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  1. J

    Supercharger - Bartonsville, PA

    This was one of the slowest charges I had and there was no one there. Can find this location on my Tesla screen either. Do i need to update my maps? I drove 20 miles and it was 65F outside.
  2. J

    Supercharger - Phillipsburg, NJ

    Now to see when they actually start construction. This location would be 10 miles east of where I live and I-78 is one of the busiest East West Roads here. The other closest Tesla Supercharger is in West Allentown. Great! However, at the cost of 10cents a kw it sometimes makes more sense to...
  3. J

    Supercharger - Phillipsburg, NJ

    The latest Tesla Map showing future Supercharger site does NOT show a Supercharger at this location any more. They seemed to have lost interest in this site and never went back to the local Township to get final approval. About a month ago I went to this Wawa and they were Closed in the middle...
  4. J

    Our Destination Charger Experience at our Business

    My wife and I travel a lot in our Tesla and when we stop at any location where we use the facilities we make it a point to purchase something at least. We usually do that at the Superchargers and favor small business as we ourselves are one. I would consider posting the theft on your local...
  5. J

    Supercharger - Louisville, KY

    We were thru there on Monday and charged in 2A while we went to the Bakery next door. No issues - actually was one of our better charges (speed) that day.
  6. J

    Tesla Wall Charger (unused) $375 / willing to ship

    So this person PMed me as I asked if the previous buyer backed out. I suggested that I can pay via PayPal but on Monday after he has shipped it to me. I also saw a similar ad on Facebook which showed the owner to be from Allentown, Pa which is right next door to me. I FB messaged him and wanted...
  7. J

    Tesla Wall Charger (unused) $375 / willing to ship

    Please let me know if the sale does not go thru - I am located in Eastern Pa.
  8. J

    Supercharger - Phillipsburg, NJ

    Looking at the meeting agenda, it seems Tesla has not come back or scheduled the second hearing. Also, this site is going to have 8 chargers but only 2 dedicated to TESLA cars. So who else is going to charge there? Also, it appears they (Tesla) did not provide adequate documentation at the...
  9. J

    Solar - Cost effective in PA?

    Pa does nothing to encourage electric cars or Home Solar installations. You got to just be happy with the Federal credits. Where in Pa do you live and have you had other installer quotes that you may want to share? Thank You
  10. J

    New solar install illinois

    Can you please share additional details regarding pricing as to how you qualified for such a large rebate. I would sign on the dotted line tomorrow for such a great smoking deal. I have a proposal from them for a slightly larger system with no Powerwalls and no rebates for $10,000 more than...
  11. J

    Would you recommend the company that installed your Solar? I have Tesla giving me a quote...

    Would you recommend the company that installed your Solar? I have Tesla giving me a quote tomorrow. Any things you might suggest to look out for if you were to do this again. - I live in NE Pa. Thanks
  12. J

    Best way to park to capture license plates on Sentry Mode for states with no forward facing plates?

    Move from AR as it is the worst state for EVs especially Tesla. The only Tesla Supercharger in AR is usually ICED up. I know - my son lives in AR. Sorry don't mean to be nasty - just the facts
  13. J

    Lehigh Valley PA State Inspection

    I just got my 2017 Tesla Model S 75D at Mike’s More Miles Automotive on Stefko Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. They were quick and the young tech was very eager to inspect it. Very happy and satisfied with their service. Tell them the ice cream man from NUTS sent you.
  14. J

    The first slammed Model S

    EVSteve, Completely agree, especially here in Pothole Pennsylvania roads.
  15. J

    PA: Whitehall ( Allentown) Superchargers Updates

    I have been charging here for a year now and mostly on weekends and Mondays and this supercharger is never full and I have never had wait to charge. Good Luck
  16. J

    Pennsylvania EV Rebate

    I guess my ranting to my local state representative regarding this issue re favoring Chevrolet and Nissan and excluding Tesla did not fall on deaf ears. Still not happy that the Model S buyers are totally eliminated.
  17. J

    FS: Brad New Tesla branded Weathertech mats Front/Rear/Trunk Footwell

    So these are defective ones as per Tesla? So what is the defect?
  18. J

    Mini Solar Charger System to just Charge my Tesla S75D

    Even though my local utility charges about 10 cents per KWH, I am trying to see if I can install a small Solar Charging System with a storage setup so I can charge my car nightly to cover my 20to 30mile daily use. The storage could also provide backup in an emergency. Any ideas out there?
  19. J

    Offline supercharger sites

    You would think that Tesla would be able to notice that there has been no activity there. Also we should call it in. I always do when I get a non working charger.
  20. J

    Air suspension tilting when stored?

    Hello, After searching thru my online Tesla account, I discovered that I do not have a record of this service done to my vehicle. So I have reached out to the Tesla Service Center to send me a copy. Let see what I get next week. Thanks
  21. J

    P100D Salvage in England

    Hey Jagman1961, Why don’t you become a certified Tesla Body Shop? In the USA the approved shops have lots of work and can charge top Dollar. I am sure there can’t be many of those in the UK yet. Would be a good addition to your current services. From the pictures your car appears to be fixable...
  22. J

    Supercharger - Phillipsburg, NJ

    Wohoo another Tesla Supercharger close by and close to I78. Can’t wait! A WAWA and a Super Walmart close by. Just complaining to my Tesla Guru about lack of Tesla Superchargers on I78 in NJ. Also there is one planned for Bridgewater NJ. Anyone know where?
  23. J

    Model S 75D Range Anxiety

    Here is my experience from this past weekend. This past Friday 1/12/18 my wife and I embarked on a weekend trip from Bethlehem, Pa to Cleveland Oh. We started off fully charged with 260 miles and arrived at the Bellefonte charger in State College with 40 miles left on the clock. This is...
  24. J

    OEM MXM4 Tire Bubbled, What should I do?

    Slow down and watch the pot holes. It’s not the tire. Frankly it’s your driving style. Flying on a snow covered ramp at 50 is not so smart - Lucky you only ruined 2 tyres. Check your wheels they may be bent too. Get a SUV with big tyres. Tesla is a fancy ride for someone who is new to the world...
  25. J

    Dang. 3-weeks in and "air suspension needs service."

    Last week I had the passenger rear air shock replaced as it was leaking. Most 2 months old but the bitter cold here in the North East is causing some of these problems.
  26. J

    Supercharger - Little Rock, AR

    My Kids were at these outlets during the Christmas Break and noted that 5 of the 8 spots were ICED up and One slot being used by a Tesla even though there was plenty of available parking. Come on now people in Little Rock cant be that stupid. I told mey kids to call me the next time they see...
  27. J

    Am I crazy thinking of driving North this month

    Darmie, thank you for your response and suggestions. Second Electric700 ‘s comment on the Videos.
  28. J

    Am I crazy thinking of driving North this month

    Hope you made it home safely today and the snow was not too much of a problem. In a week or so we plan to drive to North East Arkansas with our Tesla S75D from Bethlehem, Pa via Cleveland Oh, too. Any pointers you may have would be greatly appreciated. We have the same color too! We bought ours...
  29. J

    Disappointment at 1 week in

    Update My Model S75D was picked up early this afternoon by the Tow/Delivery service used by The Devon Service Center for further diagnostic and parts replacement. I was brought an older Model S 60 with appx 25,000 plus miles. I also asked them to uncork it while they had it in for suspension...
  30. J

    Air suspension tilting when stored?

    My Model S75D was picked up early this afternoon by the Tow/Delivery service used by The Devon Service Center for further diagnostic and parts replacement. I was brought an older Model S 60 with appx 25,000 plus miles. I also asked them to uncork it while they had it in for suspension work...
  31. J

    Disappointment at 1 week in

    I have the vehicle tilting on the passenger rear side which is about 6 inches too low than the driver side and the jack mode message is shown on a 2 month old car. No scraping of underbody though. Called service 3 days ago - actually called 2 service centers. The first SC has not yet called me...
  32. J

    Air suspension tilting when stored?

    I have the same issue on a 2 month old car. Called service 3 days ago - actually called 2 service centers. The first SC has not yet called me back - left a voice mail explaining my problem. The second SC called me in the Evening (yesterday) and told me the tech has not had the time to review...
  33. J

    Am I crazy thinking of driving North this month

    Very interesting read. I plan to drive from North East Pa to North East Ar in the middle of January in my Model S 75D so I am eager to see how you make out. Good Luck
  34. J

    19" Goodyear Eagle Touring Factory Tires 245/45/19

    So JPUConn, What do you think they are worth if $450 is too low. Remember that if one buys new they get some kind of Warranty from the tire manufacturer/seller. How much of a reduction in price a used set of tires worth. Ebay is probably your best measure of resale value of ‘take off’ tires...
  35. J

    Loose Suspension when Accelerating

    I had a similar issue in my 1999 Mercedes ML 430. It was diagnosed to be rear tie rod / lateral arm bushing where it connected to the rear wheel. The service shop replaced the arm as you couldn’t get the bushing on its own and it stopped dancing on the road as you describe. Was able to move...
  36. J

    Frustrated by Financing

    I bought a Model S in September and was able to get 0.99% Financing thru US Bank after some crazy quote from TD Bank and Alliant Credit Union even with a high credit score like you. Have Tesla Financing try US Bank. I did however put $10K out of Pocket - $ 5K down and Almost 5K for PA Sales Tax.
  37. J

    21” Silver Arachnid Wheels & Tires, install included

    Reminds me of a home flipper who wanted me to sell my parents home at half the market value (100k less) because ‘I got it for free’. If it wasn’t for my wife, I would have been in jail for Bodily injury. Offer a price you want to pay and move on if it’s not in your price range Stan.
  38. J

    Selling Tesla Mobile Connector Bundle

    A new one directly from Tesla with a warranty costs $550.00 so not much of a lower price from seller.
  39. J

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    Thank You for the Welcome. However, I would like to offer that most Tesla Owners including myself could not determine the one second difference in the 0 to 60 Speeds vs the Corked version. Typically, the roads here in the North East are not conducive to High Speeds especially in Pot Hole...
  40. J

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    I am a new Tesla owner and am surprised by the number of people wanting this Performance Upgrade. Really - Do you race your car on Weekends ? Is this car not fast enough for you ? Amazing how so many are lined up at the SC to get their performance upgrade. My 2 cents worth from a new Model S...
  41. J

    PA Rebate Program

    I live in Pa and wrote to my local state representative specifically about this and pointing out that this policy favored foreign manufacturers namely Nissan and Chevy which has foreign drive and battery parts. This was 2 weeks ago and asked him to champion a removal of the $50,000 limit as...

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