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    Dash cam installer in Orange County, California?

    I'm thinking about trying it myself but I could see messing up my nice car. I believe I only want the new Blackvue 600 front dash cam. It's around $280 at Amazon with a 32G card. I don't really care about the rear camera option. I also don't want the Magic Pro power regulator nor do I want...
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    California: Living on the other side of the law - (car pool stickers)

    I run with just one small sticker on the right-side rear of my Model S. I've never had a problem with once-a-week carpool lane sojourns. Can't say that I have seen law enforcement around me but I'm sure they've been there over the past two years I've owned the car. I have the two other...
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    Rated range loss after 1 year

    P85 - 12,000 miles - 18 months old I was at a SuperCharger a couple weeks ago and my maximum full rated range charge is 252 miles. What has bothered me recently is that my around-town driving seems to be taking a brutal beating on charge. I did some stop and go errands with my wife the other...
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    Who gave up buying P85D because of the smaller frunk?

    I'm so glad I have a P85 and bought it when I did. We use the frunk all the time. We first were apprehensive about closing it but after awhile that faded and we now use it all the time. I store all of our charging adapters, first aid kit, sports equipment and blanket in the microwave safely...
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    Insurance in CA GULP any suggestions

    Looks like you've already received a great suggestion. If that doesn't work out you can try Wawanesa California out of San Diego. I've been with them for over 20 years. They are a premium carrier and if you've had at-fault accidents or tickets they may not take you but from your background...
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    2013 P85+ trade-in value at local BMW

    I'm with you Barey. I remember Tex well and he's a good dude. Glad to see him back on the forums no matter what he drives.
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    Tesla no longer selling NEMA 6-50 Adapter

    Ordered one ten days ago from the web page and received it on Wednesday of last week. I had no idea I was so close to the cutoff.
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    Tesla moments

    Then there are the negatives like the guy that followed my wife around at an event last week trying to sell her solar panels for our house. He saw her get out of our Model S and pursued her like a hawk. She told him several times "NO" and he wouldn't let it rest. He asked her what our...
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    Free data for four years!

    For clarification, you have a Premium subscription that you pay for, correct? I would like the ability to rewind a song or replay it, and playlists do sound alluring. I just want to verify that if you want those features you must pay for it and that the Tesla Slacker account is basic only...
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    Tesla moments

    We had literally picked up our P85 and were on our first drive to have some cupcakes from a place called Sprinkles that is my wife's favorite. We're maybe 10 minutes into owning our car and in the Sprinkles lot a burly guy in a construction truck signals me to roll down the window. He's...
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    Pictures of the new San Diego Tesla Service Center

    Now we're cooking with gas!!!!!!! That's all I needed to know! Thank you!
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    Pictures of the new San Diego Tesla Service Center

    Is there anything to do within walking distance of the SC? I don't have dual chargers so I imagine I would top off at 30 miles per hour on the HPWC which would mean it would be nice if there were a restaurant or something around to occupy a couple of hours.
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    Actor Paul Walker Dead - Fiery Porsche Crash

    Exactly. It would be the end of Tesla as a company. Another Model S fire, this time killing somebody, and somebody famous at that. Stock would be down 80% on Monday morning and the company would be gone. RIP Paul. He wasn't even driving and was coming back from a charity event. Great guy...
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    Actor Paul Walker Dead - Fiery Porsche Crash

    Ok. My sincere apologies. This is certainly off-topic. Nothing to discuss. Let's all move along. - - - Updated - - - Mod - please delete this. I couldn't see how to do it. Please delete this entire thread. Thank you.
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    Actor Paul Walker Dead - Fiery Porsche Crash

    Because when the same thing happened in Mexico with a Tesla Model S and NOBODY died it was news-worthy. This is NOT off-topic.
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    Actor Paul Walker Dead - Fiery Porsche Crash

    Single car accident. Burst into flames.
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    Model S Celebrities

    I guess there's nothing like getting old. I don't know who Jack Johnson or Kelly Slater are. :(
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    Ah JP, you're a middle-aged guy like me! If you remember going from 300 baud to 1200 baud you're no kid. I was a big Apple guy back in those days and bought a 300 baud modem (Hayes compatible!!!!) for $300 (a dollar a baud). I spent all night every night downloading Apple games at 300 baud...
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    You might consider charging slower

    I picture the real Tesla battery engineers reading these threads and laughing. I know because I work in the high-tech industry and there are many forums about one of our products and the engineers make a point of having beers in the office on Friday night and reading the thoughts of "experts"...
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    Tesla on Southpark

    You don't watch American football, do you? This commercial was played about every 5 minutes during a game last week. ;)
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    Buying now or waiting

    The great thing about the Model S is that you do get all of the advantages of software upgrades and features, but you'll also be able to take advantage of new hardware! The 17" Screen and CPU will be field upgradeable so you'll be able to reap the benefits of a faster processor, more GPU RAM...
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    Key Fob solutions

    I count five points of failure for any key on the main keyring. That's a lot!
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    My Audio Upgrade- East Coast Style

    Any guy whose arms look like that guy I'd trust doing my installation. Unless he's also a rock-climber, you only get arms like that from thousands of hours of ripping off panels, pulling speaker and amp wires, and replacing panels. I know because I did it for a summer back in college. Hard...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    That is most unfortunate. I had thought that problem was limited to early Signature runs and was completely fixed when Tesla sourced the 12V battery from another vendor.
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    First full UK road test of Model S with hi-res page scans

    And double that with 240V!
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    Model S Insurance

    But that won't make your rates any higher. That will make the rates of the restaurant/gym/hotel go higher. The Tesla almost becomes irrelevant.
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    Random Thoughts on SuperCharging an S85 after a 1300-mile roadtrip

    Brianstorms - What an awesome (and eye-opening!) post! It's very honest and gave me a lot of food for thought. I'll be doing Mission Viejo to Sacramento a few times a year and using Tejon/Harris/Folsom SuperChargers. You posted several things I never thought about. Thank you for the...
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    Stealth MS

    Oh my.....
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    How long did it take you to get used to one-pedal driving?

    I had two test drives but they were six weeks ago. I can't recall a darn thing about one-pedal driving other than at one point the Tesla guy turned off creep to show me. How long did it take any of you to get used to it? I've heard one day a lot of times but I've also heard instantly and...
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    Fog Light Question...

    There's a video somewhere online of the new fog lights in operation at night. They make a huge difference on very dark roads. The video is taken at night along unlit winding roads in what appears to be hills/mountains. The original poster said that the fog lights on the original Model S were...
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    Backing down the amperage - does it matter ?

    This kind of information is why the forums are so awesome! I never thought about dialing back the amperage. I'm one of those 40-50 miles a day maximum people. I was concerned with the charging cable getting hot and had read, with great concern, some of the stories about connectors melting and...
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    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    They never called me back after three attempts. I finally got ticked off, went to Yelp, found a guy with a great reputation and called him. The next day at 10am he was at my house and 90 minutes later I had a NEMA 14-50 installed flush into my wall for $250. He's certified and bonded and I...
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    Conclusions of a Would Be Model S Buyer

    I've found that the more gadgets on a car, the less I use them. I don't think I've even used Cruise Control on either of my two cars in the last ten years. We take trips from Southern California to Northern California a few times a year and there just is too much variability to use it. I've...
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    New wheels from Tesla: Aero and Cyclone!

    I try not to be too negative if I don't have anything good to add but I really dislike the look of those wheels. They look like the old old old Fuchs that the Porche 911 used to offer. They look cheap and make the car look plain to me. It's obviously all personal preference. I don't like the...
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    My audio upgrade for "Watt ME" - Reus Audio

    I just read that thread about the Reus fraud and it is bewildering. It bothered me that he simply stopped calling people back and checks bounced. Not just one person - but several. It almost seems like two different people so I wonder what the underlying cause was (divorce, medical, drugs...
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    Drive In "Low" Air Suspension Mode All The Time??

    This is news to me. I thought you could set it and then it would remain that way until you manually change it. Are you saying that when moving slowly the suspension will always return to the top height? I do know that it lowers automatically at freeway speeds to reduce drag.
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    Pearl White vs Grey

    Oh don't get my wife started on the blue! There was a beautiful blue one under the tent with the owner and DS going through the final checklist and my wife said it was just gorgeous. The sun was hitting it from the side a bit yet under the tent portion it appeared jet black. Completely...
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Any pics of the stickers on that beautiful white car of yours? Our car arrive on Sept 19th and my wife and I have been "discussing" whether or not to put the stickers on. I personally dislike how they look on dark cars - no matter how low on the car they are placed. I'm anxious to see what...
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    Pearl White vs Grey

    I would agree with this sentiment. The Pearl White is a different beast, however. It's not white. It glistens and sparkles and the lines of the car are brilliantly showcased while I found the standard white to be boring. We were fortunate enough to see, in person, all of the colors. We went...
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    I ended up with Pearl White but Gray was my second choice. It was absolutely staggering in person!
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    Power drain while idle (Vampire Load)

    It's a confusing post to me. I think he's saying that he lost 80 miles in 14 days of his car being unplugged which is 5.7 miles lost per day. That's not crazy but I would hope for less loss than that on a daily basis.
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    You've only had your car for a few weeks, right? It already needed an alignment? That's a little disconcerting.
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    Connectivity: service plan/upgradability/speed

    Interestingly enough, my LTE here in the LA area is screaming. Often it's over 10Mbps. I do have personal hotspot capability on my AT&T iPhone5 and it's intoxicating to think that I could have a mobile machine with over 10Mbps connectivity almost all over the LA basin and Orange County. Of...
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    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    I saw a couple people on the Tesla forums state that they're picking up their cars on Friday with parking sensors and will report on them. We're getting close!
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    My Reus sound system install: Photos and comments

    The added weight must affect range slightly. The drain on the 12v battery must be greater. And there's NO way in hell I'm letting anybody take apart my brand new car like that. I'll suffer through the standard system. However, your pictures and story are invaluable and I truly appreciate...
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    S85, P85+, Roadster Driving Differences -- P85+ Loaner Report

    Twisties is more of a motorcycle term. When I used to ride we'd always say we were either going to the track, up along the coast or up into the twisties. Never heard it referenced that way with respect to cars, however.
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    Performance versus standard seats in P85

    It's markerting and it's smart. That $7500 pushes the cost of even a simple "test design" over $100K which is an emotional barrier for many. Now with a quick design of a P85 you're in at 95K and thinking "Hmmm, not too shabby to get all that and still be under 100". That being said, it bugs me...
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    Did you guys go through this pre-purchase agony?

    You know if you go back into your dashboard you have an option to Confirm Now, correct? I did that because it just cuts all chances at backing out off. I agree that the whole people are starving/a Camry would suit my needs fine thinking has crept into my mind a lot lately too. Best of luck to you!

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