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  1. theganjaguru

    Software Update Download gets stuck at 50%

    I’m an apartment dweller so have to use my phone as a hotspot. Def still an issue and is quite annoying as I sit here anywhere from 15 - 45 min as it continually stalls though I have good reception. 6-8mbps.
  2. theganjaguru

    Tesla Needs to Up Their Service Game - Dismal Experience with HVAC Failure On My Y

    Let me start by saying that the people at the service center were very nice. That being said, the rest of my experience totally sucked. AC broke on 07/02. System would no longer blow hot and cold air. The next available appointment was on 07/14, almost two weeks out. Brought the car in for...
  3. theganjaguru

    Can I walk-in service center if my model Y AC stopped working in hottest summer days?

    Doubt you’d get any traction. I have same issue as of yesterday 7/1. Best option is service center appointment on the 14th. If you brought it in, I doubt they have the parts needed. From my reading, the issue is fixed by replacing either the heat pump, a manifold or both.
  4. theganjaguru

    Vendor SnapPlate for Model Y

    Snapplate blows. On my second year and the mount failed. Never used automated car washes. Lost license plate. Mount also damaged the bumper from top of plate continually getting pushed against it due to poor design that does not account for wind resistance. . I do not recommend.
  5. theganjaguru

    Phantom braking so bad I want to return my car

    Yup… I assumed as much. I use neither after too many phantom braking incidents. Getting flipped off (I probably would have done the same) was my final straw. I don’t trust “autopilot”.
  6. theganjaguru

    Phantom braking so bad I want to return my car

    I do not use “autopilot” for this exact reason. It’s trash. But I didn’t buy my car for autopilot. I bought it cause it’s a ton of fun to drive. I am also fearful someone will shoot me thinking I brake checked them when it was the car screwing up. Got to love houston for that
  7. theganjaguru

    Tesla Body Repair Center Wait Time

    Houston Tx 12/26 - Rear ended 2/14 - first available service appointment. 2/14 came and the shop still didn’t have the parts. 3/1 - Back ordered parts finally arrive. 3/4 - drop car off 3/11 - notified that additional damage found. Parts ordered. 3/14 - Still waiting. 76 days have passed
  8. theganjaguru

    Tips for not getting rear-ended

    Don’t drive with a$$ holes If you don’t want to get rear ended... I just got rear ended because an idiot was not paying attention. Traffic stopped in front of me on the highway. Slowed to a stop. Someone 5 cars back plowed into the cars behind me and pushed the 4th car into me. The fact is that...
  9. theganjaguru

    21 MY Air Intake Vent Cover

    Why Tesla did not design a proper cover is crazy. Changing my air filter today and leaves came out. :( Thanks for posting!
  10. theganjaguru

    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    @AnaS, What a total bummer. Keep in mind for whatever you decide in the future, a Tesla (or practically any EV) is more a computer on wheels. In “computer lingo“, what you experienced in known as infant mortality. The product cycle of computers typically follow what is known as the bathtub...
  11. theganjaguru

    Understand Elon’s infatuation With Bitcoin & Ignoring it’s Massive Energy Consumption/ Waste

    Well appearing on a panel discussion is far from “dropping something like an overheated FPU” and more akin to the dating game in order to score a date and get some…. Aka Hot and bothered
  12. theganjaguru

    Understand Elon’s infatuation With Bitcoin & Ignoring it’s Massive Energy Consumption/ Waste

    Sorry you don’t get sarcasm. Maybe you should keep up with current events. He’s not exited the market. He also spoke at a BTC conference and let the world know space x also holds this wildly inefficient crypto...
  13. theganjaguru

    Understand Elon’s infatuation With Bitcoin & Ignoring it’s Massive Energy Consumption/ Waste

    If Tesla’s mission has been to “accelerate the worlds transition to “SUSTAINABLE” energy”, then why the heck is Elon so hot and bothered for BTC? If BTC were a country, it would be in the top 30 countries on earth for energy consumption. Bitcoin’s Energy Usage, Explained This goes against...
  14. theganjaguru

    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Doors Will Open Automatically

    As long as it’s more reliable than phone as key.
  15. theganjaguru

    How Repairable Will Structural Battery Be?

    Solid answer but I’m not speaking. About replacing individual cells. I’m taking about replacing a pack or a module within a pack. Let’s say I want to keep the car for a million miles as that’s how long the motor will last. I will certainly need a new pack at some point. So how easy will it be...
  16. theganjaguru

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    The other thing I really like on the f-150 is the frunk and the fact that the “grill” is attached. Perfect for short people. #ShortPeopleProblems
  17. theganjaguru

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Oh you’re right. I’d still go with the base of that was my price range as it’s all wheel drive. Plus like I said, Ford seems to be more honest on actual their range based off all the Mach E reviews.
  18. theganjaguru

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    If I were budgeted to get the base model, I’d go with the f150 lightening over the cybertruck as it comes with AWD standard and 300 miles vs cybertruck 250. But on the top end, I’d definitely go cybertruck 500 miles vs 300. One thing I really like about Ford’s EV marketing is the fact...
  19. theganjaguru

    Curbed 20” Induction rims / Replacement question

    Souse curb rashed front left. I bought some touch up paint from TS Sportline, sanded down with a course sand paper and then a fine paper. Worked well can only tell if you’re close and inspecting the rim. Depending on how bad it is , it may be worth a try.
  20. theganjaguru

    Soon to be MY owner essential accessories?

    Floor mats as others have stated. 12v tire pump. Tire plug kit Front license plate mount. I went with SnapPlate. Screen protector with coating (prevents smudging better). Vinyl wrap if getting old center console High speed read/write USB drive. The ones that is listed in the owners manual are...
  21. theganjaguru

    Buying $150 Key fob for wife, worth it?

    It may be worth it. Phone key is buggy and works about 50% of the time for me, so its not convenient to have to dig into my pocket, unlock the phone and open the app. If your wife is not a technical person, I’d consider it for her given inconsistencies in phone key working well. I have...
  22. theganjaguru

    Cigarette Outlet

    Check again. Tesla hid it in the upper portion of the main center console (the padded one). Well at least they did on the 2020 Y.
  23. theganjaguru

    Between a Model Y and a Subaru Outback

    agree x100. Im going to be jealous if you can get a lifted Y from the factory.
  24. theganjaguru

    Between a Model Y and a Subaru Outback

    In the automotive world 2” clearance is a lot. Put it this way, would you rather you penis be 6” or 8”? Clearance matters like that when it comes to overlanding and ground clearance. 11% more is still more, which means more utility. 536 miles range (probably even with a bike rack) vs. 326...
  25. theganjaguru

    Between a Model Y and a Subaru Outback

    Especially excluding power trains, the Outback is a vastly different car compared to the Y. Ground clearance (overland abilities) Cargo volume Performance Ride quality Not factoring distance comparisons due to seasonal changes (both ICE and EV’s experience, just more noticeable in the EV)...
  26. theganjaguru

    iPhone not unlocking?

    I made a service appointment via the app and the next day I received a message in the app asking for additional detail (times and events) because the logs in the y are massive (no surprise). I called and was able to give exact time because my iPad had a notification when my phone was removed...
  27. theganjaguru

    Is Tesla sending a message to the US Model Y customer

    Not sure how you can say that when you don’t appear to even own one yet. Are you just upset because you have to wait?
  28. theganjaguru

    iPhone not unlocking?

    Tried Kashian’s fix and did not work. Drove to get takeout after I applied the fix. Parked, got my food, unlocked frunk with the app, put my food in, shut the frunk and went to open my door only to be denied.
  29. theganjaguru

    iPhone not unlocking?

    Recently updated to 2020.48.35.5. Makes the problem worse
  30. theganjaguru


    I don’t know about anyone else, but this update has made any issues with my Y not recognizing my phone key a lot more prevalent. If you’re in a rush like I was, don’t bother with the app was a waste of time. It will ask for your password, which would require me to go to my password manager...
  31. theganjaguru


    I don’t know about anyone else, but this update has made any issues with my Y not recognizing my phone key a lot more prevalent. If you’re in a rush like I was, don’t bother with the app was a waste of time. It will ask for your password, which would require me to go to my password manager...
  32. theganjaguru

    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    Everyone has their own needs and wants. The Mach E has some very competitive advantages in the sense of creature comforts and might fit your needs better. However, I would disagree with others on Fords advantage when it comes to customer service as your customer service experience will vary...
  33. theganjaguru

    After 3 months and a couple days with a Y

    Turning dow the seat heater activated te emergency brakes? That’s a whopper.
  34. theganjaguru

    Screen Changes with New Update

    Not a fan of how the car is now displayed on the left side. It’s more eye candy and less useful. The rear hatch button is now askew and up to the right instead of being an easy dead center press. Sure the frunk is easier to open, but I rarely use it, partly because closing the frunk is a...
  35. theganjaguru


    Thank you for the good advice/education. I find it troubling/sad/pathetic that the Tesla’s owners manual for the Y specifically states those two drives can be used. Why set owners up for failure? Give me the best advice to start,
  36. theganjaguru


    Had issues (sentry mode screen black for an extended period of time) when trying to view sentry mode events for the last few months. Two weeks ago, the viewer was totally disabled. My only option was to format the USB drive. I did that and sentry mode was working again. Today I jumped in and...
  37. theganjaguru

    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    July build. Don’t have it, don’t really care too much. My pedestrian warning system consists of cranking my volume. The stereo system in the Y is bar none hands down the BEST I’ve ever had in a car. Ever. I am slightly jealous, as I would have made Ludacris, move bitch get out the way my...
  38. theganjaguru

    Model Y

    I had issues initially but maybe hitting the button did the trick. The last couple of times it’s rained here in Houston, I had no issues and it came down hard on Saturday.
  39. theganjaguru

    Advice on all-weather floor mats

    Not at all for me.
  40. theganjaguru

    Advice on all-weather floor mats

    A lot of people here have the MAXpiders and seem to love them. I have the Tesmanian which are quite similar to WeatherTech (had those in my i3). What I didn’t personally like about the MAXpiders was the shimmery look they appear to have in the photos. I am happy with the Tesmanians
  41. theganjaguru

    Model Y dropping in price soon?

    Tesla will not lower the price of the Y, they already lowered the price 1x. And why? They didn’t have demand issues. Your fantasy does not take into account that we were right at the early height of a global pandemic, so they probably wanted to entice buyers and have a full year of...
  42. theganjaguru

    California sales tax

    Your friend is blowing hot air up your skirt. You pay taxes for the state where you live. If you don’t live in CA, you don’t pay CA taxes. For states like Texas (who does not allow Tesla to sell) you must pay taxes separate and cannot finance them into the loan.
  43. theganjaguru

    Texas Model Ys

    I was required to provide proof of coverage (VIN listed on my policy) prior to shipment. I think you have to have it due to the fact that Tesla can’t sell cars in Texas and we must pay in full before shipment as well
  44. theganjaguru

    Waiting for Tax Credit to come back?

    Nah, no need to try again with someone who’s coming back with opinions rather than facts. Do some research. I can’t be bothered to do it for you. Aside from Tesla, EV resale value is worse than Ice that’s a fact. Facts > opinions. I’ve already proven you incorrect once. Resale value matters.
  45. theganjaguru

    Waiting for Tax Credit to come back?

    Nope nopety nope. If some jerkoff slams into the back of you and the insurance totals you out, just how exactly does the insurance company calculate the value of your car? Resale. Value. Any car with a tax credit will have that factored into the check the insurance cuts you. Fact is that there...
  46. theganjaguru

    Waiting for Tax Credit to come back?

    The tax credit is a double edge sword. If you buy a car with a tax credit the resell value is automatically reduced by the value of the federal tax credit as soon as you drive off the lot. With the 3 having one of the best resale values among any car, adding the tax credit break would hamper...
  47. theganjaguru

    Key Fob opinions

    I am seriously thinking of the NFC ring. So I can disable Bluetooth and keep my phone/wallet in the Y when I go kitesurfing.
  48. theganjaguru

    Key Fob opinions

    Phone key works great. I use a wallet case for my phone and the card goes there. Not having a fob is one less thing to clutter my pockets.
  49. theganjaguru

    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    You need to post some pics in full sun. Aero kits not my gig, but that looks great!

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