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  1. BlueShift

    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    There is a picture of the interior here: Cybertruck
  2. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Emporia, KS

    Tesla has an approved permit. The permit number is BP-19-00918 and will have 8 stations. ... closer to in front of Dollar General - 1330 Industrial Rd because the easement has more space. I talked with Kory last Wednesday, and he provided me with the permit number Monday, 9/30/19. Thanks...
  3. BlueShift

    Model 3 Floor Mats

    While trying to decide which mats to buy for my own car I summarized (table with pictures) the options found while reading through several "model 3 mat" threads. Result is here: Model 3 Floor Mats
  4. BlueShift

    Mid Range waiting room

    Delivery! Picked it up a few hours ago. Was scheduled for Dec 15th delivery but received a text saying car is ready today, eight days early. MR Deep Blue Metallic/While Interior/19" Sport/No-EAP Reserved in store first day. Ordered Oct 18th. Cash / No Trade St. Louis location was...
  5. BlueShift

    Mid Range waiting room

    MR white interior / blue exterior - scheduled for delivery in St. Louis on December 15th.
  6. BlueShift

    Emergency request for funding help -supercharge.info

    Yeah, just a big surge of traffic today, so the quota worked as designed I guess. See attached photo. Unfortunate though that it happened so early in the day, leaving 10 hours during which the map will be unavailable today.
  7. BlueShift

    Tesla Supercharger network

    These three in France were added by a new supercharge.info editor (ticketchu) from France. He probably just isn't familiar with the power setup (or, for better or worse, current supercharge.info convention). Looks like another editor (joel) has already fixed them. How to become a...
  8. BlueShift

    Téo Taxi Supercharger - Dorval, QC - P.-E. Trudeau Airport (not public)

    Thanks all. Going to delete the private superchargers that I'm aware of for now. Rational is here: https://forum.supercharge.info/t/private-superchargers/203 By the way there are now ten people that have the ability add to/update supercharge.info. If you are interested in becoming an...
  9. BlueShift

    Just order model 3 performance yesterday

    Just be sure to select two day shipping on your order page.
  10. BlueShift

    Emergency request for funding help -supercharge.info

    Yep, still have to go to the map to see stall count, for instance. Have long wanted a page dedicated to to each site with that detail, change history, possibility to upload photos. If anyone here has JavaScript experience, and some free time for a project over the upcoming holidays, source...
  11. BlueShift

    Emergency request for funding help -supercharge.info

    After some additional changes the burn rate is now down to about $10/day. Better but not great. Still working as time permits.
  12. BlueShift

    Emergency request for funding help -supercharge.info

    If you create an account and login your selected region and country are saved. It is only necessary to login once per computer.
  13. BlueShift

    Emergency request for funding help -supercharge.info

    Above is a snapshot of daily cost over time. The experiment of re-enabling the map for one day cost $19. For that $19 we got 2,220 map interactions; 1,102 directions interactions (routes); and 834 places interactions (usages of the "Search for Location" feature, or "nearby" feature). Someone...
  14. BlueShift

    Emergency request for funding help -supercharge.info

    Wow, was amazed by the generosity when that gofundme campaign was first started in February 2015 and am amazed again today. I will use the additional $1300 that has been donated so far to re-enable the map again immediately (with some preliminary changes to reduce cost--most visible is that map...
  15. BlueShift

    supercharge.info is down

    I have been playing around a little bit with www.openstreetmap.org this evening. I think users would really miss the satellite views and street views. When I'm visiting somewhere new those two features really help get a feel for the destination. In a related/surprising development, people have...
  16. BlueShift

    supercharge.info is down

    Source code is now on github ( kdwink/supercharge.info ). Running locally (with a functioning google map) really should be as easy as 'npm install; npm start`. I have had some helpers the past year or so which has reduced the burden significantly. There are currently six editors in addition...
  17. BlueShift

    supercharge.info is down

    Well, google certainly does have a compelling product, and it can not be cheap to take and update street view photos of roads covering nearly the entire planet. Someone at Google must have decided the product should be profitable. Reasonable. I/we have now contributed toward that goal. :-)...
  18. BlueShift

    Mid Range waiting room

    deep blue metallic, white interior, 19" sport, No EAP
  19. BlueShift

    Price of DM increased again, this time to $6,000

    Tesla to eliminate some paint options to increase production efficiency, gives last chance to order Tesla increases price of Model 3 Dual Motor AWD again
  20. BlueShift

    Supercharger: Angola, IN

    Ramada Angola 3855 Indiana 127 Angola, IN 46703 Opened: Dec 2013. Angola, IN Supercharger | Tesla supercharge.info Someone suggested that Angola needs its own discussion thread, linked from supercharge.info, because of the "early, funky, sometimes maddening supercharger location."
  21. BlueShift

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I have removed "Cleveland - Lyndhurst (SC), OH" from supercharge.info. Cheers, Keith
  22. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Hadley Mass (I-91)

    Updated the location: supercharge.info
  23. BlueShift

    Supercharger - NW Phoenix

    Updated status to construction and moved the marker south. supercharge.info Photo: https://scontent-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/22859760_1701992973152825_3157098861704861376_o.jpg?oh=9ad464d0c646a9e5e0085860c4bf9ba2&oe=5AA7DB44
  24. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Roseville, MI

    Added it, thanks! supercharge.info
  25. BlueShift

    Supercharger- Colby, KS

    Seems like it may be open, based on Tesla's web site.
  26. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Grants Pass, OR

    Updated the stall count and discuss link. Thanks.
  27. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Gaylord MI

    Added it, thanks: supercharge.info
  28. BlueShift

    Nacogdoches, TX Construction

    Added it: supercharge.info
  29. BlueShift

    New Superchargers Proposed in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC

    I have added it to supercharge.info at "4660 Millbrook Green Dr". Seems to be the best current guess for the address.
  30. BlueShift

    Supercharger-Coral Gables, FL?

    Wouldn't be the first time. :) arazoza has posted some pictures here: Miami Service Center? Looks promising. Updated the Coral Gables "discuss" link on supercharge.info to point to this thread.
  31. BlueShift

    Supercharger - McAllen, Texas

    Not sure if there has been a new collision, or if the reporter suspected the reliability problems are due to the damage/repairs in June. In any case it is back to "coming soon" on Tesla's site. McAllen, TX | Tesla
  32. BlueShift

    Western Canada Superchargers

    Just marked Edmonton, AB as "Open" based on an email to [email protected] supercharge.info I try to use all information received. [email protected] has received a total of 2,416 emails though and I sometimes fall a bit behind, or, undoubtedly miss something. It is all just for fun...
  33. BlueShift

    Supercharger - McAllen, Texas

    I received an email saying that the supercharger (pedestal, transformer, not sure) was hit by a car and that supercharging at McAllen is not currently reliable.
  34. BlueShift

    Danbury, CT Supercharger

    Looks like construction has now started. Outside. I took a guess at the location based on pictures: supercharge.info
  35. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Fort Wayne, IN

    Added it: supercharge.info
  36. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Mt. Shasta, CA (111 Morgan Way, 4 V2 stalls)

    Updated the discuss link to point to this thread. supercharge.info Interestingly looks like I changed the stall count from 4 to 6 only 10 days ago due to an email. Oh well, no big deal, changed it back to 4. Recent change history for this site...
  37. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Fremont, CA - 47400 Kato Rd (not completed, V3 test site Mar 2019)

    Not quite live, but construction has been underway long enough that the pedestals are now visible on google street view: Google Maps :-)
  38. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Live Oak, FL

    Looks like supercharger construction is well underway in Live Oak at the intersection of I-10 and 129. 6886 US-129 supercharge.info
  39. BlueShift

    Cookeville, TN Supercharger

    Added it, thanks: supercharge.info
  40. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Cambridge, OH

    I've added it to the map, thanks: supercharge.info
  41. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Osage Beach, MO

    Looks like this site is under construction now. 919 Hwy D (Target) Osage Beach, MO supercharge.info
  42. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Bristol, TN

    Added it. supercharge.info
  43. BlueShift

    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Yeah, received an email yesterday mentioning that it looks like six superchargers are under construction in San Antonio. Removed the supercharge.info cone just now based on the above observations of dturgeon. Thanks.
  44. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Santa Barbara, CA (LIVE 4 Oct 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    I have removed the Santa Barbara blue dot from supercharge.info. Based on the last few posts above.
  45. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Brush, CO

    Someone forwarded me an email discussion with the Tesla supercharger team in which they say "Although we cannot share the specific site location, we are moving forward with a site in Brush, CO". Earlier in the discussion they said "We are in the midst of construction for Supercharger Stations...
  46. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Junction, TX

    I hear that construction of a supercharger in Junction TX is complete and that the site should be operational this month. supercharge.info Chevron Junction 2415 N Main St Junction, TX 76849 Junction, TX
  47. BlueShift

    Knoxville supercharger - where

    Someone sent this my way: We just tried to charge at the Knoxville TN supercharger without luck. Zero or near-to-zero charge at four different locations. We contacted Tesla Service, who said that it has problems that are awaiting attention.
  48. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Rolla, MO

    Took this picture today in Rolla.

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