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    Contacts won't sync. Only favorites and call history. [android phones]

    This Bluetooth PBAP trick worked for me, but not as straight forward as I thought. I have a Samsung S21+ and Model Y. With PBAP 1.1 the car would not connect to the phone for calls. I had to make the PBAP 1.1 change, pair, then forget the phone on the car, change back to PBAP 1.2, then try to...
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    DIY Trailer Harness for Model Y

    Just to update, I think the corner pin I need is Tyco 2.8 terminal MFG TE 1-1326031-2, Mouser's #571-1-1326031-2 for 12AWG wire. Hard to find too unless you want 7000+ reel of it. Grabbed this information from the Molex connector datasheet. It will be mid Jan when I get it and will report...
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    DIY Trailer Harness for Model Y

    Thanks @Synder for the pinout and part numbers. I tried to create this plug, but found a couple of issues with my 2021 June Model Y. 1. Ground is on the Black Corner wire. 2. There are two white wires, one of them is reverse. The other white wire has a + voltage upon putting the car in...
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    Trunk hatch scrapping side when opening

    Ah, thank you. Will open a service request.
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    Trunk hatch scrapping side when opening

    Has anyone noticed this? When I open my MY trunk, it looks like the plastic light/reflectors on the hatch touch the passenger rear lights and makes a sound like it wants to get stuck. You can also see the hatch move sideways when this happens. This does not happen when I close it. My guess is...
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    Took delivery in Orlando with excellent quality

    I took delivery today of my Model Y in Orlando, Fl. The staff was extremely great, and the process was extremely simple. I think I may only buy Tesla cars just because of the process. I had to go inside and check in with the staff. I had to sign a couple of papers to transfer my existing tag...
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    Are blue/black being produced at this point?

    I am picking up my blue/black, 19", long range, FSD tomorrow in Orlando.
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    Anybody from Florida waiting for MY

    I supposedly have a delivery appointment Sunday June 21st in Orlando. I have not received any confirmation or communications from Tesla. We will see what happens. Ordered February 2nd, blue/black, 19", FSD, no hitch
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    Another text blast? "...built in the next 7 days."

    Just saw in my account I now have a delivery date of June 21st. I have seen no communication from Tesla and also don't see a way to change the date/time. No MVPA. Ordered Feb 2, 2020, 7 day text June 14th, VIN in source June 15th.
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    Insurance for Model Y

    I use progressive insurance and the price change from an Acura RDX to the model Y is supposed to be only an $85 difference for me for 6 months. I do have quite a bit of coverage, but don't remember them of the top of my head. My current premium just for me on the Acura is about $670 for 6 months.
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    June Delivery

    I got the 7-day text yesterday and got the VIN in source today. The word in the forum is that depending on your location it may take up to 2 weeks after the car leaves the factory. I am in Florida, so supposedly it may be 2 to 3 weeks until I get my car if I'm lucky.
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    Made a Delivery checklist & Video

    This will be very useful for me come delivery day. Many thanks.
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    Another text blast? "...built in the next 7 days."

    I also got the 7-day text yesterday, then today there was a VIN in source. We will see what happens. I am not holding my breath since I may need to reject delivery if there are issues with the car. MY, blue/black, 19", no hitch, FSD, Tesla financed.
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    text, reply "JUNE" or "DELAY"

    Just to keep the updates, I received a response via text message to my June reply to the original text message. Here is the response I received about 22 hours after I responded. Blue/black, 19", FSD, no hitch. No VIN yet. Thank you for your response! We have updated your account to reflect a...
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    Anyone not get the text blast yesterday?

    I got the text for June with the article. I replied with June, but never got any confirmation of any kind.
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    text, reply "JUNE" or "DELAY"

    LOL! Tesla can go back in time and take your car away if you do not reply!
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    text, reply "JUNE" or "DELAY"

    I just got this same text today. Ordered 2/2, then added hitch, then 6/1 removed hitch thinking it would get me my MY faster. I replied with June, but I have not gotten any response back. Text below. Tesla Update - Our records currently show that you are not planning to take delivery of your...
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    Has Anyone Who Ordered the Tow Hitch Received a Vin?

    Darn it! I just received an email that Tesla finally removed the hitch I asked them to remove 8 days ago to try to get quicker delivery. I also checked and my VIN is gone. :(
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    Has Anyone Who Ordered the Tow Hitch Received a Vin?

    I completed mine as they said in a previous text message they would prioritize delivery for those that completed all steps. Don't remember the date I completed everything, but I think it was 3 weeks ago.
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    Has Anyone Who Ordered the Tow Hitch Received a Vin?

    I just checked and I now have a VIN in source. I checked today around mid day and did not have one. Looks to me like the text goes out once a VIN is assigned. Configuration still shows a hitch. I'll take it. Vin is ....LF011685
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    Has Anyone Who Ordered the Tow Hitch Received a Vin?

    Just got the same text as well. The thing is that I asked for the hitch to be removed, but my account config still shows a hitch. I do not mind either way, but it is hard for me to say which one I am getting. I'll guess for now that I may get the hitch. Fingers crossed. MY, LR AWD...
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    Trade-in and Payment method effect on vehicle delivery?

    I asked for a trade in value and it came at exactly the lowest KBB trade in value. This was without any pictures or anything. They just used my VIN and car details. I'll try to sell myself or sell to CarMax or similar place if not.
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    Has Anyone Who Ordered the Tow Hitch Received a Vin?

    I received delivery prep right when they reopened, but nothing else I decided to remove the hitch.
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    Has Anyone Who Ordered the Tow Hitch Received a Vin?

    @MPM25 Thanks for sharing. I have asked for the removal of my hitch as well via chat. For those trying to figure out how to get to the Tesla chat, it is just a real pain to get to it. You have to go to the support page (Tesla SSO – Login) and select a combo of topics that will get your...
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    Has Anyone Who Ordered the Tow Hitch Received a Vin?

    I am willing to remove the hitch now that there's the third party option. Stupid question: how do I find my delivery advisor? I looked in my order page but I couldn't find any information about it. I'm not able to change my order online since I have all my paperwork filled out. Thx
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    Production of model y, trailer hitch

    I don't disagree about the charging, but at least one can remove the trailer and charge. A real pain, I know. My use of the hitch is strictly for a bicycle rack.
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    Production of model y, trailer hitch

    @dandrewk thanks for the info.
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    Production of model y, trailer hitch

    Same here. Feb 2 order then hitch change. Blue, back interior, 19",FSD, hitch. The only info I found was in another thread here saying a rep mentioned hitch orders are not delayed, but who knows.
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    Model Y with hitch production M

    I have a Model Y, LR, 19", blue, black interior, FSD on order since Feb 2nd, which I then added the hitch option. I noticed in the tracking sheet that no order with a hitch has a VIN. I also did not find anything on the internet about anyone getting their Model Y delivered with a factory...

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