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  1. Hookemhorns

    green light chime volume too low

    Just got my update with the green light chime. Works great, gave it a try this morning on various lights, sometimes I'm at the front at the light, sometimes behind other cars, sometimes left turns. All worked well. Love it.... Except...the volume is way to low for me. If I'm waiting for it, I...
  2. Hookemhorns

    Trading in your Tesla? Be sure to factory reset! I didn't....

    Traded in my MS for a MY last month. When I arrived at the delivery center, I went in, did the paperwork, and said I'l be right back because I wanted to do a factory reset. She said fine...well, I got in the car, and it wants your Tesla credentials to do the reset. Didn't work, it was already...
  3. Hookemhorns

    No mobile service in Georgia - anywhere else?

    Today I communicated with a Tesla service center in Georgia about scheduling a mobile service visit. Their response was, and I quote:' "mobile service for the GA area is currently shut down" Anyone have insight into this? Perhaps pandemic related? I haven't needed service that could be...
  4. Hookemhorns

    Walk up unlock, how do you know?

    Does the Y do anything when you walk up and it unlocks? My mirrors don't unfold, no lights blink, nothing. Is there anything i can set to happen? For now i just have to try the handle to see if it works.
  5. Hookemhorns

    When can I pay in the app? Delivery fast approaching

    My appointment for delivery is day after tomorrow, but the ability to pay for it in the app still not enabled. Is this normal? Should I worry, or contact Tesla (if that is possible) to get them to turn it on?
  6. Hookemhorns

    Today's trivia: 9 ways to open the charge port door

    There are 9 possible distinct methods to open the charge port door. One is pressing the button on the charge cable. How many others do you know? Prying it open does't count! Just legitimate methods.
  7. Hookemhorns

    Trade in a Tesla without charging cables?

    I’m getting ready to pick up my Y, and we’re trading our MS. Does Tesla check for and expect the charging cables? I want to keep mine.
  8. Hookemhorns

    Austin paint different from Fremont?

    There's a common topic over the years about the paint on Tesla cars made in California not being as hard or durable cars produced elsewhere because of California laws that dictate paint components that result in those drawbacks. Usually in the context of discussions about car washes or paint...
  9. Hookemhorns

    Want your sunroof to open? Tell it to close!

    Driving my 2016 75D, AP1, MCU2 this morning I had the sunroof open to 75%. I gave the voice command "close sunroof." The display correctly showed what I had said, then opened the sunroof the rest of the way! I repeated the command, and nothing happened.. So I used the MCU to close the sunroof by...
  10. Hookemhorns

    Built in Austin? Look for the "A" in VIN digit 11

    Drone footage is now showing Model Y cars lined up outside the Austin factory, and more being assembled inside. Perhaps we're almost there. According to InsideEVs, the build factory is digit 11 of the VIN. Digit 10 is the year, with "N" for 2022. Digit 11 is the factory, "F" for Fremont and "A"...
  11. Hookemhorns

    Can I cancel my FSD without penalty?

    When I ordered my Cybertruck 2 years ago I included FSD. I'm becoming less and less interested in it as time goes on. So...does anyone know Tesla's policy on order changes these days? When final configuration time comes, can I delete the FSD but keep the original price from when I placed the order?
  12. Hookemhorns

    Quick control screen keeps popping up

    2016 S75D refresh MCU2. With the latest software, the full-screen quick controls keeps popping up as I drive. I have to tap the little car icon in the lower left to get it to go away, then it comes back in a few seconds to a few minutes later. Two button reset doesn't help. Very, very annoying...
  13. Hookemhorns

    Selling test drive demonstrators, is something up?

    I just tried to book a test drive in a model Y. Very hard (here in the southeast) find one available. Finally booked one in Florida for about a week from now. But they said they are selling their demonstrators at all locations, so I have to confirm they have one the day before I drive there...
  14. Hookemhorns

    One of the downside of success...no test drive

    My wife and I want to take a test drive in a model Y. Called today, and every single showroom in Georgia has shut down test drives until after the new year. The gentleman on the phone at some central call center told me they were too busy delivering cars to show them to prospective buyers. He...
  15. Hookemhorns

    Reverse display has become transparent, hard to use

    I have an AP1 2016 MS with the MCU2 upgrade. Today for the first time when I put it in reverse, the upper half of the screen shows the backup camera as usual. But the lower half of the screen is very transparent, showing a slightly dimmed underlying media screen, with a barely useable depiction...
  16. Hookemhorns

    Key fob: using Model S fob on the ModelY

    The owner's manual online states "Although you can use the same key fob with multiple vehicles, it can only be paired to one vehicle at a time." Does anyone know if I can use my Model S key fob on the MY? That would save the expense of buying one. And it would be nice if I could move it from car...
  17. Hookemhorns

    End of quarter delivery disruption coming up?

    Assuming the bill passes with EV tax credit of ?? (as of now $8K) on MY and M3 purchases made after Dec 31 (i.e. starting next year), I can imagine tens of thousands of new owners who have a delivery scheduled the last few weeks of December insisting their delivery be delayed until January. I'm...
  18. Hookemhorns

    FSD Transfer - NO - but Tesla says it's really OK

    On the earnings call last week, Tesla was asked about FSD transfer. They said they really effectively do that, because when you trade in your car to them they increase the trade-in allowance because you have FSD, so you can just purchase it with your new car using the extra trade in money...
  19. Hookemhorns

    No wonder used Teslas cost more than new!

    Ordered my long range Model Y today. Estimated delivery was July!! If I had instead selected the extra cost 20 inch wheels, it would be estimated in April. Wonder when I will get it?
  20. Hookemhorns

    Screen froze while accessing manual

    Happened to me today, 2016MS MCU2. While we were driving, passenger opened manual, went to the index, then screen went very dim, not black. Nothing at all would respond. So I did a two button screen reboot while driving and BOTH displays went BLACK. Autopilot remained on, but could not be...
  21. Hookemhorns

    James May’s Model S 12V battery dies…

    …and he is not one bit happy. He left the car plugged in for a while, and the 12V died. Had to manually open the trunk and take out panels to get to it. Hard to blame him for being unhappy? First I’ve heard of something like this. Wonder if his 12V was about to go...
  22. Hookemhorns

    My manual is blank and screen locks up when I try to read it...have to reboot

    Just got the new release, don't know if this problem is related. I brought up the manual, and all the section titles are there but the content for all of them is blank. When I close the manual, the screen dims and locks up completely. I rebooted (two button), but that didn't fix it. Locked up...
  23. Hookemhorns

    Ford Blue Cruise

    Looks like Ford has announced their lane keeping/adaptive cruise control, comparing themselves to Tesla and GM. Not limited to the Mach E, the article said it would be for the F150 too! True hands off, a camera watches you. The description sounded good until I got to the ‘prequalified highways.”...
  24. Hookemhorns

    Teslas driven by seniors...

    Once level 5 autonomy becomes reality, Teslas would be the car of choice for those unable to be safe drivers (children, blind people, seniors with dementia). But for now, driving a Tesla is a full time job, especially with AP enabled. You have to be ready to instantly react to the unexpected...
  25. Hookemhorns

    Getting new MCU2. What now?

    My MCU1 on my 2016 75 AP1 is failing, getting worse all the time. Tesla has looked at it twice and will do nothing about it. So...because of that, and the price drop, and the increased speed, I'm getting a MCU2 to replace it in a couple of weeks. What to expect? For example... - Will the...
  26. Hookemhorns

    Weird MCU streaming media icons

    I have been trying to listen to podcasts on my AP1 MCU1 MS. None seem to work, I select a program and the screen comes up, but no loading circular arrow and no sound. So, I just go back to listening to news or music. Sometimes, though, the large graphic icon for the original podcast streaming...
  27. Hookemhorns

    A modest proposal.

    The Texas legislature seems to be controlled by lobbyists <gasp> from the car dealers association who have successfully blocked Teslas from being sold there. I’m a proud Texan, but embarrassed by this situation. I am intrigued that Tesla is considering bringing billions of dollars to the...
  28. Hookemhorns

    Unable to charge..disconnect cable and retry...then goes away

    2016 MS. When charging at home lately, when I plug in the UMC cable the dash pops up with a warning "Unable to charge. Disconnect Cable and Retry" If I wait about 3 seconds, the warning goes away, and charging completes with no further issues. This has been going on for a couple of months now...
  29. Hookemhorns

    A new Tesla model?

    I guess he couldn’t find the charge port
  30. Hookemhorns

    How wide is the bed (inside dimension)?

    I think I read Elon talking about a 4x8 sheet of plywood with the tailgate down, so I assume the interior width of the bed is at least 49 inches. Anyone know/have a guess how wide it is?
  31. Hookemhorns

    Parking Brake extra strong setting?

    If you press the button on the end of the shift lever the white "P" in the dashboard gear display lights up and you can hear the electric parking brakes energize. If you hold the button in for 2 seconds more the red parking brake symbol at the top of the dashboard display comes on. I asked a...
  32. Hookemhorns

    Price hike on trade-in

    Has anyone followed a Tesla they traded in to find out how much more they charge for resale as a CPO? Just wondering, given they do some reconditioning and need a profit to operate, what kind of markup has anyone seen
  33. Hookemhorns

    Charging will start…momentarily

    Plug into a supercharger, and it seems to take forever (well 30 seconds) before charging starts. The display just tells me it's getting ready to charge. At home, it starts in perhaps 5-10 seconds. And, maybe I'm imagining things, seems like for the past year it didn't take so long for the...
  34. Hookemhorns

    Bullet proof Model S

    The "International Armoring Company" is offering to take your Model S and bulletproof it. Bulletproof Tesla Model S Interesting, in the details they include "Armored battery, radiator, firewall, front fenders." Wonder if I could get a discount for them to forgo the radiator and firewall...
  35. Hookemhorns

    Delivery window dates - sooner or later in the window?

    My new S is "in transit." I have a delivery window in Atlanta of June 26 - July 10. Anyone have a story of how their delivery window worked out? Can I hope for something close to the 26th, or is it really any time during this two week window? The days now seem longer - I know all will be...
  36. Hookemhorns

    Does driving speed make THAT much difference?

    Looking at the mileage estimator Tesla used to have on their website, checking the range of a 70D. On a nice day (70 degrees), range at 80mph was about 200 miles; range at 55 mph was about 300 miles. I'm really rounding the numbers, but the difference to me is big! Would I really get about an...
  37. Hookemhorns

    Frunk interior release on dual motor/newer cars

    According to the online owner's manual: "Note: The mechanical release lever [for the front trunk] is not available on all versions of Model S. For dual motor vehicles and some newer models, contact Tesla for assistance." Does anyone know where it is or how to manually open the frunk on the...
  38. Hookemhorns

    Blink six cents a minute - good or bad?

    There's a level 2 Blink charging station near me, and their website says the cost is 3 cents every 30 seconds (that's $3.60 per hour). Level 2 at Blink - they don't say their charging power, but assuming 30 amps, J1772, does that add about 20 miles/hour? Seems agonizingly slow and expensive...
  39. Hookemhorns

    Contact list with multiple iPhones registered

    Waiting...waiting...mid June-July! Anyway, my wife and I both intend to connect our iPhones to Bluetooth. We'll synch my contact list, and when we travel together we'll likely have my phone actively connected for making and receiving calls. But...what if we choose her phone, or she get in the...
  40. Hookemhorns

    Tesla rolls out update to make it harder to crash a self-parking car

    That's the title of an article today in The Verge: Tesla rolls out update to make it harder to crash a self-parking car Sounds like a good idea - positive confirmation. I can easily see someone hitting the parking button twice when not meaning it.
  41. Hookemhorns

    TACC and changing lanes

    Still waiting for delivery next month! Soaking up all I can. The manual says when TACC is engaged (but not auto steer), if I engage a turn signal, the car will speed up anticipating I'll be moving over to the next lane. What is this experience? What if I don't change lanes quickly, or just...
  42. Hookemhorns

    Carscoops reporting free upgrade to 75kWh battery, huh?

    Reported today on carscoops.com (my emphasis): "On the AWD Model S 70D, the range will increase from 240 miles (386 km) to 259 miles (417 km). Unlocking the 5 kWh will set you back for $3,250 once you have purchased the entry-level 70/70D, but order it that way from the start and you will have...
  43. Hookemhorns

    CHAdeMO locations on the built-in navigation app?

    Waiting for my 75D delivery, so I'm reading the online manual. I found this on page 63 as one of the display options: "The map displays all visited chargers, Chademo chargers, and destination chargers." This may be the deal maker for getting the CHAdeMO adapter! Can anyone confirm that the...

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