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  1. GeezerSquid

    Like your black Model Y?

    I like/own black cars/motorcycles. You have to be passionate about your paint. Don't be "willy-nilly" about it. Wait for what you really want.
  2. GeezerSquid

    Is FSD worth it $10k? ( Any insight from Beta users)

    I like that it gets more "worth it" with every update. I'm finding 2022.12.3.20, which I got 2 days ago, to be very much worth it. This update is the one where I feel like I just got a new car!!
  3. GeezerSquid


    I always run about 45 front and rear. I no longer drive hard enough to test the sidewalls. My only reference is bump response.
  4. GeezerSquid

    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    2020 Model Y LR FSD: RIMS Are Volk TE37 19/9.5 34mm Offset Blast Bronze with 285/40ZR-19 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT ALL SEASON 4 XL. MODEL Y with Ohlin's coil overs set 10mm higher than stock.
  5. GeezerSquid


    Superb so far. What's really surprising is how much better their ride quality is as compared to the Continental EXTREMECONTACT DWS 06 PLUS tires.
  6. GeezerSquid


    I'll try to get a picture later today. Volks are same as stock: 9.5" 34 offset. Also, my Ohlin's are set 10mm higher than stock.
  7. GeezerSquid


    I just replaced my 275/45R19 EXTREMECONTACT DWS 06's with 285/40R19 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT ALL SEASON tires and I could not be happier. The difference in ride quality pleasantly surprised me! I worried that the ride quality due to going from 45's to 40's would take a big hit. But that didn't...
  8. GeezerSquid

    RedwoodMotorsports Ohlins Vs. Unplugged Performance Luxury Vs. Mountain Pass

    I had the UPP Luxury coil-overs on my Model Y for about 3-4 months. They seemed to handle the car in good fashion. But, then the Ohlin's became available and I switched to them as quick as I could. I've used Ohlin's on almost all of motorcycles (BMW/Ducati's) and on a few cars and have totally...
  9. GeezerSquid

    Autopilot causes an accident. What now?

    Sometimes you get what you need, not what you ask for.
  10. GeezerSquid

    What audio source do you use the most?

    I've been asked not to sing!! I use Audible via phone app. Listen to books.
  11. GeezerSquid

    Phantom braking gone with 2021.44.30.21

    I received this update about a week ago on my 8-20 MY LR. I drive the same group of roads almost everyday and I haven't had a real phantom braking since. I've one incident where the car slowed about 3-4 MPH, but nothing more severe. Phantom Braking has never a been serious problem for me, but...
  12. GeezerSquid

    Closing the frunk with one hand

    Two hands for me - I place them on either side of the Tesla emblem and press slowly and gently. No real drama, use it often.
  13. GeezerSquid

    Should I trust Costco auto center to rotate tires?

    A ton of cars have the same "puck" style requirements. Most shops are very familiar with this stuff now. Just make sure you give them your pucks and explain the cost of a Tesla battery to them. They will be very careful!!
  14. GeezerSquid

    High pitch hissing noise in the 35-65mph range

    Glad you got it sorted. I was going to suggest "speed sensitive" snakes onboard!!!
  15. GeezerSquid

    Xpel Stealth pictures!!!

    Pretty damned stealthy!!
  16. GeezerSquid

    Redwood Motorshop

    I bought my Ohlin's from them. Order time was significant, but service was terrific. I contacted them quite a few times prior to installation and then the shop that installed my coil overs (Vinnies Exotics in Baton Rouge - A Great Shop!!!) contacted them to confirm settings and all went well...
  17. GeezerSquid

    Coilovers. Anything else needed?

    I've had two sets of coilovers installed and the alignment did not change either time??? Not what I expected. The last time (Ohlins from Rewood) I actually went to 2 different shops and both found the alignment "spot on". YMMV
  18. GeezerSquid

    Clean Interior and Exterior of the car

    For the interior I keep a container of 303 wipes.
  19. GeezerSquid

    Steering Yoke installed and loving it!

    I've had my yoke installed for about a month and I not only like the way it looks, but I like the way it handles even better. I find my using the to two bottom corners during turns. No hand over hand for me.
  20. GeezerSquid

    3D printed "thing" that came with Hansshow dashboard mounted touch screen display.

    I don't know what it is, but you might get a clue from one of the YouTube installation videos??? Good luck!
  21. GeezerSquid

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Lot of tantrums about this update. I think yawl are taking it all too seriously. We were told at every step of the way that FSD was BETA. When you get involved with anything listed/labeled as Beta, you really must expect changes down the road. BTW, let me know how clenching your fists and...
  22. GeezerSquid

    275/45-19 Tires

    Forgot yesterday! I'll try for today.
  23. GeezerSquid

    What do yo do for a flat tire?

    VIAIR 450P-RV Silver Automatic Portable Compressor Kit (45053), 1 Pack AUTOWN Flat Tire Repair Kit Kumho 131 P155/90R18 113M bsw tire mounted on Modern Spare Rim. This combo matches the height of my tires/rims. Schwaben 011362SCH01A Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack (2 Ton) Jack Skid Plate...
  24. GeezerSquid

    How are you liking update 2021.44.25.2?

    Some of you guys need to start using the voice commands. Everyone of them is easier than touching the screen.
  25. GeezerSquid

    275/45-19 Tires

    Sure, but I do have my car lifted 10mm. So take that into consideration. But I can tell you they aren't even close to the suspension system. I got them thinking they would better protect my rims from Curb Rash. Well, they may help, but they do not totally prevent it. I'll take some picks...
  26. GeezerSquid

    Suspension upgrade recommendation for 2021 MY LR AWD comfortable ride

    People using the word "disinformation" makes me nervous.
  27. GeezerSquid


    If you are really worried about it, just slow down a bit. Be Happy, Don't Worry!!!
  28. GeezerSquid

    Mountain Pass Coilover 6 Month Review

    Great review!! Thanks.
  29. GeezerSquid

    Wipers don't work properly in Auto

    I've had my Model Y LR since August 2020 and I've never had any of the issues you guys are talking about?? I mean we get a ton of rain here in South Louisiana so I have used the wiper a lot. My situation may have been unintentionally helped by my over use of ceramic coatings on my windshield and...
  30. GeezerSquid

    How are you liking update 2021.44.25.2?

    I love it! I even like the new learning curve. It feels like they are keeping the car "fresh" for me!
  31. GeezerSquid

    Model Y Hitch Receiver: Rise Limit Question

    This is going to hurt, but your wrench is too small. 🤣
  32. GeezerSquid

    2021.44.6 Question Re Supercharging Improvements

    Seems no one knows!! It's probably because only a few have your software update. Good luck though.
  33. GeezerSquid

    Extreme phantom braking event tonight. No TACC or Autosteer

    Damn!! That's awful!! I've recently done two 600 trips and I think I only had 1 PB and it wasn't fierce! Hopefully you'll get an update that will fix it. Or, at least make it much less frequent!! Good luck.
  34. GeezerSquid

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW! DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!! 🤣
  35. GeezerSquid

    Yoke steering Model Y

    I've had the Haanshow Ellipse for about a month now and will never go back to round. Once I got some muscle memory going I found it easier to use in every type of turn. YMMV!!!
  36. GeezerSquid

    Made in New Zealand - Model Y

    I would imagine they are simply following New Zealand laws. 7 does indicate manufactured in NZ: Oceania - VIN Country of Origin 6 Australia 7 New Zealand As seen from the table above, 6 and 7 are the codes representing Australia and New Zealand. Thus, all vehicles with the VIN country of...
  37. GeezerSquid

    Scared Dogs

    I vote for tough love!! Leave them out at night in your backyard (assuming it's fenced, not tie them to a tree). Let them sleep outside for a few nights, I understand you will get no sleep those nights but you have to be dedicated!! They will then beg you to let them sleep in the garage...
  38. GeezerSquid

    Seeking Advice Regarding Plug Share Battery Study

    No way would I do that with them. Just my opinion and that opinion is NOT based on experience with them. I just don't like the idea of them soliciting for access. I would assume this is really just a sales/marketing scheme to get more sites for their customers.
  39. GeezerSquid

    Unpopular Opinion: Aero Wheels Look Nice!

    I didn't know so many people could be so wrong!!!!:eek: Just kidding. But I am in the "hate them" category. Truck delivered my Model Y to my house, I drove it into the carport and removed them. I have a set of Volks sitting on a ship off the coast California right now. Can hardly wait!!
  40. GeezerSquid

    How (un)reliable are the frunk latches now?

    Place the palms of your hands flat on the sides of the emblem and slowly and gently press down until you hear the click. No dents.
  41. GeezerSquid


    I think perhaps the op simply wanted thread about how bad the tesla is so it will show up in searches. I hope that isn't the case.
  42. GeezerSquid

    Reflective brake calipers

    I'm interested in this too. Did you follow through and if so, how did it turn out??
  43. GeezerSquid

    I see so many model Y owners having issues. Would you buy again?

    If my Model Y got totaled in an accident, I would order a new one on the side of the road while the cop filled out the accident report. 🤣
  44. GeezerSquid

    275/45-19 Tires

    I have the 275/45R19's on my Model Y and love them. Absolutely no curb rash now.

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