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  1. Signaturex

    Model X windshield sun glare

    That is correct. As I said I have had no problems. The top part is highly tinted.
  2. Signaturex

    Model X windshield sun glare

    I have had no problems so far. But my other car is a convertible
  3. Signaturex

    Dual charging

    Thank you everyone. This has been a mine of info, and helped vastly.
  4. Signaturex

    Dual charging

    Max. Thank you so much for this info. Would you happen to know what size conduit was needed to pull the wires through.
  5. Signaturex

    Dual charging

    Are you using the portable cable that came with the car or did you purchase the $700 permanent one. I had one off the official installation guys around and he was quoting to install a 50 amp 240 volts. Which I think it will max out the possible speed. Running the car off normal 120 volt...
  6. Signaturex

    Dual charging

    Are you using the wall connector or a normal 240 connector. I.e. How many amps are you running to it? Trying to work what to get fitted.
  7. Signaturex

    Dual charging

    Why doesn't it have the dual charger. From my understanding you can get it to 58 miles per hour of charging.
  8. Signaturex

    Dual charging

    Does the sig X have dual charging. I'm confused. If not why. I can't find anything in my specs.
  9. Signaturex

    New Speculation....

    If if you mean our homes, they won't. Asked, but told it's not their policy.
  10. Signaturex

    December soft delivery - who has got the call

    How many of us have got that call?
  11. Signaturex

    Car pool lane

    Someone somewhere posted a link to the gov page regarding models and next year. I would be grateful for the link. Thank you
  12. Signaturex

    Whats Your VIN#....When was it assigned...Predicting SIG X Deliveries

    Thank you. It is a vin number. Does the last number mean that's where I am now in the line?
  13. Signaturex

    Whats Your VIN#....When was it assigned...Predicting SIG X Deliveries

    I think I may just have got my VIN as my RN has disappeared how do I know if it's a vin
  14. Signaturex

    Process once invited to build

    it will be near the delivery time. Which will give you plenty of time :)
  15. Signaturex

    Wheels. 20" or 22

    I'm going for the 20 wheels. They still look great but the 22 inch only do about 10,000 miles.
  16. Signaturex

    Two row configuration?

    There maybe after market companies that can do center consul for the 2 and tHree seats in second row.
  17. Signaturex

    I'm starting to think the X still isn't ready...

    I was told I would get mine by end of year latest guessing we won't know what is happening until someone visiting the factory confirms they have seen the X in production
  18. Signaturex

    Model X Sound System

    Who usually puts in after marker sound systems and has tried this system and thought I don't need to with this. Usually I find even top of the range supplied is not great.
  19. Signaturex

    Configuration of 2 captains chairs and 6 seats is available now.

    Center console I also called them yesterday too had same discussion was told the same. I said that the cars I had seen had a center console. Was told "oh that's Elon's car he just added things for himself. Which was not true as I saw at least one other that did i also could not get an answer...
  20. Signaturex

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Well done Elon!! I love it. Now all I need to to have it delivered sooner rather than later.
  21. Signaturex

    Pictures from the X event

    Only pictures please Can we have only pictures and no conversation on this thread Otherwise we have to wade through quite a bit to get to them. Thanks.
  22. Signaturex

    Live stream of event?

    The X Files The truth is out there. my finger is sore from pressing the play button.
  23. Signaturex

    Questions for tonight please.

    For a comprehensive list to be asked and also added to if you wish go to this wiki link List of questions in one place simple thread Thank you
  24. Signaturex

    Does anyone want my tickets

    Thank you for letting me know that. I did wonder.
  25. Signaturex

    Does anyone want my tickets

    delete Not available. Sorry
  26. Signaturex

    What is the highest reservation number to get invite to configure?

    867. Invited to configure. Waiting till all my questions can be answered. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow when forum peeps get back from the event. Btw can't make it tonight so that means I have two tickets to spare but we want to quiz and have all questions answered if some one wants to go as...
  27. Signaturex

    Twas the Night Before Xmas II

    Love to see what you come up with post reveal
  28. Signaturex

    Model X Mule Sightings

    When I lived in central London I had a tiny garage (most houses don't have them) and I drove a mini. When parking in the garage I used to have to crawl out the roof top, slide down the side which would land me next to the door to the house. Wish I had photos of this. Anyhow I am sure that...
  29. Signaturex

    Will Model X be considered a "girl car?"

    Let's not be sexist. - - - Updated - - - But we know X is coming
  30. Signaturex

    Model X Launch invites have gone out

    Birthday suit
  31. Signaturex

    Model X Launch invites have gone out

    just do a search in your mail for "tesla" ;)
  32. Signaturex

    iPad Pro delivery before signature X

    Wonder if I will get the ipad Pro before my X. The only decision I will need to make will be color and Gigs.
  33. Signaturex

    List of questions in one place simple thread

    Thank you for making a wiki. Do you think it's possible to move your wiki so that it is the first in a thread? Land also should it be a sticky.
  34. Signaturex

    When will the X be in showrooms

    When anyone has firm info about this please post. I'm not going to configure until I have seen the beast.
  35. Signaturex

    Model X Launch invites have gone out

    auctioning. Any more bidders? :wink::wink::wink:
  36. Signaturex

    Which will ship first: Model X or iPhone 6S?

    It's not a family phone anymore it's a one person. I think I'll manage to pack some apps on it.
  37. Signaturex

    Which will ship first: Model X or iPhone 6S?

    You better get good pictures the camera supposed to be pretty good. The reception supposed to be much better.
  38. Signaturex

    Which will ship first: Model X or iPhone 6S?

    Getting my phone delivered this week I think. Hoping to get my car delivered this year. Maybe before the iPad pro
  39. Signaturex

    List of questions in one place simple thread

    Nice one. Was trying to keep it simple. But now have to answer you cargo. How many dogs can It fit. Should I take them on 29th. Should I try 2x Great Danes. Or Three standard poodles. Or Six teacups. 1/2 mini ponies. 4 boyfriends.
  40. Signaturex

    Seeing a Model X before buying

    The hope is that we can answer all questions when they have gone to the release next week. Just add your question to my tread. I.e. Room for 6' 4 legged guy.
  41. Signaturex

    List of questions in one place simple thread

    Can we compile a list of questions that you want to know. Hopefully these can be answered simply in a new thread by those of us who all going to the launch so that you don't have to look through a mass threads. Can the question can the questions is that a very simple and straightforward brief...
  42. Signaturex

    Which will ship first: Model X or iPhone 6S?

    Cancelled my x and went with the iPhone 6s
  43. Signaturex

    Tesla Signature X Internal Sales Team contact phone and/or email?

    I'm a later Signature reservation holder and would like to prepare for my configuration. I understand from sales that there in an internal contact number to call regarding configurations. Would any of you who has already been invited to configure be so kind as to either post or PM me the Tesla...
  44. Signaturex

    Which will ship first: Model X or iPhone 6S?

    Me me me!!!!! is it that time already. I didn't notice.
  45. Signaturex

    When will Bonnie get her Model X?

    does this mean that signature cars are considered to be demos

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