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    FSD Beta Strike Question

    Have you seen this bug discussed elsewhere? Because if its true that there is such a bug it would 100% explain 4 of the strikes I've gotten across our 2 cars since 10.12 was rolled out. I agree that it takes 2 seconds to disengage and reengage, but if you keep trying to get it to recognized...
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    FSD Beta Strike Question

    This is my experience as well. In the latest version it seems to flash for a while and then eventually beep the first time it thinks your hands aren't on the wheel. And it also seems to take longer/more force now to "convince it" that your hands are actually on the wheel - like I've had to tug...
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    FSD Beta Strike Question

    Across our two cars (one Model 3 and one Model Y) I've gotten 4 strikes exactly the way you describe - driving with hand on wheel and eyes on road, but apparently it doesn't register my hand on the wheel and I either didn't notice the flashing blue on the screen, or it didn't flash/warn at all...
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    FSD impending 5th strike

    I am up to 3 strikes on my wife's Model Y. The last 2 were on a LONG roadtrip we took over the last 9 days (1000 miles each direction). Both strikes were as you describe: I was on the highway with hand on the wheel, focused on the road, and suddenly got the hands of death and a strike. The...
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    FSD Beta 10.12

    For those still waiting... we had a 96 safety score on our Model Y and just got the download a couple hours ago. Seems to be rolling out in waves, so hang in there. My wife's reaction? "You finally got your stupid software. Now I can go back to having fun while I drive, and not worry about...
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    FSD Beta 10.12

    Agree completely. On a UPL that I encounter every time I leave my house, it keeps rolling / creeping until I feel the need to hit the brake every single time. I will not take the chance that it pulls out in front and gets me t-boned.... and it's not fair to make the other drivers panic that my...
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    Just suspended... Software updates do not reset FSD disengagement counter - disengagements can happen in 1-2 seconds notice and other FSDB gripe/notes

    Did you even read my original post? or is virtue-signaling all that some of you come on these boards to do? I should have known better... I'm out...
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    Just suspended... Software updates do not reset FSD disengagement counter - disengagements can happen in 1-2 seconds notice and other FSDB gripe/notes

    Might be illegal where you live, but it's certainly not everywhere... This is exactly the kind of response I knew I'd get, tho, so not surprised...
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    Just suspended... Software updates do not reset FSD disengagement counter - disengagements can happen in 1-2 seconds notice and other FSDB gripe/notes

    I am at 4 of 5 strikes myself, and feel like I'm walking on eggshells every time I'm on FSD... My main beef is that 2 of the 4 strikes were not legit, and there is nothing I can do about it. What I learned is that the internal camera better not see your phone in your hand, period. I often...
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    10.11.2 is a major regression for me, at least on my first few drives. Having said that, those drives occurred at night in the rain... So we'll see what happens today. But basic right-hand turns that haven't been an issue AT ALL for several months were a nightmare last night. Not just one...
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    Who with a score of 100 and more than 100 miles is still waiting for FSD roll out?

    We have a 3 and a Y. On the 3 (my car) I had 138 miles yesterday with a daily score of 100. In fact, I had 6 straight days of 100 daily scores from like Wednesday thru Sunday with over 500 miles over those 6 days. Yet didn't get the email or the software download this morning. So frustrating...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    We have a 3 and a Y. On the 3 (my car) I had 138 miles yesterday with a total score of 100. In fact, I had 6 straight days of 100 scores from like Wednesday thru Sunday with over 500 miles. Yet didn't get the email or the software download this morning. So frustrating, cause I've been...
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    HomeLink DIY install

    I watched the tech install it on my radarless Y 3 weeks ago. He removed the frunk "bucket" to expose the area underneath, then bolted the homelink to a metal spot kinda on the backside of the bumper, just slightly to the right (if you are standing in front of the car looking at it) or passenger...
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    2021.4.18.3 Many more false alarms, some positives

    We have a 2018 Model 3 and just picked up a 2021 Model Y 10 days ago. The Model 3 is on 4.18.2 and the Model Y is on 4.18.3. The difference between the two cars on Autopilot is remarkable, and not in a good way. The Model Y (presumably without radar) is VERY sketchy, has many false positives...
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    Trading Model 3 with FSD for Model Y with FSD

    +2 - One could make an argument that you should get MORE than $7k back for the FSD on the Model 3 when you trade it in because it's way more feature rich now than it was when you paid $7k for it. And if you're not getting fair value for it as part of the trade-in then I agree, you aren't...
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    Cruise Control not available. Almost daily.

    Mine is also buggy after HW 3, installed a couple weeks ago on my fall 2018 LR AWD. Definitely a step backwards for me. Issues that have happened more frequently on HW3 than HW2.5: Sometimes have to press the door handle in and out several times to get it to unlock. Went MONTHS on HW2.5...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.2 - FSD AutoSteer Stop Sign Warning and Adjacent Lane Speeds

    The reports of ping-ponging surprise me. Haven't see any of that on this release. Must be unique to some versions of the car hardware?
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    Real life Winter Model 3 efficiency thread

    I live in Cleveland, Ohio and took possession of my Model 3 LR AWD in late September 2018. For the 6 months from October through March (fall and winter) I averaged 312 wh/mile over 13,000 miles. For comparison, for the 6 months from April through September 2019 (spring / summer) I averaged...
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    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    OP - FANTASTIC list. I'm actually not much looking forward to winter with this car. Got mine in Sept 2018 and while I was still thrilled with the car during the winter months I like it SOOO much better in the summer months. Your list would go a long way to making winter in a Model 3 a little...
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    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    My observation is that the "jerkiness" and "unexpected behavior" has actually gotten worse over the last several releases of software. Something is different for sure and a step backward. I'm on 2019.32.1 now, but the last few have been the same. WAY more phantom breaking than I had seen for...
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    Model 3 with 400 mile range

    Your opinion of the hypothetical demand for a longer-range Model 3 will depend VERY heavily on where you live and the type of driving you do.... My opinion is that even with ubiquitous faster charging available (and let's be honest Super Charger v3 won't be ubiquitous for several years simply...
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    Me too - got 28.2 last night and this morning had 3 phantom breaking events on a 3 mile drive on local roads while on TACC. Car seems WAY more sensitive. I'm hoping it settles down with some calibration or something.
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    Misc. Model 3 questions

    I can answer some of your questions based on my experience (20k miles driven over the last 9 months in Northern Ohio): Winter: 1) I haven't had any issue with the heat (footwell or otherwise). My only nitpick is that I do miss the heated steering wheel of my 5-series BMW. 2) Efficiency of...
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    Annoying braking on TACC - is this normal?

    I'm on 20.4 and having the same issue far too frequently. Seems to have gotten worse in recent updates, not better. I had a situation last night with my family in the car where we almost got rear-ended because the car (while on TACC) slammed the breaks for no apparent reason. The nearest car...
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    NEMA 14-50 Location

    If you put the outlet at the front of the car I would HIGHLY recommend some kind of setup where the charge cable actually hangs on a hook or something near the rear of the car, as some others have suggested. I think you would regret having to unwind (to plug in the car) and rewind (when you...
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    Blind spot detection limited. Camera visibility reduced.

    I too got it this morning (for the first time) while backing out of the garage. I just got 12.1.2 on Friday like many others.
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    Firmware 2019.12.1.2

    In an effort to get this thread back on track of talking about 12.1.2 instead of arguing over features that haven't been released yet... I've already had an issue with this release. I, too, got 12.1.2 last night. This morning, on my first drive, I got a "Cruise Unavailable" warning and...
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    Model 3 crashed into a pole

    I agree with the others that suggested the OP might have disabled auto-steer but not TACC. It's happened to me many times... I turn the wheel and hear the auto-steer chiming it's disengagement, then I am surprised when the car keeps going or accelerates around a turn because the car in front...
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    System restart while driving

    I've had it happen twice since installing 8.5. I only remember it happening once in the 13,000 miles driven prior to 8.5.
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    No-confirmation NOAP is here for the masses!

    Installed 8.5 and took it for a test drive. I gotta admit it's pretty cool. Really the first time I actually felt like FSD (at least on the freeway) is in reach. Some comments, tho: 1) As someone else already posted it chimes to tell you it wants to change lanes, then it waits a couple...
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    Recent screen "crash"

    I've had 2 situations since loading 8.3 where I tried to open the car and it didn't respond to a push on the door handle - needed to try like 3 times and eventually it "woke up" and unlocked the door. Hadn't had that happen but 2 or 3 times over the previous 6 months. Also, I had one situation...
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    Annoying Charge Port - or am I doing it wrong

    Not true. This is normal behavior. Has been since I got my 3 more than 6 months ago. I'm not a fan of it, either, but it's normal. There have been many threads on it. The only time you don't have to unlock the car first is if it's cold (below like 35 degrees F) - and the only reason the...
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    High pitched noise from drive unit

    Yes - in fact I've gone a bit OCD on it and found that it appears to be loudest between 38-43 MPH. :) Not kidding. And in that speed range, at least in my car, is loud enough to be annoying and even a little embarrassing when others are in the car. I haven't taken the step of having Tesla...
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    Tesla App This Morning

    Well so much for that. Can't get it to wake up today no matter now many times I try or how long I wait. Really annoying.
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    Is there truly no cruise control resume without EAP

    There is an area near my house where the google map speed is wrong - by a LOT. The map thinks it's 50 when it's only 25. I drive it almost every day and I can't tell you how many times I turn on cruise control and it sets it by default to 55 (50 + my 5MPH offset) and jams on the accelerator...
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    Tesla App This Morning

    FWIW - I just updated the app (iPhone Xs) and opened it. Only only took ~15 seconds to connect to the car even though the car has been idle for a day and a half as I didn't drive it at all yesterday. That's a marked improvement, but as others have said it's only a sample size of 1.
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    Thoughts on winter wheels/tires - aftermarket or Tesla?

    I bought the package from Tesla (for convenience and to have factory wheels) and I'm regretting it so far. For $2k I would have hoped they had picked a good winter tire, but my experience so far is that the Perelli's aren't nearly as good as the 7-year-old Blizzak's I still have for my BMW...
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    Exterior Door Handle sticking open

    Same issue here on occasion. Will silicone lube damage the finish / paint? Can't seem to find a clear answer online to that question.
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    Defroster behavior - odd

    Sooo - At the risk of piling on to the "this car needs some work/redesign for cold-weather climates" theme, I've noticed a very odd behavior related to the defroster. Here's the scenario - you know your car is covered with snow / frost / ice so you turn on your climate from the app before going...
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    Flickering Headlights?

    Same here - had the car for almost 4 months and saw this for the first time last night as I was pulling INTO the garage in cold weather.
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    Model 3 Squeaky Breaks?

    Exact same issue here... doesn't happen every time, or even all that often, but when it does it's LOUD and a bit embarrassing, especially if any of my neighbors happen to be outside. My brands new (3 months old) car has squeaky brakes?! Only seems to happen when the car was put away wet and...
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    Where to put hydrophobic treatment to keep radar clear?

    Bump - any advice? Anyone done what Elon suggested?
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    Where to put hydrophobic treatment to keep radar clear?

    Elon tweeted a couple weeks back that putting a hydrophobic coating over the radar would help prevent the issue where all Autopilot and TACC get disabled in the snow... but I haven't seen (and couldn't find with a search) any further discussion on this. Exactly what product should I put on...
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    Model 3 seats with lower back problems - others having discomfort?

    I had some issues with the seats aggravating my lower back issues early on, but the solution for me was to DECREASE the lumbar support inflation. It was putting too much pressure, and it appears to be very narrow pressure right on the spine, versus my 2010 BMW 5-series where the lumbar support...
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    Tesla Christmas Wish List

    THIS THIS :-) I've had the same issue in conditions where I DEFINITELY wouldn't have expected it - wet roads, light snow falling. TACC / EAP seems really fragile in rain / snow conditions and losing even basic cruise control because of it SUCKS when on a longer drive.
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    Abnormally high fogging on inside of glass?

    About 2 months and 5,000 miles into my LR AWD ownership and loving the car. Having said that it does have some quirks that I'm trying to decide how to remedy... One of those quirks is what seems to be an abnormally high propensity to fog on the inside of the car - it's most annoying on the...
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    EAP drifts to the right when first engaged

    When I first got my M3 I felt like EAP was driving way too close to the lane to my right - and yes, whenever I engaged EAP it would move the car to the right immediately. I asked my passengers several times in the first couple weeks "does it feel to you like we're too close to that car/truck on...
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    Here's another data point for the discussion... Yesterday here in northeast Ohio it was 36F outside and 55F in my garage. I charged and warmed the cabin for ~30 minutes before driving. Started a 50-mile round trip with 1/2 regen and STILL didn't have full regen when I got back home. That...

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