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  1. ellidz

    Screw in tire

    I appear to have gotten a screw in my rear driver's side tire. Not sure how. Do I pull it out? Or take it to a tire shop to have it removed safely? If I take it to a shop, is it good to drive there? PSI in the tire seems fine currently. I'm worried that if I just pull it out it'll go flat and...
  2. ellidz

    Sun visor part number

    Hello, I'm looking to replace the missing sun visors on my car. Are these readily available? Do the Lotus ones fit? If they do, any idea if I should be getting A117V0518J or A117V0711J? Thanks, -Larry
  3. ellidz

    Inconsistent Power Causing Grid Offline

    Hello, When I got my system installed last summer, I started experiencing brownouts on really hot days. This happens regardless of whether I have my AC in use - it isn't connected to the power I draw. When it happens the Powerwall/Solar systems shows as the grid going offline. All my...
  4. ellidz

    Gruber fire victims thread

    It's always best to deal with your insurance company and let them deal back with the other party's insurer. After all, you're their client and you're not the client of Grueber's insurer. Your insurer should pay the claim and then get paid back from Grueber's insurer via subrogation (and/or law...
  5. ellidz

    Solar Panel showing direct to grid at full capacity while charging car

    I've just gotten my solar system only - 8.16 kW with 2 PowerWalls. The system is set up to backup everything except for my second car charger (for my Roadster). I've noticed that if I look at the app while the roadster is charging that it shows 8.4 kW going from the panels to the grid -...
  6. ellidz

    VDS Difficult to read

    The VDS on my 1.5 is really difficult to read in the bright sun. Beyond the obvious of adjusting contrast (which doesn't really help), is there anything that can be done to make it better? Any suggestions on how to tell whether the problem is with my particular VDS (such that replacing it...
  7. ellidz

    Basic Questions About Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport

    I think your battery concerns, while common for new buyers, aren't warranted. My 2008 still gets ~170 miles on a standard charge and over 200 on a range charge. I wouldn't pay 30k to get more distance on it even if the upgrade was currently available. It doesn't support Super Charging, though...
  8. ellidz

    Key Fob won't lock door

    When I got my car, I wanted a second key. The SC originally told me that they couldn't get them, but when I gave them the part number that I found on the forum - RKE Kit, 434 MHz, Roadster (6000581), they were able to order it without any issues. So, just in case you need to go down that...
  9. ellidz

    HVAC: Low Current Pump Failure

    For posterity's sake: my Low Current Pump Failure messages came back a little over a month later. It also refused to accept a charge (240v). Took it into the shop and it turns out the pump needs replacing. The pump apparently cools both the AC and the battery. I was able to drive it the ~20...
  10. ellidz

    HVAC: Low Current Pump Failure

    After that one day where I got a plethora of them, it didn't reoccur. It took me about a week to top up the coolant, so I'm not sure if the coolant addressed the issue or if it cleared on its own. -Larry
  11. ellidz

    Homelink on the Roadster

    That is accurate - on the VDS, go to Settings; the second screen has "Key Fob" which lets you choose what you want the third button on the key to do.
  12. ellidz

    Random Roadster Sightings

    With the ground clearance on the Roadster so low already, is the hitch lowering the clearance even further? Or does it attach in a way that it isn't the lowest point on the vehicle?
  13. ellidz

    Homelink on the Roadster

    When I set it up it took forever to get it to work. I think the issue was that I needed to flick a switch on the receiver for it to be programmed, despite the receiver unit saying it didn't need it. Also, I think the Roadster is very sensitive to location when it says "vehicle's left speaker."...
  14. ellidz

    Oops, I did it again . . .

    There's a ton of good information here within the forum. Also, the Wikipedia page isn't bad: Tesla Roadster (2008) - Wikipedia 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 refer to the different revisions of the Roadster that were made over the production timeline. 0-60 is 3.9 or 3.7 for the sport version. Nice and zippy...
  15. ellidz

    Roadster visible on Tesla website owner page?

    Mine's there, with hardtop - I don't have the hardtop, but I'm not the first owner, so maybe a prior owner got rid of it...
  16. ellidz

    HVAC: Low Current Pump Failure

    Thanks - I had been having difficulty finding anywhere selling the coolants that had been recommended in there, but I believe I found one. I really appreciate all the help! -Larry
  17. ellidz

    HVAC: Low Current Pump Failure

    Is this the right coolant to use? https://www.amazon.com/Star-Brite-Star-Cool-Premium-Synthetic/dp/B00BNPI06C/ref=sr_1_4?crid=25XZ5YUPZGMUL&dchild=1 Thanks again for your help!
  18. ellidz

    HVAC: Low Current Pump Failure

    It looks like the coolant is a bit low. I'll try adding more and see if that helps. How long do people normally find the coolant lasts before needing topping up? I know I need the special eco-friendly coolant - anyone have a favorite and/or an online retailer for it? Thanks again! Much...
  19. ellidz

    HVAC: Low Current Pump Failure

    Thanks, everyone - some good thoughts here. I'll double check the coolant level tonight - I checked a couple weeks back and it was fine. X.l.r.8 - It's a 1.5, so that seems like the right part, though I don't really have a location wherein I can work on it at the moment. The error message...
  20. ellidz

    HVAC: Low Current Pump Failure

    Yesterday I got a "HVAC: Low Current Pump Failure" message on the VDS. OVMS gave me 11 of these (Vehicle Alert #1425) throughout the day. Today no errors (it did a top off charge last night, and nothing since then). Is this error indicative of an issue with the AC / Heating in the car, or...
  21. ellidz

    Power Steering

    Here's a couple pictures of the switch and dial.
  22. ellidz

    Power Steering

    It's quite possible that's how it was installed - I didn't get the details as to where he pulled the 12V from.
  23. ellidz

    Power Steering

    I recently purchased a Roadster power steering kit from City Racer, and had it installed by Javier @ExecMotorwerkz. I haven't seen any discussion of this unit on it on the forums here, so I thought I'd give some initial impressions. It was clearly a massive job to get it installed - despite the...

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