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    2022 M3 LR - Rear window goes fuzzy/blurry with defroster ON...

    It's been that way since the very first M3s out 2018.
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    Flaky charge port door after latest upgrade?

    Wow! I thought my door was about to break. So it was the software's fault! Please log a bug report using the "bug report" voice command to get Tesla to fix this! The more people that submit, the more likely it'll get their attention.
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    Has anyone used the Tesla reccomended body shop?

    Don't just blindly go with the insurance company recommendation! They have no idea what is involved in fixing Teslas! TD Insurance recommended I go to the Mazda dealership! I went with Telsa approved Excellence Auto instead. The job was huge! Over $40K in repairs, but it probably came out...
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    Experience with charging on 120V outlet in winter

    My only experience was at an AirBNB near 0C. I wanted to check if it was charging by going into the car and sitting in the driver's seat. Little did I know that this turns on the heating which eats up ALL the power from the plug and the charge rate was 0. Took me a long time to realize I had...
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    tesla canada green plate on delivery

    It used to be green. But if you are close to delivery, you should have the contact info of a delivery specialist to confirm.
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    What Do YOU Call the Pedal on the Right?

    But diesel fuel is still a liquid. It only becomes gas after combustion.
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    How Long to Get Used to Driving M3?

    What? No one mentioned how easy it is to curb rash the M3?! This car's wheels stick out from the side much farther than others (plus the rubber doesn't protect the rims). Many of us curb rashed our cars after delivery. :-(
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    Phone key connected

    The connected status on the app indicates whether the BLE is connected. Once connected you can use your app to unlock doors. Vehicle location (and most other functions) is obtained through the internet and is updated only when the car is awake and connected to the internet.
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    GTA Car Wash (not detailing)

    Haven't been there since the Before Times, but the Petro Can at Yonge & 7 came highly recommended by car people. https://www.petro-canada.ca/en/personal/gas-station-locations/5-red-maple-road-richmond-hill There used to be no tracks and touchless -- hopefully it's still like that.
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    Charged for recall?

    Service dept replies to text via the app much faster than voice calls.
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    Is 120v charging enough

    Too many forums keep recommending the 240V 50A upgrade. It is often unnecessary, and in many cases very costly -- as it would have been in my case. It took me a long time to figure out how to convert a 120V 15A circuit to 240V 15A circuit myself but the information is out there if you are able...
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    Anyone in colder climes notice full regen when still cold? It's been 8C for the last couple of days here and I got full regen after parking the last couple days and finally driving now.
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    Regenerative braking at lower temps?

    If you look closely on your screen rendering of the car, the brake lights will also light up. It's very hard to tell though since it's so small. Tesla should really exaggerate the rendering.
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    Mud flaps missing clips

    Can you just use one of the original clips?
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    2021 Model 3 Weathertech

    Tuxmat does indeed have great customer service. After being in an accident and losing my retaining pin in the ensuing repair chaos, I e-mailed customer service to see if I could get a replacement. They sent me one right away at not additional cost! Anyway, I've used their M3 mat for 2+...
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    Finally Finished: Model Y Charging in Underground Condo Garage

    @lw03tor, I see you're from Toronto too. My condo board has been prompted to consider EV charging infrastructure and is seeking advice from owners. How is your setup in your condo going? Is it worth pointing my board to use your type of setup?
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    Supercharger experiences

    Sometimes Supercharger locations are pretty close together -- maybe an hour away. If the Tesla nav wants to bring you to a busy one with few available stalls, click around your route and try to stop earlier or stretch it later to find a less crowded SC. E.g. driving between Toronto and...
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    Getting Started with first Model 3

    I scraped my wheels the 1st week driving the 3 while trying to judge its "cornering" capabilities. You have to realize that the wheels seem to stick out wider than any other car and the friggin rubber does not protect the wheel itself like other cars might.
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    Anyone have experience with these GTA body shops?

    Tesla also recommends Velocity Auto Shop which would be closer to my house. Anyone have experience there?
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    Anyone have experience with these GTA body shops?

    I was in a collision. My insurance says they recommend these preferred shops. Anyone have experience fixing Teslas with these? 1. HVN Collision 2. Fix Auto Markville 3. Carstar 4. Markham Mazda (!!!) All are in the Markham area. If no one has experience with those, I think I'll just ask...
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    FS: M3 OEM 18” tires CAD$450 - Toronto - barely used

    I posted this the Parts forum but it seems local people frequent here more. FS: M3 OEM 18” tires CAD$450 - Toronto - barely used
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    Like new M3 OEM mats $50CAD - Toronto

    Carpet mats that came with new car. Only used a couple of months for short commute to work in summer time (so only the driver side really) until replaced with Tuxmats. Pickup/dropoff in Markham. Will post pics later.
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    Get paid by Alectra for EV charging data monitored by Fleetcarma device

    Wow! Guess the program was really small. I managed to signup just before posting here.
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    Get paid by Alectra for EV charging data monitored by Fleetcarma device

    Just got this in my e-mail. Get paid $50 plus $5 per month for the next 2 years or so by providing your EV charging data. Alectra customers (in Ontario, I presume) can sign up: [email protected] | FleetCarma
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    FS: M3 OEM 18” tires CAD$450 - Toronto - barely used

    Set of 4. Pickup in Markham ON only. Used less than 2000km. Tires only. Does not include rims nor TPMS.
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    Unsure of purchase

    You do lose a large percentage of range if your drive is short (e.g. 30mins) because lots of energy is required to initially heat up the cabin and battery. But on longer drives, you will lose less as a percentage since you need less energy just to maintain temperature. But if your drive is...
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    Which winter tires are you biying?

    WRs are awesome. No need for seasonal swaps! Had mine on the 3 for a year now. Previously had a set for a Ford Escape. Happy repeat customer.
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    Where's the new Toronto Service Centre?

    Strange no one is posting about this but, where would the new SC be? This recent article mentioned it: https://electrek.co/2019/08/07/tesla-open-30-service-centers
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    Is FSD worth it?

    Wow! This is just FUD. When I purchased EAP last year, it was not supposed to be FSD. FSD was an additional option which I didn't go for. Anyway, beware taking advice on the internet -- especially from new members with 4 posts.
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    What is the line up process when Kingston Supercharger is full?!

    I noticed the Nav automatically chooses Kingston vs Belleville when coming from Montreal even if you have enough juice to make it to Belleville. Does the same happens on the Ottawa to Toronto drive? If so, of course Kingston gets overloaded.
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    Walk away lock

    When you step out of the car you must not touch the brake pedal. Otherwise auto lock will not work.
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    Tesla Nav vs Waze in Toronto: Opinions wanted please!

    TeslaNav has pretty accurate traffic info usually. Routing changes are quite aggressive but I'm not sure it really saves any real amount of time. E.g. It took me through local streets from 401 to 404 coming from Yorkdale. Biggest weakness is: it greatly underestimates left turn times. E.g...
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    All Teslas inadmissible for import into Canada? (Update: US cars can now be imported to Canada)

    Actually, Ford dealers in Buffalo did use to help import into Canada. I bought a Ford back when the C$ was higher than the USD and the dealerships all knew what to do. Tesla Service Centers are busy enough without worrying about exporting/importing.
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    Nokian WRG4 - Just Got New Rubber!

    Just wanted to add - I've been using the 18 inch ones on the M3 since November. It was awesome in the Toronto winter and now that it is warming up, it is still awesome. Noise is low. Grip has been nice since the beginning. And I'm impressed with the efficiency - I'm getting sub 150Wh/km in...
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    What causes the clicking/sliding motion felt thru the accelerator pedal?

    Something like that happens to me when I have AP or TACC enabled and the car wants to slow down but I press gently to try to maintain speed. The accel pedal kind of buzzes when it is fighting my foot.
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    FNG needs help...

    Try all avenues to communicate with them. I find they reply much faster with text and e-mail.
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    Getting trolled by coworker about model 3 underbody scooping dirt article

    Co-workers trolling will continue cuz every little thing about Tesla gets picked up by media and social media. Think up more comebacks. I tend to go with: problems exist in all cars but no one cares about theirs to write some article about it and spread it around.
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    Looking for a Rugged USB key for Tesla Cam and Sentry mode

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I've looked all over and it's surprising that most manufacturers don't state the temperatures, or 0C is the lowest operating temperature. I think the Samsung MUF wins just because it is officially rated to -20C: Here's the Samsung link with the specs...
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    Looking for a Rugged USB key for Tesla Cam and Sentry mode

    I had a normal ADATA 64GB USB key in the M3 and it died after 6 weeks of parking at the service centre (waiting for a HV battery replacement!) and at home for vacation. Temps were -20C for several days during that time. After getting the car back, I found that the USB key is unreadable in...
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    Battery warming in cold weather, even when not plugged in?

    Interesting... I got my car in May too, and I never ever saw "Battery is warming". But it did throw a "Unable to charge" and "Needs service" notice after a -15C night last week. Now I'm waiting for a full battery replacement from the SC.
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    Bitter cold and snow in GTA vs my Model 3 (LR, RWD)

    Better off investing in a 240V plug at home. You don't even have to have 40A like others on the forums insist. I upgraded to a 15A 240V plug using existing wiring for under $100 in parts. With my setup I still get 17km/h charging even at -25C.
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    Car honked once, and unlocked. I did nothing?

    As an engineer working with RF signals all day, I think OP had phone near the edge of the proximity range threshold -- at this distance, phone can be physically stationary but RF signal strength can fluctuate between strong and weak to cross the range threshold randomly. (Outside of a RF...

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