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  1. srs5694

    Charging desert on east side of Cincinnati

    I grew up in Cincinnati, my sister lives in Cincinnati, and I've traveled there in my Model 3 several times, so I know something about the geography of the area but less about Supercharger placement. (I have charged at the Cincinnati Supercharger location, though.) Batavia is significantly to...
  2. srs5694

    should I not get the South Korean CCS1 combo adapter?

    AFAIK, this is all true. The issue is that, if a connector had no safety interlocks, pulling a DC fast charging plug out of its socket could produce a DC arc flash, which is potentially quite dangerous to the user, the car, and the charge station. As I understand it, CCS1 provides three safety...
  3. srs5694

    should I not get the South Korean CCS1 combo adapter?

    I was referring to some as-yet-unreleased Chinese-made clones of Tesla's CCS1 adapter, as described by @Chrushev. The A2Z adapter is entirely different. That said, the A2Z adapter, like the Ukrainian-made CCS1 adapter that's now impossible to obtain new because of the war, lacks a means to lock...
  4. srs5694

    should I not get the South Korean CCS1 combo adapter?

    Chinese companies sometimes cut corners when cloning OEM products. For instance, in the 3D printer world, there are a series of 3D printer control boards from a UK company called Duet3D. These boards are expensive but very capable. As is common (but not universal) in the 3D printer world...
  5. srs5694

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Speculation is that Tesla will eventually and officially provide such a solution. In fact, it's already possible unofficially, and the official solution for a 2021 Model 3 is likely to be similar or identical to the unofficial solution available today. See this very long thread for information...
  6. srs5694

    What will be the advantages for Tesla users if all Tesla charging stations become publicly available?

    I don't think this is true. In Europe, Tesla retrofitted a lot of Superchargers (maybe all of them) to have both Tesla (Type 2 in Europe) and CCS2 plugs when they introduced the Model 3. In principle, they could do the same thing in North America, only with Telsa and CCS1 connectors. In fact...
  7. srs5694

    Rhode Island Inspection Recommendation?

    Ironically, I had mine done at a Monro bake & muffler shop. Mine was the first Tesla that the technician had tested, so he required some instruction on using the key card and whatnot, but there were no real problems. Similar to @joelliot's experience, the technician couldn't find the diagnostic...
  8. srs5694

    Solar superchargers

    That struck me as odd, too. I suppose that Tesla could, in theory, monitor how much home charging Teslas are doing and purchase RECs to cover that total. This sounds like the sort of program that Tesla would be promoting heavily as a way of bolstering their "green" credentials. Without that...
  9. srs5694

    New tweet from Tesla: will sell their own CCS adaptor “soon” in North America

    Don't underestimate this factor. Historically, Tesla has had a hard time keeping charging equipment in stock. Today, in the US Tesla store, the Corded Mobile Connector and NEMA Adapter Bundle are both out of stock, as are the NEMA 14-50 and NEMA 6-50 adapters. When Tesla still offered it at all...
  10. srs5694

    Supercharger [should] Require Adapter from Tesla Plug to CCS Plug?

    Note that the above photo is of a European Supercharger; the plug being held is a CCS2 plug. In North America, CCS1 is the standard. Thus, this is not a pre-release photo of anything we'll see in North America, although it could conceivably be similar, if the report shared by @MLXXXp is...
  11. srs5694

    Can the Electric grid handle EV adoption

    I'm afraid I haven't saved any references, but I've seen studies suggesting that the current electric grid in the US can handle, without any updates, about 50% EV adoption before it becomes seriously strained, IF charging is done at (current) off-peak times. As that 50% EV point is reached, this...
  12. srs5694

    Where to get wifi?

    There are ways to get around the ToS portal issues. For one, you might try connecting and then using the car's Web browser; that might redirect to a ToS page and, once accepted, you should be good to go. Another approach is to use MAC spoofing on a laptop or cell phone to connect -- spoof the...
  13. srs5694

    How can I initiate downloading a software update?

    There's an important distinction between the download and the update. The download is the transfer of the new software from Tesla's servers to your car, and the update is the installation of the new software as what's in control of the car's computers. Think of it this way: The download is like...
  14. srs5694

    14-50: EVSEAdapters vs OEM

    It's more likely to be in stock. When I checked just now, the Tesla one was in stock; but there have been times in the past when Tesla's NEMA 14-50 plug has been out of stock. If you really need it now, then paying an extra $55 may simply be necessary. I've not seen one in person, but based on...
  15. srs5694

    chargepoint schedule vs tesla schedule

    I believe the biggest difference is that Tesla's scheduler has an option to begin charging at a point in time that will cause the charge to complete shortly before a desired time. Say, if you leave for work at 8:00 AM, you can tell the car to charge for that 8:00 departure time, and it'll start...
  16. srs5694

    Tesla to increase cost of FSD beta software beyond its $12,000 price tag

    I paid $5,000 for FSD in March of 2019, knowing that Tesla might never deliver what they'd promised; but I figured I'd get something for my money. In fact, I have gotten some value from FSD, simply because the Advanced Autopilot features, which at that time were available only in the FSD...
  17. srs5694

    Tesla trashed my music partition

    There's nothing on the invoice about USB devices, TeslaCam, or anything closely related. The closest it mentions is that they checked the car's firmware version and did not force an update. Thus, if Tesla did it, they didn't log it in any way that showed up in my invoice.
  18. srs5694

    Tesla trashed my music partition

    I'm the only driver, and I did NOT tell the car to reformat the drive. That said, I did take the car in for routine service on July 1, so I suppose it's possible that the service technician did it for some reason. If it wasn't that, though, then if what you're saying is true, it was caused by a...
  19. srs5694

    Tesla trashed my music partition

    I've owned a Model 3 since March of 2019, and have used a partitioned USB SSD as a dashcam and music storage device since then. I originally set it up as two FAT partitions, and this worked fine for years. Recently, I've noticed that the TeslaCam logo has been showing a red "X" from time to...
  20. srs5694

    EV newbie with Teslaesque questions

    The phone-as-key function on the Model 3 is mostly reliable, but it varies from phone to phone. It helps to have an iPhone or a recent version of Android. My own experience is illustrative: I owned a OnePlus 5t when I took delivery of my Model 3 (in March of 2019), and the phone-as-key...
  21. srs5694

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Even when Tesla brings their adapter to the North American market, chances are it will often be out of stock. This has been true of many of their accessories. As I type, the Mobile Connector is marked as being out of stock. In the past, both the CHAdeMO adapter (when it was even officially...
  22. srs5694

    GM partners with Pilot to install chargers at up to 500 travel centers nationwide

    FWIW, EVgo installed a new station in North Providence recently. I visited just to check it out. I added photos to the pre-existing PlugShare entry. As shown in the photos, there are three pedestals (of two different designs), each with two cables, but only four parking spots. The one more...
  23. srs5694

    What's going on with Francis Energy?

    FWIW, this YouTube video, on the Transport Evolved channel, is relevant. It's nominally about the Ford F-150 Lightning, but a good chunk of it is about maintenance problems that Electrify America is experiencing. In brief, the Transport Evolved reporters contacted EA and were told that EA is...
  24. srs5694

    Solar superchargers

    I believe that this link (on the same site) more directly addresses the question of how electricity is generated within each US state: https://afdc.energy.gov/vehicles/electric_emissions.html (As a side note, I was just poking around on that site, and I thought it ironic that Florida, the...
  25. srs5694

    Windshield Wiper Fluid and Recommendation

    I bought some "Splash" windshield washer fluid and it's been fine. I didn't seek out that brand specifically; it just happened to be on the shelf wherever I bought it. (I thought it was at Target, but I don't see that specific brand on Target's Web site, so I may have bought it somewhere else.)...
  26. srs5694

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Based on the photos, this one looks a lot like the Ukrainian CCS1-to-Tesla adapter that a few people managed to get before war broke out in Ukraine. It's not quite identical (I see a difference at the top, around the CCS latch), but it's pretty similar. Unlike Tesla's adapter, neither of these...
  27. srs5694

    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    They've had a macOS installer for a while now. It's very primitive, though; it's a text-mode Unix program, not a GUI tool.
  28. srs5694

    Has non-Tesla charging at Superchargers officially started in the US?

    The closest I've heard to a timeline for when to expect it in the US is in a White House press release. It states: Some have taken this to mean that we'll see Superchargers with CCS1 plugs by the end of 2022; however, the statement only specifies that Tesla will begin producing such...
  29. srs5694

    Unable to set up phone as key

    I upgraded to a new phone (a Google Pixel 6 Pro) a few months ago, and I had problems pairing it. Those problems went away when I drove away from my home. I suspect that other Bluetooth devices (probably my old phone and a backup phone that was configured as a key) were interfering with the new...
  30. srs5694

    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    FWIW, it looks like Setec has officially released the version you referred to earlier. (I haven't checked if the files are byte-for-byte identical, though.)
  31. srs5694

    Why not updates OVER-THE-AIR?

    I've heard, but can't verify from definitive sources, that Tesla will push safety-related updates via LTE, but not other updates.
  32. srs5694

    Why not updates OVER-THE-AIR?

    To elaborate on what @Tam wrote, Tesla software updates are fairly big. I don't recall the precise size, but they're big enough that they end up costing Tesla money, based on the data plan that Tesla has with AT&T (in the USA; presumably other carriers in other countries). It'd be like...
  33. srs5694

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    There's been significant reporting on this in the EV press, but in case anybody missed it, there's a small snippet in a recent White House press release about DC fast charging developments that's relevant: Some news articles have taken this to mean that Superchargers will begin to provide CCS1...
  34. srs5694

    Coins fell down the side of the passenger seat... and then "somewhere"

    If it's sucking up unlimited things, then that's the Tesla Black Hole feature, which was introduced in the 2021 model year after consultation with leading astrophysicists. Mostly it sucks up money when you purchase the Tesla, but sometimes it sucks up more. Be sure not to get too close, else...
  35. srs5694

    Charging issues Chademo adapter

    To eek out more range: Slow down. This is the biggest one by far. Be careful about your route. Make it the shortest one possible, all other things being equal. Make it the flattest one possible (fewer hills and mountains), all other things being equal. Turn off climate control. More...
  36. srs5694

    Electrify America general discussion

    I don't know for a fact if this is the reason for the different kW ratings of different EA stalls, but I suspect it's because CCS cars vary so much in their charging capabilities. You've got everything from 50 kW max to 280 kW max (or more; I'm not sure what the top is, across all models)...
  37. srs5694

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Some of the very earliest reviews of the Model Y (delivered vehicles, I'm pretty sure) showed it with the old-style Model 3 center console. There were precious few made this way, but there do seem to have been a few. Of course, that's pretty far from the charging hardware, but based on this...
  38. srs5694

    New upgrade available in my app. Enhanced auto pilot for $6k. Wish they would offer accel boost for m3p.

    Yes, "basic" AP, EAP, and FSD all require torque be applied to the steering wheel (or fiddling with scroll wheels) to avoid nags. FSD-on-city-streets beta also uses the in-cabin camera to monitor attentiveness, and this may be coming to "lower" levels of driver assistance features soon (if not...
  39. srs5694

    New upgrade available in my app. Enhanced auto pilot for $6k. Wish they would offer accel boost for m3p.

    From the listing on Tesla's Web site, EAP includes: Navigate on Autopilot Auto Lane Change Autopark Summon Smart Summon FSD includes all of the above, plus: Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control Coming Soon: Autosteer on city streets So basically, EAP provides the better-tested features of...
  40. srs5694

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    If yours is a 2019 Model 3, as indicated in your signature, then it's got both a Gen3 charge port and a Gen3 ECU. (Unless of course you've done the upgrade described in this thread.) As I understand it, Tesla began using Gen4 hardware in October of 2020, so all earlier vehicles have Gen3...
  41. srs5694

    Seriously, why does Elon feel the need to lie about even short-term fsd beta timelines.

    Apparently you didn't understand what I wrote. I clearly specified graduate school, not college intro psych. I took graduate-level classes on neural nets, and I've done cognitive psychology and neuroscience post-doctoral research. I admit that my PhD is not in neural nets per se, but I...
  42. srs5694

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    I've not done it, but it is supposed to be possible, with at least one caveat: By default, service mode limits the car's speed to (IIRC) 7 mph. There's an option in the service mode menu to lift that limit, though. Be sure to do so before driving off!
  43. srs5694

    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    By "the issue," do you mean the arc flash warning shown on the Tesla's screen or the scattered reports of failure to charge that I've seen even with 164 and 164-1 firmware? Maybe its release is imminent, but as of right now, the official Setec firmware update page still shows 164 and 164-1...
  44. srs5694

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    I tried it a week or so ago in my 2019 Model 3 running 2022.12.3.20 with FSD beta, and it did not work except near a Tesla service center. It is possible to enter dyno-test mode away from a service center, and one YouTube video showed a bunch of options when doing so, including one to enter...
  45. srs5694

    Seriously, why does Elon feel the need to lie about even short-term fsd beta timelines.

    It's not accurate in every detail, but it is accurate to a first approximation. Neural networks are intended to mimic the way a brain works, but that mimicry is not exact or precise. I studied them in graduate school in the 1990s, along with actual human psychology, so I understand the basic...
  46. srs5694

    Seriously, why does Elon feel the need to lie about even short-term fsd beta timelines.

    I was replying to @2101Guy's comment about FSD being unable to recognize trains or airplanes; I was attempting to explain why that's the case. I wasn't directly addressing the main point of this thread, which is a complaint about Musk's inaccurate timelines, or trying to either justify or...
  47. srs5694

    Seriously, why does Elon feel the need to lie about even short-term fsd beta timelines.

    Tesla has chosen a neural network approach to its FSD functionality. This technology involves creating a network of pseudo-neurons that mimics an animal's brain and then trains the network on a series of inputs (video clips from Tesla vehicles, in this case) until it reliably produces the...
  48. srs5694

    Best Michelin Tires

    As usual, there is no one "best"; it depends on your priorities (up-front cost, tread life, energy efficiency, noise, grip, etc.), as well as what type of tire you want (all-season, summer, winter, etc.). Your wheel size is also important, since some tire models are not available in all the...
  49. srs5694

    Later this year, Tesla will begin production of Supercharger equip. that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers

    The relevant quote from that site: Inside EVs has a story on this, but it's basically just reporting that one sentence, explaining the context that's already been discussed to death on this forum, and drawing the (possibly inaccurate) conclusion that CCS-equipped Superchargers will begin to...
  50. srs5694

    How Some Tesla Owners Break The Law to "Stop ICE-ing"

    This Web page, written by a lawyer, explicitly says that putting a sticker on a car qualifies as vandalism: ...and a bit later... That said, the first quote specifies bumper stickers, not a sticker applied to a window. The second quote doesn't make this distinction. There could be a subtle...

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