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    Benefits to Delayed Delivery

    The X is not better tech. It's still outdated manufacturing process and the tech is at least one generation behind Model Y in terms of what you can't see. Two generations behind on battery cells, still can't supercharge as fast as 3/Y, and as far as I can tell Tesla did nothing to update the...
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    Benefits to Delayed Delivery

    You do realize that the HUD is not part of the windshield, right? lol And this would be covered under typical vehicle insurance glass coverage.
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    Just sold my Model Y - Parting thoughts

    Actually there is quite a bit of BMW iX content here. Or were you not aware? Try doing a search. I don't understand the provincial thinking being expressed above. 🙊 🙉 🙈
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    What other EV SUVs have you considered?

    BMW iX all the way! We test drove one and ordered it immediately. It handles better than any Tesla, has proper sound insulation and is quieter than anything on the road (can't even hear the wind), and accelerates like a badass. You will realize all that is missing in a Tesla driving experience...
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    BMW iX

    BMW IX IS AN INCREDIBLE CAR! I test drove the iX 50 and ordered the M60 (real M version). It rides on rails and handles better than anything Tesla makes. Tech is light years ahead of Tesla, too, in all the ways that matter for a superior driving experience. You don't know what you've been...
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    Why does Tesla suspension suck so bad?

    I'm not sure which is sadder, actually. The assertions or the person being triggered by those assertions?
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    BMW using a brushed motor

    Tesla owners: 🙈 🙉 🙊 The iX 50 (not even the "real M EV" M60 version) handles far better than any Tesla. I don't know what BMW is doing with the suspension but it's light years ahead of anything Tesla is able to hobble together. You should go drive one if you aren't afraid of falling out of love...
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    Why does Tesla suspension suck so bad?

    Easy answer: Tesla doesn't know how to make a car. Batteries? Sure. Drivetrain? No problem. But the actual bits that sit atop the skateboard? No love. As an exercise, visit a car by a manufacturer who actually cares about vehicle dynamics and the driving experience. You might be shocked by what...
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    Original owners of 2012/2013 Model S w/ 85 kWh pack: Has your main pack been replaced?

    Thank you to everyone for responding to my poll over the last several months. The stats of almost half of 2012/2013 owners replacing their main pack is horrifying. I recently sold my Model S and have a BMW iX M60 on order.
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    Just sold my Model Y - Parting thoughts

    I don't know where you've been, but "legacy" (a term used pejoratively by Tesla owners to marginalize) has already caught up. BMW iX has comparable range to Model X in real world conditions and destroys it in almost every metric that matters to those who care about vehicle dynamics, passenger...
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    Just sold my Model Y - Parting thoughts

    Today I would prefer the i4 M50 to the Model 3 hands down. No contest. Checking out the BMW EV forums it appears most are former Tesla owners who are tired of the "Cult of Tesla", the poor build quality, and the lousy service experience. Tesla is heading towards troubled waters in terms of its...
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    Just sold my Model Y - Parting thoughts

    It's hilarious that some don't see the irony in recommending smaller wheels as a fix for a suspension issue. With a Tesla you have to choose between comfort and sporty feel. With other brands like BMW, you get both. If you're relying on wheels—the point of contact between the vehicle and the...
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    BMW using a brushed motor

    That is a mischaracterization of my statement. For those who are interested in having an actual discussion, this was my statement: "The supercharger network is meaningless to me for the few and far between road trips that we take." Hopefully you can see the difference between hyperbole (yours)...
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    BMW using a brushed motor

    Coasting is more efficient than regen for longest range. Using regen is only 64% efficient accounting for conversion losses going into the battery and then back out of the battery. In situations when you don't need to stop the car or slow it down, the BMW motor is more efficient. Keeping Tesla's...
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    BMW using a brushed motor

    No bashing. I came upon this thread while performing research and felt that I needed to post the actual facts for the record. Otherwise someone else doing research like myself might believe the inaccurate narrative being promoted here. I owned my model S for over 8 years and have a lot of...
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    BMW using a brushed motor

    I get that this is a Tesla echo chamber and to expect irrational negativity towards other brands, but the banter here couldn't be more uninformed. BMW's motors are 3-phase AC synchronous motors and the brush is of a slip ring design that only delivers a small DC excitation current to the rotor...
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    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    THANK YOU for answering my questions, for being so responsive to everyone, and for being an incredibly valuable resource to our community over the years. You are also breathing new life into my 8 year old car and adding value should I decide to sell it by making your warranty transferrable.
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    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    My apologies if this has been covered... If, after paying for the service plan, the BMD device shows a pre-existing issue that did not trigger a visible error to the owner, is it still covered? If not, do you refund the cost of the warranty?
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    Maximum battery charge level reduced

    Tesla lied to you and I would file a complaint with your state attorney general's office. Tesla service is actually far worse than any traditional dealership model. Your warranty specifically states that you will receive a battery with comparable range to your old battery. If you wait 6-8 weeks...
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    Drive unit damaged after driving in heavy rain -- SC won't cover under warranty

    I recommend first filing a formal complaint with the NY State Attorney General for Tesla's refusal to honor its warranty. If that doesn't lead to a resolution, take them to small claims court. Blow this up on social media. Basically, you should do anything and everything to make Tesla's life a...
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    I have some clear fluid from front of car that tastes acidic. Any ideas what it might be ?

    If you do that with coolant that contains Ethylene Glycol you could end up at the ER. Please don't taste liquids coming out of your vehicle, that's just not a good idea.
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    Plaid owner experience: Melted chargeport, Passenger door pops open while driving, AP Cameras bugged. 21 days in service in first month of ownership.

    I'd be in a rage if I were you. Please blow this up on Twitter and social media. Elon Musk deserves to get seriously spanked over this. Plaid is obviously (to anyone who pays attention) a half-assed and rushed release designed to placate Elon Musk's ego after being crushed by Porsche at...
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I think you should take Tesla to small claims court and show the judge your email. I think you'd win in a hot minute.
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    Plaid Safety

    Tesla's half-assed refresh is a driving enthusiast disaster of the highest order. It's not even a proper redesign, but a half-baked drive train shoehorned into an old, outdated production process with 10 year old bits and pieces strewn about. Maybe Tesla should focus group some of these changes...
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    An honest review of the yoke

    The yoke is a joke... a terrible, awful joke Musk is playing on people willing to part with $100k+. Musk shows an especially acute disdain for his high end customers. Check out this Edmund's review and how dangerous it is to drive curves and switchbacks with a rectangle. Most everything in this...
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    Model S Plaid: Paint chipping on Rear quarter panel and doors

    What happens when a company puts out an untested, half-baked, half-assed product made in a factory filled with unhappy employees? I wonder...
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    Any third party, LED rear tail lights for the Model S instead of the crappy, 2000s looking ones we have?

    The biggest secret Tesla hasn't told anyone is how little effort they put into the Model S "refresh" exterior. Even the headlights are the terrible ones from 2016 that failed IIHS tests and were rated POOR. Same tail lights from 9 years ago. Model X has newer and better light function. I don't...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    WK057 is probably the most knowledgeable member of the Tesla ownership base. People who don't believe him and continue to trash him because his facts don't fit with their personal beliefs also are not vaccinated, engage in conspiracy theories, and those issues likely pervade all aspects of their...
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    R.I.P. Tesla Referral Program

    I would never refer anyone to buy a Tesla after what they have done to owners of 85 kWh batteries—halving of Supercharging speed to keep the batteries from catching fire—and not issuing a recall. Tesla does not do right by its customers, especially early adopters, and uses software cover-ups to...
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    A yoke or a joke?

    If you want a good Plaid review by someone who is a normal human being that doesn't drink Tesla Koolaid... This quote about the Plaid is spot-on, but fanboys may need to clutch their pearls: Watch how impossible it is to steer and corner properly. The yoke is a joke. A terrible, horrible...
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    That tech YouTuber who you say is "carrying water for Ford" is actually a Tesla fan and owner of both a Raven and Plaid Model S. And did you notice the red Tesla surfboard leaning on the wall behind him? What does a Tesla owner (me) bringing up Ford in a Rivian thread in a Tesla forum have to do...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    THIS Tesla owner will be getting a Mercedes EQE when they roll off the line next year. I expect to have a much more traditional, predictable, and enjoyable ownership experience versus the Tesla BS. And a much nicer car than anything Tesla could ever hope to make.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Isn't it wonderful to pay $130,000 for a car that gets 14% less range than what you paid for? Based on the price of a new pack alone, that difference should be worth close to $5,000 that Tesla cheated you out of. Not only that, but you also get the same crappy service experience as people who...
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    excessive charging time

    Tesla's charging curve sucks compared to other brands. For instance, Porsche/Audi batteries charge at over 150 kW-200 kW for most of the battery's charging range. Teslas charge at a higher initial number but then drop rapidly. It's purposely done so Tesla can claim 250 kW Supercharging even...
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    Blog Rivian Gets Range Rating of 316 Miles for R1T Pickup

    You can definitely tell the fanboys from the adults in this thread. Efficiency and pack size don't matter to utility vehicle buyers. What matters to them is price, performance, and utility/functionality. In the ICE equivalent world of utility vehicles, MPG (efficiency) is much lower in priority...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Sounds to me like you can start another class action lawsuit over capacity loss that has not been restored. If you do, please also include reduction in supercharging speed unlike the current plaintiffs, who decided to take that off the table after negotiating with themselves. I guess it never...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    You mean you did not amend your lawsuit to include chargegate? This seems like a most basic oversight on the class action's part. Tesla got a really sweet deal from people who did not demand enough. Restoration of range and/or $625 is a pittance and an insult. What you think you can get and what...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Don't extensions have to be agreed to by both sides? I don't understand why all of these extensions are being granted, but I also don't understand this level of the legal system. I also don't understand why Plaintiffs' attorneys aren't shaking the media tree and making a lot of noise. If for no...
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    Not Charging to Set Percentage?

    What does your notification on your phone say wrt capacity? You always lose a few miles overnight, what matters is the SOC at the moment the charging completed. Not several hours later. As far as vampire drain is concerned, your P85 is consuming significantly more power because Tesla has changed...
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    Blog Musk Says Cars Will Detect Hand Gestures, Listen for Sirens

    Everything that comes out of this man's mouth is a shameful lie and should be reported as such. Tired of all the useless promises, undelivered features, and constant excuses from a man who, just last week, declared that "AI is really hard." Does the richest man in the world need a wambulance to...
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    Dead 12 V battery in my Model S Plaid

    Welcome to "Life with Tesla"! And when you call service after paying $140,000 for a 10 year old body style, you'll receive the same *****y treatment as those who paid 1/3 what you did and who still have newer bits. Elon Musk just doesn't know when to quit milking his customers, and his customers...
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    Model S 2014 - Takes longer than usual to charge at the Supercharger

    Why are you charging to 100%? It's much faster to charge to 90%-95% if you need the miles.
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    Thank you! Finally someone around here who makes sense and understands basic math.
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    7 thumbs down out of 8 on your post. Credibility matters.
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    Odd battery level behavior after charging

    Sorry, but no. Show me a single Model S that has regained 20 miles of range while sitting, idle, not being charged. Please show me a single one that fits your hypothesis. What you are saying occurs over long periods of time and only after depleting the battery to below 20% and charging it back...
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    New 2021 Model S battery cells & packs

    How does Tesla define "fully redesigned"? It seems the car, physically from the outside, is identical to the one that preceded it. In every single possible way. I'd be very wary of Tesla's loosey-goosey use of the term "redesigned". It seems marketing and bull***t have coalesced.
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    Please school me on supercharging issues

    That's because Tesla gimped supercharging rates on all 85 kWh batteries via software update, without warning or notification. The batteries are most likely defective and will require replacement and Tesla is trying to "manage" the lifespan of the battery so that it fails out of warranty. Please...
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    Blog EPA Gives Range Rating for Model S Long Range

    It will never be able to achieve 405 miles in real world conditions. Tesla's EPA estimates are bogus as confirmed by Consumer Reports. There's a reason Tesla no longer discloses the battery pack capacity in its specs. Tesla's mission is to remove as much cost from the vehicle as humanly...
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    2013 Model S 85 Battery 🔋 Range and Charging Max

    Replacing a malfunctioning pack with a remanufactured pack while it is under warranty is totally normal. That's what most people receive. Only in special circumstances is a remanufactured pack not used. Once you are out of warranty, you have the choice to purchase a reman or brand new pack for...
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    Prices are slowly going up?

    I wouldn't buy a car and bet on a tax credit based on how I think Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are going to vote. It may very well happen, and I hope it does, but any talk of this is premature and folks buying cars counting on this credit smacks of wishful thinking. To each their own.

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