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  1. invisik

    MX Key Fob Battery - 2354 or 2032??

    Anyone ever try putting two CR2032's in instead of a single CR2354? Seems like they would fit and the voltage should stay at 3V. So hard to find CR2354's locally. Just a thought... -m
  2. invisik

    External 4G and wifi antennas

    Hi! MCU 1 2017 Model X here.... I would love to add external antennas for the 4G and the wifi systems for better reception. I'm an IT tech so I'm somewhat familiar with this stuff, but not to this technical level. From the forum here, there are cables and plugs in the doors running from the...
  3. invisik

    Drive disabled for software update.....?

    No, couldn't do either reboot.... held for over a minute and didnt reboot.... like rebooting was disabled.
  4. invisik

    How to reduce road noise in 2017 X ?

    Hi! So... what did they do to the 2020 X to reduce the road noise? Can I do it on my 2017? I'm fairly handy with the Dynamat, etc products. Thanks. -m
  5. invisik

    Tesla 2016 model x versus 2020 model X

    Slower AC charging sucks.... I charge at home regularly on the weekends and often need fast last-minute charging to happen.... I'd pay another $500 to have the second charging module put back in..... -m
  6. invisik

    Drive disabled for software update.....?

    I've been stuck (at my office at least) twice now with this message. I had to have my wife pick me up tonight.... i waited 45 minutes for it to finish whatever it was doing........???? IT says it is checking for updates.. not installing an update. But still can't drive? -m
  7. invisik

    Retrofit 7 seat to 6 seat in 2016 X

    How hard is it to go from a 2017 6 seater to having the fold down seats in the middle row (for more cargo area room) ?
  8. invisik

    Caraoke Not Working

    Serious? Ugh... They should be upgrading the processor, even in Tegra, as the years go by.. I mean we have processor from 2012 in our 2017's?? -m
  9. invisik

    Nitrogen ?

    Yes the other gasses expand and contact with temperature enough to make a difference. Here's some descriptions of it: UCSB Science Line Pure nitrogen has very little change when temperatures change. -m
  10. invisik


    I have one of the original wall chargers from my Model S and I charged at 80amp. I use it now on our Model X 72amp. That handle does get hot... like almost to burning hot. This is normal as far as I know. Yeah, as Electric700 says, try lowering the amperage to on the X to 32 (to match the 3)...
  11. invisik

    Nitrogen ?

    I've used it on a number of cars in the past... Since we have wide temperature changes (even in the same day), the Nitrogen kept tire pressure equal at all times. I have just air in my Tesla tires because the Service Center doesn't do nitrogen and they end up doing my tire work.... else I...
  12. invisik

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Does it kinda feel like torque steer when accelerating? I have that for sure... I'm a 50,000 Vin from summer 2017.... Thanks for this thread. -m
  13. invisik

    Cabin Overheat Protection almost stranded us

    I turned it off right away. It should maybe use no more then X percent of available charge. It could also alert the phone app if it's not going to cool any more..... -m
  14. invisik

    Winch power connection

    Hi! I have a Dutton-Lainson TW4000 power winch to pull my boat onto the trailer. Great product, BTW. My problem is getting sufficient 12v power in the rear of the X. I now have to bring a separate car battery to just run the winch--which seems unnecessary. I know there's a cigarette...
  15. invisik

    Waze problem

    Sorry to hear this Tesla Waze site is shutting down.... it's been great and I've used it a lot! Thank you for running it for free so long! -m
  16. invisik

    Added lighting to center console (mod)

    Hey.. I'm trying something similar... but I want to hard wire it to the 12v plug connection so I don't use up a USB or the 12v power point. Anyone know how to get into the back of the 12v power point? Thanks.. -m
  17. invisik

    AP2 AutoSteer swerviness...??

    I find it searches side to side if: 1. If the lane you are in is wider then a normal lane 2. The road lines disappear on either side for a short time 3. On a sunny day, when you drive through a shady spot Otherwise it's fine on the freeway..... -m
  18. invisik

    Anyone else find their MX unlocked when they don't expect?

    Absolutely.... Thank goodness it's happened most in my office garage.... driver's door usually stays open after getting out. I try to at least listen for the door to close now..... or I triple click the fob if I'm thinking it won't close itself. -m
  19. invisik

    Auto-Presenting Doors not working

    I believe I had this same unit replaced too, but also I find sometimes the door won't swing open by itself. The SC recommended opening and closing it 2-3 times in a row, to help re-adjust the sensors. After doing that, it works fine again.... (for a while).... -m
  20. invisik

    Multiple Failed firmware update

    Yes, for my first OTA upgrade I have the same message.. had to bring to the service center and they did their magic to fix it. OTA upgrades have worked fine since then..... -m
  21. invisik

    New software update (sept 2017)

    mine said the update failed. I hope it downloads again soon.
  22. invisik

    Door opens on its own

    Haven't had that one yet will keep an eye out for it. My driver door someone won't close on it's own, also leaving the car vulnerable for hours. -m
  23. invisik

    Auto open drivers door intermittant

    Did that help at all? my driver door punched me in the gut when i was standing near it waiting for the back door to open. i also had an instance when the door open like 2 inches and then when i pulled it open it was really hard to pull.... Like the motor was fighting me.... always an...
  24. invisik

    Auto open drivers door intermittant

    yes mine works intermittently, even in the same locations. The service center said to open and close the door a couple of times so the sensors reset.... And then it does work again for a while. Happens to me with power saving on and off. I even had the drivers door gently hit the car next...
  25. invisik

    Just received my P100DL im sort of dissapointed and embarrassing and I'm having AP2 issues

    On side streets is can be scary, definitely pay attention. I get only the avatar of the car in front of me. I've noticed the limited super limit thing before... A couple of smaller roads that were upgraded in width and speed the car thinks are the original speed limit. Finding that out is...
  26. invisik

    Just received my P100DL im sort of dissapointed and embarrassing and I'm having AP2 issues

    I have a two month old X100D. Had a model s85 previously with no ap. It does take done getting used to and a lot of trust. I use it mainly on interstate type larger freeways and I find it does s very very well job.
  27. invisik

    Another Model X Problem!!! 3rd row seat stuck in down position.

    I'm in the same boat... had the car for almost 2 weeks now... passenger side third row seat won't release to go back up. I did work a few times up until now. I'm ultrawhite, but no cooling (which I wish I had)..... E-mailing the service center now.... -m
  28. invisik

    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    I sooo want the Jetsons car sound.... Please keep us posted on this thread!! Thanks for your work.. -m
  29. invisik

    WhispBar Roof Rack and Fork Lock Bicycle Rack

    Will you ship the wispbar? I have a 2014. -m
  30. invisik

    Tesla Companion App

    Hi again, it has been working since about Feb 2016 consistently. Multiple times a day I use Tesla Companion on my HP Elite X3 Windows 10 Mobile phone and the main functions work fine. On my Windows 10 desktop computer I have Tesla Connect working (I can't get Tesla Companion to work for some...
  31. invisik

    Reading Email on Screen in car + Saving Usernames/login info

    Hi.... Go to in the browser: mail.office365.com Then login with your e-mail address and password..... -m
  32. invisik


    Hi, I'm on .50.08 on Windows 10... when pulling up the Location map, it knows where the car is but the red arrow representing the car is not there, or are the Google Maps controls (zooming tool, etc). Any idea why that might be? I haven't looked on the location map in quite a while.. (I...
  33. invisik

    Service Bulletin for Wind Noise Issue on P85D

    Can some black silicone along the bottom of the window fix it too, would you think? (where your snow is coming in) -m
  34. invisik


    Hi! Wondering if there's a way for VisibleTesla to e-mail me when the car reaches a mileage milestone (like say, every 10,000 miles)? Also it would be nice to have it e-mail me on Jan 1 to help my records know how many miles I had at that time. I just noticed the notice if odometer passes X...
  35. invisik

    Sound deadening work begins next week: will report before and after data

    I did pretty full Dynamat on the doors (inner and outer door panels), around the trunk wheelwells, and played with some Dynapad as well. I could find no appreciable difference before vs after Dynamat. The car is solid and does not vibrate that much. I do not recommend doing this. But I will...
  36. invisik

    Tesla credit card key - who's interested?

    Hi, any update on this one? I'd love a case with no buttons (I never use them) that could fit in my wallet (even if thicker then a credit card). Thanks for any info.... -m
  37. invisik

    Any way to force the floor lighting to stay on?

    I believe if you close and open one of the front doors, the lights come back on for another cycle. -m
  38. invisik

    Exercise while supercharging

    Charging time is going to get shorter and shorter--you're not going to care x years from now.... -m
  39. invisik

    Snowed in

    "Not a problem in California" But seriously, this is a problem. I like the chargers in parking ramps myself. -m
  40. invisik

    Winter Driving

    Thanks for sharing what has worked for you... I'll try it as if there's more then just me in the car it fogs up. I had 4 adults and 2 kids in the car a few weeks ago--had to run the red defrost mode continuously to keep the windows clear. -m
  41. invisik

    Is waiting 2 months+ for P90D parts normal?

    Yep.. parts are not easy to come by. My repair on 6th day of ownership took about 3 months with most of that waiting for parts from Tesla. It sucks not to have the car, but it's like taking delivery of the car all over again when it's done! Hang in there... -m
  42. invisik

    Website that does same functions as app?

    Thanks... I'll check teslalog out... -m
  43. invisik

    "Chunking" When Wheels Turned In Reverse - Most of the Time

    Yes I had this too.. it was most pronounced when backing down my driveway which is on a slight hill. The service center: "replaced steering rack bolts, inspect/add shim, retorque suspension components"... It still does it a little when backing down my driveway, but noticeably less at full...
  44. invisik

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    It does appear all of the screens are updated for the flat look, where only the main screen was updated on 7.0. That's a nice catch up item.... -m
  45. invisik

    Tesla Companion App

    Hi again.. I have a few windows phones that im experimenting with windows 10 on..... Loaded some updates tonight and Tesla Companion is working again...... Uh... Wtf?! I already turned my phone and got an android one.. Heh. I guess I need more testing... Argh.
  46. invisik

    Tesla Companion App

    Ahh, thanks for that info... makes sense with what I'm seeing. So I guess Tesla Companion is fully done now..... :( -m
  47. invisik

    Unofficial windows phone app

    Hi... just wondering if you're planning to update to the new OAuth api? The old one seems to have went dark over the new year. (If not, I need to return my Lumia 950 as I need a Tesla app!!) Thanks for any info... -m
  48. invisik

    Tesla Companion App

    Hi.. The main functions that don't require their cloud server (like turn on HVAC, start charging) have worked for me up until a few weeks ago. The cloud stuff like the calendar haven't been working for a long time. Maybe I just caught up with everyone else if it hasn't worked for anyone since...
  49. invisik

    Website that does same functions as app?

    Hi! As of a few weeks ago, I noticed I can't connect to the car anymore on this page. It takes my login credentials fine, but then reports "Error connecting." Car is not sleeping and has connectivity. My third party Windows Phone apps also don't work either. Might there have been another...
  50. invisik

    Tesla Companion App

    Hi.... Just got a Windows 10 Mobile phone (Lumia 950).. Tesla Companion can't seem to connect to anything.... any one else got it to work on W10M? I hate to have to return the phone (but oddly Tesla Companion also now doesn't work on my Lumia 1520 on WP 8.1) (VisibleTesla v50 still works...

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