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    FSD Beta 10.12

    I tried 10.2 today and I had to take over 4 times in a 1 mile stretch. It almost seems worse in my case…
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    FSD Beta 10.12

    I’ll take a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster after that and I don’t drink…
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    passenger rear wheel is sticking out farther than driver side?

    I mean, if it drives ok is it really an issue? 99.9 of people won’t even notice. Pretty sure the SC is going to say it’s within spec.
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    passenger rear wheel is sticking out farther than driver side?

    They are speaking the truth.
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    do you really need a portable air compressor?

    I got some no-name Chinese one off of Amazon for about $90. So far so good. I’ve only used it twice and I figure it’s paid for itself.
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    do you really need a portable air compressor?

    I have a compressor in my garage. I use it for everything, including the impact wrench I use to rotate/change my tires. In all my life, I’ve never needed a compressor in my car.
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    iPhone does not activate seat adjustment

    They were social and the kids weren’t as messed up…
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    No Audio of in-coming phone calls

    I’d pay money to have this problem. Then I’d have an excuse to never answer my phone.
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    PPF or Ceramic?

    PPF and ceramic.
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    Tesla Model 3 vs ICE as it relates to the environment

    The climate on our planet has been changing since day 1. The region where I live was covered by glaciers for millions of years. Yes climate change is real. Always has been. Always will be.
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    Tesla Model 3 vs ICE as it relates to the environment

    You’re the reason Tesla owners get a bad rap. If people what to be lectured and preached to - they go to church.
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    F-150 Ford Lightning

    If Fords repair of Lightnings is anything like the Mach-e, people are gonna be pissed.
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    Crack in roof. Cost to fix?

    You mean a “beauty mark”? :D
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    People are now taking delivery of their Lightnings. But chances of getting one now are slim since they closed 2022 preorders.
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    Crack in roof. Cost to fix?

    I noticed there’s a weird looking chip in my roof. I’m assuming a rock hit it since it’s near the windshield, but it’s completely smooth to the touch. Can this repaired or do I need an entire new roof? Should I just leave it be and replace if/when it gets worse? Thanks in advance! RIP
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    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    I find it interesting that people compare the CT to anything since it basically doesn’t exist yet. I have a feeling it will be released by the time we see full autonomous driving.
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    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    Red is indeed dope. In a sea of boring colors, red stands out. It depends on your personality. I used to have a red 2 door that I loved. I was going to get the blue M3P until I saw red in the service center. I changed my mind on the spot. When the light hits it just right, it’s breathtakingly...
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    I bought my 22 in December. Drove conservatively for 3 weeks and got into beta. I tried FSD maybe two times until the thrill wore off and I realized how impractical it is. Not I drive it like I stole it.
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    Bubble in headrest, Tesla might be caused by interior cleaner/conditioner

    They’ll replace it. They replace everything and keep swapping things out until they find something that works.
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    Screen Lag - Onscreen visualisation and Backup Camera

    I have a 2022 and mine are laggy. It wasn’t a problem prior to the last big update. It’s not enough to make it unusable but it skips a few frames every second or two.
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    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    Wow. You be you I guess.
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    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    This is more disinformation. If a company receives a cease and desist, it does not mean that magically everything which was sold prior is now deemed illegal. Often times, things are grandfathered in if purchased prior to the date the cease and desist. The people who are liable are is the seller...
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    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    Please read articles if you’re going to use them as part of your argument. The company that manufactures the device was given a cease and desist, prohibiting them from selling it. Nowhere in the article does it say they’re illegal to use. If that’s the point you’re trying to make, you should...
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    Tried a FSD subscription. It's not worth it...

    I’d do anything to get my $10k back. Shame on me for not doing research beforehand.
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    Poll: Why do you support autonomous driving?

    If FSD was reliable and I could stream “the hub” on the display and be fully hands free I’d be set.
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    Not keeping my FSD subscription after two months

    Yeah even the nag to keep your hand on the wheel for autopilot is annoying. It would be amazing without having to do that. Unfortunately idiots and lawyers ruin it for everyone.
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    Sacrum? Next to the grundle?
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    So we need more censorship is what you’re saying?
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Elon is playing 4D chess. There’s an election in 2 years and he’s simply making preparations. He’s not trying to make any financial gain from the acquisition.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    He’s not wrong about (moderator edit) Twitter. People are afraid Trump will come back and that somehow infringes on their safe spaces. Elon understands free speech is under attack. I LOVED his analogy of “if someone you don’t like can say something you don’t like, we have free speech”...
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    stopping mode randomly changed?

    I changed my stopping mode and I couldn’t get it to go back to hold. After about 4 tries, the setting finally stuck. I almost *sugar* myself when I started rolling backwards and there was someone behind me.
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    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    Didn’t he claim he almost drove off the edge of the earth and the Illuminati had something to do with it?
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Ah test it not use it. Gotcha.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    I hardly ever play with FSD. I tried it today and it worked for about 5 minutes until the sun started shining and it told me to clean the cameras. Those cameras are spotless and bright light renders them useless. Worst $10,000 I ever spent.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    With the Lisa/Mac sure. Woz wasn’t involved when Steve returned nor was he involved with NeXt, Pixar, etc etc… Or, use Bill Gates as an example. Same thing - bigger impact. Bill had a vision and Paul did heavy lifting. I don’t think Elon does any heavy lifting. He just had the vision. I just...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    That’s awesome. But my original point is Musk isn’t making life altering changes to the way most people live like prior pioneers. Yet, he’s treated by some like a living god. People say he’s more impactful that Steve Jobs? Give me a break. Steve Jobs changes almost everyone’s life due to his...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    My point is if there was no spacex, life as we know it would be exactly the same for you and I. Launching satellites is nothing new. They’re just doing it cheaper. It’s not revolutionizing the way we live our daily lives. Does it have an impact? Perhaps. But I’m not benefitting from cheap...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    I hate to break it to you, but we had cell phones before Elon. We’ve had GPS since the 1960s. We’d still have them without him too. I know you can’t grasp that reality, but I promise you it’s true… Do you really attribute everything to Elon? I knew there were Musk fanatics, but this is great...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    That’s great, but has zero impact on people’s every day lives. Put a device in evey persons pocket and I’ll be impressed. Or how about putting a new device in every home? It’s not going to happen. Launching satellites is fine and dandy, but the only people who care are people launching...
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    Bad Service Center Experience

    Same reason people put gold spinning rims on cars.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Is that how you grant Elon god status? Launching a rocket? Big time l-o-l right there. I’m getting the feeling half you people would PAY money to have the opportunity to (moderator edit).
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Jobs helped pioneer the movement to put computers in homes. Or how about downloadable music to portable devices? Or how about mobile devices? Or making personal computers available to the masses through a GUI? Granted Xerox came up with the idea, but they didn’t have the insight to make it...
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    Model 3 Windshield crack issue

    In all fairness, BMW is the new “gold standard” for overpriced junk that’s used as a status symbol. They picked up the mantle from Harley-Davidson a few years ago. That being said, it’s no wonder you’ve dealt with broken windshields twice now. However, comparing a Tesla to a BMW is fair since...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Steve Jobs
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    Put the card in your wallet. I mean, if something happened to your phone, what do you expect to happen? Second, I’ve had this happen before and I disabled Bluetooth on my iphone and reenabled it and it solved the issue.
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    Model 3 Windshield crack issue

    The windshields seem fragile at best. I picked up a chip on the windshield and one on the room glass in 3 months of ownership. I’ve never had this many glass issues so fast… Why don’t they use that unbreakable cyber truck glass? You can hit it and it wo…. Never mind.
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    People asking me about my car (2018 all over again)

    Here in Michigan I don’t see a lot of Teslas. It seems everyone has that Uncle who works for the big 3. There’s a lot of loyalty to the companies since they feed a distant relative or some bullshit. I wish I was lying, but I read a Facebook post in response to a local new story. A woman claims...
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    My first accident

    I’m sad for the person you hit. You undoubtedly ruined their day.
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    The "savings" from giving up your Tesla (under Loan) for a Cheap, old car, paid off

    I took the route of “delayed gratification”. When my wife and I got married, we lived below our means and saved all we could. We paid off our college loans and only bought vehicles that we could pay cash for. The only debt we had was our mortgage. Fast forward we have 3 kids all in private...

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