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    New Model S no center console?

    I was just browsing Design Studio to see the latest options. Am I mistaken or is there no center console shown in the pictures? I'll admit that I am a little out of touch with recent hw updates so maybe I'm late to the news. Thanks!
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    HVAC settings changing on Drive

    Has anyone else noticed that the HVAC settings change when you put the car into Drive? I recently noticed that if I change the settings while in Park, and then put the car into Drive, they revert to previous settings. With cold fall weather this is getting a little bit frustrating as I often...
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    Feature Ask: I want variable wiper frequency

    Love my car, but I live in the rainy Pacific NW and while I appreciate the concept of automatic wipers I find that the two existing settings often don't match my needs. So I want to suggest that the center console should have a setting to let me increase the frequency of the 2 wiper speeds via...
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    Battery code for P85+ and D models

    I am familiar with the old codes: BT40|BT60|BT85|PBT8 Anyone know what the code is for P85+, 70D, 85D, and P85D? Thanks!
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    Steering suddenly feels loose and fishy.

    I am at about 1 year of ownership on my P85. Just starting a day ago my car steers a little loose and fishy. Like driving a big boat of a car. I thought it was tire pressure so double-checked and topped up the tires. Still feels the same. It is much more noticeable at highway speeds where...
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    New battery for D vehicles?

    The range is increased on D vehicles. For example it shows 295 for an S85D. Do we think this means there is an 'E' battery pack involved? Or are there other changes that enable greater range?
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    Seattle SC

    The TMC map for 2014 shows Seattle as an SC destination. Any word on when that may happen?
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    Detailing advice required

    Hi all, my car is almost 10 months old. I had planned on a full wrap but never did it. Nor did I get Opti-coat. Now I have a few light marks in the clear coat from people brushing up against the car. I am now considering my options and looking for advice as I've never really mastered the...
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    Estimated Wh/mi?

    I searched and did not locate a similar topic. I am disappointed that the RESTful API does not provide access to the Wh/mi values that show up on the console. Thinking about this got me wondering if it is possible to synthesize or approximate those values via rated vs. projected range. At...
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    Disconnect during charge causes charging on reconnect?

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered before. The other day I had to go to work and there was maybe 5 minutes left on my scheduled charge. Since it was so close I disconnected the cable and left for the gym. When I got home after the gym before work I reconnected and went inside to collect my...
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    URLHandler for Nav?

    I've been wondering if there is a way to send a clickable link to the car that triggers Nav. Somehow the center console can do it. Wondering if it is exposed in any way that we can access. If only there was a URLHandler for nav:// Anyone have thoughts? I am a little jealous of some of the...
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    REST API option_code for P85+

    Since the Apiary docs seem to have lost the comments I find I can't locate the option_code(s) for identifying a P85+ badged vehicle. I have so far: BT40|BT60|PBT85|BT85
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    Always asking to connect to WiFi

    My car has always been connected to my home WiFi since delivery with 5.6. Starting this week every time I get in the car it has the nag dialog up about connecting to WiFi. I will try rebooting the console since I just updated to 5.8.10. But wondering if others are experiencing this as well.
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    Next NW SC installation(s)?

    Anyone have intel on the next SC installs in the NW? From the map it looks like Seattle, Vancouver and Spokane/Cour d'Alene are potentially next.
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    EV access to HOV lanes in Washington State?

    I wonder if anyone can answer why a motorcycle is allowed to use the WA state HOV lanes but a TMS is not. Seems very wrong. A motorcycle is not a high occupancy vehicle.
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    One month old P85 with 12V battery issue

    VIN 22xxx. The weather has been pretty cold but my car is mostly indoors. I am a little surprised to have a 12V issue on a new car given the history. I wonder if new cars do not have the new deep cycle batteries?
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    If offered the update are you delaying install of 5.8?

    I am just curious and not advocating for or against. How many people are opting out of the 5.8 update as a result of the uncertainty about Smart Air changes?
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    Playing FLAC files?

    I had understood that FLAC files were supported. I used Audacity to convert a set of .WAV files to .FLAC. When I put my USB drive in place Sound Studio does not recognize any playable content. Is there anything I need to know about: - file extension? - format options?
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    How many times have you used Ranger service?

    Curious to know how much ranger service is used on average. For this question I don't so much care whether you pre-paid for it or paid on-demand.
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    Where's bareyb?

    You have to stop, charge and post at some point!
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    Valet Mode?

    OK, I know this has been discussed before, but now that I am about to take delivery this is more on my mind. Would you want TM to introduce a valet mode on the car? I would, for both valets and for teenage drivers that might get some ideas. My thoughts on this are: Would ideally have a PIN...
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    Did you have a front license plate installed in WA?

    I am looking ahead to delivery and wondering what to do about front license plate. I don't like the idea of marring the front with drill holes. I also don't love the idea of getting pulled over. I've seen the manual and automatic front plate kits. Anyone install one and if so do you have...
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    Tesla Service Plan and Ranger Service

    Feel free to point me at existing threads...Filling my time while waiting for car with considering service options. First, if you don't pre-pay for Tesla service can you just pay annually? Are you giving up anything by not pre-paying other than the risk of a price increase? Second, is there...
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    No Extended Warranty in WA?

    While I am waiting for my car I am starting to think about services. I met an MS owner here in WA that said you can't purchase the extended Warranty in the state. Is that true? Is that worrisome? Do we think there will be an option in < 4 years that lets us do so?
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    Yup, Ima P!

    Some of you witnessed my struggles to get comfortable with S85 vs. P85. Having driven the various flavors there is no doubt that I would have been thrilled with an S85, it is an awesome and fun car to drive. The P option was a bigger stretch than I (and certainly my better half) were expecting...
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    What are paint swirls?

    I've seen the term mentioned a few times but I am not familiar with it. Can someone explain what they are and how to spot them? Pictures would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Which launches faster: P85/19 or P85/21?

    I've heard that 19" tires have greater contact area. Does that mean that you get better launch from P85/19 over P85/21?
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    Waiting is hard!

    Confirmed 9/9. Got my electrician to install 2 of the 14-50 outlets in my garage. One on either wall for flexibility. Now what?!
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    Changing order from S to P after confirming?

    I hate to even ask and kind of hope the answer is No. But is it possible to change (upgrade) your car config after confirming an order? Waiting for the car to go into production is so hard! I am sure I will be super happy with an S85, its a major upgrade, but the waiting is making me second...
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    Confirm faster == Delivery faster?

    Hi All, after much research and consideration I placed my order today! Now I am wondering, if I confirm my order faster than the two weeks auto confirm does that shorten the time to delivery?
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    Steering Wheel S85 vs. P85?

    Are there any differences between the steering wheels? I like the P85 feel. I've only ever seen the P models. Waiting on a test drive of an S. Any other differences between the two models?
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    Order Online - or - through Store/Gallery?

    Just went by the local Store/Gallery and was surprised that they were pushing to purchase there instead of online. They say not only does that get them "credit" for the sale, but they provide more hand-holding through the order/delivery process. The first part I get, happy to give credit. But...
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    Purchase schwag?

    Purchase swag? Thought I recalled seeing that new reservations got some goodies. Is that the rule or the exception? Getting close to a decision and got curious. Not greedy but would love some toys to keep me company while I wait on production.
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    Grey vs. Black?

    I know this a very personal decision. But I am struggling to choose between grey and black. Any opinions? The grey shows the lines of the car a little more clearly, the black loses some of the body lines other than the silhouette. But the black is just slick and shows the chrome accents.
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    S85 or P85?

    Quick poll. Trying to weigh the value proposition of S85 vs. P85 against the $10K price difference. What does the community think, worth it? If so please share your thoughts on why and what options you'd trade away to offset the cost increase. Related question, is the Plus package a...

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