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    DC - DC converter / AC compressor repair

    Back when I did mine, I had found quick (about next day) and cheap (eBay) but not both.
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    Local [NJ] ding repair (someone opened their car door into mine)

    My major dent was right on the body line. Here is a Pic:
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    Local [NJ] ding repair (someone opened their car door into mine)

    That sucks! I can't tell from the picture if it's a chip or paint transfer, did the lower ding crack or otherwise break the paint? Updating, I see you answered as I was typing, If it really is rubber then you can go with PDR (Paintless Dent Removal), and they can have it look practically like...
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    Locked out of driving. No key card or cellphone. Learned the hard way.

    Or you could find someone willing to download the app on their phone and log in for you... (you might change your password after this one) - Peter
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    Supercharger - Frederick, MD

    Lanny, Ok to make things interesting, 1. I don't know what version my CHAdeMO is, I'm working with Tesla to figure it out, but it's not as easy as it sounds. When we figure it out, I'll add that info. 2. I charged at MOMs on December 7th 2018 and it worked great (with my adapter). 3. I...
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    Supercharger - Frederick, MD

    Yep, I charge with my own adapter regularity (once every 6 months or so), latest time about a month ago. -- Peter
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    Installing the Tesla Wall Charger....

    I'll admit that I'm not as familiar with Canadian electrical code as US, but the gottcha is usually the temperature rating of the breaker itself (it should be stamped on the side) that causes the entire run to be derated. -- Peter
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    Installing the Tesla Wall Charger....

    A couple of quick notes since you are calling this out for people with limited DIY skills: Your call out of AWG #6 is very specific to the installation, planned current carrying limit, and the hardware used. As an example mine is installed with #2 Cu rather than #6. For example, your install...
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    Supercharger "pirate adapters"?

    I thought the roadsters could also just use a simple hardwired adapter to plug a J1772 into it? It's also what allows me to plug my S into a roadster charger. Looking at the original J1772, it's dated 2001 predating even Tesla. -Peter
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    Rear ended - how to get dashcam video from Model 3?

    Sorry about your accident! Pull the drive now, it's not worth the risk of having it overwritten, it's a relatively small loop they use. I'm curious about your note about a USB C adapter, isn't the USB stick just your standard USB Type A that would just plug into the laptop directly? The files...
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    Replace TPMS sensors yourself

    My Gen 1s also had the in car reset ability allowing you to swap wheels at home. It was an added software function a couple years after the cars came out. - Peter
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    Defective battery, Rude Service Center - Lemon Law time

    And isn't that the really cool thing! Tesla now has a car that WILL charge at about 115kW to about 60%!!! And it does only take ~12 minutes to charge from ~20%-60%!!! Now imagine if you were only charging at 115kW for a few seconds, and then it ramped down to about ~60kW, it would take...
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    Defective battery, Rude Service Center - Lemon Law time

    vadimr, This sounds like a long painful ordeal. Let me recommend a couple of things that might help you get to your goal, having your car charge normally at superchargers: 1. Try working this issue at a different service center. It sounds like Paramus made some mistakes, and you escalated...
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    Defective battery, Rude Service Center - Lemon Law time

    mswlogo, I can assure you through personal 3 road-tripping experience that charging at ~115kW+ to almost 60% is quite normal (provided you are on an unpaired charger, your battery is warm, etc. etc.). You seem not to be listening to or reading the multitude of other users trying to explain to...
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    DC - DC converter / AC compressor repair

    Sledom, Could I recommend that, since you put together a simple list, that you edit it to add a note that a person should have some PPE and understanding that they are exposing themselves to 400V DC when they uncover the HV cables during disassembly from the car? While the list sounds like...
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    DC - DC converter / AC compressor repair

    My understanding is that the AC and the heater both run off of the full battery voltage (300-400V), the DC to DC takes full battery voltage down to 12V.
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    Cannot super charge my antique 2013 S (jan build)

    I'll add my car to the list showing the red ring on first insertion at a Supercharger. Mine is a Nov 2012 car. I'll also add that I have managed to have my car charge at every single supercharger I've seen this on a number of my roadtrips over the last month(upwards of 20+ superchargers at...
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    Supercharger - New Jersey Turnpike Rest Areas - Molly Pitcher & Joyce Kilmer

    I think it's all about timing. Also, you have to be suspect of the displayed empty spaces (or not), as I've seen the system not show the correct usage quite a number of times during heavy traffic days (other times its spot on). We stopped by both NJTP chargers on the afternoon of the 24th and...
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    Supercharger - Frederick, MD

    Hey, just a quick note that I used the Chademo at MOMs just the other day, and a few times over the last year and it works great for me. I do have my own adapter, so perhaps the issue here is that their firmware just needs to be updated in theirs? If you are ever in the area and want to...
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    Replace TPMS sensors yourself

    David, didn't they switch the type of TPMS sensor in the middle of 2014? Gen 1's give no status on the IC, Gen 2's will show a per wheel pressure. I can tell you for sure that neither need to be programed, I've swapped both of them over to new ones by hand, breaking that bead is a real PITA...
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    Car arriving too soon!

    Congratulations! You may want to double check about the service boosting your cars value. Privately, for sure, but with Tesla I don't think it will change the value at all. --Peter
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    Tesla V9 - please bring back the green free moving traffic lines

    An interesting note on this, I had the opportunity to see how the maps did with the major highway closed to Southbound traffic (about 5 miles worth) for a few hours. I was driving northbound and could confirm there 0 cars on the section of closed highway but the display showed the Southbound...
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    Model S - V9 software downgrade, not what I purchased.

    Wow, reading through this tread, and your multitude of responses to everyone, you really come off poorly and fairly offensive. I'm thrilled you saved hundreds on having to buy a dashcam, but: You also seem to quickly dismiss that there at over 50k cars out there that have no sensors on them...
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    Delivery Experience Expectations - Owings Mills, MD

    Chis, I take it that you are still trying to get your car to show up in your phone app? If so, my understanding is that the car must show as delivered before it is allowed to show up in the phone app (and as an owned car in your online Tesla account). If you log into Tesla on your PC does...
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    Tesla mandatory software update

    This really isn't true. OTA updates are not unto itself the "best feature", they are suppose to bring those things to us. For a car that is from 2013, it's missing the full AP suite of functions. So you fire up the software on this old car, the display that you see is not the same as a new...
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    My charging routine

    No, with Li-Ion, it's the other way, in that shallow cycles are much better for the battery than deep discharges. Of course with anything, there are diminishing returns. There are some decent stories out there of Li-Ion batteries sitting at 40% charger kept cool in the fridge for years and...
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    My charging routine

    No, with Li-Ion, it's the other way, in that shallow cycles are much better for the battery than deep discharges. Of course with anything, there are diminishing returns. There are some decent stories out there of Li-Ion batteries sitting at 40% charger kept cool in the fridge for years and...
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    My charging routine

    dendenyc, You don't mention why you are only charging once per week, if it takes extra work to go to the charger, or if you just aren't plugging in to the charger sitting there. So, I'll say that if it's the latter, charging up to 50%, driving a couple miles a day, then plugging in that night...
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    2013 MS60 Driver Dash/Instrument Cluster Random Reboots

    Ah, cool. I think that will also mean you get rid of the "classic" display. I'll be interested in seeing what it looks like when they officially do one!
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    2013 MS60 Driver Dash/Instrument Cluster Random Reboots

    Are you having it replaced with a gen 2 IC? If so, I’m sure it will fix it, but if not, what about the replacement will correct this? —Peter
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    Order Delayed and Delayed...

    I don't know who to point you to, and I'm not sure what your dates look like because it's Canada. jaland8624's dates are egregious for the US, and show that it's truly been lost. If you are in the same boat, start with the 800# and email addresses to work up from there.
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    Order Delayed and Delayed...

    I'm sure you know this but, I also know what tunnel vision is like when I'm upset for being done wrong. Tesla did try to roughly keep priorities, your issue is MUCH more serious than a mix up with priorities. You order was lost somewhere along the way (it has happened to others before), and...
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    Order Delayed and Delayed...

    Wow, while I can't help connect you to the right person, I can give you another data point. Close friend ordered without a reservation, exactly your configuration, on 8/7 and it was delivered in Maryland on 8/22. You just need to (nicely) escalate to a higher level person. Good luck -- Peter
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    2013 MS60 Driver Dash/Instrument Cluster Random Reboots

    Do you only have this appointment to have new software pushed onto the car? If so, you can talk to them and have them put in a service ticket to have the new software pushed to your car within a few hours and you can save yourself the trip in. Of course, this all only helps if they have new...
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    2013 MS60 Driver Dash/Instrument Cluster Random Reboots

    Very very strange. During a reboot of the IC my blinkers and brake lights and headlights continue to work, as does Auto Pilot. I'm fascinated that yours doesn't, as I've never found anyone who confirmed your issue (Many thought say, the blinkers stopped working, because they stopped hearing...
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    2013 MS60 Driver Dash/Instrument Cluster Random Reboots

    Are you absolutely sure of this? The IC does not control any of these functions, it only displays the current status of what they are all doing. If it did control these, they would not have made it easy to reboot yourself while driving. -- Peter
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    4 days lead time

    I know you have your car already, but just to add to the date of manufacture, I've seen cars come to the east coast within the last ~two weeks with vins at 40k (RWD 1.5 weeks ago with a manufacturer date of 7/18) and 55k (AWD today 8/11 not sure of the DOB), your VIN looks just right for a build...
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    Does the Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit from Tesla really take 8 weeks to deliver?

    Mine shipped within 1 day, just ordered it this last week. --Peter
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    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Just to toss in another data point: Just took delivery today (8/11), AWD Non-Pref, VIN 54k at Rockville, MD. Ordered 5/23, early first day line waiter, etc. etc. Can't say it was the smoothest delivery experience, but the car is great! Peter
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    Question about neutral for HPWC

    Switzch, The paragraph that you quoted has to do with requirements on the connections inside the main panel, not inside the HPWC. That's why it's confusing you. They have that there because this needs to be correct for the HPWC to work correctly. I'll leave it to others to say what to do...
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    Will regular autopilot 1.0 driving keep pace with 2.5?

    Well that was quick to be so decisively told I'm wrong. None of this is to say that AP1 is not great, it is. But don't fool some poor guy who is thinking about buying a new (used) car with AP1 that the system is going to kept getting improved with new functionality like 2.0+ will be. I was...
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    Will regular autopilot 1.0 driving keep pace with 2.5?

    I don't have a link ready at hand, but WK057 has stated that the AP1 system has not been updated in a year now, and as such, I wouldn't expect it to be updated ever again. If you are happy with what it does (which is a lot) fantastic, but don't fool yourself that it's going to change over time...
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    Model 3 Damaged at CS, is this normal? What should I do?

    grigory, check your exit paperwork from the Service Center, it should have a mileage out listed.
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    Supercharger - Yonkers, NY

    It looked like it should be accessible 24/7, the gate/pay system is automated and was still working after 11pm on a Sunday night.
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    Supercharger - Yonkers, NY

    Thanks for the info, but for me at this time, everyone is closed anyway and I'm happy to pay 4$ as I showed up with 4 miles :) Peter
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    Supercharger - Yonkers, NY

    I'm plugged in and charging at 1B, full rate at 75kW. Likewise the map showed that it was a half full, and I'm the only car here. @BlueShift
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    Installed my own Wall Connector, saved $848

    This isn't true. The whole point of the 125% plus up on calculations continuous loads is that the original wire sizing is only set up for temporary current draws that stop, and give the wire time to cool down. Drawing continuously doesn't allow the wire (or the surrounding areas) to cool. If...
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    Delivery Delays for Maryland?

    There seems to be a system wide slowdown of deliveries across the board in the US. Most believe that this is purposeful to push the trigger of end of the Federal Tax Credit on Tesla's into July (which is very significant for Tesla as a whole). I would expect that this is just a part of that...
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    Need help getting Tesla’s attention for parts!

    I'm not sure which shop you are dealing with, but we just had a Tesla repaired at a local facility which ended up being a fairly poor experience. They took forever, way beyond the initial estimate with no new damage found during the repair. The shop blamed Tesla the whole time for lack of...
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    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    Ok, I'll give a stab at this, 1. It would be highly unusual to use the exact same 5V regulator for a analog sensor as your main 5V, if for nothing else then noise immunity. 2. Even if the 5V regulator dropped out, there should be voltage monitors which would have flagged this. 3. In...

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