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  1. WallyP

    New "Service" Center San Juan Capistrano

    Is it still open? The listing on Google states "temporarily closed", and they do not answer their phone.
  2. WallyP

    My Model 3 Died - Full Shutdown

    Sounds like 12V battery to me. Roadside was the same unhelpfullness to me. But if you know someone in Mobile Support, then they will come out and install a new one in literally 5 minutes. Do NOT tow it to the Service Center. This is an easy fix.
  3. WallyP

    Why is GPS Lady Yelling at Me?

    for the "other" loud lady I use earlpugs, or a good set of noise-cancellation headphones.
  4. WallyP

    To remove ppf or not to remove

    LOL..I had a chuckle with my daughter last night about something similar. I was complaining to her that the charge port on my M3 doesn't work, and so I need to wait two weeks for Tesla mobile service to come to my house and fix it. She rolled her eyes and said, "Dad, that's such a first world...
  5. WallyP

    Seeking recommendations for window tint shops in Orange County area

    Congrats on your new M3! I've been driving my M3 for two years now, live in OC, and never felt the need for glass tint. OEM windows are dark enough, and the Tesla climate control is probably the most efficient I've seen. I just use a good windshield shade for when I park outside. My advice...
  6. WallyP

    FSD Upgrade Email

    What does the $3,000 upgrade to Full Self-Driving include? Is there a hardware upgrade involved? I received the same email and already own EAP including NOA and Summon. The email is very confusing and does not describe any new functions that we already have.
  7. WallyP

    Time for new tires on my dual motor

    I had the Pirelli P Zero Nero's - not sure if they're the same All Season Plus you refer to above. Performance and price were excellent, however they are very soft and I was only able to drive 18K on them before I had to replace them with the Michelin Primacy MXV4's
  8. WallyP

    M3 EAP slowing down question.

    This "EAP Slow Down" happens to me on my daily commute on the I-5 in SoCal. This is different from "Phantom Braking," which I also experience on occasion. During some of the situations described above, the EAP max speed actually re-sets to a much lower speed on its own. In order to fix it I...
  9. WallyP

    Thinking of getting a small water softener to decrease spotting.

    LOL...If you're that concerned about what hard water does to your car, ever think about what it does to your body and home? I had a whole-house water softener system installed several months ago and my life has never been the same. Drinking water tastes much better, skin feels much softer, no...
  10. WallyP

    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    No Siruis XM satellite radio. I'd like to continue to listen to live MLB game broadcasts and other sports broadcasts. Slacker has zero content for this, and connectivity is just so spotty....
  11. WallyP

    Black special edition signature HPWC

    Sorry it is sold
  12. WallyP

    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    Are there any updates on a fix for the phantom braking issue? It's been a couple of months since the last comments on this thread, and I am now on version 2019.16.2, but I am still experiencing errors on a daily basis.
  13. WallyP

    WTB: HPWC Signature Black

    I'm selling mine for $500. See my post. I can get it priced for shipping if you're interested?
  14. WallyP

    Black special edition signature HPWC

    Brand new in unopened box, received from the referral program, so I don't think you can buy these?? I can let it go for the standard $500, but local pick up in OC CA, unless you want to pay for shipping which might be expensive. It's signed by Elon himself. I know you want one. I've included...
  15. WallyP

    For Sale: Brand New Wall Charger $450 OBO

    That's a HPWC! Mine came with the smaller mobile charger. When did they start including the HPWC with new deliveries?
  16. WallyP

    Time to ship HPWC? No response from Tesla

    I have an extra HPWC, black one with Elon's signature, brand new unopened box, up for grabs. I'd let it go for the standard Tesla price, but you'd need to pay for shipping which could be expensive. Hit me up by private message if anyone is interested.
  17. WallyP

    Really wish I bought the PPF

    Sorry that happened to you! If it makes you feel any better, I've had XPEL PPF clear bra since day one of owning my car, and a similar incident happened to me on the 5 freeway but with a garbage can lid that flew onto the freeway. It hit me square in the front bumper and caused a small dent...
  18. WallyP

    Garage Door Closed On Trunk Lip

    Ouch! So sorry that happened to you. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago while I was detailing my car. The garage door automatically closed on me, so I disabled the feature. Make sure you do the same if that was the case for you.
  19. WallyP

    PPF on Hood and Front Bumper vs Ceramic Coat the Whole Car

    I just had some nicks/scratches touched up by my paint correction/opticoat guy and the results are again as brand new. After one year the Opti-Coat is still like that of a shiny mirror. While his price is already very competitive, he further offered up a group buy discount if anyone in the...
  20. WallyP

    Cracked windshield: should Tesla, Safelite or fix it?

    I'm in OC CA as well, and when I called Safelite they would not do it for me because they'd only be able to get the glass from Tesla, and then I'd need to bring the car into Tesla for re-calibration of the sensors and cameras. But that was about 3 months ago, so maybe they now have the...
  21. WallyP

    HOV use - Fast Trak in California

    The Toll Roads transponders will be replaced with stickers in June. Sticker | The Toll Roads
  22. WallyP

    Front License Gone

    That's a pretty cool plate so I'm speculating it may have been theft/vandalism. Have you checked your Sentry mode files?
  23. WallyP

    Model Y unveiling event 2019-03-14 (official thread)

    It’s streaming now
  24. WallyP

    Model Y unveiling event 2019-03-14 (official thread)

    Any twitter updates?
  25. WallyP

    Battery Drain While Driving

    Tire/wheel weight and aerodynamics are factors as well. If you have the OEM 18" aero wheels then your energy performance should be closer to spec. In my case I went with aftermarket 19" TST turbines which I believe are heavier and less aero, so my energy performance is less than spec...
  26. WallyP

    HOV use - Fast Trak in California

    Just go here. You have 5 days to pay. https://secure.thetollroads.com/violation/payTolls.do?cmd=gotoClear&skipMobileLandingPage=true
  27. WallyP

    HOV use - Fast Trak in California

    No I don't have an Express account, I just use Toll Roads. What's worse is I called the Toll Roads and they will not admit fault to either their transponder or toll booth reader, so they will not adjust my charges. So frustrating....
  28. WallyP

    HOV use - Fast Trak in California

    I have the new Fast Trak/Toll Roads transponder mounted on the windshield next to the camera mount. I find that on certain toll toads exits on SR241 and SR73 the transponder activates only half the time, when at other times I am charged at the "Tolls Paid By Plate" rate which is significantly...
  29. WallyP

    Got my first flat tire

    Don't buy tires from Tesla. They will charge you 3X for them. Out here we have America's Tire (aka Discount Tire) and they can get you in and out in 20 min for a fraction of Tesla's cost. Fix-it flats, if possible, are free.
  30. WallyP

    buy FSD now?

    iPhone X was so cool I just had to have it. Pre-order hype, plunk down $1,100 sight unseen. Crappy phone. 6 months later iPhone Xs rolled out with improvements and a lower price. And now the Xr is even better. Lesson learned. Don't be a fool for new technology. Touch and hold, and test it...
  31. WallyP

    $2,000 Full Self Driving upgrade now available

    I'm not paying $2,000 now for vaporware that may potentially decrease in price in the future. Plus, I'm already quite nervous now using EAP on the freeway, and the auto lane changing on NavOnAutopilot is not trustworthy for me. It would take a lot of huevos to trust FSD in city traffic. My...
  32. WallyP

    Leaving it plugged in

    Why not just schedule your car to start charging at 11pm? My utility has a similar EVTOU rate plan and that's what I do.
  33. WallyP

    Need recommendations after dog scratched my door's interior

    Ouch ! I cringed when I saw this. So sorry it happened to you. Dogs will be dogs. My lab will never see the inside of my Tesla. We have a mini van for that.
  34. WallyP

    Confused about Autopilot discount

    Totally confused. Does what was formerly called "EAP" now equal "FSD"? Does "FSD" not equal what was formerly called "autonomous driving"?
  35. WallyP

    SDGE customers with solar out there?

    I have a 5.88 kWp solar system and am currently on SDGE's EVTOU5 plan. My charger is running on the same meter as my house. Works out nice for me as I schedule Model 3 charging after midnight when the super off-peak rate is currently only $0.088/kWh. I was formerly on NEM and this new one has...
  36. WallyP

    Easiest way to set up for DashCam

    I went with your options #1 and #3. Your videos were very easy to understand, inexpensive and fast to order/ship on Amazon, and simple to install. I'm ok with fast iPhone charging on the left, and slower on the right. Thanks for your very helpful information !!
  37. WallyP

    Model 3 Windshield Replacement

    I'm in SoCal as well and was told by Safelite they cannot order Tesla windshields, nor can they perform the installations as the camera and sensor adjustments need to be done only by Tesla. The price quoted by Tesla was insane, so no thank you. Fortunately, my crack/chip was small enough to...
  38. WallyP

    Timing my charge with Solar and Net Metering

    I am a tech noob as well. All I know is that my solar production during the day can only push to the grid. My utility is SDG&E where my best EVTOU5 rate is super off peak from midnight to 5AM with a current rate of $0.08/kWh so this is when I charge. Are there any other SDG&E customers who...
  39. WallyP

    Stock tires wearing faster than expected?

    Manufacturers warranty Truck Tires, Car Tires and more – Michelin Tires
  40. WallyP

    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    I used to run these on my Volkswagen GTI when I was in college. They called me "The Inglewood Sound". Bass Tubes® - Bass Tubes Subwoofer Enclosures | Bazooka
  41. WallyP

    Stock tires wearing faster than expected?

    My Model 3 LR is one year old with 20K miles. I ran 19" Pirelli P Zero Nero's, rotated them three times, and just replaced them with the Michelin Primacy's. America's Tire told me that 20K miles is pretty much within normal range for Pirelli's on a Tesla. (I drive VERY conservatively, and...
  42. WallyP

    Center caps and lug nut covers for T Sportline's TST wheels

    I kept the TST caps that came with my 19" grey TST wheels as I think they look pretty good. You need to look pretty closely to see that they are different from the OEM Tesla ones. Elie also tried to sell me his TST TPMS when I changed my OEM 18" aeros for my new TST 19" turbines stating that...
  43. WallyP

    PPF over PPF for Front Plate and Carpool Stickers?

    I’m satisfied with The Bandit looks. I was concerned the OEM plates when stuck to my XPEL clear bra might pull it off. And The Bandit look is pretty close to the OEM plate.
  44. WallyP

    PPF over PPF for Front Plate and Carpool Stickers?

    I mounted my red HOV decals to PPF and hand cut them with scissors. Was simple enough to do. Then mounted them over my XPEL-protected bumpers. They've held up so far. For front plate I opted for The Bandit. The replacement cost of XPEL on the bumper is something like $400+, so in my...
  45. WallyP

    No longer getting charging complete notification.

    Same error for me on IOS devices. Hoping it gets fixed soon.
  46. WallyP

    Is this normal? Or, defect? Leathers seats wrinkle.

    She's a model year 1965, unsure of miles. I just wipe her down with ONR and she's good to go.
  47. WallyP

    CAV decal: colors, choice and strategy for HOV lane usage.

    I did the same and it has worked perfectly for me.
  48. WallyP

    Is this normal? Or, defect? Leathers seats wrinkle.

    My OC housewife, however, has not yet wrinkled with age.
  49. WallyP

    Is this normal? Or, defect? Leathers seats wrinkle.

    I use Optimum No Rinse to clean not only the exterior of my car, but also for the interior. Works great on the vegan leather.
  50. WallyP

    CAV decal: colors, choice and strategy for HOV lane usage.

    That is correct, the green and white HOV decals can be extended to the red decals, but only if your vehicle was purchased after 2017. Clean Air Vehicle Decals - High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Usage

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