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    Model Y Regen Braking and Charging up/down a Mountain

    Welcome to the wonders of electric vehicles!
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    What I have done to my MYP.........

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    Something fell into the rear floor vent: can't get it out!

    Make 3D print your own vent https://www.etsy.com/listing/1187839517/tesla-model-y-floor-vent-grille-insert?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=tesla+bottom+vent&ref=sr_gallery-1-26
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    Free roll in car wash mode

    Just putting in neutral is all I do. I have removed the little magnet inside the charger port door, so the brushes won't cause it to open and surely break it off. Then a voice command to fold mirrors if needed.
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    Fix for rear seat belt buckles rattling against the side of the car

    Useful accessories! 3D print it yourself! https://www.etsy.com/listing/1187839517/tesla-model-y-floor-vent-grille-insert?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=tesla+vent&ref=sr_gallery-1-5&organic_search_click=1...
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    Tesla Needs on "Off button"

    Your OLD SCHOOL! Let the Tesla do what it wants and forget about it. 😊
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    Here is a great perfect fitting case from Amazon and only $13 for the adapter. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I53S8HG
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    Turn signal display

    I would like it to go FULL screen, I don't need any other info while I'm turning other than traffic.
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    2021 MYP Trunk Leak - bad service experiences

    Not a problem I have but it seems if water is coming out of the switch it might be water getting in from the license plate area. Maybe check for holes behind the license plate or tag lights.
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    Rear Trunk Occasionally Gets Stuck While Opening?

    The rubber bumpers on each side of the latch, unscrew them about two turns.
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    Does Autosteer include lane change

    Lane change only with FSD
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    Some useful accessories for your Model Y/3

    Some useful items for your Model Y/3 to 3D print. Model Y/3 https://www.etsy.com/listing/1170140499/tesla-models-y3-rear-seat-belt-guide?click_key=fb848078a41e1e68d13e373821cdb5244b...
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    rust under front seats

    I have a 2021 MY and the drivers seat started feeling loose and would shift back and forth. When Tesla checked it out said a weld had separated and had to order complete new seat. Does not make me confident about the other seats.
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    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

    You are the ignorant POS! Jungl3
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    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

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    Free roll in car wash mode

    When i roll into a carwash Put car in neutral using gearshift, free roll only needed if exiting vehicle. Then select carwash mode if needed.
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    Fix for rear seat belt buckles rattling against the side of the car

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    Red Dot on Tesla App Icon

    When a new version of the app is pushed to your phone the red dot displays. After you open it once it goes away.
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    Accessories for New MYP

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    Make your own seat belt guide

    I have this one, great 3D printer for the price and a solid machine. There will be somewhat of a learning curve no matter what kind you buy...
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    Make your own seat belt guide

    Two different seat belt guides to make...
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    Replacing 2020 CR-V with 2022 Model Y

    We had a leased 2018 CRV Limited and replaced it with the 21 MY LR. My wife is still rather upset and reminds me every day about how much better the CRV rode and much better in snow and had Sirius radio. I'm all about the Y being electric but what else is there?
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    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

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    Tesla Model Y Seat Bely Guide

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    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides, great $20 mod

    The belt guides look like a good idea but, looks like they would have to be un-hooked to use them, at least for adults.
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    Newbie: 2021 MYLR Wh/Mi is more than 325

    If you keep driving that conservative your mileage will stay high. Once you get some fast highway mileage on it you will see a more realistic mileage reading.
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    Deep Sleep

    It's not that the car is not waking, it's the app and the Tesla servers not working the best. Seems to be getting more common lately.
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    Lugnut thread depth issue?

    That looks more than adequate to me. I would feel comfortable if that were mine. Tesla don't like to deal with aftermarket at all.
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    Phantom braking in my new Model Y

    Just curious do your Tesla's both have the FSD active?
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    USB ports not what user manual says! [RESOLVED]

    Thanks, you are spot on, after experimenting, this is exactly what my Y has. My Model 3 had two USB ports that supported data, but I will have to make do with just the one in the Y. If I use an SSD partitioned into 4 drives will the Y recognize all four?
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    USB ports not what user manual says! [RESOLVED]

    OK I thought all Model Y's had the USB in the glovebox for dashcam, Anybody got a picture of the USB in the glovebox, is it hidden behind the glovebox? Can't Tesla make up their minds about the USB ports! lol
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    USB ports not what user manual says! [RESOLVED]

    I just bought a used 2021 Model Y, manufacture date 10/2020. I thought they had a USB port in glove box, but I could not find any or it's well hidden. I have two ports in the forward center console, a USB-C and a USB-A. Also, two USB-C ports in the rear but I'm sure they are for charging...
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    heated rear seats... now includes steering wheel Refresh 2021 NCA SR+

    I'm glad you all are loving the heated seats and steering but charging extra to turn them on in a $60K car is just wrong. That just turns me off towards Tesla as greed and dishonest.
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    Seat Heater Question in V11

    What I mean is with the seats set to auto I turned on climate control which in turn turned front seats to 3, when cabin approached set temp they switched to 2 and then finally 1 when set cabin temp was reached. We have been using the auto setting and have not touched anything and have been very...
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    It does pop a window if pressure is low.
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    When I purchased my T it was a learning curve to use the interface, now we have to relearn this new UI and I already think it's better.
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    Seat Heater Question in V11

    I have found the new auto setting for seat heaters to be brilliant! It has been in the 20's F here and the seat heaters have maintained perfect temp syncing to the cabin temp.
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    FSD sub worth it for holiday roadtrips?

    Ha, same here, wife says don't use FSD while I'm in the car. And then I was just using Cruise control in a 50-mph road and it slams on the brakes at a cross walk and nobody around, wife says don't use that either. Tesla still the best top dog electric out there but in the next few years I think...
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    FSD sub worth it for holiday roadtrips?

    It's probably just me being old school but I tried FSD for a month and sorry I waisted the $200. I found it hard to trust the FSD at all and found it nerve racking to monitor it rather than just drive myself. I'm really surprised I didn't get reported as a drunk driver. I felt it screwed with...
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    Summons wants level roads

    Good to know, I was wondering how it would get out of a parking garage if it was on the 2nd floor or higher. With my luck it would stop and park itself right in the middle of the ramp. My garage is level but drive is not, I would have to roll out into the street and back for it to work right...
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    Summons wants level roads

    I have only used summons a couple of times in a parking lot, but never used it in my driveway. My drive has only about 5 percent slope so the summons will not work at all, says too much slope. Kind of a bummer, we got a few inches of snow and I shoveled in front and thought it would be cool to...
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    Boombox partitioned thumb drive help!

    Need a folder called 'TeslaCam' for sentry
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    Model 3 Long Range 2022 HV battery replacement

    Did they say what kind of battery problem? Hope they don't start having the 'burst into flames' problem some of the other electrics are having.
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    Tesla app on Apple Watch

    Thanks for all the replies. It sounds like the Apple watch is not ready for prime time to use with the Tesla. Since the watch has Cellular and BT what is missing from working like the iPhone?
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    Tesla app on Apple Watch

    I am thinking of buying an Apple watch. Will this work as a key so I don't need to use my iPhone at all?
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    I wonder if we add waypoints in Google and then send it to our Tesla if it will accept them?
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    How's your experience of Model 3 viewing the speedometer?

    I agree with you there, speedo is fine but could they have made the regen line and dots any smaller and dimmer!
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    "No route found to this location" error on any routing attempt

    I would do a two wheel reboot or even a hard reboot if necessary and see if that fixes it!

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