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  1. J

    PG&E Minimum Bill Charges for Gas or Gas + Electricity Together?

    On my bill, gas and electricity are two separate charges with their own fees, tiers, allowances, surcharges, etc. However, I do not see a separate minimum for gas. I suspect it is part of the tier allowances.
  2. J

    How long between inspection and PTO? [various areas]

    If this is on a new home, I believe the latest Tesla systems are capable of allowing systems to shutdown solar generation once the powerwall approachs full and thus not send power out prior to PTO. Mine is a couple years old and did not do that. For approximately 5 months after paying in...
  3. J

    Tesla sold me a Lemon and called me to buy-back - HELP!

    I am not sure if this is the case, but a company or dealer can sell a car as new that has been damaged and repaired. See this article.
  4. J

    CCS - buy now or wait?

    All of the EA chargers near me are front or rear in only. But they do have those Super-fast chargers for the few Porsche Turbo S owners in the area. There are 7 Supercharger locations within 15 miles of my house. Many are 250 kW and one has 20 charging stands.
  5. J

    UK Grid Export Limiting Device for Powerwall with Gateway and Solars

    I suspect your installer would deal with this. It is definitely something you should discuss with them. Also, sorry to hear there is a limit.
  6. J

    UK Grid Export Limiting Device for Powerwall with Gateway and Solars

    Sound like you are prevented from sending power from the Powerwall to the grid because of lack of solar. If it is like most setups here in the US if add solar panels this changes. The solar first powers your home, then refills you Powerwalls, and once the powerwalls are full sends power to the...
  7. J

    Is there any problem with getting way more solar than needed (in PG&E territory)?

    Yeah, that sounds really wrong. You could take up arc/mig/tig welding as a hobby (we did that at my parent's house). Or you could turn into a back to nature type that lives in a yurt in the backyard. None of their business.
  8. J

    Is there any problem with getting way more solar than needed (in PG&E territory)?

    Rent/Borrow one and take a picture in front of your house. Blur the license plate and tell them you're a street racer and don't want anyone getting your plate number.
  9. J

    Where can I get the 2022 X alignment settings?

    Thanks. I think I am going to run down to my brother's shop and have him check out my settings. I am curious to see what they were out of the factory and see if we can achieve something like these. I assume these are for an LR?
  10. J

    Cabin heating at night

    Try cracking the windows open when you park in the garage and see what happens.
  11. J

    2017 Model X hit hard while parked - totalled?

    Looks like a pretty solid hit. I would not be surprised it this is totaled. As you point out considerable body damage. Looks like the tire got hit hard enough to jam it up into the wheel well and broke structure in the rear arm mount points. I can't image this did the rear motor any good...
  12. J

    New Installation with 2 PW+, very low peak and daily solar production.

    I would ask the installers. Just guessing, but perhaps your electric company has a limitation on how much power back they can handle.
  13. J


    There are no model year-based changes. Tesla adds feature and make changes when they are ready and on their schedule. A car produced one day may have extensive features not in a car made the day before. For example, my 2018 X made in May, had a completely updated MCU (display computer) from...
  14. J

    Lexus fan considering a model X

    The X75 has serious range issues. Mine was a good for about 150 miles or so at realistic high speeds. If you go over 75 the range is even less.
  15. J

    Mobile connector button isn't opening charge port anymore?

    Does a supercharger wand still open the port? Does it open when you push on the port door? If both of these work, and the mobile charger is plugged in it sounds like the mobile wand has an issue. Tesla should be able to swap that out, but there may be a delay getting a new one since they...
  16. J

    CCS1 from TESPLUS

    $325 USD seems a little pricy. I paid $309 for one from Tesla Korea that HARUMIO shipped to me.
  17. J

    Air conditioner *really* loud

    My 2018 X made a similar noise when it was hot (> 90F) out and my speed was low. It has actually kind of a warbling sound and the fan for the condenser in the front reached high resonant frequencies. It died down when I started driving the car faster and usually by 10-15 mph was much quieter...
  18. J

    Will I need a panel upgrade?

    For me I wanted the number of Powerwalls need to meet most daily needs and power the home in an outage. It turns out so far we need 2. We have A/C and gas heating, so in a grid outage would only have large draws during the summer and fall. In winter we do not generate enough power to fully...
  19. J

    Will I need a panel upgrade?

    Mine is backup with 2 powerwalls.
  20. J

    FSD removed and no software updates

    That has been an issue on Teslas well before FSD. If you are not at least making some slight movement occasionally the sensor will think your hands are off.
  21. J

    Should I get rid of my LR for a Plaid?

    That finish is amazing. If I wait a couple of years (car is leased) will adding the film restore the shine.
  22. J

    2016 X price and acceleration vs 2022 LR

    Sounds like you got a deal. Nice of someone to "give you" those upgrades. The 2022 taper seems to start around 60%, but only if preheated via nav or driving an hour or so. But it charges very fast on a V3 charger until then and shows down to 80 kW approaching 80% or so.
  23. J

    2016 X price and acceleration vs 2022 LR

    I assume you purchased the upgraded to MCU2? And perhaps also AP2? The 2022 LR is quick off the line and has Cheetah stance, but where it really goes 60-90. That occurs way too fast. You have to be careful with your right foot when passing. Much faster than my 2018 X at passing speeds.
  24. J

    Switching existing order from Model Y to Model X

    Since that is the case, perhaps they had a batch of bad batteries? We used to only get BMWs, leasing a new one every 1.5 years for decades. But we had a lot of quality issues, rattles and electric failures, with our X5 and X3. And since going to Tesla have not kept up with them.
  25. J

    Switching existing order from Model Y to Model X

    Yes I did. I assumed that is what they sold or allocated to regions for test drives. I have never seen one on the road but received offers to go test drive them on courses all the time.
  26. J

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    Which SC are your going to? I went to Dublin and the tech drove me on a little test loop where they could duplicate the noise. In my case it was an extra bolt in the door.
  27. J

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    Maybe people could post their VINs, the last few digits are not needed. This might help identify a bad batch of parts or assembly technique.
  28. J

    Switching existing order from Model Y to Model X

    Not sure I would look at the BMW until they deal with the battery issues that caused the recall. Sounds a lot like the Bolt issue.
  29. J

    Powerwall installation not allowed inside garage in Dallas

    EVs are new and some are having issues. Here is BMWs issues. And Ford is nerfing the MachE to prevent battery contactors from failing
  30. J

    2022 BMW i4 and iX models recalled over fires

    Apparently BMW has issued a recall for the 2022 BMW i4 eDrive40, i4 M50, iX xDrive50 and iX M60 for fires. Owners being told to park cars outside and not drive or charge them. Here is the recall notice for the i4 from NHTSA. Argh...I was thinking about getting one.
  31. J

    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    Looks really nice! Is the large black flue in the back a fireplace? Whatever it is, it looks great in black.
  32. J

    Wait for matrix lights? Model X Plaid being delivered within the week

    Yes! The lights on my 2022 X are way better than those on my 2018 X.
  33. J

    Switching from a Model 3 Performance to a Model X Plaid, anyone done it?

    The Plaid does not sell that well. A lot of expense for a little more performance in regular driving. Also, 6 seat with limited storage space, relative to the 5 and 7 seater, is a killer for some.
  34. J

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Also, Model 3s are being delivered with and without Matrix headlights. Reading the threads, it depends on if they were available. Also, the Tesla matrix headlights do not seem to have the software necessary to do all of the functions that you read about in other matrix headlight systems...
  35. J

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Agreed. We also have our cars on separate accounts to make this this worse, which requires app logout/login. But issues are other reasons to still use fobs. Just walk into the garage and appropriate car wakes up. Leave your phone on your desk or at home and you can still drive the car.
  36. J

    Should I get rid of my LR for a Plaid?

    It should not have an issue with some number of launches, but each one does stress the car. And my comments were with respect to a used Plaid. Metal, plastics, rubber, etc. only have so much strength. So yes, if you put them under high stress a lot, they are going to wear faster and...
  37. J

    how long does the grid have to be down to register as an event?

    UPS is very sensitive. If it is a good one a few volts or cycles missed, and they kick in.
  38. J

    Rubbing noise from falcon wing doors when driving

    Could you take a picture of the area? Thanks.
  39. J

    Best supercharging times la <~> sf roadtrip

    I checked as described in the linked article on my X. "Software > Additional vehicle information, and check for the CCS adapter support entry. If it says Enabled, you’re good to go."
  40. J

    Powerwall installation not allowed inside garage in Dallas

    Based on report of EV fires, restarts in wrecking yards, etc. , I gather a Li-Ion battery fire is more difficult to extinguish. Also, requires large volumes of water to cool down the battery pack. And are more like to flare up later.
  41. J

    how long does the grid have to be down to register as an event?

    Is it possible it was a sag in the line voltage and not a full outage? We had the lights dim down for a second and less, and then come back up with nothing registered in the app.
  42. J

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    I think the car is not as rigid because they cut big holes in the roof line for the falcon wing doors. So, the rear doors and body panels can move and flex much more relative to the door openings than a car with conventional rear doors. With that said, if it really rattles it might be some...
  43. J

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    You can see what the Service center can do. But the X does flex on roads that are not smooth and is heavy so bangs through bumps and potholes. You can also try something like Gummi Pflege on the door seals and see if that helps door creaking. That worked on my BMW, Lexus, and previous X.
  44. J

    Should wait for a used Model X?

    What is your timeframe? Months or years. In two years or so the price situation might be better with more used Xs appear on the market and competition from other brand's SUVs increases. But even then, I do not see the price dropping a huge amount. Tesla will no doubt continue to raise the...
  45. J

    Powerwall installation not allowed inside garage in Dallas

    I can't see why they would be having any more equipment problems or failures in Fort Worth versus other areas. Perhaps some inspectors from the county or city have issues. I know we certain areas here in NorCal where one or two inspectors makes lives really hard for solar installers.
  46. J

    Ford making job cuts, in ICE units

    Experience in what? If you are a wizard at making ICE intake, multi-speed automatic transmission, and exhaust system that is great. But a decreasing need as Ford's moves to an EV first strategy. However, if you are wiz at working with microcontroller based electronic control system based on ML...
  47. J

    Best supercharging times la <~> sf roadtrip

    I paid the same. Not sure if I will every use it. But if some day and stormy night CCS1 is the only charging option I will be glad I have mine. But, before anyone buys one, be sure your car can logically support it. Verify in the menu that your car has have CCS combability enabled...
  48. J

    Don't use EVs in texas if you don't have your own home

    Yes. Where there is a will, there is a way. And in some parts of the country, apartment owners are seeing EV charging as another source of income and installing chargers in certain parking spots and charging extra for those spots. One place I heard of charges an extra $70/mo. for a spot with...
  49. J

    Best supercharging times la <~> sf roadtrip

    I would add that a "Fast Charger" on Plugshare does not match with what many Supercharger users are used to. 50 kW is considered fast.
  50. J

    Best supercharging times la <~> sf roadtrip

    Where can I get of list of AAA free charger locations?

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