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  1. jhartbarger

    Wanted: Model Y Performance Reservation

    Looking for a MYP Reservation preferably Deep Blue Metallic or White, send me a PM if you got one to part with.
  2. jhartbarger

    MPP Sport Coilovers & Lightweight Rear Spring Arm w/ Sport Springs

    if the spring arm sale falls through let me know I will take them.
  3. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    That blows..... that's the major issue I have with Service is the lack of consistency on what they will or won't do.
  4. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    I saw that mentioned that you could request a re-install via the app after I performed my upgrade and for this situation would be perfect vs all that windshield time.
  5. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Yeah before I took a 4hr road trip I would wait for a new OTA, that's a long way for a 5 minute stop just to queue it up!
  6. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    I have heard that as well, I have been lucky anytime I need parts I simply open a service request in the app under "Something Else" and just put in the notes to "Please order 1x part#" and schedule the appt for 10 days out. The SC will reply with a invoice to approve and if part isn't gonna be...
  7. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    The easier and safer method is to drive to the service center, go into service mode while connected to Tesla WiFi, force a s/w download, wait 30 seconds, exit service mode, wait for the orange clock to inform that you have a s/w update downloaded and ready. Drive home, power car down, swap ECU...
  8. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Yeah you are always gonna find some turds... I tested a 150kW EA Charger yesterday that would only muster 34kW (starting SOC 18%) but I think the whole station was having issues because of the 6 stalls (2x350kW and 4x150kW) only 3 were working (1x350kW, 2x150kW) and the others all said...
  9. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    How was compatibility across all those CCS stations?
  10. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    I am leaving on a 8 day road trip on Thursday starting Toledo, OH - Harrisburg, PA - Bowie, MD - Richmond, VA - Williamsburg, VA - Charlotte, - Pigeon Forge, and ending back in Toledo, OH and it looks like there are a quite a few of the EA 350kW chargers so I will try and see if I can do the...
  11. jhartbarger

    CCS1 Adapter

    Since your car is a 2021 all you need to do is order the ECU from your local service center and request that they install it. You car has one of the stripped ECU's due to the component shortages. ECU is $140 direct from Tesla and the shop labor is whatever their minimum is as it takes about 5...
  12. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    I noticed this as well, All the EA rates are the same as the Supercharger rate ($0.41 in Ohio) and if you subscribe to the Pass+ the rates are $0.31. I stopped up in Ann Arbor, MI and all 8 stalls were full and there was a wait, I drove a couple miles to the EA Charger and there was No wait and...
  13. jhartbarger

    WTT: 4 Brand New Michelin Pilot Sport 4S size 245/35ZR20 for 4 Pilot Sport 4 All Season's in 235/245/35ZR20

    Title says it all, I am located in Northwest Ohio but depending on distance will travel.
  14. jhartbarger

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Finished my retrofit earlier this week and today had a chance to test it out today using one of Electrify America's 350kw CCS stations. 2018 M3P SOC when session started was 1% and and floated between 172kW - 174kW and peaked at 178kW
  15. jhartbarger

    Model 3 Performance Spoiler for sale

    Does it need new adhesive?
  16. jhartbarger


    I will take the Harumio case that holds both the CCS-1 and J1772
  17. jhartbarger

    Vendor Carbon Ceramic Brake for M3

    The one factor you guys are not taking into consideration is CCR's weigh roughly 10lbs each so that unsprung rotational weight savings of give or take 40lbs which is like sheading give or take 120-160lbs of sprung weight. That's no laughing amount of weight savings.
  18. jhartbarger

    Model Y - EZ Spare for Sale

    No but my nephew and niece live in Ft. Meyers and I could have them pick it up.
  19. jhartbarger

    Model Y - EZ Spare for Sale

    Still have this ?
  20. jhartbarger

    WTS: Model 3 Wheel/Tire Combos, Model 3 and Y Sottozero 3 Tires

    All Items are located in Toledo, OH and I will deliver or meet a decent distance for a sale. 4x 20x9 Zero-G Wheels +40mm offset 4x Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - 245/35ZR20 4x tire pressure sensors 4x Center Caps 20x Lug Caps NEW Never mounted on car, mounted and balanced $3000 obo 4x 20X8.5J...
  21. jhartbarger

    Performance Pedals

    Are these OEM Pedals ?
  22. jhartbarger

    Model Y Performance Winter Tires For Sale

    How much you thinking ?
  23. jhartbarger

    Used Set of OEM 20" Pirelli P-Zero 235/35ZR-20 (700 Miles) For Sale Toledo, Ohio

    Holy Crap another Toledo person!! I might be interested in these
  24. jhartbarger

    2022 Performance model Y wheels

    How do the 21" Pilot Sport 4 A/S's feel and handle? I have the 20" version on my Inductions and handle awesome and little road noise.
  25. jhartbarger

    Selling MPP Model Y Comfort Adjustable Coilover Kit

    worth it 100%, but I already knew that from having a set on my M3
  26. jhartbarger

    Selling MPP Model Y Comfort Adjustable Coilover Kit

    This was sold to me right after it was listed.
  27. jhartbarger

    Supercharger - Findlay, OH

    Nice to have another SC station but I would have loved to see it in Troy as well. They Dayton one is to far out of the way for my liking....
  28. jhartbarger

    WTT: 20” inductions with 200 miles for 21” Uberturbines - NorCal, Bay Area

    shame you are on the West Coast, I have a set of these 21" Ubers with 50miles on them and I would trade without hesitation but I am in Ohio.
  29. jhartbarger

    FS : 20” UBERTURBINES wheels & tires whole set or SEPARATELY

    Do these have the BLE TPMS sensors? I would be interested in buying the sensors if they are. If someone wanted these and needs the old style TPMS I have 2 brand new sets.
  30. jhartbarger

    21" Uberturbine Wheels Plus Tires - 200 Miles on Set Up - Michigan

    If they dont sell, drop me a PM and I will take these and am local.
  31. jhartbarger

    Sold 2021 Bluetooth TPMS from M3P

    Any interest in a trade for a brand new oem set of the older type?
  32. jhartbarger

    Model Y ride comfort?

    Having just within the last week transitioned from a 3 to a Y I can say without a doubt the driving dynamics are very different that is for sure, I agree that the Y rides much stiffer than the 3 and handles more like a SUV that weights an extra 400lbs and riding up higher doesn't help. I too...
  33. jhartbarger

    FS: Nearly New Pirelli P-Zero 20" Summer Tires

    How close are you to the Ohio border ?
  34. jhartbarger

    235/35/20 Pirelli Pzero take offs $500

    Where at in KY ?
  35. jhartbarger

    Wanted: Model 3/Y pedestrian warning speaker

    You sir are correct, I took delivery with no DM/P badges
  36. jhartbarger

    Wanted: Model 3/Y pedestrian warning speaker

    I am guessing my 2018 doesn't have the wiring harness, I got my 3 before they even started putting badges on em.
  37. jhartbarger

    Damaged Elon Signature HPWC 80amp burned terminal $200.00

    I have fixed a bunch of these and it's an easy fix but only if you have the right parts and know what your doing.
  38. jhartbarger

    Uberturbines w/ P Zeros and TPMS installed -- Maryland -- 3700 miles

    shame these are for a Y, if these were a set for a 3 I would take them.
  39. jhartbarger

    model 3 performance Wh/m rate

    I realize I am not in the UK but here is some concrete numbers for you to look at after 2 years in my M3P doing mostly highway driving at 112-125 km/h (70-78mph) and its efficiency based on temperature.
  40. jhartbarger

    FS: (SOCAL) Model 3 or Y - Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim Replacement (not insert)

    If you can get me a contact for them I would love the matte setup!
  41. jhartbarger

    20" Zero-G Referral Wheels Non Performance (NY Metro)

    sorry guys I purchased these from Hanergy last month.
  42. jhartbarger

    WTB Tesla model 3 oem 18 or 19" wheels chicago

    I have a set of stock 19" M3 with TPMS and Goodyear MaxLife 235/40/R19 with 3k miles on them. I am in Toledo, OH and would meet you half way if you were interested. Only reason I am selling is this is the AS set and I have switched to summer/winter setups. Feel free to PM me if your interested.
  43. jhartbarger

    Looking for Zero-G Wheel Package (Michigan/Ohio/Indiana)

    I am looking to purchase a Zero-G Wheel Package in the OH/MI/IN area, I am located in Toledo, OH and travel pretty much those 3 states regularly. If you haven't taken delivery yet we can even arrange for them to be delivered to Toledo service center. Have cash in hand.
  44. jhartbarger

    Set of 4 silver 19” wheels and tires for Model 3

    I have a set of Silver 19"s and am located in Toledo.
  45. jhartbarger

    Performance upgrade brake size

    If anyone in the Ohio/Michigan/Indiana/Chicago area want to do this I have a spare set of Sport 20's with new rubber I would swap for a set of these 21's.
  46. jhartbarger

    FS: BRAND NEW RWD Mountain Pass Performance Sport Coilovers w/ toe and camber arms $2600 Shipped

    I would be interested in the Toe Arms, I already have everything else if you decide to part it up.

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