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  1. Quantm99

    Model S Rear Seat "Flap" (Cover for Latch) No Longer Rotating

    Not sure if this is your issue, but there should be a plastic locking piece in the center, under the flap when it is opened. It locks in place to keep the flap “open/up” but if you press firmly on that center locking piece, pushing it inwards, then it unlocks letting the flap close/rotate again.
  2. Quantm99

    Interior noise cancelling model s plaid

    I can confirm that it works well in my April 22 build. Thing is that it is quite sensitive to many factors. And as mentioned, you’ll need to understand that it isn’t ANC. And only minimizes noises coming from the wheel wells. If any window is open, it won’t work. If your fan speed is somewhat...
  3. Quantm99

    FS: DC/NOVA/MD Area: OEM 21” MYP Pirelli P-Zero Tires

    Still available. Make me an offer.
  4. Quantm99

    I sold my Tesla Model Y today

    I’d say OP got a good deal for the trade value. I got 65k for my 2020 MYP (no FSD) with 20k miles, wasn’t a trade in though.
  5. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Please be true! Just picked up my LR a week ago, 4/22 build, VIN 4767and no tilting screen yet 😩
  6. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I wouldn’t recommend Carvana rn. I know they had a recent glitch where they were overpaying for Teslas (or maybe it was Model Ys only), so it seems like they are trying to make up for that by low balling Teslas now…They offered 7k less than everyone else for my 2020 MYP…try Car Buyer USA or GMTV.
  7. Quantm99

    FS: DC/NOVA/MD Area: OEM 21” MYP Pirelli P-Zero Tires

    Tires are in great condition, with a lot of life left on the wear indicators. No punctures or any damage. Has under 5k miles. $600 OBO. 2 x 255/35/21 Front 2 x 275/35/21 Rear Local sale only.
  8. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Saved, hoping they do indeed honor including the mobile connector for pre-4/17 orders. The Tesla App video guides topic on Charging suggests it’s included, starts off by saying “This is your charging kit…” I would think that’s another reasonable argument to use if they gave us *sugar*.
  9. Quantm99

    FS: DC/NOVA Area: 19" Model Y Gemini Wheels - complete set

    Selling some OEM 19" Gemini wheels/tires/tpms/aero covers. $1500. No scratches/curbage/damage etc. Wheels are in excellent shape. Bought as a winter set for my MYP since there were no 21" AS or winter tires available in the country but the saw very little use, under 1k miles on them (still has...
  10. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Looks so good with the aeros on. What a sleeper.. I think I'm going to have to do this too.
  11. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Ordered in June, RN1151. LR White/black/19s/no FSD. Odd that my VIN eventually showed up in my app a day later, then EDD changed to a 6-day window. Seems legit this time around. I guess I'll go ahead and apply for a loan soon.
  12. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Anyone receive a VIN lately via email only, and not in their app? I did, and I’m confused if to believe it or just assume it’s transitory. EDD is 4/20 - 5/9.
  13. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Even picking only two of those qualifiers, the answer is still 0. Amaright? The closest contender would be the M3P, but MS LR is still quicker.
  14. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Awesome thanks! Finally some non-mule pics of white exterior! New tails really pop on white. Kinda glad I rejected vin 471... yesterday.
  15. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Curious if anyone has taken delivery of a refresh, refresh white? Would love to see pics... To date I have only seen the very early pics by the Kilowatts on twitter. I just got a text to schedule delivery for white LR/black interior/19's VIN NF4715 (not sure if this is refresh/new lights).
  16. Quantm99

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Yup, another data point: Mine moved a couple days ago from 2/15-3/14 to 3/6-3/31. Fingers crossed
  17. Quantm99

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Looks great. Got a link to the lip?
  18. Quantm99

    Dim Back-up lights

    I believe that at some point Tesla decided to integrate the screen brightness, interior ambient lighting, and back camera brightness into using one main control. So it's a software (gamma) issue, not the rear LEDs. The "fix" is basically to increase your screen brightness. Unfortunately this...
  19. Quantm99

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Swapping a steering wheel is actually a very simple and straightforward task, assuming mechanically this new wheel follows a standard design in the way it is physically attached. I could easily see swapping steering wheels as a mobile tech job similar to tesla garage remote install. The yoke...
  20. Quantm99

    Best all around tires? 19 and 20"

    I’m in a similar situation. Also in the DC metro, with MYP looking to step down to 19 and reuse my old wheels. I ran the Michelin AS 3+ on 19” tsportline TSS on my LR M3 previously, it was a great performing tire but harsher and def much noisier than factory. Wasn’t sure if it was the...
  21. Quantm99

    This is not the right time for me to buy a new Tesla

    I think the core idea that may not be readily understood is that the technology delivery model has evolved. It now more of a software development approach where it’s all about continuous integration and continuous deployment. Tesla in general, as a software/engineering company, has brought this...
  22. Quantm99

    Roadside tire repair review

    Good to know, thanks for sharing your experience. I could be wrong about some detail, but I think I've read somewhere that Tesla does not offer a loaner wheel if you're running aftermarket wheels. Can someone confirm?
  23. Quantm99

    What did you do with the Uberturbines for winter?

    Sounds like some folks are trying out 265/35s up front since there are more options in that size. But yeah best option at this time seems to be unfortunately a second set of square wheels and tires.
  24. Quantm99

    PUP winter wheels/tire

    Those wheels look sharp on the PUP! Are you lowered?
  25. Quantm99

    Any other buyers waiting on news of Acceleration Boost for MYP?

    This. M3P never got a performance boost, so I kind of doubt the MYP will get such. Musk did confirm Track Mode for the MYP, so I think that may be the best we will get for it. Although, let's not forget that we're talking about Tesla here, they change things up all the time.
  26. Quantm99

    If you had to do it again, would anyone NOT get the white interior?

    White interior first time around on the 3, black this time with the Y. Love the white but I found it too “flashy” and attracted too much attention from everyone. 3s are everywhere around me yet this happens. Kinda got old.
  27. Quantm99

    Acceleration Boost Purchased

    So with roll out, it’s probably down to 4.0 or 3.9 sec. Someone with a dragy confirm. Congrats MY owners! Christmas came early.
  28. Quantm99

    $2000 Acceleration Boost for Model Y?

    Tesla is pulling all their cards for the end of quarter. Wonder what else they’ll discount or offer for purchase. Hope track mode is free for PUP.
  29. Quantm99

    Best looking floor mats?

    Here’s something different... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084DK3MBW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_JYjxFbV88MGR4 There’s also this for the 3, cant find the Y version: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SPZ7DN7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_GFjxFbAQ85SA0
  30. Quantm99

    Observations on traded-in Model 3

    Didn't find that anyone has shared their experience on this topic... I recently traded in my LR AWD EAP with Accel. Boost to Tesla for a MYP. Just out of curiosity I searched my VIN to see what might have taken place after I let it go. Not surprisingly they turned it around in a few weeks and...
  31. Quantm99

    Berlin Factory Redesigned Model Y

    Musk: “It’s not just a copy of the Model Y, it’s actually a radical redesign of the core technology of building a car” I wonder what this means in terms of resale value for us early adopters. I think I will always love my MYP though. Elon Musk Suggests Tesla’s Berlin Factory to Make...
  32. Quantm99

    Trade in 3 for Y?

    One thing I'm guessing most folks aren't aware of is that, apparently any post-delivery Tesla upgrade is not factored towards Tesla's trade-in offer. So this includes FSD, Accel boost, etc. that is purchased anytime after vehicle delivery. It sounds absurd to me, but that is what my delivery...
  33. Quantm99

    Upgrade Purchases via Tesla App

    I would think it's based on your registration/profile state. But when I purchased the Acceleration Boost upgrade on model 3, I wasn't taxed. I'm in MD, so not sure why.
  34. Quantm99

    Trade in 3 for Y?

    11/2018 purchase here. LR AWD Blue/white interior. EAP. Accel. Boost. 23k miles. Tesla offered $39k. Carmx $31k... To give you an idea. Guessing the pandemic has an effect.
  35. Quantm99

    WTB: OEM 18" Aero wheels

    Looking for a set of Aero wheels with aero covers (wheels only) in the DC metro area. Willing to drive out a bit to meet. Reply or PM me.

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