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  1. 101dals

    Unplugged Performance Front Fascia Nightmare

    I see the hood gap that you are talking about. If it were me, I would bail. Even though they are good to you now, a third round of shipping might not be a charm. Also, if you get a third one and it is not damaged, but the fitment is bad, I would not be surprised if you get a lot of push back...
  2. 101dals

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Definitely following this. Keep us posted!
  3. 101dals

    Supercharger - Exmore, VA

    Do you mean Corolla, NC on the OBX? It definitely shows up on my supercharger list. I’ve had the tesla route me there almost every time now when I drive down the Eastern Shore.
  4. 101dals

    Walk away door lock mystery

    I never solved the mystery and it is still doing it. I turned off the Wi-Fi. I turned off the cellular. I turned off the Bluetooth. I tried the solutions proposed here. Walk away still doesn’t work at my in-laws house. I just have to remember to lock the doors again or else I’ll have an...
  5. 101dals

    Airbag Warning Sticker Covers

    Did you make these or purchase them?
  6. 101dals

    Is there anyway to force ONLY off-peak charging?

    I think with the STATS app for the iPhone you can program in hard stops for charging. It's under the Smart Charging setting. This way you would not spill over into the peak rates.
  7. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    So did you tap in to the gray wire from the Tesla OEM harness to the frunk button or on the EV offer harness that is connected in between? Or does it really not matter? Thanks for figuring this out!
  8. 101dals

    Is there a clean way to tap into Model 3 frunk lights?

    You will have to install a relay. There is a thread with the instructions. Not sure how to send the thread, but the thread is titled Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y
  9. 101dals

    2022.20 Enables Green Light Chime Without EAP/FSD!

    The destination SOC move would be great!!!! Are you sure that is coming? I haven't seen anyone else post about it.
  10. 101dals

    Model Y wiper blades

    Just saw that last night. Finally I can get them shipped to my door!
  11. 101dals

    Horrible 2022 Model Y Tesla Experience

    We picked up our model Y from the Red Hook, Brooklyn location last year. We hadn't gotten out of the bay and my wife noticed the low tire pressure indicator was on. I called over the SA and he said to bring it around to the service bay, Was told by the tech that "sometimes they don't put air...
  12. 101dals

    Supercharger - Seaford, DE

    Isn't that the town with the sign that says, "If you lived here, you'd be home now"? If they had installed the supercharger, the town could have changed the sign to "If you stopped here, you would be charging now." 😁
  13. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    So, I am going to use your relay pin suggestions with the Hansshow LED that I purchased. I figure that I will splice in the relay into the Hansshow LED wire loom and won't have to cut the OEM wiring. Is your relay still working or did you take it out? You posted that you had burned out some LEDs.
  14. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    Looks like everyone else on the thread is using the 4 pin relay. Any reason why you chose the five pin?
  15. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    Thanks for the update! I am going to try this once we get back from vacation.
  16. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    Just shooting from the hip here, but would one of the manual 12v LED dimmers lower the current significantly? The hansshow LED strip is super bright, and if I dialed down the brightness some, do you think that would be significant enough for the frunk switch to not stop working?
  17. 101dals

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    Was there last week on a trip back from Vermont. Every spot was full so this will be a welcome upgrade!
  18. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    I think I came to the same conclusion that you did regarding the power draw. Was hoping that the Hansshow light strip was less draw, but I guess not. I might trim the LED strip and just run it across the bottom. The LED strips are not too expensive so maybe I can find the sweet spot with draw...
  19. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    I did the same exact thing as you. I have the EV offer auto frunk and installed the plug and play Hansshow frunk lights for model Y (ordered on the slow boat from China over a month ago). The button doesn't work, but the light on the button does. I do light the light, not sure if I will keep...
  20. 101dals

    Hydroplaned and crashed. Driving for 50 years. Never happened before. Thoughts?

    More and more common here. 1 post and never to be seen or heard from again....
  21. 101dals

    Back seats dog cover

    Size large is the correct size for the model Y. Our dachshund love it!
  22. 101dals

    Model Y 21” Uberturbine Wheels - New York City Conditions

    I haven’t heard of tesla swapping them out at pick up. Some people have been selling them on eBay or the marketplace here. Just be prepared that they can be a hard sell since they are heavy and most folks here know about the limited tires options and the higher potential for flats and rough ride
  23. 101dals

    Why under dash floor lights stay on

    Ambient light setting turned on?
  24. 101dals

    phone favorites menu

    Is there a way to make the first menu that pops up after you press the Phone icon be the "Favorites Menu"? Thanks in advance! (Still miss the calendar pop up at start up, but who knows when or if that will return)
  25. 101dals

    Repeating SMS Messages

    This started happening to me a week ago. I have mostly the same set up as you but on 2022.4.5.21 FSD beta.
  26. 101dals

    Service Manuals Now Free?

    Better to sign up to have access now for free, in case they charge again.....
  27. 101dals

    Supercharger - Salisbury, MD - Ocean Hwy

    In case you are interested, I charged yesterday in Exmore, VA (next supercharger south) and it was 0.41/kWh
  28. 101dals

    CCS Adapter - ?

    I'll pile on. Case and CCS adapter ordered on 5/10. Delivery scheduled for 5/24. Looks like the warehouse shipment arrived
  29. 101dals

    CCS Adapter - ?

    I ordered on May 10 with the case and using the new method. No update here either.
  30. 101dals

    CCS Adapter for North America

    They emailed me back this morning and said that they don't need the credentials. They also said once the part hits their warehouse, they will reship. No specific timeline.
  31. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    Thanks for the code! I will probably roll the dice and order. I have the EV Offer frunk so we will see if I need the relay.
  32. 101dals

    CCS Adapter for North America

    I placed my order through this link earlier today. I sent them a follow up email to see if they still need my Tesla credentials. I guess I'll find out when they open back up on SK time. It will be interesting to see how fast Tesla shuts this down.....
  33. 101dals

    CCS Adapter - ?

    So Harumio sent me a link that allowed me to add on their new case as a package deal with the CCS adapter. Total was $332 for the case and the CCS adapter. Shipping was "free" but really just included in the price.
  34. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    So can you install the Hansshow strip with the Tesla Offer power frunk? It looks like Hansshow is plug and play now between the OEM connectors. Didn't know if the Hansshow draws less amps and less likely to cause the Frunk button to stop working.
  35. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    Awesome! Do you have a link to the relay that you used? Thanks for solving this problem!!!!
  36. 101dals

    Is the fart horn gone too?

    Thanks for the clarification. I thought it was just the driving sound.
  37. 101dals

    Is the fart horn gone too?

    I know that the driving sound is gone (no more Mr. Softee while cruising). However, did they remove the fart sound from the horn while moving as well? Every time I try to turn on the fart sound for the horn and then switch to the car to drive, the toggle button automatically turns off. The fart...
  38. 101dals

    Auto frunk options

    You can contact Raymond for the EV Offer frunk installers. I believe there was only one guy on LI that did them that Raymond had on his preferred list when I asked a year ago. I think I deleted the name, but it was a little bit of a hassle. You had to leave the car with them for some reason...
  39. 101dals

    Auto frunk options

    Well, I just jinxed myself. The motor to my frunk latch died. I reached out to Raymond and we went through some troubleshooting. He's super responsive and sending me a new motor. Not looking forward to disassembling this car again though......
  40. 101dals

    Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y

    Interesting. Do you think this could be the solution to the model Y issue? Might give it a shot if it is....
  41. 101dals

    Supercharger - Staten Island, NY - Richmond Ave

    What's crazy is that they can't get any Superchargers up and running in South Brooklyn. The one off they Belt has been in planning limbo for years now.....
  42. 101dals

    Model 3 & Model Y LED Frunk Light Strip Mod

    Looks like this mod is becoming very popular. I've seen a few posts that stated it doesn't work with the power frunk from EV Offer. Anyone with a Model Y power frunk get it to work without the mod disabling the button in the frunk?
  43. 101dals

    After market lumbar support for new Model Y?

    Huge thread on this. Adding the parts no longer matters as Tesla has disabled the control of the passenger lumbar that was not installed at the factory.
  44. 101dals

    Supercharger: Plainview, NY (Long Island)

    What is the price per kWh now?
  45. 101dals

    Model Y 21” Uberturbine Wheels - New York City Conditions

    I bumped into a new Model Y Performance owner at a brewery on Long Island on Saturday. He said that he has been through 4 tires (blow outs and bulges) since December and still has 2 more to replace due to bulges from the LIE and NYC. We drove the LIE from the East End tonight and I saw 5...
  46. 101dals

    Wiper Blade Replacement Tesla Model Y

    Installed by the Tesla Ranger $71.87 in Brooklyn.
  47. 101dals

    Horrible experience with my flat tire

    I had run flats on my last 2 Mini Coopers (14 years of ownership of them). I've never had so many blow outs. I am not exaggerating when I said I had over 30 flats with them. The local Midas stocked them just for me because the LIE and Belt parkway are so pothole riddled. And, with a blow...
  48. 101dals

    Horrible experience with my flat tire

    Are these types of jacks low enough to get under a Tesla if the tire is deflated? Looks like minimum height is 6.1"
  49. 101dals

    Opinions on this style jack?

    I think it rains screws and nails in Brooklyn. I had 2 flat tires within the first 3 months of having my Model Y. Both were screws next to the sidewall, so non repairable. The AAA and roadside service is terrible here. With my old Mini Cooper, I would sometimes have to wait 3-4 hours for a...
  50. 101dals

    Opinions on this style jack?

    I bought the Audi one like you have as the smaller jack. Just was wondering if this was a good option of a second one for the rear.

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