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    Beautiful vinyl wrapped Tesla Model S 85D for sale! Was $100K new

    I am buying a Tesla Model 3 so am considering offers on my beautiful Model S 85D with Brilliant Blue Matte Metallic vinyl wrap and tinted windows, the best winter tires (Nokian Hakkepeliitta R2) on separate rims, Autopilot, 4G LTE upgrade and more. 79k miles. I have a clean carfax and no damage...
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    70 Free (Chicago) vent phone/glasses holders

    I got a bunch of free vent phone/glasses holders and a few coin purses (all are a soft rubbery material) from the vendor i got my floor mats from since I gave them a good review, if anyone in Chicago wants some PM me your #. I also made a thread for some consoles/nets for older teslas that they...
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    Free (Chicago) Consoles & Nets for older teslas

    If anyone in Chicago with an older Tesla with no console wants a simple center console (I think it retails around 100) or some cargo nets I got them free from the vendor that I bought my floor mats from since I gave them a good review (as well as 70 free vent phone/glasses holders). PM me your #
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    Nov 14 9PM: "Mars" on Nat Geo TV

    Elon will be on the show: http://Channel.nationalgeographic.com/mars
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    For those that think $8k is too much for Full Autonomy

    1. Try pricing a Mercedes E-class with the closest thing to Autopilot 1.0 (still not as good), it will cost nearly $12K in upgrade packages!! 2. Use the Tesla Network to have your car earn money driving people around when you don't use it 3. A couple or family could have 1 car instead of...
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    For those that think $8k is too much for Full Autonomy

    1. Try pricing a Mercedes E-class with the closest thing to Autopilot 1.0 (still not as good), it will cost nearly $12K in upgrade packages!! 2. Use the Tesla Network to have your car earn money driving people around when you don't use it 3. A couple or family could have 1 car instead of...
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    Movies on 17" Display: Success

    Interesting story on Electrek, that site has been my daily Tesla info fix :) Tesla hacker installs Gentoo and can now watch movies on the Model S’ 17-in display
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    Funny short video: Tesla vs competition

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    Heads-Up-Display (HUD): More proof

    Seems more and more likely that Tesla will have the most advanced HUD in any car :) Recent Tesla hire might have spoiled one of the Model 3’s biggest surprises
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    Poll: Why do you want a Tesla? [from 2016]

    Alot of people assume reservations were made due to high interest in EVs, but I disagree; I feel that people want a Tesla because they are the best cars in the world, the fact that they are Electric is just a bonus! At least that's how I ended up trading in my car for an S nearly 6x more...
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    Tesla Haters resort to false accusations

    I've heard some lies about Tesla but nothing to this extent.. shouldn't the guy replying on Elon's twitter be sued for defamation for spreading lies accusing Elon of attempted murder of people shorting Tesla stock? And then some other girl says Elon is manipulating prices and should go to jail...
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    Bolt vs Model 3 Comparison

    This article must be written by GM or someone shorting Tesla stock, completely biased: Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevrolet Bolt: Battle of the long-range EVs 1. Tech- He totally downplays Autopilot, no mention of Over-The-Air updates or supercharging and claims Bolt tech is better... really??!! 2...
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    Starlight Headliner Installed in Tesla

    My Dad just got this Starlight Headliner installed on his Tesla in Florida (Boca raton area) for about $3.5K, apparently Rolls Royce sells it for $12K! Anyone know a place around Chicago that I can have install it for me? :) Under the stars
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    Model 3 Potential: Police Cars?

    What do you guys think about law enforcement replacing police cars (or any emergency vehicles) with Model 3s? Although they will be a bit more expensive (it seems they normally spend 20-25k), the gas/maintenance savings and quick acceleration to catch speeders and respond quickly to emergencies...
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    Tesla for Kids! $499

    Radio Flyer - Tesla Model S for Kids
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    Used vs New- Is this a good deal?

    I noticed this ad in the weekly email by Panjo today, does this guy really think adding sales tax and the federal tax credit to his "investment value" is going to not be noticed? I priced a new car out to about $93k after tax credit with the same features,vs his claimed "investment" of $108k. We...
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    The list of cars with 0-60 in 2.6s or less; Why the P90DL is such a great value in c

    The latest update (Launch Mode) is what Motor Trend had access to when they tested the P90D with Ludicrous mode and recorded 2.6s 0-60. Assuming that tested time is accurate and replicable in ideal conditions, the P90DL is now tied for 6th fastest production car, & can achieve 2.6s for as little...
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    Infrared Camera view of Winter Package (Seat/Steering Wheel/Windshield Heaters)

    Saw this cool video showing the heating elements:
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    Great rechargeable motion & light sensing trunk light

    Here is the best cheap easy to use light I found for the Tesla trunk, just got mine! It has a magnetic strip that has the 3M adhesive and then the light can easily stick to the magnet or pull off to charge by USB and put back on. It only turns on when dark and when you wave your hand a few feet...
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    Let's see your Vinyl-wrapped/Plasti-dipped/Painted Model S

    Let's see pics from everyone who wrapped/dipped/painted their Model S :) Here's my vinyl wrap, Avery Brilliant Blue Matte Metallic with Milky Way for the nosecone. I wasted $600 trying to wrap the inside trim with milky way too but the matte obeche wood grain showed through so had to take it...
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    Floor mat for trunk- Why not hinged for footwell opening?

    I have an idea that may be good for one of you engineers.. How about for a trunk floor mat, in order to allow easy access to the footwell for storage you could add a hinge to the floor mat? Then assuming it is a rigid allweather mat that lays flat, take out the normal footwell cover and just put...
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    New floor mats- Thoughts

    I was checking out floor mats on Amazon and saw some interesting ones that I like the design and could possibly use all year round, what do you guys think? Should I get the one with or without "grass"? I think black would be best, wish they had blue though. It's from China, only saw one review...
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    Vinyl Wrap Wheels?

    I am getting the TSW Rivage wheels for my winter tires and am thinking of wrapping in vinyl, what color do you guys think would go well with my car wrap?
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    Winter tires Size and Wheels Questions

    I decided to order Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 winter tires (I assume I'd just use the retailer locator on their site), and will get an extra set of wheels so there is less risk of tire damage while mounting/unmounting. What size do you recommend if not the standard 245/45R19? I heard smaller may...
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    Autopark: Will future versions reverse into normal parking spot?

    Parallel parking is nice but most of the time we are reversing into a normal parking spot, why can't the tesla work for that too? If the lines aren't visible they could at least enable it when there are 2 cars surrounded an empty spot, then you'd just drive past the spot just like you do now for...
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    Does Autopilot work better with LTE than 3G?

    Since there may be some additional data downloaded by Autopilot such as their high precision maps, does anyone know if the faster speed of LTE improves Autopilot performance with regard to proper paths and/or quicker reaction time?
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    Most Idiotic TV clip about Tesla

    Old TV Clip (Bloomberg): Wrongly Predicting Tesla's Demise I saw this when googling videos posted within 24hrs, not sure why it came up but things sure have changed! Back then their consensus on Tesla was that the buyers got the car for is cool look and cause they feel cool helping the...
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    Add a 110v outlet inside of the car?

    I remember reading how a 12v dc converter can blow the fuse or ruin the 12v battery, is there a safe way to have a 110v outlet installed that runs off the main battery so I could for example plugin my laptop? You'd think an electric car would have an option for an outlet :)
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    Autopilot with Vinyl Wrap: Does it hinder performance?

    I have vinyl wrap and my Tesla is in service till next week so I haven't had a chance to try Autopilot. Can someone confirm if vinyl wrap covering the radar and sensors limits the functionality of Autopilot? I didn't seem to have much issue with TACC (tho it may have relied more on the camera...
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    Do all Tesla with Autopilot have 12 sensors?

    I thought I remember reading that earlier Autopilot production included fewer sensors and later they increased it to 12, is that true or do all Tesla produced since Oct 2014 have the same hardware?
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    Autopilot Idea: Utilize GPS+Map to anticipate lane curves/exits

    Alot of reviews mention how some curves or exits cause the autopilot to lose track of the road. Why don't they incorporate GPS & Maps to anticipate if you are approaching a road curve or an exit? For example if it knows you are in the 2nd lane from the right side and the map shows a 2 lane...
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    Autopilot Accessory [Humor]

    *Do not take this seriously, we all know its not intended for use while driving, just thought it was a good laugh* Read the reviews of this product, especially if you click "customer images" & read those :) The responses to the first customer question were quite funny too. Amazon.com...
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    Future of Batteries: Alternatives to Lithium-Ion

    The thread about sugar batteries reminded me of an article I read about many types of batteries under development with various benefits that could make a significant impact for different uses. If there is a breakthrough, which tech do you think would be most successful for EV cars and do you...
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    Anyone in Chicago want to trade your piano black interior for my matte wood?

    I have the matte wood trim (which I paid 650 extra for when I bought my Tesla a few months ago) but want to trade for the piano black so I have a flat surface that I can wrap. Does anyone in Chicago want to bring your car to my wrapping place in elk grove village (Graphios) for a few hours to...
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    Road Debris Damage with Wrap

    While driving on the highway tonight I heard a loud thud on the side of my car.. got home and found my wrap was scratched and punctured and there was a dent. Must have been rocks flying back from the truck up ahead in the next lane. Luckily the insurance will cover all damage including the cost...
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    Yacht Floor: Obeche Matte, 1-month old perfect condition, save $300! Free Shipping & No Fees - No L

    Yacht Floor: Obeche Matte, 1-month old perfect condition, save $300! Free Shipping & No Fees I am replacing my like new yacht floor (just got it last month on my new Tesla) with a center console around Mid-May so I want to sell the yacht floor, it can be shipped as soon as the console is...
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    Where to sell Yacht floor when upgrading to console

    Selling Yacht floor Is there somewhere we can sell the yacht floor when we upgrade to the center console? The service center won't take it. Edit: I posted on the For Sale section of this forum for Tesla Parts, thanks! Here are pics:
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    Tesla Browser- Multiple Windows?

    Is there a way to have 2 different browser windows on each half of the screen? That would be great for times that I don't need Nav directions and want to see 2 different sites, e.g. waze and weather.
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    Got my S85D wrapped in Avery Brilliant Blue Matte Metallic

    What do you guys think? If I was able to get the new Deep Metallic Blue a couple months ago I would probably not have wrapped but I do love how the wrap protects the car and diffuses light so that the color is more visible vs a glossy finish.

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