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  1. chrstna4

    Crack in rear glass

    I have the same thing in my 2019 Model 3. I haven’t taken it in yet. I have seen several of these posts recently and some of them were covered under warranty when Tesla inspected and there was no chip or impact on the outside.
  2. chrstna4

    Recommendation needed: Electrician for home charger install in Tacoma

    I used Artisan and they did a fantastic job: https://artisanelectricinc.com/
  3. chrstna4

    Supercharger - Holbrook, AZ

    Stopped at the charger this evening and BK had its doors locked so no bathroom. They were running the drive-thru, though, so I’m not sure why the inside was locked. I did not walk up to the door, just saw several Tesla drivers walk to the door and then turn back when they were locked.
  4. chrstna4

    Unsure if model 3 would be right for me - advice appreciated

    It sounds like you will buy a car no matter what and could make charging work with minimal effort. I used a 120v for the mobile charger for 1.5 years before I got a wall charger and I know a very active member on TMC that does a lot of road trips who also only uses 120v to charge. If more people...
  5. chrstna4

    Anxious about a few things with my new Model 3

    1) I think range anxiety reduces by using % rather than miles. It also reduces by taking a road trip and seeing that you make it to the next charger just fine and close to the predicted arrival %. The arrival %/miles are affected by your speed, outside temp, wind, hills (up or down - when you...
  6. chrstna4


    Is the release tab in the trunk just to release the charging cord when it’s locked in? Or does it also open the charging port when it won’t open? Anyone else having issues after the update? It downloaded for my car but now I’m holding off installing it. Happy install stories appreciated 😁
  7. chrstna4

    How low are you comfortable going on range estimator on a trip?

    I usually plan for 15% but I only panic when I go below 5%. Ha! I do bring my mobile charger and NEMA adapter kit with me at all times so that helps keep me calmer. 😁
  8. chrstna4

    My broker likes TSLA

    I left my original broker because we’d argue about TSLA every time we talked - he thought Tesla was about to be “displaced by a disrupter in the automotive field”. My stance was “right now Tesla is the disrupter and I will keep an eye out for a different disrupter but that doesn’t seem likely...
  9. chrstna4

    First roadtrip

    I use ABRP to generally plan the trip then go to Tesla.com/findus to find all the 250kw on the route and out those into the route plan (I also prefer stops near a Target or grocery store and amenities are listed on that site). My tolerance is 15-20% SOC (that gives me extra if I miss a turn...
  10. chrstna4

    Dashcam Viewer Unavailable

    There was a firmware bug that led to my Dashcam to quit recording. If I tried to reformat it through the car, there was a error. While you’re driving, hit the cam button to see if it records footage. If it doesn’t, you may have to reformat your USB/SSD on your computer. Here is a video on how...
  11. chrstna4


    I have 37k miles on my OEMs and I’m replacing them on Friday. If you’re rotating tires according to the tire manufacturer and able to prove it, I believe they are warrantied to 45k miles.
  12. chrstna4

    Issues on trip from AZ to NY and Back

    As someone else suggested, I use A Better Route Planner to map my journey. That will let me know the state of charge I will arrive with at a destination and then I need to know if that is enough charge or if I need to charger along the way. I took a 6 day trip in my Model 3 LR in August into...
  13. chrstna4

    Supercharger - Federal Way, WA

    Perhaps this will be the Tesla version of catalytic converter thefts.
  14. chrstna4

    Heated seats when pre-conditioning

    I have the same situation: I need to remember to turn off climate and turn it back on to have seat heaters turn on. I leave my seat heaters on when I leave the car - they don’t turn on with preconditioning but, when I turn climate off then on, they are where I last left them. Maybe there is a...
  15. chrstna4

    I was able to get solar now i cant?

    In Seattle, the roofing company does the tear off and works with a local electrician company to install the solar roof. They work as a team and we’re trained by Tesla.
  16. chrstna4

    I was able to get solar now i cant?

    I am looking into which solar to get in Seattle and the Tesla solar page says panels are not available in my area. If I want the solar roof, they have a partnership with a local roofing company rather than sending their own team. Maybe they haven’t found local partnerships for solar panels?
  17. chrstna4

    Weird clunking noise

    Thanks for reposting the audio clip. That’s definitely not the clunking from my car so likely not the issue with your car.
  18. chrstna4

    Weird clunking noise

    That link took me to the App Store for SoundCloud so I couldn’t listen to the clip. I know my battery clunks when there is a big temp change like preconditioning, charging, or when I drive up into the mountains. There is a “recall” for some Model 3s that changes a cover for the battery (or...
  19. chrstna4

    over-production with PGE

    I’m not in CA but I’m hoping no power company would penalize people for producing clean energy that gets added to the grid. It seems like part of the solution to climate change and stress on the grid is more people with solar producing more than they need and sending the rest to the grid. I know...
  20. chrstna4

    how to show all levels of charging stations for 2021 model 3, not just super chargers Help

    I’d suggest downloading the PlugShare app to find J1772 stations (or wall outlets/RV sites, if you have all the adapters and the charging unit the car came with). Also, the car knows the altitude changes on the route and factors then into the guesstimate for arrival state of charge. If you’re...
  21. chrstna4

    About to buy...How does refusal work at delivery?

    My brother is in Atlanta and bought directly from Tesla in GA.
  22. chrstna4

    NHTSA compels Tesla to recall FSD feature

    It may be some technical requirement to call it a “recall” but it’s misleading since what is happening is a software update. It feels more like clickbait for a news outlet to put that into the headline and story.
  23. chrstna4

    How private is roof glass for camping?

    I bought the roof sun shades for summer travel and they give an extra layer of privacy when camping.
  24. chrstna4

    Where did tire pressure go? V11 Model 3

    I have a slow leak in a tire so I check my tire pressure regularly while driving to see if it’s time to add a little air. Looking forward to getting new tires (soon-ish) so I don’t have to do that anymore. Also, I have used the car screen to watch tire pressure after hitting a big pothole to...
  25. chrstna4

    Where did tire pressure go? V11 Model 3

    I just checked mine yesterday: hit the car icon to open the master menu, hit service, and my car was at the top with the each tire pressure.
  26. chrstna4

    Where'd the dashcam icon go?

    I have that set up. I was using the button when honking would be disruptive or confusing to others. 😄
  27. chrstna4

    Where'd the dashcam icon go?

    I miss being able to record with one touch rather than going a layer deeper to find the button in a cluster of other buttons. I’ve witnessed some behavior I recorded while moving at full speed so I don’t like the idea of having to dig for the button.
  28. chrstna4

    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    Following up: spoke with a Tesla Diagnostic Technician and he said there is a firmware bug preventing the car from formatting a usb with the required “TeslaCam” folder. So, if you run into this issue, take your usb/SSD to your computer, use disk utility to reformat to FAT32 then create a folder...
  29. chrstna4

    What happens to a trade-in?

    I think I was told they sold it at auction.
  30. chrstna4

    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    I did some troubleshooting today then set up a mobile service appointment. I made sure all the USB ports were working, tried to reformat the SSD through the car (said there was an “error while formatting” but all the old content was gone later), then brought the SSD to my computer where it was...
  31. chrstna4

    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    I’d bet it’s an update issue since it would be a huge coincidence if so many people suddenly had this issue at the same time. I should check my port to see if it’s still working. I was also considering letting the car re-initialize the SSD to see if that fixed it.
  32. chrstna4

    Windshield Wipers Don't Work - Even In Manual Mode. Can't Get Tesla To Help

    That’s a common complaint. There’s always hope that the next update will improve wiper effectiveness. I have them on manual about half the time because they don’t wipe enough when it’s raining or start going full speed in a drizzle.
  33. chrstna4

    Change in Battery Preconditioning with Recent (Christmas 2021) Update?

    My seat warmers are not set to auto. I just want a warm seat when I get into the car and what I described is the only way I’ve been able to get the battery warmed up, cabin warmed up (both those happen with the scheduled preconditioning), and have my seats warmed (which I haven’t been able to...
  34. chrstna4

    Change in Battery Preconditioning with Recent (Christmas 2021) Update?

    I have used the app to set a time to precondition by. It usually finishes early, which is good because I then have to turn off preconditioning in the app so I can turn on defrost from the app (it’s the only way to also turn on seat warmers at the same time - you can turn on defrost while it’s...
  35. chrstna4

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    Contact the SC. I’ve heard of work paid for that is later been part of a recall get reimbursed.
  36. chrstna4

    2022 Model 3 USB to USB-c adapters

    I use this: Apple MJ1M2AM/A USB-C to USB Adapter Amazon.com
  37. chrstna4

    ETA Change during Roadtrip

    I’m just guessing on all this. Maybe different battery types? I’m sure someone on here knows the real answer. Ha!
  38. chrstna4

    ETA Change during Roadtrip

    I’m guessing a new battery management system for newer cars. Maybe it degrades less than a 2019?
  39. chrstna4

    ETA Change during Roadtrip

    This is the charge rate you can expect from a 2019 LR on a preconditioned battery at a 250kw charger (black line):
  40. chrstna4

    ETA Change during Roadtrip

    What percentage is the nav asking you to charge to? If you’re charging higher in the pack (above 70-80%), your charging times are going to be long. It can be faster to make more charging stops (if the chargers are right off your main route) and not charge as high %. You might also look at...
  41. chrstna4

    In Service mode

    I went to pick up my car after service and it was still in service mode. The speed was limited to 30mph in my car. It was a windshield replacement and control arm replacement so there was no reason to test the car to reproduce a complaint or make sure a noise was fixed.
  42. chrstna4

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    I checked my VIN several hours ago and no recall there. I checked it now and my car’s recall is listed on the VIN search tool. Hoping everyone who is part of the recall is added today.
  43. chrstna4

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    You can check your VIN here for recall: https://service.tesla.com/vin-recall-search
  44. chrstna4

    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    Anyone else not able to view Sentry Mode events since the update? Maybe I have to dig into a sub-menu now rather than touching the notice on the screen when I’m get back in the car?
  45. chrstna4

    Question About Supercharger Stations being completely down

    I was on a trip over the summer and one of my planned chargers suddenly had “temporary closure” on the pop up when I clicked on the SC in navigation. That’s probably what you’d see if the charger was working and active but something like a repaving project or a wild fire nearby caused it to not...
  46. chrstna4

    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    Just got mine about 1p today. Hope you get yours soon. I’m in a 2019 LR, if that makes any difference.
  47. chrstna4

    Question About Supercharger Stations being completely down

    It sounds like you didn’t set the car navigation to the SC until you were close so I’d suggest putting it in when you leave your last charging point. With the new waypoint feature, you can still navigate someplace else before the stop. Or, you can put in the SC to check it then change navigation...
  48. chrstna4

    Would you take a Model 3 with a cracked windshield on a 1200 Mile trip?

    Could you schedule the windshield replacement before the trip or at a SC along your route? It shouldn’t take very long to get it replaced. If replacement is not an option, I’d say take the SR+ for safety.
  49. chrstna4

    App or long-trip planner suggestions for a long trip in Model 3 LR(TN to NJ)

    I’d also suggest having the PlugShare app on your phone, and your home charger and J1172 adapter in your trunk. There may be times when you get detoured off your route or just find you’re in need of a top up for peace of mind (range anxiety usually goes away when you’ve done many trips and trust...

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