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  1. Alexander

    Boombox Custom Sounds (not working)

    Wanted to start a thread for Model S owners having trouble with custom sounds in Boombox. Seems like some Model 3 owners have gotten it to work by doing the following: - Create a partition on an existing USB just for Boombox or use a separate USB drive - Format the USB drive as exFAT - Label...
  2. Alexander

    165k Miles Battery Degradation

    I need help. I'm trying to figure out how much my battery has degraded in the 5 years and 165k miles I've owned it. It seems like my range has fallen off a cliff recently and my 0-60 performance is just atrocious compared to what it used to be. The car just feels very weak over all and today I...
  3. Alexander

    Model S an Absolute Bargain in 0-60 Comparison

    I know the Model S is a total bargain compared to other performance/exotic cars, but I wanted to see the actual numbers and this is what I got. (Note: all prices are base prices without any options added) Kind of nuts considering it has excellent storage, you can seat up to 7, "fill up" for...
  4. Alexander

    Model X Parking Sensors now Visible

    Anyone know why the parking sensors on the Model X are now visible? I don't think its a big deal that you can see them, I'm just curious
  5. Alexander

    Electric Cars Pollute More Than Gas Cars - National Bureau of ER Says

    The National Bureau of Economic Research just released a study that claims EV's can pollute more than gas cars. If you want to read the whole article on Arstechnica here it is: How much do electric cars actually pollute? | Ars Technica However, it's mistakenly doing an apple-to-oranges...
  6. Alexander

    Historical Data on Used Model S's Sold

    I know there's a website where you can look up historical data on used Model S's that have been sold, but I can't find it anywhere. Someone posted a link to it on the "Tesla's for Sale" page, but I can't find the thread and a Google search comes up dry. Does anyone have that link? A family...
  7. Alexander

    Supercharger Stall Wrecked in Primm NV

    Stopped off at the Primm Supercharger on our way home from the Hoover Dam, and this is what we found: (on a side note, why is there no charging infrastructure at the Hoover Dam?!)
  8. Alexander

    Tesla Mini Store for Market Testing

    I was at the mall yesterday and ran across this: I talked to the sales guy and he said Tesla is testing the market with this mini store. I hope they do well. I want a Tesla store up here.
  9. Alexander

    Tesla PowerWall without Solar

    Let me start off by saying that the Power Wall combined with Solar is the best solution by far. However, if you're like me and you haven't converted to solar yet, I think investing in a Power Wall without Solar is still a very smart investment. Here's why: I have a separate meter for my car...
  10. Alexander

    What Happens When You Run Out of Energy (on 6.2)

    So I unintentionally almost ran out of energy yesterday, lol I was driving home from Las Vegas using the new 6.2 Navigation software. I REALLY like the new navigation, but after yesterday's experience I think it needs the ability to enter multiple destinations. I had to pickup my daughter and...
  11. Alexander

    Proactive Courtesy Inspection on the Battery

    Tesla just called to schedule a "Proactive Courtesy Inspection on the Battery." I was scheduled to have work done on the car tomorrow, but they called to see if I wouldn't mind rescheduling so that they could do a free inspection of the battery. I don't mind at all, but I've never heard of...
  12. Alexander

    Another Fact Sheet to Handout

    I know this has been done many times before, but I made my own one sheet to hand out and would like everyone's opinion on it. Here it is:
  13. Alexander

    Uber Luxury Qualified

    So I signed up my Model S on Uber. My original intent was to do it as a gag and/or way of spreading awareness of EVs. But when I went in for the inspection the staff at Uber told me that my car qualified for Uber Luxury. At first they weren’t sure because they had “never seen a Model S come in...
  14. Alexander

    How to do Donuts in a Model S

    So my rear tires have about 2,000 or so miles left before its time to get them replaced (19" rims). I figured it would be nice to take them out with a few circular spins around an empty parking lot. I know that in order to do donuts you need to pull the fuse for the ABS and disable the traction...
  15. Alexander

    A Tesla Hater just told me "Batteries Cause Cancer"

    Ever since I took deliver I feel like I've become an ambassador of sorts. I get questions about my car almost everyday (as I'm sure many of you do), and occasionally get a skeptic. Most of the skeptics I've come across are skeptical because they're not very informed. For example, I might hear...
  16. Alexander

    Fly in my Taillight

    Two questions came to mind when I found this little guy: How did he get there and how do I get him out! lol
  17. Alexander

    Toured the Factory Today - Model X is Coming

    I toured the Factory today. I signed an NDA, so I'm not going to give any details about what I got to see, and will try to be as vague as possible. Here goes! Model X is coming and it looks like it's coming fast. The mood around the factory felt very centered around Model X, and it looks like...
  18. Alexander

    High outside temperatures reduce charging speed?

    This is probably a no brainer. But do high outside temperatures slowdown the speed at which the car can charge? I've noticed that when itsparticularly hot outside it can take almost twice as long for the car to charge. When I got home this afternoon I had about 26 miles of range left...
  19. Alexander

    Google’s New Self-Driving Electric Car Built at Tesla's Factory?

    Has anyone seen this video yet? There's no information regarding who built the car, but that factory looks an awful lot like Tesla's factory (seen 54 seconds into the video). If it was built in Tesla's factory it would make a lot of sense.
  20. Alexander

    Moon Roof Won't Completely Close

    Anyone else experience this? I know you can't be driving to fast (I think its over 70mph) when you go to close it. Otherwise it won't close all the way. But this is happening when I'm parked and not moving at all. If I open and close the roof enough times it will eventually close...
  21. Alexander

    Current Service Bulletins

    Besides the new underbody, does anyone know of any other service bulletins? I'm taking my car in for its first inspection and want to make sure I get all the current service bulletins done. Are there any bulletins I shouldn't get done?
  22. Alexander

    Slower Acceleration After 5.9 Update?

    Has anyone noticed a drop in acceleration after updating to 5.9? After the update my car felt (and still feels) noticeably slower. Others that have driven my car both before and after the update have noticed the difference too. Its still stupid fast, just not as stupid as before.
  23. Alexander

    Slacker Radio Stops Working

    Does anyone else have a problem with Slacker Radio bumping you off because "another device is using your account?" Sometimes ill be listening to a song and after it finishes it wont start playing the next one. It just stops. All my previous searches disapear and when I select Slacker Radio says...
  24. Alexander

    "Five automakers who have driven innovation"

    Elon made the list of the top five innovators in car history. Here's the link to the second page of the article: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/02/the-rest-of-us-ride-shotgun-five-automakers-who-have-driven-innovation/2/
  25. Alexander

    LA to NY Kick-off Rally

    Did anyone else just get this in their mailbox? I just RSVP'd
  26. Alexander

    Amp Limits on UMC

    Does anyone know the maximum number of Amps you can get through the UMC? When I was at the service center yesterday, one of the reps said I could set the car to charge at 40 Amps through the UMC. But I'm curious what you guys/gals think? If you could set it to 40 Amps, should you? is that a...
  27. Alexander

    No Loaner - Instead they gave me a Limo w/Driver!

    Had to take my car in for some unexpected service today... When I got to the Service Center the representative said he couldn’t offer me a loaner, but that he could have someone take me anywhere I needed to go. When my rep told me that my ride was here, I turned around and it was a Limo! The...
  28. Alexander

    Glitches on the Tesla App for Android

    Is anyone else experiencing connection problems and/or glitches on the Tesla App for Android? I have my own theory as to what could be causing it, but I'm curious to see what others think. Here are the symptoms: 1) Every time I open the app I get this error message: "A Connection to the...
  29. Alexander

    HELP! - I Need Financing for my S

    My car is being delivered tomorrow at 11AM. Tesla Financing fell short of what I needed to finance and now I'm running around filling out applications like a mad man. In the past, the dealers have done all the running around for me, but in this case I'm on my own to get financed. Now I'm lost...
  30. Alexander

    Nice Model S Review - Video

    Video review: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/10/video-review-tesla-model-s/ The full 6 page review: http://arstechnica.com/features/2013/10/review-tesla-model-s/
  31. Alexander

    Factory Delivery - Rent-a-Car or Fly

    So I have a date, a VIN, and I'm taking delivery at the factory! For those of you keeping track... yes, I've been a reservationist for 17 months. From my initial interest to actual delivery, I will have been waiting 25 months, lol But I digress... I'm finally taking delivery in December, and...
  32. Alexander

    Why the 19" Aero Rims will Never Sell

    First off, they're ugly... the only car color those rims look even remotely cool with is black. Opinion, I know... but hey go on Tesla's website and check it out for yourself. You'll see what I mean :) Second, they're too expensive for what they do - which is be efficient and save moola. If...
  33. Alexander

    Fast Battery Swap Could Enable Temporary Upgrade from 60 to 85?

    I don't know if this is true or not, but it was a thought that ran though my head... How awesome would it be if we could fast swap a 60kWh battery with 85kWh battery, and use it temporarily for long road trips?! Does anyone know if Tesla is planning to do this? Because for those long road...
  34. Alexander

    The Middle Class buying the majority of the Model S's?

    I've ran into a lot of Model S owners/reservationists that (like myself) fall into the Middle or Upper Middle Class category for income. So much so, that I'm curious to see who's buying/reserving Model S's. My feeling is that the Upper Middle Class is driving most of the demand, but I want to...
  35. Alexander

    New Options Essentially Raised my Config by $3,800 :(

    So I've had a reservation since May of 2012. My plan was to finalize my order in January of 2013, but my endeavor to purchase a home has taken FAR longer than I could of ever expected. So at the advice of my mortgage broker and real estate agent, I've held off finalizing the order as it would...
  36. Alexander

    Energy lost when charging?

    Is there any energy loss when charging? For example, does it take 95kWh's to fully charge an 85kWh battery?
  37. Alexander

    21" Rim Price Increase (From $3,500 to $4,500)

    Did anyone one else notice that the price to have the 21" rims installed at the time of purchase jumped from $3,500 to $4,500? I was going to order my car with the 21" rims installed. But at the new price I'm going to wait to buy them after market so I don't have to finance an additional grand...
  38. Alexander

    Model S Destroyed in EV Safety Training Video

    Good information, but it turned into a horror show at around the 27 minute and 40 seconds mark... I'm not going to lie... I almost cried
  39. Alexander

    Finalize By March 8th & Get 2012 Pricing - Email from Tesla

    Did anyone else get this email? (see below)
  40. Alexander

    Feature Request: Better Range Projections using Logs & Statistics

    I don't know if anyone has one of these, but I have one of those super cool Nest thermostats. If you've never heard of it (or don't know what it is), it's an amazing little thermostat that learns about your habits AND your home. Over time it will collect statistical information about your house...
  41. Alexander

    Recreating the NY Times Road Trip - Feb 15-17, 2013

    Anyone interested in recreating the NYT's road trip, minus the detour? I imagine several owners have already made similar trips along I-95, but how about some Coffee and Eggs at Butch's and a group photo to show Tesla our support? I think it would be fun, and vindicating. Anyone interested...
  42. Alexander

    PC Magazine... Please Stick to Reviewing PC's not Cars

    I've read almost every bit of news regarding the Model S. Including articles that bash it in one way or the other, and I'm fine with that. I'm not a fan boy by any means, and sometimes the negative reviews can make really good points. Not to mention that Tesla is known for using criticism...
  43. Alexander

    Putting 0-60 in Perspective

    Hi Everyone, I made this 4 page document to try and give people a little perspective on just how fast the Model S is. Its one thing to say that the Model S faster than all these cars, but its something else to visualize it. The first five cars on the list are considered to be THE fasted...
  44. Alexander

    Panoramic Roof - No Sun Shade Needed?

    Now that we have a good number of Model S owners on the forum, can some of you weigh in on whether or not the Pano Roof needs a sun shade? Around this time last year I remember reading complaints that the Pano Roof needed a sun shade and Tesla insisting that the tinting would be more than...
  45. Alexander

    Can you delay your delivery after finalizing your order?

    How long will it take to get my car from the moment I finalize my order? I've been holding off on finalizing my order for various reasons (waiting to see leasing options, trying to buy a house, etc.). I want to time the delivery so that the car arrives sometime in mid to late May. When do you...
  46. Alexander

    National Geographic - Tesla Model S Documentary

    I guess NatGeo did a 45 minute documentary on the Model S! If you haven't seen it yet here is the link: Tesla Model S - Supercars 2011 - YouTube
  47. Alexander

    Poor Man's Model S

    I have a reservation to a Model S, but I don’t make enough money to afford this car, nor can I justify the high payment… or at least that’s what I thought. Here is the situation; I’m self employed, I’m in the Marine Corps Reserves, I’m a single dad, and my take home pay is about [REDACTED] in...
  48. Alexander

    Opting out of the Performance Edition

    I got my test drive a few weeks ago, and yesterday I got my "finalize your order" email! I'm extremely excited about getting my car, but after some thought I'm starting to think the performance edition might not be worth the price tag. I ran the numbers on the car I configured, and it looks...

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