (possibly...
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    Where do the written off Teslas go in Aus?

    A couple more on Pickles. a 2014 S repairable writeoff 2014 TESLA Model S - Pickles and a 2017 X statutory writeoff 2017 TESLA Model X - Pickles
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    Tesla in Australia

    In the first table why are there 3 Tesla's registered as Light Trucks?
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    Supercharger - Bathurst NSW

    What if these business's with enough forethought to install tesla destination chargers would fit a 'money box' at the chargers for people to drop a few dollars into, it would save the Tesla owners the need to go into the business if they didn't need to and the money box would be a prompt for...
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    Supercharger - Tamworth NSW

    Spent a couple of weeks in Tamworth last year and I think a much better spot would be the newly redeveloped area of the Tamworth Regional Park, it has a fantastic playground (for toddlers to young adults), a restaurant and bar, large parklands to wander around and only one block or so from the CBD.
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    anyone know a good auto electrician in Syd / NSW for model x battery hacks?

    If I was the OP I wouldn't be risking the warranty on a $150,000+ car to save a few bucks on accommodation in the snow, best off spending the $3-4k on a standalone system if you really need to rough it in the snow. Anyone know what the drain is on the traction battery if in camping mode in cold...
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    South East Electric Highway

    Following on from discussions on this thread Supercharger - Berry, NSW the news that a South East Electric Highway is been considered by various Councils and other Authorities. Link to my local Council's discussion from page 34 Latrobe City Council - CM512 05 February 2018 Hopefully we will be...
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    Supercharger - Berry, NSW

    There are moves a foot to get an Elec Highway from Sydney to Melb via the Princes Hwy, the Eurobodalla Council has contacted my local Council re possible locations etc. Page 39 in the Feb minutes (link below) has a map of possible sites, well I think that's what the yellow stars are for...
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    Buying Tesla from ACT?

    You wouldn't pay the stamp duty for the unreg permit but when you go to get full rego you would pay it then. You may be able to rego it in the ACT if you have an address there and in a year transfer the rego to your Melb address. I'm sure the Govt's have these loophole covered though.
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    New model S spotted?

    Looks a lot like a Fisker Karma & no flush door handles so doubt it's a Tesla
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    Model 3 Wait

    Another thing to consider is the warranty, any used S for under $100k will be high mileage or early production so its already used 3 years or so of its 8 year battery warranty but if you wait say 18 months you'll get a full 8 years of battery warranty, then you have the resale issue if you...
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    solar power recommendations

    If people are ringing you then they are not the people you want to talk too! mostly shonky fly by night companies. check out the ATA The Alternative Technology Association » Advice Services or Energy Matters Solar power systems: Melbourne & Victoria special solar panel / batteries or have a...
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    solar power recommendations

    My comments in blue below. He said Based on satellite photo he determined we might lose 2% from nearby tree. Can you really work this out from satellite photo? Yes they can, although most use Nearmap which are aerial photos About 4.5kw would be the maximum limit we are allowed. When I asked...
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    solar power recommendations

    Gippsland Solar are the guys with the destination chargers in Traralgon, the owner also has a Tesla Model S. I have no affiliation with Gippsland Solar and have never used their products or services but I am envious of their growth in recent years and they seem to be a very progressive and...
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    Destination Chargers in Australia

    Traralgon was mentioned but no firm commitment from the Tesla rep. No mention of any others.

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