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  1. hikerockies

    Rear door glass will not return to full up position.

    Try the procedure here - How to Re-calibrate Your Tesla Window Regulator
  2. hikerockies

    PPF Installation

    I have used Colorado Detail for ceramic coating and some PPF on three Model Ss and they did very good work.
  3. hikerockies

    How to prevent stuff from sliding around in trunk?

    I have been using Rola MOVE 59000 organizer that I got from Amazon years ago. It works very well to hold things and does not move around at all. It may have been discontinued and is hard to find. Google found it here - Rola M.O.V.E Interior Car Load and Cargo Organizer although I know nothing...
  4. hikerockies

    Installing Nose Camera

    There is this solar camera that seems to not need any wiring - Amazon.com: Solar Wireless Backup Camera, DIY No Wiring No Drilling Install with Digital Wireless Rear View Camera, Universal Bracket for Most Vehicle (BOSCAM SunGo Pro) : Electronics I have thought about using this for a front...
  5. hikerockies

    Climate triggering alarm?

    I have been having similar problem for the last 3 months with my 2017 Model S. I do not have the extra interior motion alarm installed on my car. It started in early May with sentry mode triggering car alarm when supercharging. After that it has happened every time I was plugged into...
  6. hikerockies

    Can someone tell me where this was supposed to go?

    It goes on the apron on the front of frunk where the latch from hood goes in. See attached picture. If it is missing from the apron, you are most likely going to need a new apron. It happened to me where that part you are holding had started separating from apron assembly and Tesla service...
  7. hikerockies

    Supercharger - Rolling Prairie, IN

    This picture was posted on plugshare for the current EVConnect chargers on westbound travel plaza. Tesla supercharger construction perhaps?
  8. hikerockies

    Automatic Charging Intervals

    I have two Model S that are both doing the same thing - 2014 Model S85 MCU1 and original battery pack (FW 2020.48.37.1), and 2017 Model S100D MCU2 (FW 2021.4.12). After charging is done, car starts drawing 1kW-5kW (I have charging rate limited to 20A at 240V) every 15 minutes for about 30...
  9. hikerockies

    Supercharger - Brighton, CO

    I charged there on Sunday. It reached 175 kW at about 31% SoC on 2017 Model S 100D. Not bad! It stayed there for barely 1 minute though. I charged from 24% to 81% in about 40 minutes.
  10. hikerockies

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    I agree. Alamosa would be much more useful. When coming from north on I-25 and heading west on 160 to Durango, last supercharger is in Colorado Springs. That drive is dicey without either a detour to Salida/Trinidad, or a slow charge in Alamosa/Pagosa Springs.
  11. hikerockies

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    ahkahn, headcase, FlyinLow: Thanks for the feedback on P7! I will throw them in the mix with Eagle Exhilarate and Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3 Plus as I decide which one.
  12. hikerockies

    Supercharger - Loveland, CO

    Saw a new parking sign added to these superchargers. Picture attached. A little confusing when it says "Tesla parking only" and "General parking for 30 minutes" at the same time:) I guess it means a Tesla can park here for 30 minutes without plugging in.
  13. hikerockies

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    Tramlining is when the tire tends to follow the grooves on the pavement which makes the car feel like it is shifting side to side randomly. Wikipedia can explain it better than me - Tramlining - Wikipedia
  14. hikerockies

    Trying Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II Tires

    I had Pirelli P7 All Season Plus (not II) on my 2013 S60.They performed very well except on grooved pavement where they tramlined like crazy. Did you see that problem? I wonder if Plus II is better in that respect. I am going to need new tires in the next few months.
  15. hikerockies

    Supercharger - Brighton, CO

    I stopped by yesterday afternoon. There seems to be little bit of progress. There was more concrete work done compared to pictures from Apr 4. Concrete forms for the posts have been installed.
  16. hikerockies


    Model S Exterior seems to have what you are looking for.
  17. hikerockies

    Red Jack Mode icon comes on while driving

    I was able to drive for a few days (4 days one time and a week the other time) with this problem. The warning light stayed on the whole time and it seems pump was working extra hard since I could hear it pumping air very often.
  18. hikerockies

    Red Jack Mode icon comes on while driving

    I have seen this twice, once on each model S. One of them was a leak where pump connects to air suspension which required replacing the pump. The other was a leak in the air suspension on one of the wheels and the air suspension was replaced.
  19. hikerockies

    Supercharging slowdown killing me

    I recently supercharged my 2014 S85 and 2017 S100D under very similar conditions and plotted the charging curve for both. I have documented the result at hikerockies' blog: Tesla Model S Supercharging Rate
  20. hikerockies

    TPMS reset on V10

    Traction control, stability control and regen should come back in a few miles especially after car is turned off and back on. At least that is what it did for me. It was a surprise when car did a full reset and all these features became unavailable upon switching to winter wheels. I changed the...
  21. hikerockies

    Multiple HPWCs: Communication Issue?

    This may be a long shot. When I was setting up my two HPWCs, I noticed the rotary switch could get stuck in the wrong place. When arrow seemed to be pointing to F, rotary switch was actually on 0. There seemed to be a bit of play in the switch. I went around the rotary counting each click to...
  22. hikerockies

    Swapped wheels from a 2014 to my 2016, are the tpms sensors not compatible

    That is very likely. I moved the wheels with winter tires from my 2014 to 2017 model S and TPMS sensors didn’t work. Tesla service confirmed sensors are different between 2014 and 2017.
  23. hikerockies

    Supercharger - Spearfish, SD

    Spearfish shows up as live on in-car nav now.
  24. hikerockies

    Supercharger - Sequim, WA

    Ask and ye shall receive it :) - Forks, WA | Tesla
  25. hikerockies

    Sidney, NE Supercharger

    This supercharger showed up on the navigation map in the car this morning, so it must be open.
  26. hikerockies

    Supercharger - Santa Fe, NM

    It sure seems so. Going by supercharge.info data, only 17 supercharger locations have opened in North America in the first 14 weeks of 2017. Didn't Tesla say they will open at least 100 more locations this year? Hopefully now that spring is here, there will be more progress.
  27. hikerockies

    Supercharger - Santa Fe, NM

    Still waiting for transformer this morning looks like. Pictures below.
  28. hikerockies

    Northern Colorado Locations?

    Update: Not much change from last week. Parking lot is finished. Parking signs are up. Four of the parking spots are marked 30 minute general parking, rest six are marked for charging only. There is no sign of transformer yet.
  29. hikerockies

    Northern Colorado Locations?

    Update: No big changes since Nov 25 when I stopped by there last. Pavement has been cleaned up and repaired. There is a dark green box behind the charger cabinets that wasn't there before (some sort of distribution box??). Retaining wall behind cabinets has gotten higher. No transformer pad...
  30. hikerockies

    Loveland CO, Supercharger Status

    There is a 10th pull-in stall to the right of cabinets and future transformer pad.
  31. hikerockies

    Northern Colorado Locations?

    Update: There had been lot more progress when I stopped by this afternoon. All pedestals are in place with charging cables installed. All charger cabinets looked done. Transformer and concrete pad for transformer still need to be done. Pictures below:
  32. hikerockies

    Northern Colorado Locations?

    Loveland-Estes-Loveland is piece of cake. My roundtrip from Fort Collins to Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park and back in very cold January was 112 rated miles consumed for a road distance of 111 miles in an S60. Loveland-Estes-Loveland is less than 70 miles on US34. There are two 70-amp...
  33. hikerockies

    Loveland, CO supercharger will have 10 stalls, not 8. This is according to one of the workers...

    Loveland, CO supercharger will have 10 stalls, not 8. This is according to one of the workers and they have 10 sets of conduits in place for supercharger stalls.
  34. hikerockies

    Northern Colorado Locations?

    Temperature is heading down in northern Colorado starting tomorrow with snow expected by the evening, so maybe they are going to put in extra effort to wrap it up before it becomes too miserable to be working outside :)
  35. hikerockies

    Northern Colorado Locations?

    Update: I stopped by the construction site this morning and talked to one of the workers as well. They are installing 10 stalls (not 8) and he thought they will be done next week. Pictures below: IMG_20161116_112810566_HDR by hikerockies posted Nov 16, 2016 at 12:38...
  36. hikerockies

    Northern Colorado Locations?

    I stopped by earlier today. Trenching is done and there were couple of workers laying conduits. Concrete forms for supercharger pads were ready. Concrete has not been poured yet. I didn't take any pictures.
  37. hikerockies

    Northern Colorado Locations?

    Not so pointless for people heading towards Silverthorne supercharger from Cheyenne supercharger. That boost in Loveland can be critical especially in winter for an S60. That is quite a climb to Silverthorne. It takes 170-180 rated miles to get to Silverthorne from Fort Collins. From Cheyenne...
  38. hikerockies

    All-Season Tires for Model S

    Sorry, I didn't notice your question. Yeah, what iffatall said. More details on Wikipedia - Tramlining - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  39. hikerockies

    All-Season Tires for Model S

    I put the Pirelli Cinturato All Season+ tires on my S60 last November. They handle very well in dry, wet and light snow. They are rather quiet as well. They tramline like crazy on grooved pavement though. They make me nervous on grooved pavement especially if the weather is bad. They are very...
  40. hikerockies

    5 Days with my new Model S 75

    I am puzzled. Maybe it depends upon the phone. I use a 1st gen Moto X (released in 2013, so fairly old) and I find cell phone integration on Model S awesome. When I walk into the car, cell phone connects automatically. Now if I want to play music on the phone, I switch to my phone as input on...
  41. hikerockies

    Model S Nature Pictures

    That is an awesome picture. Looks like you used an IR filter? Very well done.
  42. hikerockies

    Favorite and least favorite supercharger locations ?

    Denver supercharger is not so bad. I have stopped by there a few times. Front desk folks are always nice. They have a small snack shop just behind the front desk and I have bought cookies, chips, ice cream etc for my kids plus used the restroom. When I stopped by this weekend to charge, I picked...
  43. hikerockies

    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    Yes, I am seeing better energy consumption on my S60 as well. I drove 60 miles the day after upgrading. In the past, a very good number I could have seen for this kind of drive would have been around 260 Wh/m. I ended the drive with 227 Wh/m with v7.
  44. hikerockies

    Facelifted Model S?

    I most certainly hope not. Front end on Model X is ugly especially in white. I never had issues with looks of nosecone on S and still don't.
  45. hikerockies

    Has anyone purchased just wheels (no tires) from Tesla?

    I bought the standard 19" wheels with TPMS sensors and hub caps. Just call your service center and they can give you current price. I paid about 1400 earlier this year.
  46. hikerockies

    Supercharger - Glenwood Springs, CO

    I stopped by on July 5 around 11:00 am. All barrels were lined up in the middle (not blocking any parking stalls) and 3 of the 6 stalls were ICEd. My wife complained at the front desk while I plugged in. She got the same "oh well, we can't do anything about it" attitude.
  47. hikerockies

    Destination charge at Doubletree in Durango, CO

    I used it earlier this month. They must have changed their policy recently. They did not charge me anything and they had confirmed that over the phone when I called couple of days before stopping there. Any way I saw 16 kW of charging rate (~44 mi/hr from what I remember) and I charged for about...
  48. hikerockies

    What is a good mount for smartphone/GPS?

    I have been using an Arkon mount combined with a TomTom base for over a year with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and it works well. Here are couple of pictures: And here is one more from driver's point of view:
  49. hikerockies

    Nav without Tech Package

    I had asked Tesla service center about this couple of months back for my 2013 S60 without tech package. I do no have upgraded audio on this car and I was told as a result adding nav would require upgrading MCU as well. Final quote for all of this was about $3000. Call your service center and...
  50. hikerockies

    Sheridan Supercharger Updates

    There is now a short detour around the destroyed bridge north of Lusk on US85. I went that way three weeks back coming into Lusk on US20 from west and heading out north on US85. Detour is a very quick 2 minute detour.

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