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    Contacting Tesla about my car's constant need for repairs

    I had a leaking panoramic roof on a P85 they couldn't fix over a span of a 1.5 years. There were maybe 6-7 service center visits and over $3-4k worth of uber credits used plus thousands of miles on their loaners. I literally became an uber diamond member within a month. I kept thinking it was...
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    Rear Ended After Installing Mods

    It also depends on your own insurance coverage. If you don’t have rental car coverage, you won’t get the coverage unless go directly to the other party’s insurance (third party claim). Your own insurance will also try to pay out the least possible. Just because they will subrogate won’t change...
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    Increase in home electric bills

    That sounds about right for around 800 miles. Like the previous poster said, add extra 15 percent on top of what the car's energy consumption is to account for efficiency losses, cabin overheat, vampire drain, etc. The 3 miles per kWh for a model 3 takes that into consideration.
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    Rear Ended After Installing Mods

    It's going to be closer to $20k when it's all said and done. I suggest going exclusively with the third party as your own insurance may not fully cover the body shop's hourly rate. And look into filing a diminished value claim. They may need to cut and weld a new frame or panel piece.
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    Increase in home electric bills

    I'm in the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles and Edison charges $0.28, $0.37, and $0.46 per kWh for tier 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Charging exclusively at home will bring it to at least tier 2 so it's actually cheaper to supercharge. Driving 1000 miles would cost at least $100 when charging...
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    Don't Count on Tesla Roadside Assistance

    I can understand if it's for a defect with the car but this is road hazard that can happen to any car. This isn't a warrantable part and requires payment. I'm not sure what the terms of roadside assistance are but I personally wouldn't be too upset. Now if it's the power system or motor, that's...
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    Rear door glass will not return to full up position.

    Try the reset procedure first. If it doesn't work, it may be the window regulator. A while back, my driver side front window used to keep going down and not come back up whenever I opened the door. I could still close it manually via the switch. I tried the reset procedure and it didn't work so...
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    Customer Service destroys loyalty

    It looks like there's a crack on the bottom as well?
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    Costco or Tesla Mobile Service for replacement tires

    Yeah, no need to go through Tesla unless it's emergency roadside. Any tire shop such as Costco is able to help you.
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    Set of Tesla Model S Cyclone Wheels 19” 19x8 +40

    Bump and price drop to 420
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    Yet another totaled Model Y. What will be the appraisal?

    I suggest putting in a quote request from all the used car dealers that have an online presence (e.g., Carmax, Shift, Carvana, Vroom, etc.) and that should be your absolute floor pricing. Save those quotes and be prepared to negotiate. What you paid should have no bearing on the evaluation...
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    Custom color 2022 MS LR

    I really like the color but I sure hope that orange peel can be buffed away. It looks really bad on the left side whereas the trunk and rear bumper look prestine.
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    Scheming the Most Affordable Way to Own an S For a While

    Due to current car market pricing, you would pay a premium on depreciation. A 2 year old MS would be the facelift version and it still costs quite a bit. I suspect the MSRP of a refresh would drop back down to around 80k in a year which would push down all prior MS pricing a bit. The biggest...
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    Tesla Service forgot to reconnect Hazard Lights and Glove Box

    Best way is to schedule service for them to fix it. If you really want to do it yourself, watch this video up to around 11:35 to see where you can start connecting/reconnecting wires.
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    Set of Tesla Model S Cyclone Wheels 19” 19x8 +40

    Bump and price drop to 460.
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    OEM Tire on Model S Plaid

    Just get one without the foam, you won't notice a difference. If not, try to buy a a spare wheel from Offerup or the forums.
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    19” Tempest- How to Fit MS P85D?

    Tempest wheels from before the recent refresh should fit a 2015 without any problems. The new ones will not work with spacers since it will only stick out more.
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    Set of Tesla Model S Cyclone Wheels 19” 19x8 +40

    For sale is a set of four 19” Cyclone wheels for a Tesla Model S. These are backup wheels so there are no TPMS but generic valve stems have been installed. Looking from behind the wheel, the specs are 19x8 with +40 offset. The tires are 245/45r19. Two wheels are are in pretty good shape...
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    Makes me sad to hear many reviews of the New S complain about build quality!

    MY never came with chrome trim so I believe you have nothing to worry about. I suspect Tesla is reusing existing MS trim pieces due to manufacturing issues. M3 originally came in chrome trim but they're produced in such high volume that they probably got new trim pieces manufactured fair quickly.
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    2021 refresh just delivered. Am I missing something?

    It should be standard for California cars. A curved silver one.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Yes, for the same price of $1500. After experiencing several service snafus, I now think it’s more due to their incompetence rather than being cheap or sneaky.
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    A yoke or a joke?

    I've been driving for about 20 years and I've never had an issue with the steering wheel blocking the instrument cluster. Does this happen often for others? I'm genuinely interested.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Thanks for everyone's input. So in true Tesla fashion, they backtracked after my friend explicitly stated he has a 2015 85D with AP1 and that he knows people who got both screens replaced. They apologized for the confusion and changed the estimate with a new line item of MCU Upgrade (1582613-00-A).
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    My friend has a MS 85D with AP1 and scheduled an MCU2 upgrade. The quote shows INFOTAINMENT UPGRADE WITHOUT REPLACEMENT TOUCHSCREEN (1615251-00-A) at a cost of $1500. He questioned whether the screen should be changed on the chat and Tesla's response was no, the display is a separate part from...
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    Pre-$5K hike Model S LR reservation, best way to transfer/sell after delivery ?

    Not entirely sure but if the account used to place the order doesn’t have any existing vehicles linked, the potential buyer can technically take over that account just for the purchase and then he/she can switch accounts afterwards.
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    Pre-$5K hike Model S LR reservation, best way to transfer/sell after delivery ?

    The state DMV issues titles regardless of purchase type so you would never get a title the same day for a new car. So to answer your question, you can’t profit unless that car has increased by at least $7k if your sales tax is around 8%. Most cities are around 9-10 so it isn’t worth it. If you...
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    MS LR Insurance with multiple teenager drivers

    Your insurance company might allow you to sign an named exclusion affidavit or something similar certifying that they won’t drive the car. That should lower your rate but if they end up driving it and something happens, your rates will explode if you don’t get dropped from them first.
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    That's a lot of loss at highway speed (with a twist)

    You actually made a case against your point. You have a hybrid so it's not a just an ordinary gas car. All hybrids, and BEVs, have less MPG or range while driving on the highway due to the lack of braking/stop and go traffic. The reason for this is because of the way EVs are designed. All...
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    Can Nav show open chargers at destination supercharger?

    Yeah, the navigation overlay replaces the icon so you have to tap it like the above poster stated.
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    Carbon-sleeved Rotors

    I wasn't referring to the production vehicle but rather tests Tesla or others have performed. I don't know all the technical terms but since the process seems so scientifically advanced, I wanted to find information on potential life cycle and whether heat or other stresses would affect the motor.
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    Carbon-sleeved Rotors

    I can't find any wear information so hopefully the carbon sleeve won't fail prematurely or catastrophically. And if it does, Tesla better not come out saying it is normal wear and tear.
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    Model S refresh interior door trim misalignment

    At least we know Tesla build quality has been consistent throughout the years. Some things never change I guess.
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    Model S Accident TOTAL THE CAR or REPAIR?

    And if there aren't comps with FSD, push for the $7k you paid since you actually have a receipt for that. You can also remind them it costs $10k more now.
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    Wall charger 80A brand new

    He probably meant to say "is responsible" but his phone's autocorrect messed it up.
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    Model S Accident TOTAL THE CAR or REPAIR?

    I understand there's sentimental value with the car but the best thing would be to total it. Even the best body shops can't turn it back to original factory condition. You'll always know it's been in an accident too. Since used car values are so high right now, it may be advantageous to get a...
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    Custom ordered not picked up - moved to existing inventory?

    They reduced the available options so much that the car will most likely be paired to someone else almost immediately.
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    Flat tire south seattle need puck

    As an alternative, you can cut off 4 inches from a 2x4.
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    Why Lease a car?

    I always thought the same until these things changed my perspective: Huge Tesla price drops ~2 years ago when a fully loaded MS went from $150k to ~$100-110k. People who leased literally avoided the huge depreciation hit as well as the associated sales tax and registration costs. The current MS...
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    Refusing Delivery at Remote Pickup Location

    Unless you want to stay for at least a week, you’re going to go home empty handed and make another trip.
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    Keeping Reservation price

    You would also have to pay extra sales tax and additional registration fees annually for the FSD. So even if you can get it at $8k, the actual savings isn’t that much.
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    Lost Supercharging on car bought from 3rd party dealer

    Its fair to say most used-car dealers and their customers don’t actually know about this. Heck, there’s even confusion amongst Tesla owners and members here.
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    MCU1: Black center screen / mcu failure caused by a faulty navigation MicroSD card

    I would submit a service request and state your maps no longer work after daughterboare replacement and then ask for your SD card to be reformatted. I just got my recall service done and they had to wait several times to download the new map update. Then on the invoice it said maps were...

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