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  1. siucity

    Supercharger - Vallejo, CA (LIVE 22 Jun 2019, 18 V2 stalls)

    Just saw in the app that there are 18 total now. Guess they're still working on the 2 that were taped off the last time I was there.
  2. siucity

    Supercharger - Vallejo, CA (LIVE 22 Jun 2019, 18 V2 stalls)

    Yes, 20 total, but only the original 14 are active as of yesterday.
  3. siucity

    Supercharger - Vallejo, CA (LIVE 22 Jun 2019, 18 V2 stalls)

    Stopped here to charge, and it looks like they've added 6 more v2 stalls. A couple of the new chargers were taped off, but the rest weren't. However, it wasn't live when I plugged in. Had to plug in on one of the original ones.
  4. siucity

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    I got the same email. Appears the tweeter was confused.
  5. siucity

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    Is anyone using the 12V power source in the headliner? I'm assuming it's still good after the upgrade to MCU2?
  6. siucity

    Which are the two closest Superchargers?

    No mention of the 2 in Concord? I think they're within 15' of each other.
  7. siucity

    Supercharger - Concord, CA - Diamond Blvd. (LIVE 15 Jan 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    Yep, right next to each other. But unless they cut a direct path between the two, you'd have to drive about 2400ft to go from one to the other.
  8. siucity

    Service Center - Vallejo, CA

    Saw the new place as I drove by on 80. There were dozens of Teslas lined up there. Good location.
  9. siucity

    Diminished value claim -- any successes?

    Unfortunately you're going to have to go to small claims if they're rejecting your DV claim. I went through something similar, where the other party's insurer offered nothing. They probably were hoping I'd give up. Took them to small claims, and got 100% of what I asked for.
  10. siucity

    FM Radio to be removed? Seriously?

    5GHz is about WiFi. 5GHz WiFi supports faster speeds than 2.4GHz WiFi. Maybe there will be a 5G cellular upgrade option in the future...
  11. siucity

    FM Radio to be removed? Seriously?

    5GHz WiFi, not 5GB. 5GHz supports faster speeds. Whether you actually experience that depends on other factors.
  12. siucity

    Trip Report: Reno, NV (Presidents Day Weekend 2020)

    I remember their prime rib was really juicy. Wish I was having one now. Although I don't miss the heavy smoke in that area.
  13. siucity

    Diminish value claim - need referral

    I also went with Petty Details. The other insurer denied my DV claim as well, but they provided no justification for their denial. Be prepared to go to small claims court. I did, and the commissioner ruled in my favor, awarding me 100% (plus filing fee) of what I asked for.
  14. siucity

    Showroom Test Drive

    Nobody's wrong there. It was the same situation when the 3 came out.
  15. siucity

    Supercharger - Vallejo, CA (LIVE 22 Jun 2019, 18 V2 stalls)

    On my S and 3, I can see the rear bumper through the rear camera. Is that not the case on the X?
  16. siucity

    Which are the two closest Superchargers?

    I think the 2 in Fairfield are the second closest behind Mt. Shasta.
  17. siucity

    Microfiber Towels

    I think Elon Musk referred to this video in one of his tweets.
  18. siucity

    Microfiber Towels

    Baby wipes work great for the seats.
  19. siucity

    Pressure Washer Choice

    The Costco towels can't be that bad. We had a car show, and the guys keeping the LaFerrari clean were using Kirkland Signature microfiber towels.
  20. siucity

    Supercharger - Napa, CA - Factory Stores Drive (LIVE 16 Nov 2019, 20 V2 stalls)

    I've been there on a weekend many years ago, and that place was crowded. I'm surprised they were able to get 20 spaces for supercharging.
  21. siucity

    Best Dashcam for Model S

    I have the BlackVue DR900S-2CH in both Teslas. Cameras work great, but their microSD cards are terrible. I had 1 fail within warranty, and 2 fail just past warranty.
  22. siucity

    Tesla Crash in Indy

    Not completely true. When there's no power, you can still push the handles in. There's some resistance, but the motor will move.
  23. siucity

    Supercharger - Vallejo, CA (LIVE 22 Jun 2019, 18 V2 stalls)

    Someone told me they saw the chargers were lit last night but didn't see any cars there. Maybe someone else can be the first to post a picture of them charging there!
  24. siucity

    What Would Autopilot Have Done?

    My guess is autopilot would have slowed down. And it wouldn't have to brake too hard. Changing relative position doesn't take much.
  25. siucity

    50 miles

    Both Teslas I bought new showed 50 miles on paperwork. Both had around 5 miles on the odometer.
  26. siucity

    Supercharger - Vallejo, CA (LIVE 22 Jun 2019, 18 V2 stalls)

    Took a peak over to the area while on 80, and noticed the fences are gone. Anyone know if it's live? It's not yet on Tesla's map though.
  27. siucity

    Supercharger - Vallejo, CA (LIVE 22 Jun 2019, 18 V2 stalls)

    Good thing for you nobody took you up on the bet. ;)
  28. siucity

    How do I get the window sticker and bill of sale

    Have you tried logging into your Tesla account to see if it's there?
  29. siucity

    Be Safe Out There

    Although looking at the length of the shadow relatively to the height of the pole, the sun should not have been a factor. Unless she's looking upwards approximately 60°.
  30. siucity

    Blog Tesla Sued for Deadly Crash on Autopilot

    I believe they have a separate lawsuit for that.
  31. siucity

    Cannot super charge my antique 2013 S (jan build)

    Mines is not antique (2015) and I never got the red ring, but I did get the blue ring (with the screen saying "charging stopped") after the blinking blue. After multiple retries which took 3-15 minutes, it'll turn green and start charging. Very annoying while on a road trip. First time I...
  32. siucity

    P85D Supercharging Issue

    Is the port a separate part/cost? Or are you still under warranty?
  33. siucity

    P85D Supercharging Issue

    @bomquito Did you get your car back from the service center, and did they just replace the master charger to get everything working again?
  34. siucity

    P85D Supercharging Issue

    I'm having this exact issue, where it starts off by repeating the blinking blue -> solid blue process a few times before the screen shows "charging stopped." After a few reinsertions, it actually turned green and started charging, but it was very annoying. At 8 different superchargers on my...
  35. siucity

    User interface- web browser/netflix question

    Video playback isn't supported on the screen.
  36. siucity

    Web Browser

    Still useless.
  37. siucity

    Vendor Open Source DIY Model 3 Console Wrap Template

    Giving a big thumbs down to those people who ask for and get a refund for messing up their own install...
  38. siucity

    iPhone XS (Max) as a key

    Haven't had an issue (yet?) with my XS Max (iOS 12) as a key. Doors have opened on first attempt every time.
  39. siucity

    Key battery needs replacing? It's new!

    I wouldn't be surprised if that "new" battery you bought from them has been sitting around for a while too.
  40. siucity

    Key battery needs replacing? It's new!

    New fob, or new battery? If you just bought a new fob, it's possible the fob was sitting somewhere for a while, with the battery slowly draining.
  41. siucity


  42. siucity

    Model S wheels on Model X

    The load index for that tire is 101. I believe that's lower than the tires that come with the X. They'd probably do fine, but I don't know if I'd do it. Plus, the diameter of that wheel is smaller than the X. It would look a bit off on the X.
  43. siucity

    Model S wheels on Model X

    Z is just a speed rating. You want to look at its load index, usually the number right before the Z.
  44. siucity

    Has anyone really used a 12V pump to fill tire?

    I have this one and it's worked fine with the S and 3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0036E9VB6
  45. siucity

    $2500 ordering fee or towards car payment?

    The $2,500 is applied towards the total purchase price. So in your case, it should be $51,000 - $1,000 - $2,500.
  46. siucity

    Ludicrous Mode for P3D+ only or P3D- inclusive?

    I'm guessing it'll be the same as when Tesla decided to switch from alcantara on Model 3s.
  47. siucity

    Federal Tax Credit HELP!

    I'm not sure what you're asking? Whether it's just his name, or both of your names, you still don't want to be the one claiming the credit as you won't get the full amount.
  48. siucity

    Federal Tax Credit HELP!

    If the $7,500 is the determining factor, I think it's clear you would not be the one claiming it as you've said you don't have enough tax liability to claim the full credit.
  49. siucity

    Small panel overlap -- should I refuse delivery?

    They should fix/adjust it, but I can also see them saying that 1mm is "within spec."
  50. siucity

    Tax credit question!

    Probably for another discussion, but if you're always getting a refund at tax time, you probably should adjust your withholding. No point in giving the government a interest-free loan.

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