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    Starting to feel like Cybertruck is going the way of the Roadster: Vaporware

    I had a reservation for the Ford lightening. I'm In Canada. I recently was told that I could now put money down and make it an order. They couldn't tell me how long the wait would be. Maybe a year was there guess. The price was too high for me. I think it was $80k Canadian for the mid trim...
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    Federal $5k rebate? Did I get it, is my Tesla elegible?

    That explains it, thanks for the replies
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    Federal $5k rebate? Did I get it, is my Tesla elegible?

    Hi, I picked up my model Y on June 7th 2021. I thought that this car was elegible for the Canadian government $5k rebate, and that it would be taken off the price by Tesla. I just recently took a look at the paperwork and I don't see any subtraction off the price? The federal government...
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    Toronto 2018 model 3 for sale, long range 100k KM

    I have a black 2018 model 3 long range for sale. 100,000 kilometers. Battery warranty until 2026. The car has not been abused. I blacked out the chrome in a fit of covid boredom, its not the best job but easily removed. It has winter floor matts. It has lifetime connectivity, not sure if...
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    new android phone, app has to be open for phone key to work

    I have a new phone, a TCL 10 Pro which has android version 11. For the phone key to work I need to open the app. I believe this has to do with the phone permissions. The only setting that seem to be available are allow "only while using the app" , "ask every time" or "deny". There doesnt...
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    Complete set of 4 x 19" Gemini tires, rims and TPMS. Located in the GTA

    HI I have a complete set of 19" Gemini tires, rims and TPMS and aero hubcaps. They had 5,000 Km on them when I removed them. There is a tiny bit of curb rash on one on the hub caps. Pick up only in Markham, Ontario. $1800
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    Are Superchargers on I95 busy?

    Due to Covid we havent been to the USA since 2019. We go from Toronto to Florida for Christmas break, hitting the I95 near Charleston. In the past the only time we have had to wait for a charger is the airport in Savannah. Since then there are so many more model 3's and Y's on the road I...
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    Has anyone used the Tesla reccomended body shop?

    Definately not being bullied by insurance, the only factor is if I use their shop it is guaranteed. I had a pickup truck that needed the fender fixed. The paint match was so bad it looked like it hadnt even been painted the same colour. It was done at the shop reccommended by my insurance so...
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    Has anyone used the Tesla reccomended body shop?

    My insurance company has one company that has locations in major cities. It's not the body shop that tesla uses . Tesla actually gave me the names of two body shops that are approved in Toronto, neither were the same as my insurance companies approved garage.
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    Has anyone used the Tesla reccomended body shop?

    Someone dented my tailgate with a shopping cart. Its a pretty good dent abour 2" in diameter and 1/2 inch deep, right at the top of the tailgate in the middle. Will not just buff out! Should I bother to go through the Tesla body shop? Insurance is covering it so I dont care about the cost...
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    Road trip through France Switzerland and Austria

    Thats a great idea to rent an old Tesla, I will consider that. I would have confidence in the Tesla supercharger network. But, we are trying to keep costs down, staying in Airbnb's, making our own meals, renting a cheap car, that kind of thing. We are going for a cheap long trip rather a...
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    Road trip through France Switzerland and Austria

    HI I live in Canada and we have a Tesla which we take on road trip vacations around North America. We ( a family of 4 ) want to do a road trip next summer through Europe. The rough idea right now is to fly to Paris and rent a Nissan Leaf or whatever long range ev is available at the time, and...
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    Project Smooth like Butter

    update on the coil overs set to max comfort (and max height) I read this elsewhere, but the trouble with suspension modifications is it is really tough to judge how much of a difference it has made because it is tough to measure how much "softer" it is. The guy who installed them, Tito in North...
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    Project Smooth like Butter

    I got my MPP comfort coil overs last week and I am getting them installed tomorrow. I'm going to have them set to the softest setting, and the highest ride. For rims and tires, I'm going with a Replika 241 18" x 8.5. 18" so I can get a taller sidewall and 8.5" to avoid curb rash. I am...
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    Replika R241 Wheels

    hi, I want to get replika 241's 18 x 8.5 with 255/55/18r for increased sidewall height and curb rash protection. Has anyone tried this size? they are 29" tall or %3 larger than stock. Will they rub? thanks
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    Ear pain/Pressure help

    Hi I'm a little late to the discussion, but I bought a model Y about 6 weeks ago. My previous car was a model 3. I still have the model 3 and for a few weeks I switched back and forth between the cars. About a month ago I started just driving the model Y. Around that same time I started...
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    Project Smooth like Butter

    just to be clear, you tried different tires, but on the same rims? I'm suggesting I will get lightweight 18" rims and new tires with larger sidewalls. I figure this is not a big expense as I can use the stock rims for winter tires. I would buy a second set of rims and tires anyway. with...
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    Project Smooth like Butter

    What I want to do is make the ride in my 2021 model Y smoother. Yes I know I could have bought an X if I wanted a smooth ride, but for a number of reasons such as cost and in Canada being able to only write off up to $55,000 of the cost of the vehicle, I choose a Y. I also understand that a...
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    Model Y 2022 - what should Tesla offer ?

    110 volt AC outlet in the car. seems like a no brainer. I have seen it on ICE vehicles
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    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    HI I ordered on May 22, Order #12742 Any idea when I can expect them? Also, Ill ask this question here as it might help others I am only interested in making the ride more comfortable. Somewhere in these comments someone pointed out that the instructions say to not crank the settings fully...
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    EV tax write-off: can it be spread over multiple years?

    I have another question. I'm buying a model Y this year, and I might buy a model Y next year for my wife. She helps me with work sometimes so we write off her vehicle at @%50. We havent kept logs, but with the large amounts of money involved with this tax deduction we certainly will, But, my...
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    EV tax write-off: can it be spread over multiple years?

    Thanks Warpdryv I have asked questions about class 55 vehicles on other forums and and never gotten clear answers. I even asked my accountant and he didnt know. I have a business but I am not incorporated. I manage rental properties and I have written off vehicles and a home office for...
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    model Y as a limo

    OP Here So you guys are thinking of big Hollywood events where Tom Hanks steps out of a Limo. Behind the scenes on a movie shoot its not quite like that. I was working a big budget movie in November. I needed a ride back to my car so I hopped in one of the Dodge Caravans that they use to...
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    model Y as a limo

    OP here, coilovers are definately on the table. As I mentioned, this is going to be a side hustle, the car will mainly be my personal vehicle. If it gets rented, great, if not l'll be using it myself. The tax deduction in Canada is for up $55,000 of the cost of the vehicle. A model X here...
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    suggestion for a website name for Tesla rental

    HI I want to rent out the Model Y I have ordered to the film industry to drive VIP's around. I want to set up a website and I am looking for suggestions for a name. The business will be in the Toronto area and will be focused on the TV and film business. Key words should be "Tesla" and...
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    model Y as a limo

    I watched some comparison videos between the X and Y. the guy was 6'5". He felt the back seat of the Y felt the roomiest. My only concern at this point is ride quality.
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    model Y as a limo

    I went for a test drive to take a good look at the size of the back seat. Compared to my model 3 it is much bigger and I think it is totally suitable for my purposes. While I do agree that the ride is a little harsh, I decided to order one. This will be a side hustle and I am not planning on...
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    model Y as a limo

    I'm in Canada so I'm leaning towards the Y. There is a new class of vehicles for tax deduction purposes. Class 54 and 55. It allows you to depreciate a vehicle used for business up to %100 but up to a maximum of $55,000. So from a tax perspective I am better off choosing the cheaper vehicle...
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    model Y as a limo

    I don't mean a model Y as a stretch limo, just using it to drive around VIPs. I work in the film business and I have been considering getting a model Y that would be used to drive around VIPs. it would be doing things like picking them up at the airport, driving them to the film set and...
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    First long trip on first EV. Few issues to report

    I have leared that I can trust the navigation system with regards to making it to the next charger. We aim to arrive at the next charger with 10%. The software is conservative I find, plus you can always drive slower if you find you will not make the next charger. The car charges sooo much...
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    Anyone know how to replace a headlight light bulb?

    I am past 80,000 km so no warranty left (I'm pretty sure?) I dont want the hassle of taking it in to a service center. Is it not possible to fix this myself? Surely this is going to be something going forward that people will want to fix themselves. I have seen a few videos that replace the...
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    Anyone know how to replace a headlight light bulb?

    HI I have a 2018 model 3 it looks like a headlight bulb has burnt out. It is hard to tell what exactly what has burnt out but it looks like it is a bulb in the main cluster, just below the main headlight, but not the foglights further down. Could someone please point me to some information on...
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    Can someone please explain the new CRA deduction to me?

    also, it looks like this deduction would not apply to a model y. The base MSRP has to be below $45k, so the made a goofy short range to comply with that. it seems it would not apply to a Y. could anyone above confirm if they have done this deduction with a model Y? I am seeing plenty of Y's...
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    Can someone please explain the new CRA deduction to me?

    OK, does anyone know if you can say depreciate %25 each year for 4 years? It would not make sense to to take the whole deduction in one year if it pushes you into a lower tax bracket. Put another way, what you would want to do is take enough deductions to push yourself to the lowest point of...
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    Can someone please explain the new CRA deduction to me?

    Im talking about this Zero-Emission Vehicles - Canada.ca Where you are allowed to deduct %100 of the cost up to $55,000. So here is where im at. I have a small business and I legitimately use my car for work. I use %85 business use on my taxes. I have a 2018 model 3 so it does not qualify...
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    Aftermarket Hitch Installation for Model 3

    I never liked where the safety chains attach on the stealth hitch so I took it down to my local welder and had them weld a half circle of steel to each side of the hitch. Now if the trailer detaches the safety chains are not going to rip the back bumper cover off. Much better solution. $50 to...
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    buy a model Y, new tax deduction rules?

    So that is my problem. I bought the model 3 in 2018 so it doesnt qualify for for the new rules. My idea is trade in the 3 for a Y and get a %100 CCA up to 55K in the first year. I asked my accountant and judging by his answer I dont think he is aware of the new rules. I Then sent him a link...
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    buy a model Y, new tax deduction rules?

    I have a 2 year old model 3. I have financing on it for another ~2.5 years. I have a small business and I legitamately use it for business. Due to it be financed the write-offs are not very good. Now that the rulles have changed I am wondering if it would be better to trade in the model 3...
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    Model 3 Phone Charge Cable Swap Thread

    Have: lightning cable want: USB C Location Toronto, willing to mail, would prefer a fellow canadian for ease of mailing
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    Canadian tax strategies for writing off Cybertruck

    HI I want to buy the Cybertruck 3 motor when it is available. I am thinking about tax strategies to write it off. Typically I don't buy new vehicles, But I have a model 3 and I can see the savings in repairs and maintenance (and fuel of course) are a good arguement for buying the Cybertruck...
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    My two biggest problems with the cybertruck

    How is it any different from the majority of pickups sold today? Four doors and a short box. Walk onto any dealership and try to find a 4 door long box. You will load drywall just like everone else does. With the tailgate down the bed will be 8 feet long and it will fully support the drywall
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    Think we'll be able to use the cybertruck as a home generator?

    ok, here is my idea of how the Cybertruck could be used in conjunction with an off grid house. This is specifically for areas that have a change of seasons where there is considerably less sunlight in the winter. You would also need easy access to charging, perhaps at work , or a supercharger...
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    The only thing I want is a smoother ride

    The only thing I want is a smoother ride. How can I get that? I'm 50 years old and I use my LR RWD model 3 for commuting and going on vacation. The roads in the Toronto area are crap. Lots of potholes especially in the spring. I don't care about lowering the car, making it perform better...
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    Help convince me that the Model 3 is an appropriate car for me...

    I have a model 3 long ranger with aero wheels, and a set of snow tires also on aero rims. We just went on a 2 week trip from Toronto to Key West. We had to wait once at the supercharger at the airport in Savannah, but I think that was because we were there on the Saturday before Christmas which...
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    My ghetto fix for frozen charge port

    Yes I tried the the mechanical release. Firstly it is not a true mechanical release in that it seems to only activate the solenoid instead of being directly connected to the tab. Secondly, if the tab is frozen, the lever arm falls off the solenoid when you eventually end up pulling it too...
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    My ghetto fix for frozen charge port

    "Means, make sure to press the button to stop charging before pull out." ..... I hadn't thought of that. When I supercharged I did press the button and charging stopped, then I pulled the cord out. But I do see how this can be a real hazard. Especially because its DC at a supercharger, so it...
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    My ghetto fix for frozen charge port

    Update, I was at a local mall that has superchargers so I plugged in for a bit. I was about %35 charged but the battery was most likely cold. It charged at about 48 kw. No errors. We are going to Florida in a month so it is critical that I am able to supercharge
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    My ghetto fix for frozen charge port

    I'm in Toronto, and we have gotten an early blast of winter. Every time I have charged my car when it has been below 0C the tab that holds the charge cable in has gotten frozen and will not release the cable. What I had to do is from inside the trunk I pulled back the felt liner then removed...

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