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    SoCal power frunk upgrades

    Interesting that you aren't finding it consistent. I don't have a key fob, so I only open my frunk using either the large screen in the car, or my phone app. I generally close the funk using the light/button combo inside the frunk, if I'm outside, or the screen if I"m inside of the car...
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    Excellent affordable alternative for Sentry Mode

    Thought I'd share this, in case it may help others.... I was looking for an alternative to the flash drive that comes with the Tesla. I simply wanted something more reliable, that wouldn't glitch out at inopportune times, and that was designed for more read/write operations then a standard...
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    anybody interested in this instrument cluster for M3 & MY?

    I like that it looks OEM, but just not something I've missed.
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    Ever hit a brick at 60mph?

    Hard to blame AP for that. I doubt most people would be able to avoid that brick in the middle of the road, going at high speeds. I do find auto pilot is a little slow to accelerate, when I'm driving at, say,, 55 mph and the car in front of me changes lanes, opening my lane up and AP is set to...
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    2022 Model Y sunshade for windshield?

    Just wondering, from those that have been using Covercraft... do you have any issues with it scratching up the dash?
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    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    Really glad to hear this, as I'm waiting for a Sandisk High Endurance microSD card to be delivered today, along with the Sandisk MobileMate reader. Can I simply insert them into the glovebox USB and have the Tesla format, or do I need to pre-format it to Fat32 or something else? Thanks!
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    Price increase? [posted 06.16.2022]

    Yeah... not so sure about this. When the tax credit for Tesla was about to expire, and was cut in half, from $7,500 to $3,750 in 2019, Tesla reduced the price on its Model 3, Model S, and Model X by $2,000. I believe other manufactures of EV's are playing the same game... THEY take the tax...
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    Another price increase

    Tesla seems to have reduced the cost to upgrade from a Model Y LR to a Model Y Performance. When I purchased mine, ordered in November '21, there was a $5,000 cost to upgrade. Now I see Tesla has reduced the cost to $4,000. Frankly... for UberTurbine wheels, matrix headlights, painted brakes...
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    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    Nope. I have the Tesla wall charger at home, which charges my Model Y (and my son's Model 3) at around 25 miles/hour, so overnight, either car will go from 25- 30% to full. We never return home with less than 30% charge. When I take longer drives, I simply stop at a Tesla Supercharger...
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    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    That's great! When I ordered my Y back in November, the next day they raised the price $1,000. Eight days later, they raised it ANOTHER $1,000. By the time I had taken delivery, I believe it had gone up $5,000! Congrats! You're really going to enjoy the car!
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    Trash Can for Model Y in Armrest storage?

    Here's the real (fake) leather trash cans which go behind your seat and clips on to the storage compartment in the back. Carwiner Trash Bag It comes with plastic trash bags which clip on inside this leather trash bag, holding it open so you can easily reach around from the drivers seat, open...
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    Like your black Model Y?

    You said you plan to keep your car for 10 years. I'm biased, as I have a Blue/White Model Y, but if you get the black version, I'd think every time you see a blue Model Y, you'll wonder if you shouldn't have waited. It's two months, you save money and you'll end up with the color you honestly...
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    Do you use a windshield sunshade?

    Found the Covercraft UVS 100 at Autoanything for $68, with 10% off now for Fathers Day, plus free shipping! Total cost with tax $67. As an added bonus, they offered it in silver or blue metallic! As I have a blue Model Y... I went with the blue color! Thanks for all of the feedback! Really...
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    Do you use a windshield sunshade?

    Yikes! Covercraft shows them for $95! I don't want to come off as cheap, but... well, OK. I'm cheap! NINTY FIVE DOLLARS??? What are these things made of? I did pick up the Amazon roof shade, and it fits perfectly, no sun shining through, and it really does reduce the heat. I'll leave it in...
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    Do you use a windshield sunshade?

    I go back and forth on if it's worth it to purchase one of those collapsible windshield shades... It's only a lousy $25 or so, but I think it's one of those things I'll purchase, use once or twice, then stick in the frunk and never use again! Live in LA, I park in my driveway, and during the...
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    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    I have the MY Performance, my son has the M3 Performance. He was more interested in better handling, plus he saved quite a bit getting the Model 3. My wife much prefers sitting up higher. I don't mind sitting up higher, and getting in/out of the Model Y is quite a bit easier... but I'm a...
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    Blew something up in the rear!…

    I'd suggest you find a better neighborhood to get your meth. :)
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    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    Just to play devils advocate.... Put $250 deposit down on a new M3 Performance, have fun configuring it, then wait until it's close to delivery time. If my son's wait for his Model 3 Performance is any indication (he just got his two weeks ago), you'll have about 2 and a half months to give it...
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    The Wheel Guy San Diego area / Curb rash repair

    I'm in the Los Angeles area, my guy charges $125, if that gives you some idea of the cost. Obviously, this guy doesn't necessarily charge the same amount. I've had to repair my Uberturbine wheels twice now in only five months. He comes to our house and repairs the wheel with the car parked in...
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    Adding a feminine touch to my M3P

    I'm a firm believer that if it doesn't improve the looks/function of the car, leave it out! Some people have the strong urge to constantly modify their cars, and I just don't think most of it really adds to the looks. The car you're getting looks amazing! Hang some baby booties from your rear...
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    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    My son took delivery of his Model 3 Performance about two weeks ago, and the car is unbelievably fast, and I drive the Model Y Performance, so it's not like I'm unfamiliar with "fast"... That being said, not really sure there's enough added value to bother switching. It seems like EV's aren't...
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    Anyone ordering vanity plates for their M3?

    How about "YRU BLUE" (if you have a Model Y in Blue) Not sure if it's available, or if you like it...
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    Anyone familiar with new Elite (touchless) Express Car wash in Calabasas?

    Wondering if anyone has taken their Tesla (or other car) through this new, Calabasas located car wash? It's located at 4929 Las Virgenes Rd. Calabasas, and have 15 reviews, all *****. Specifically concerned about my Uberturbine wheels, which I've needed to get repaired twice already, after...
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    Whats comparable to The Tesla Mobile Connector On Amazon?

    Of course not! You think we're idiots??? I'm saving the last dollar in my pocket to get the windows tinted. These Teslas get HOT in the summer!
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    Move from Audi Q7 to Model Y or alternative?

    Tire wear on an EV typically IS more expensive and is required more frequently due to the weight of the battery, and due to the amazing torque most EVs have. These two factors do wear your tires out more quickly then an ICE vehicle. Don't know about having to replace all tires if only one...
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    My 1 year old son loves the frunk!

    Great photo and adorable kid! Congrats!
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    Auto frunk options

    Yahasun Auto Frunk installed the auto frunk in my car. You can see in the photo below, they install a cable behind the small disk in the front bumper which you can easily pull out and push back in, which can be used to manually open the frunk in case of battery failure, or some other problem...
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    Anyone ordering vanity plates for their M3?

    The California plates which had gold lettering on a black background were issued from 1963-1969. California brought them back as a limited offer and calls them "Legacy" plates, and charges (I believe it's $50) extra for them. I happen to have a Blue Model Y, and feel that the black plates look...
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    Ordering today? Expect around 7 months for new MY LR vs 2 months for MYP

    Hey... it's worth it! Picked up my Model Y Performance Dec. 26, and already have 10,000 miles! My son picked up his Model 3 Performance exactly a week ago, and he's got over 600 miles, so I guess he's putting even more miles on his car then I have! The car(s) incentivize you to find a reason...
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    Move from Audi Q7 to Model Y or alternative?

    After five months and 10,000, I've really had no issues whatsoever! When I picked up my Model Y, there was some plastic left in the ceiling liner, which they quickly removed. Panel gaps were all very close in size, paint was really excellent... really, I TRIED to find something wrong, and...
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    Move from Audi Q7 to Model Y or alternative?

    I decided several years ago to always rent any car I am considering purchasing, BEFORE I buy it. I was able to get the local Tesla store to allow me to take a Model 3 home for the night, so my son could decide for sure if he preferred the Model 3 or the BMW M240 (he took delivery of his new...
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    MYP - Initial Impressions (vs '20 MYLR)

    My son picked up his Grey, Model 3 Performance on the same day as you, yesterday! He also went with the white interior. He's thrilled, although there are a few, minor issues which he's reported, and he'll have to bring his Model 3 in to Tesla to have addressed. Car is stupid fast! I have...
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    Sentry missed M3 trunk vandalism event

    Really sorry this happened to you! I wonder how miserable someone has to be, to take joy in damaging someone else's possessions???
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    Power Frunk Group Buy - MS Refresh LR/Plaid

    I purchased another brand auto frunk, and I can tell you that i use the frunk more then the trunk! When we go shopping, and have two or three bags full of groceries, the frunk (on our Model Y) is prefect for keeping the bags upright. Put two or three grocery bags in the trunk, and one sharp...
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    Version 2022.16.x

    My wife and I share our Model Y... we have other cars, and frankly, don't do that much driving. While she LOVES the Model Y, the one thing she hated was, every time she got in the car, she'd have to see my playlist, the last music I was listening to... even though she has her own Spotify...
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    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    When we ordered our Model Y, my wife wanted the black interior while my son and I strongly felt the white seats made the car much brighter and gave it more of a wow factor! Now that we've had our Y for about 5 months, my wife has said a few times that she's glad we went with the white seats...
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    Calabasas SC | Meet, greet, and feast

    Hey, unfortunately I have to back out. My better half is leaving on a trip, and she needs to be at LAX by 10am, and I'll be taking her. Hope you guys have a great time! We should do it again and plan a nice drive through the canyon and maybe over to Malibu or somewhere!
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    Screen protectors: matte or not?

    We went with matte. You're going to get fingerprints all over it, and while it's not that difficult to wipe it clean, the matte finish hides them more then glossy. Also, matte helps when the sun is directly on the screen.
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    Supercharger - Calabasas, CA - Commons Way (LIVE 12 May 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    Ohmster said " It’s open. I was there yesterday. Member @Sig41 won the meal for being first to report it was hot. Shall we try for Sunday 22nd? Breakfast?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm in for Sunday at 8 or 9am, if...
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    Calabasas SC | Meet, greet, and feast

    Looks like it's open!!!
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    None taken.
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    3D printed "thing" that came with Hansshow dashboard mounted touch screen display.

    Doesn't Hansshow have a phone number or email address? (and why are there two S's in Hansshow... seems like a waste of one "S"...)
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    Electric Frunk, why not?

    I had a power frunk installed earlier this week, and I can't tell you how useful it is! I use my frunk much more often. (I have a Model Y, but the benefits are the same regardless of which EV you own) The frunk I find, is more convenient for grocery bags which tip over and spill everything out...
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    Hansshow won't open frunk fully

    I totally agree with you! Early this week, I had the auto frunk installed by Yahasun Auto Parts. What initially drew me to them was that they do the installation. They've done hundreds of installations, so he obviously knew exactly what he was doing, and completed the entire job in about 45...
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    Paint protection, how long should it last?

    Six months after having Paint Protection Film installed on my BMW M2, the guy detailing the car called me over and pointed out these white spots which had developed. Called the guy who had installed the PPF, he scheduled his earliest day for me to bring my car in, and he removed the PPF from...
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    SoCal power frunk upgrades

    I think an Auto Frunk is about the most useful mod you can get for a Tesla! It just makes the Frunk so much more useful! I find putting grocery bags in the frunk easier and more convenient than in the truck, where they can tip over and spill everything. The Frunk is the perfect size to hold...

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