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  1. TjckTock

    Why is lane shifting so hard to figure out?

    My commute is about exactly 50/50 and encounter the issue on both. Up until now, I typically don't engage FSD on the freeway and just use TACC and LA to avoid the issue. Am nervous about the upcoming software merger - I really hope it doesn't take away the LA option. I will be seriously...
  2. TjckTock

    Why is lane shifting so hard to figure out?

    Yeah, that is another thing that make this so annoying. If I cancel a lane change it should take the hint and not immediately try again. What's the point of having a "Cancel" option if it is just going to keep trying. However, this is almost understandable if FSD thinks that is the only way...
  3. TjckTock

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    I have 4.10.0 but only see "Vehicle" and "Powerwall" options on the Manage Products page (to get there, tap on your user profile pic in the upper right corner).
  4. TjckTock

    Why is lane shifting so hard to figure out?

    I don't know. One metric I think they must track is how often the driver has to disengage FSD and take over. If they fixed this, that number for me would drop by an order of magnitude. Unless they do it on purpose to keep the driver attentive... ;-)
  5. TjckTock

    Why is lane shifting so hard to figure out?

    Yeah, the only reason I can think for it to do this is they want a provision to cope with a disabled vehicle in the correct lane and perhaps that is the future scenario it is improperly identifying and switching lanes to avoid. At least that could explain scenario #1. Doesn't really explain...
  6. TjckTock

    Why is lane shifting so hard to figure out?

    From what I can tell the mapping is working just fine. The graphical interface is correctly representing all the lanes - the car just decides to move into the wrong one.
  7. TjckTock

    Why is lane shifting so hard to figure out?

    I am on the beta release and for the most part am amazed at what it does. However, what I would have thought super easy seems to be kryptonite for the FSD software: know which lane it should be in. This is, no exaggeration, the reason I have to take over 90% of the time. Examples: 1) I am in...
  8. TjckTock

    120 "wall outlet" IN the car? [no]

    Bricking it for a day scared me off. I have all the parts (relay, 1.3Ohm power resistor) to implement the work-around described in this thread but decided not to do so until I had the need. In am emergency I can do it but hoping to replace it with a Cybertruck before a need arises.
  9. TjckTock


    I don't mind the longer length. The main dimension that is a deal maker/breaker for me is if I can lay 4x8 stock down flat in the bed with the gate and tonneau closed. It will replace my 1996 K2500 Suburban which can do that (carry a stack of plywood with the gate closed) . I really hope this...
  10. TjckTock

    car wash mode disappeared

    No. English. Also, when I searched for a related thread from the Model S group I didn't notice the hit (this thread) was in the Model Y group. This is actually on a 2018 Model S.
  11. TjckTock

    car wash mode disappeared

    Same question. Reboot does not make it reappear. I am on V11.0 (2022.4.5.3)
  12. TjckTock

    Received a Tesla Shop gift card - what should I use it for?

    The car covers are very nice and well made. I use the outdoor one to help keep the interior cool and reduce UV degradation when parked in the sun. Maybe less useful for you since you work at home, but the indoor might be nice to prevent dust buildup - depending on how often you drive and...
  13. TjckTock

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    Good point. My concern is not so much hackers, though, but rather I don't need all the friends visiting my neighbors kids seeing those when they are trying to hook up to the wifi. Maybe Tesla is doing it as a form of free advertising but I deliberately try to *not* advertise the contents of my...
  14. TjckTock

    2014 - Remove rear trunk beep

    I wanted to add some notes to anyone else who lands here looking for how to stop the blare. Just prying with spudger tools, I was unable to pull the speaker cover off without the metal clips getting bent out of shape. I was only able to remove them intact when I inserted a flat tool to press...
  15. TjckTock

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    Even if communicating for load sharing, there is no reason to continue broadcasting after setup. It is only needed for discovery - and not really even then. If you know the SSID, it doesn't even need to broadcast during setup. I think this is a serious security issue. Allows anyone with a...
  16. TjckTock

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    Yup. Works great (besides having *two* chargers now blasting their SSIDs which is why I am here hoping someone has a fix). I just ran #6 wire from the first charger over to the second and followed the configuration instructions. The only hiccup I ran into was one refused to update its firmware...
  17. TjckTock

    Model 3 Audio Flat Sounding From Rear Speakers?

    I was experiencing an audio issue yesterday where I had no bass. Even with the lower two ranges cranked all the way up to max I could just barely hear Brian Ritchie carrying the Femmes which is a crime! Was going to submit a service ticket today but now it is back!?. Hopefully just a glitch...
  18. TjckTock

    Tesla: Please fix the stinky AC - here's how with an OTA update

    Cool. Theirs is an even better solution. Honestly I didn't know it was fixed already. Now I can stop doing it manually!
  19. TjckTock

    Tesla: Please fix the stinky AC - here's how with an OTA update

    I realize that stinky ac is not a Tesla issue but an issue with all cars. However, Tesla is in a unique position that they could *easily* fix it since the car is already location-aware. I've had this issue in every car I've owned so am already in the habit of turning off the compressor and...
  20. TjckTock

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    It's actually worse than that if there is any elevation change. The super charger in Campo Verde to the Grand Canyon is 138 miles. Assuming a destination charger you might just squeak by... until you consider there is over 6000ft of elevation to climb. Just the potential energy of a 10000lb...
  21. TjckTock

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    If CT appears to be materializing by the time F-150 Lightning reaches production I will get the CT but I did put in a reservation "just in case" as well as a way of signaling my approval to Ford. The 150 mile towing range is a serious issue but otherwise it looks like a great truck.
  22. TjckTock

    WTB: center console armrest limit switch

    bump (still looking for one).
  23. TjckTock

    What is it with ICE truck drivers? Is it just me.....?

    I also live in AZ and also used to get harassed by trucks. One even actually hit me and did several thousand dollars damage (insurance found him 100% at fault, though, thanks to TeslaCam). I generally don't do bumper stickers but shortly after the accident, I added a small (3"x5") American...
  24. TjckTock

    Unnecessary acceleration ticket

    The community benefits. Rolling over and paying encourages the officer to do the same thing to every other Tesla he sees.
  25. TjckTock

    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    I wonder if this could be paired with a Tesla ring. Anyone try? https://www.amazon.com/Hornady-Rapid-Night-Technology-98215/dp/B07754NPVZ
  26. TjckTock

    Best DIY Project?!

    Have you put speed holes in yet?
  27. TjckTock

    Class action against Tesla for turning off Prem Connectivity before it was an option

    Apparently they had paid for insurance coverage for warranty claims so, even though the company was bankrupt, the insurance company was still obligated. I think you are safe to purchase a standard system from a reputable company. My mistake was going with solar roof tiles instead of the...
  28. TjckTock

    Class action against Tesla for turning off Prem Connectivity before it was an option

    @focher - not rue (at least always). My solar roof tile array stopped functioning 5 years after installation. Discovered that both the company that sold the array and the manufacturer of the solar tiles went bankrupt so I thought I was screwed. A couple years later I get a letter to join a...
  29. TjckTock

    New Uberturbine wheels coming to Model 3

    The big question in my mind is if there are left and right versions. It bugs me that the current aero wheels don't.
  30. TjckTock

    What causes slow acceleration in AP/TACC?

    This does not appear to be the explanation. Was at a light last night. The car in front of me and to the side bolted but my Tesla did not and did its slow accel thing. One theory I am trying to confirm/refute is that it has to do with driver attention. On several occasions, when I...
  31. TjckTock

    What causes slow acceleration in AP/TACC?

    Been driving the car for over a year now and still cannot figure out why, sometimes, it accelerates painfully slowly when traffic starts moving on a green light. Not a big issue, just have to manually goose it a bit and then slowly release the pedal to let AP take back over. However, I was...
  32. TjckTock

    Topping off Tire Pressure - Valve Stem Blow Back

    You didn't by any chance install gunk or any other of those other miracle flat repair/prevention in a can products? Didn't think so. Just checking (had to ask).
  33. TjckTock

    Topping off Tire Pressure - Valve Stem Blow Back

    For you to have issues with three out of four suggests vandalism IMO. Someone loosened all your valves. It is not unheard of to have these removed as a form of vandalism. Maybe the culprit didn't want you to know where it happened so they just loosened them.
  34. TjckTock

    Navigation on autopilot and auto lane change. frequent feature you use for highway driving?

    Depends a lot on the driver. I love it. I use it all the time - even around town with the new update that recognized traffic lights. However, my wife absolutely will not use it at all. She refuses, even, to use cruise control in any car. Says she likes to drive and I can't argue with that...
  35. TjckTock

    Tesla should only publish 5-60 times for the Model 3

    I like the idea of standardizing to idle/0 to 60. Seems like 5-60 is a band-aid for the problem that folks will soon work around (nothing stopping someone from figuring out how to creep along at 5mph while your engine is fully revved). This. I like the idea of standardizing to idle/0 to 60 and...
  36. TjckTock

    Best Song for Premium Audio?

    This one sounds great on it. Great dynamic range.
  37. TjckTock

    3d Printed Frunk Leveler

    Model 3 Electric Frunk (MARK 3.0) – Tesla Offer I have to say that their customer support is great, too. Always quick to respond.
  38. TjckTock

    3d Printed Frunk Leveler

    Good idea, but no. I just holler out the window. However, it will start lowering itself when it detects someone trying to manually close it.
  39. TjckTock

    3d Printed Frunk Leveler

    I have to say I'm loving this in the current env. I also have power frunk accessory. My kids accuse me of "flexing" but it's fun to opening and closing the frunk for the curbside service for no-touch pickup. The shelf makes it easy to load and keep everything level (have to go easy on the...
  40. TjckTock

    Model 3 Dashcam Moments - Video or it didn't happen!

    No doubt he did. Thing is you never have right of way when you are behind someone. The merge was well marked with signage and lane markers and everyone else was properly zippering.
  41. TjckTock

    Model 3 Dashcam Moments - Video or it didn't happen!

    Not as dramatic as many of the others but exciting to me since the dashcam help me get justice. Happened at a zipper merge. F150 driver was claiming (quite belligerently) that I swerved into him.. until I produced this video. Shut that down. His insurance promptly paid 100% of repairs and no...
  42. TjckTock

    120 "wall outlet" IN the car? [no]

    If anyone has success in this, please post. When I attached my 1200W inverter to the terminals under the rear seat, I got the dreaded "Cannot maintain vehicle power", "Car needs service", "Unable to charge" messages. I hadn't even plugged anything into the inverter yet. Bricked the car for 24...
  43. TjckTock

    List your Top 3 accessory for Model 3

    [Edit: Forgot about tint. That's #1 for me.] 1) Tint 2) Suma Performance side mirrors 3) Outdoor car cover from Tesla
  44. TjckTock

    3d Printed Frunk Leveler

    Ah yes - Potentially Aware Cruise Control. I used to use that, too! ;-)
  45. TjckTock

    3d Printed Frunk Leveler

    @RayK : TACC ;-)
  46. TjckTock

    3d Printed Frunk Leveler

    My Tesla is now the perfect pizza acquisition tool. Toppings stay where they are supposed to be. No grease getting onto seats. No sliding around in the spacious trunk. Tesla Model3 Frunk Leveler by TickTock
  47. TjckTock

    Vendor Finally a place for sunglasses in Model 3!

    Another option: Glasses Tray for Tesla Model 3 by TickTock Not as convenient to reach as the Skyline product but it works. I keep a box of tissues in my center console - why I didn't like the organizer solutions similar to the one @Zenov listed. @skyline, does your solution clear a box of...
  48. TjckTock

    Should I see text messages in the "Messages" window?

    I am probably imagining it but I could have sworn when I first tested the new text messaging commands, VoiceComand:"Messages" would pop up a window with recent text messages that I could then select and respond to using voice comands. Now it only shows recent phone calls. Is this how it works...
  49. TjckTock

    Elon: We can reduce the length 6+ inches

    Maybe just reduce length on rear and dual motor variants and give the tri-motor, long range, the full size (or larger). Might help with the extra battery capacity required...
  50. TjckTock

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Loving all the new voice commands. Here's what I found so far. New in 2019.40.50: open glovebox Set cabin temperature to {xx} Turn AC {on/off} {open, close} rear camera adjust my {left,right} mirror Text {contact} {message} Turn wipers {on,off,auto} {increase, decrease} {fan,wiper} [speed]...

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