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  1. ValleyGeek

    Suspension / handling going from P85D+ to refresh long range S

    I don't have the direct experience you're looking for but I went from a 2017 Model X 75D with the old air suspension to a 2019 Raven S 100DL, which has their newer smart suspension but isn't as nice as the current Plaid suspension if I recall, and I notice an incremental boost to ride comfort on...
  2. ValleyGeek

    Michelin Crossclimate SUV

    I'm still quite happy with them overall after a year and 15k+ miles. They look like they still have some good life left in them but I can tell they have had some road wear. According to TeslaFi I'm averaging about 421 Wh/Mile; commonly commuting over a mountain pass. The trip gauge in the car is...
  3. ValleyGeek

    Random "Factory Reset" on My Raven S (2020.48.35.5)

    Here's the final statement from the service center: Basically "we know about it and if it happens again reset your settings again until a fix is available" I did get a software update shortly after arriving home and the car is now on 2021.4.6. Hopefully it's less aggressive about resetting...
  4. ValleyGeek

    Random "Factory Reset" on My Raven S (2020.48.35.5)

    When I dropped my car off this morning I was informed that the "issue is due to a known bug with the firmware and there aren't any followup corrections but the error report and diagnostic data I supplied was helpful to them" so it still seems worthwhile. I'm having a couple other, unrelated...
  5. ValleyGeek

    Random "Factory Reset" on My Raven S (2020.48.35.5)

    Unfortunately they changed my appointment to a Service Center on the 18th instead of a mobile tech on the 11th so it's going to be another week until I have anything to share from that.
  6. ValleyGeek

    Random "Factory Reset" on My Raven S (2020.48.35.5)

    I wonder if there was a bad nav data or software update version file pushed out. Those are the only significant items I'm aware of the car downloading in the background. Although they do have remote access to cars and the ability to mass update segments of the fleet so it's possible someone...
  7. ValleyGeek

    Random "Factory Reset" on My Raven S (2020.48.35.5)

    I had my June 2019 Raven Model S running version 2020.48.35.5 seemingly factory reset itself on me today, not something I've heard anyone else mention happen. I had gone for a few short drives this morning, running some errands, then parked the car around 1:05 pm (unplugged at 48% SoC)...
  8. ValleyGeek

    Model 3 approaches Camry levels

    I'm in Washington state about 30 minutes outside Seattle and Redmond. Any time I drive into town I can easily count a dozen Tesla's on the highway and a couple dozen more in town. I've been watching the Model 3's in my work's parking lot climb pretty steadily too - at least one additional every...
  9. ValleyGeek

    Tesla ContiSilent tire quote

    When I was looking for new tires I was told by Tesla that they don't provide any warranty services or flat repair on the replacement tires. I ended up ordering from tire rack and bringing them to my local tire shop (Les Schwab) for installation. My factory set lasted about 33k miles and I was...
  10. ValleyGeek

    Falcon Wing adjustment of height

    That's never a fun way to learn lessons for sure. Not a MCU upgrade but I had a FSD V3 upgrade a few weeks back and it took a day or two for the car to present me the latest firmware release to utilize it. It's odd that the option for height adjustment is missing though. I'd schedule service as...
  11. ValleyGeek

    Tow hitch receiver not latching

    I find with mine that the ball trigger is a bit stiff. If I push it up a bit faster, or take a hammer and give it a light tap up into the reveiver just to fully seat it, the mechanism will trigger.
  12. ValleyGeek

    Michelin Crossclimate SUV

    I shared my thoughts on them this week. Summary: I like the way they look and handle but they do lower range and ride a bit loud.
  13. ValleyGeek

    Towing with a Tesla

    I have a 6x10 foot enclosed utility trailer weighing about 3,400 pounds when loaded I tow around. The performance with my and handling with my 75D are amazing, even over mountain passes. The killer is energy use. Not uncommon for me to see 600-1,200 wh/mi when driving between 60 and 70 mph...
  14. ValleyGeek

    Model X's Insatiable Appetite for Tires

    I held out to about 33k miles on my factory set. The were pretty noisy, bumpy, and barely above being considered bald at that point though. I drive it pretty hard for a 75D but I don't have the acceleration of a 100 or P model to really chew through them. I replaced them with the Michelin...
  15. ValleyGeek

    Contractors who use the Model 3

    A) Not a Model 3 B) Not a building contractor C) This thread is too much fun not to share anyway! This past weekend I moved a dishwasher, eight 2"x2"x8' pieces of lumber and a couple hundred feet of coax plus random stuff over to my cabin all in the back of my Model S. Had plenty of room to add...
  16. ValleyGeek

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    I arrived in North Bend this past Thursday with a SOC around 9% (even though TeslaFi reports 11%) after just over 100 miles of continuous driving and thought I'd give it a shot in my Raven Model S to see what we could pull here. It took about 9 minutes for it to ramp up but it peaked at 159 kW...
  17. ValleyGeek

    Model X Falcon Wing Door crashed into a beam in my garage

    If you hold down the button to open the door, rather than just tapping it, it will open slowly and stop when you release it granting you manual control of how far it swings open. While this is a technically accurate statement, the doors also have hidden sensors in the side panel to observe the...
  18. ValleyGeek

    Self presenting driver door sensor

    Mine has always been very reliable and hasn't hit another car. It's possible the sensor in the door has come loose and needs to be resituated. I'd suggest setting up a service appointment, at least to make sure it's functioning as intended.
  19. ValleyGeek

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    I'm charging in my X75D and I haven't seen it go over 70 kW. Granted it's only 42 degrees outside. The stall closest to the entrance has been damaged, looks like it was most likely backed into but there is also a big snow pile next to it so it could have been the plow. I'm not sure how...
  20. ValleyGeek

    A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla... but what does that cost?

    In my experience, my late 2017 Model X 75D consumes about 2-5kw per day - according to TeslaFi during a month I hardly drove the vehicle. My electricity is about $0.11 per kWh in Washington State so it averages about $0.45 per day or $13.50 a month. I have sleep enabled in TeslaFi and Sentry...
  21. ValleyGeek

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    I just stopped in for dinner with my friend and caught the techs as they left. My S wasn't very low and had a cold battery but they wanted to see the process so I pulled in to show and test (screenshot uploaded). As noted, the spots are a bit tight, I had to be up against the tire stop and...
  22. ValleyGeek

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    #First! :p My friend and I stopped by tonight to top up while grabbing dinner at the Country Pride to give it a test. Both our vehicles, a 2018 Model 3 and a 2017 Model X, reached a peak charge rate of 0 kWh. A tad slower than other stations, but I assume they'll get that worked out soon. Great...
  23. ValleyGeek

    Longer warm-up time?

    This will be the first winter I've had my S (Raven P100D) and I've noticed two times on cold drive where I was surprised how long regen was taking to kick in. I didn't have it in the cold post v10 so I can't state if it's specifically the version. I assumed it might be something with the S vs...
  24. ValleyGeek

    v10 dash and mcu crashing

    My MCU has been unstable a number of times since V10 in my MCU2 S. I don't make calls on it but I've had it lock up a couple times while the car sits idle, stop updating GPS twice, not bringing the dash screen on without pressing the break a few times, and the speakers pop a lot when it's waking...
  25. ValleyGeek

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    I stopped by tonight to grab some new photos. The concrete has been poured and the ground has been re-graded. The only information I could see on the transformer was a large "1000" and a smaller "277/480Y"
  26. ValleyGeek

    Charging outside of the home

    My understanding is that for general, non road trip, use the long term idea is that we move away from the traditional "refuel station" (supercharger) paradigm and instead charge more frequently, but slower, at destinations. It lowers the requirement for large batteries which increases...
  27. ValleyGeek

    Longing for that Model X windshield. . .

    I completely agree that the windshield in the X is a huge plus for it (pun intended!). I drive my S as my commuter and every time I get in the X the open view is just spectacular. I wish it were slightly less tinted at times so I could see out the upper portion better but really appreciate it...
  28. ValleyGeek

    Website loading time mcu1?

    I'll second that 30-60 seconds is pretty normal for the MCU1 website load times. The hardware running it is quite dated for the amount of work it's being asked to perform.
  29. ValleyGeek

    V10 Auto Pilot Leaves Space when Passing Large Trucks with Trailers

    It's funny, I was talking with a friend about this topic yesterday. The idea we were discussing is how much easier autonomy would be if human drivers didn't need to be a factor considered. If all cars were immediately autonomous, expected behavior would be significantly simpler to account for -...
  30. ValleyGeek

    First day of delivery. Falcon wing door fails to close on slope. What shall I do?

    Unfortunately, this is very normal for service right now. Getting solid updates on progress or an ETA on completion is near impossible. I have always been treated very well at my service center and everyone sincerely wanted to be helpful but the truth is that they are so overloaded that they are...
  31. ValleyGeek

    V10 Auto Pilot Leaves Space when Passing Large Trucks with Trailers

    Forgot to mention that I'm on version 2019.32.11
  32. ValleyGeek

    V10 Auto Pilot Leaves Space when Passing Large Trucks with Trailers

    I hadn't seen anyone else mention this but thought it was cool enough to share. On my commute today I noticed on I-90 that my car very deliberately favored the left side of the lane when passing a semi truck or a passenger truck towing a trailer on the left. Very similar to what I personally do...
  33. ValleyGeek

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    I stopped by the site tonight and grabbed some more pictures for those interested. Looks like they are making reasonable progress. It's the first chunk of spots in the parking lot, relatively central to all the nearby businesses. It's the parking lot of the Country Pride / Popeye's Chicken...
  34. ValleyGeek

    Did Elon ever come through on his promise to fix the web browser?

    Ah, I was mistaken. It is still Safari indeed (image attached). That being said, there *was* an update made to it, around the time they rolled out Chromium on MCU2, that made it substancially more responsive than it used to be. The overlap in timing is why I assumed it too had updated to...
  35. ValleyGeek

    Did Elon ever come through on his promise to fix the web browser?

    My older MCU1 X had an unusable browser when I got it late 2017. It would take 2-5 minutes to render a basic webpage, even when I had full signal or was on WiFi. Once they switched to chromium it became usable. It is still not what I'd call snappy or quick but it made a huge difference and it...
  36. ValleyGeek

    "Performance Mode" Easter Egg in Raven Car

    Was yours a brand new vehicle, inventory, or used? Also, congrats!
  37. ValleyGeek

    First day of delivery. Falcon wing door fails to close on slope. What shall I do?

    I'd venture a guess that the OP's issue is a stiff joint or a spring that needs to be tightened. There is likely just enough resistance that when you're on the slope there is enough weight to trigger the safety cutoff. If this were the case it should be a very solvable issue. I can't say the...
  38. ValleyGeek

    Happy to report that V10 supports Plex Streaming

    I hadn't even considered trying this, sounds like another fun way to catch some movies in the car!
  39. ValleyGeek

    Disabled Safety Features

    My service rep mentioned that it could be software when I was talking to them while dropping it off as well, but it seems odd to me that the software wouldn't be able to self-calibrate and correct that type of issue. I'm glad they are towing it so you don't have make that drive yourself. Four...
  40. ValleyGeek

    Disabled Safety Features

    A service visit is definitely best. This set of errors was easily the least safe I've felt in a Tesla but I still felt reasonably safe that the passive safety (body crumple, airbags, rollover potential) were a decent protection. The active safety features really do go a long way toward overall...
  41. ValleyGeek

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    "Truck Town" (as we like to call it) by the Country Pride wouldn't be a terrible spot out here. There are definitely fewer food options but it's not completely sparse. A few gas station quick stops, a diner, a Popeyes Chicken, and a Burger/BBQ/Mexican place. There is a also a small hotel across...
  42. ValleyGeek

    Model X: Lost all visuals and AP

    I've seen similar behavior when the auto pilot computer crashes. It's only happened to me twice in the nearly two years I've had mine though. I suspect your computer is defective or not fully seated and should be completely covered under warranty at your service visit.
  43. ValleyGeek

    Raining While Charging

    As long as either end of the charger isn't flooded with water then you shouldn't have any issues. Water dripping on the outside of it should be fine. I'm in the Seattle area and have never had any issues with connecting, disconnecting, or charging while it's raining. I've even washed the car...
  44. ValleyGeek

    Turo - anyone use it to rent their Tesla?

    I recently got my second Tesla with Turo directly in mind to help justify the additional monthly expenses. I'm in the Seattle area and the site calculator makes it sound like I could easily offset one of the vehicles payments if I list both cars - keeping one open to me at all times. I haven't...
  45. ValleyGeek

    Loaner cars rules and policies

    I've always worked with the Bellevue, WA service center and have had an Enterprise ICE rental, Enterprise Tesla rental, and numerous Tesla direct loaners - all dependant on availability with ride share credit offered. Gas in the ICE rental was reimbursed and supercharging is covered. They seem...
  46. ValleyGeek

    No rhyme or reason for game updates?

    In response to the OP's question, I'd add a second agreement to the MCU hardware version being the limiting factor. The power,and memory, and CPU architecture are going to make it seem somewhat haphazard To talk about "why games and media in a car," it's Tesla's effort to make the wholistic...
  47. ValleyGeek

    Disabled Safety Features

    Got my X back today and it was indeed a front wheel sensor causing my issue. I'm still under warranty so it was a pretty painless visit - they took care of a couple other issues so it was in for about a week total. I've only driven about 15 miles since getting it back but no issues so far.
  48. ValleyGeek

    Car does software update in the middle of nowhere

    My Model S I picked up late June hasn't gone more than 17 days without an update. My older X has about one every month on average. Make sure the car is connecting to WiFi when parked for the best chance. If you still aren't getting updates, schedule service on the app and you might "magically"...
  49. ValleyGeek

    Sleeping On AP - Elephant in the Room

    At this time, if you don't acknowledge the prompts timely, the hazard lights will come on and the vehicle will slow to a stop in it's lane. I suspect it will pull off the road someday but for now it does what it can to safely stop travelling.
  50. ValleyGeek

    Poll - MX 75D Real World Mileage

    I live in the Pacific Northwest about 30 minutes East of Seattle. It's not flat but it's not mountainous. My commute to work is 20 miles each way (~300ft elevation change) and I regularly drive over Snoqualmie Pass (~3,000 ft elevation change) to my cabin 60 miles each way. I'm not a constant...

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