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  1. rickgt

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    I have version 2021.24.28 on my pre-refresh AP1 model S... this has serious problems with the map (supposedly Google's fault and they need to fix it) and much weaker "engine breaking" -- wonder if we are going to be left in the cold-orphaned when it comes to SW updates.
  2. rickgt

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    Now almost Feb22 and still on 2020 version old software... are they (Elon) abandoning the pre-refresh Model S buyers?
  3. rickgt

    Will the new infotainment screen be horizontal still be vertical in the older modelS

    Now almost Feb22 and still on 2020 version old software... are they (Elon) abandoning the pre-refresh Model S buyers?
  4. rickgt

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Maybe reboot the phone as well... reconnect it too...
  5. rickgt

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I have late 2014 AP1 car delivered December 2014... one of the first AP1 cars currently on 2020.36.3.1 11-September-2020 all updates have been installed and work fine... this is actually one of the longest periods without a new update that I can remember. Perhaps they have stopped updating...
  6. rickgt

    PowderCoated Slipstream Wheels + Take Off Tires

    let me know how much to ship to Carmel, CA...
  7. rickgt

    PowderCoated Slipstream Wheels + Take Off Tires

    can the tires and wheels be shipped UPS to central CA?
  8. rickgt

    How does Passenger Airbag Indicator work?

    I am concerned that I have a faulty system... recently replaced passenger air bag under recall notice. Never paid much attention before, but now the "Pass airbag off" comes on for 6-10 seconds when car is started. It then disappears regardless whether there is a passenger in the right hand seat...
  9. rickgt

    CHAdeMO adapter For sale

    mine is sold...
  10. rickgt

    CHAdeMO adapter For sale

    I have one that I don't use... sell for $350 plus shipping... holler if interested...
  11. rickgt

    Does anyone with AP1 (or pre-AP1) have got any 2019 software updates?

    just got the newest version today on late 2014 P85 with AP1... release notes were blank, but seems to have installed properly. streaming music seems to work better... Always do hard reboot on both screens whenever I get an update... this is the first time it took almost 3 months to get a new...
  12. rickgt

    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    What is the current URL for this Waze app? I used to be able to use it, but now it just sits there and will not display on ver 9
  13. rickgt

    S85 Battery Degradation

    3 ½ yrs old, 32,000 miles, 90% is still 235 --- down from 236 over three years
  14. rickgt

    Software Update 2018.10.4

    yes, I have 218.6.1 and the main screen has blanked out rebooted after sleeping for a while. Happened multiple times. Hope they fixed it in an update, and that I can get that update.
  15. rickgt

    How often do you have to reboot the display?

    at least twice a month... usually because the audio system gets flakey. load errors and other things playing music.
  16. rickgt

    Firmware 8.1 - Autopilot HW1

    I wonder what you have to do to get on the update list... would like to see the new favorites on audio and Nav...
  17. rickgt

    App login issues?

    App still not working. Shows last updated 1:53 am... the time my charging notification says it completed. Nothing working since then. Note: no other app that accesses my Tesla is working either.
  18. rickgt

    Local Supercharging: Yea or Nay?

    Scenario 1 yea Scenario 2. No
  19. rickgt

    Wiki Model S software/firmware changelog

    Links to a site that tracks all updates users get
  20. rickgt

    8.0 USB Media Player workaround

    yup... thanks... I just went into iTunes and edited the artists field and changed the song titles to put a numeric sequence in front of each... i will load this on a chip and give it a test in the morning... shouldn't have to do this, but hopefully this workaround will accomplish the task at...
  21. rickgt

    8.0 USB Media Player workaround

    many different artists, depending on which of the 46 tracks you pick... some are the same, but lots of different combinations of artists.
  22. rickgt

    8.0 USB Media Player workaround

    Actually, the one that drives me crazy is the Original Cast album for Hamilton... For some reason, the Tesla USB software determines there are multiple artists (different characters signing different songs) and then separates it into several "albums" That's one aspect of the frustration of...
  23. rickgt

    8.0 USB Media Player workaround

    Got your replies... albums that are multi-artist get separated into individual albums, hence loosing the integrity of the original album and sequence... songs within each of the separated albums are probably OK.
  24. rickgt

    8.0 USB Media Player workaround

    Yes, exactly the issue. Albums are broken and songs or folders alphabetically ordered.
  25. rickgt

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    I need the folder view to keep file sequence and not alpha sort it... can't play music that needs a proper sequence Also volume leveling is needed. Really a pain to have to adjust for each song
  26. rickgt

    8.0 USB Media Player workaround

    I have music in an album and separate folder that I want to play in the sequence of the album... Tesla sorts it alphabetically!! No way to go back to the correct sequence. Tried renaming files wot 01,02 in front of name... not working HELP,
  27. rickgt

    2.50.114 and a map update

    to be repetitive, I also got map update but no firmware update yet
  28. rickgt

    Predictions: Model S 2017 luxury improvements

    Would like to have the sound system maintain a volume.... constantly having to adjust up or down depending on the song played (source not constant)... other cars sense road and wind noise and adjust f0r those as well...
  29. rickgt

    Using TeslaFi?

    i am trying to get to my account on teslafi, and I just get a blank screen... anyone know what's going on there?
  30. rickgt

    Help deciding on AP 2.0 upgrade

    As a first gen autopilot owner, I would suggest that upgrading to next gen will pay off in residual value. Go for it!
  31. rickgt

    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    Do I now get this automatically when I log on via browser?
  32. rickgt

    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    Wow... lots of great work. Thanks
  33. rickgt

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA (Park Place, 8 V2 stalls)

    I do have a ChadeMo adaptor, and will gladly pay for electricity if the alternative is a long wait for the locals to finish using the San Mateo Supercharger stalls... I've even seen limo service guys sitting there charging between rides. This alternative charging site in the garage may be just...
  34. rickgt

    Supercharger - Mountain View, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    Very sad state of affairs for the supercharges needed by distance travelers... Tesla needs to rectify this. I would personally be willing to pay a fee if it stopped the random local folks from saving a few pennies and keeping the folks on a trip from getting a charge.
  35. rickgt

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA (Park Place, 8 V2 stalls)

    This is a great alternative when the supercharger is filled with local folks doing their shopping, and a traveler needs to charge to continue a trip... I need this location frequently going to SF from Monterey area. Thanks for sharing the info
  36. rickgt

    Main Screen keeps rebooting by itself?

    I have experienced this unprovoked rebooting as well... seems like a new update is going out in large numbers this past week... will wait to get my update and see if it fixes the problem. Have not seen anything on the boards here about that.
  37. rickgt

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA (Park Place, 8 V2 stalls)

    This super charger is critical to me when making round trip to SF and return to Monterey Bay... for a while they had an employee watching and supervising the use of equipment. What happened to him? This is very upsetting for one who uses this for long distance travel.
  38. rickgt

    Firmware: How far behind?

    I'm also on 2.28.19, the last large rollout, but way behind... hopefully a massive rollout this week for 8.0 !!!
  39. rickgt

    Tesla Owners "ICEing" Public Chargers?

    Yes, I always leave my cell number and fact that I'm charging on the dash of my car. I have had the unpleasant event of being unplugged and someone else using it. Happens with J1772 and with ChaDemo cables.
  40. rickgt

    Tesla Owners "ICEing" Public Chargers?

    I have preprinted cards that I leave on cars that are blocking charging sites. It is very polite, but ICEing or Electric Cars that are not charging get the same cards. It's abusive to use a slot and not be charging a vehicle.
  41. rickgt


    No limit on actual freeways or limited access highways... secondary roads or special situations are limited to 5mph over the posted limit. If you must, you can push on the accelerator to override. But, this is a safety issue.
  42. rickgt

    Video: Here's why you have to keep your eyes on the road when using Autopilot

    what kind of dash cam are you using? this is a very clear video, and I'd consider getting your brand.
  43. rickgt

    Supercharger - Santa Barbara, CA (LIVE 4 Oct 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    will be driving through in August from Carmel to Newport... Sure would love to have a super charger here... any updates?
  44. rickgt

    Every Other Day, Daily or Twice Daily Charging?

    A plugged in car is a happy car... just plug in whenever you are home for the night
  45. rickgt

    Introducing the Mercedes AA Class - SNL

    had not seen it on TMC... just wanted to share my amusement... sorry to bother you. ;)
  46. rickgt

    Introducing the Mercedes AA Class - SNL

    try this link: Forget Tesla, SNL has come up with the ultimate electric car
  47. rickgt

    Introducing the Mercedes AA Class - SNL

    check out this video: The Ultimate AA+ Class
  48. rickgt

    Firmware 7.1

    Had an issue with the 2.17.37 update (not sure it's related, but just happened day after) driving at night, and the auto high beam dimming was malfunctioning. wouldn't turn on for the longest time... tried on/off with the light stalk, flash the high beams. then magically, started to work again...
  49. rickgt

    Autopilot and "Hold Steering Wheel"

    Yes, a little nudge lets it know you are there and "holding" the wheel.
  50. rickgt

    Model 3 is beautiful!

    Curious about the instrument panel.... the center LCD display is horizontal instead of vertical... but I don't see any instrument cluster screen in front of the driver. HUD display? I would think Elon would have made a big deal about that if true.

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