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    Latest Tesla Updates-Brakes next?

    About 2 months ago I attended the 2 day driving course at Radford Racing in Arizona, which uses Hell cats exclusively. We spent most of the first morning learning how to stop the 4586 lb Dodge Hell cat in shorter and shorter distances including learning to steer the car while anti-lock brakes...
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    Model S Refresh - Push Center to Honk on Yoke?

    I can faintly see the serpentine line in the center of the steering wheel that tears apart when the airbag deploys. I wonder if mashing that seam when I press the "new horn" will eventually weaken that seam? And while we are redoing the yoke, can we PLEASE have the top left button as turn left...
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    My Plaid wish list.

    I had a 3 year lease on a P100D, then 3 years in an Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio and now I’m back into a Plaid, and this is my wish list. Screen saver - I’d like the OPTION for the screen to significantly darken when it times out after a minute or so when no buttons have been pushed so that its...
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    Tesla Orlando claiming front license plate mounts can no longer be removed?!?

    A local wrap shop removed my front plate for $35. You can do it yourself by watching several you tubes that explain it, but if you melt the plastic with your heat gun or scratch the paint somehow its on you.
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    Where's my "Z" button?

    Thanks, i'll give it a try
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    Where's my "Z" button?

    sorry link. Use this one instead
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    Where's my "Z" button?

    While I appreciate the ability to change the acceleration, suspension, ride height and steering sensitivity independently (so many cars can't) I do miss the ability to change them all at once. Changing my Alpha romeo from normal to dynamic mode changes everything from the exhaust note to...
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    Remember when all the pilots here were like FINALLY A YOKE!

    I'm just going to assume that most of the car is "drive by wire" and implementing speed variable steering is simple software. Speed variable steering, whether mechanical or electric has beeb around for a long time, and seems a no brainer.
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    Request: Video review from Plaid owner!

    Any idea what the battery size is? When I bought my P85D they listed the horsepower, but eventually, took it down, because it was considered inaccurate. Now they list the plaid horsepower as 1020 hp, but no mention of the battery size. The battery size gives important information about possible...
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    A yoke or a joke?

    I have ordered my plaid S with the yoke. Having said that, here are some thoughts. I have spent the last two days driving my car pretending I have a yoke, and not touching the top half of the steering wheel. I find it mildly annoying at best and dangerous at worst. Driving schools will...
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    Those silly jets

    To quote from the John Stapp article.. "By June 8, 1951, a total of 74 human runs had been made on the decelerator, 19 with the subjects in the backward position, and 55 in the forward position. Stapp, one of the most frequent volunteers on the runs, sustained a fracture of his right wrist...
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    Those silly jets

    First of all, I was quite impressed by the physicist's video. Quite level headed and sensible from a mathematical point of view, given the limited information we know. As a physician (not a physicist) the most alarming part is not the acceleration, but the Deceleration, which can be...
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    Your guess on the build quality of the 2020 Roadster

    If Tesla planned to build 1000 roadsters a year (20 a week), I think there is a good chance that the build quality would be as good as other exotics. But I'm afraid that building 10,000 a year (200 a week) there's a good chance the quality will suffer. Yes, I know that the Tesla factories are...
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    Video of roadster steering

    The best feature of this type of steering wheel is the natural tendency to pull back on it like a plane yoke when you want to activate the Space X feature to fly your car over the slow car in front of you!
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    Video of roadster steering

    At first I thought this was an impractical gimmicky design, but I'm willing to give it a chance. Good: 1. "9 and 3" are the proper steering wheel positions and this steering wheel forces you to maintain the proper driving position (when not in autopilot) 2. From the limited pictures we have...
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    Trickle UP theory

    The success of Tesla appropriately rests on the success of the model 3 - the car for every man, and particularly in Europe and Asia where smaller cars are a premium. Therefore I totally understand and support all the developments going into the model 3. But since the first roadster prototype was...
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    Why Roadster not have supercar look?

    My understanding was that taking away the dashboard and moving everything to the center console unit was a cost savings for the model 3. Looking away from front and center on a fast moving vehicle is outright dangerous. The only reason the prius gets away with its tiny center dash is because its...
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    Founders Reservations

    I'm not sure they're going to get ANY more reservations as it seems as though they have taken the roadster off their website?! Hopefully its just down for them to update it?!
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    Let Tesla know what features or tech the Roadster should have to make it even more awesome?

    While I don't mind the new steering wheel that will make you feel like you're flying a plane rather than driving a car, the thin, narrow stalk that it's connected to looks unfinished, and fragile. They way that it simply goes into a hole in the dashboard looks like an unfinished concept. That...
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    Permanently excited about Taycan?

    It is obvious to me that Porsche made a blatant and unoriginal copy of the almost defunct Faraday FF91 a few years ago and is slowly bringing it to production. The shape of the car, dimensions and specifications are almost the same. Ironically theses seem outdated as Tesla has moved on. However...
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    Jay Leno's Garage - Roadster 2.0 with Franz

    If Tesla is smart they will allow you to choose between a standard steering wheel and the concept wheel. I was about to say that you would want to choose a standard wheel for the track, but then I realized that formula cars don't have a standard wheel either. It might be beneficial to have the...
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    Let Tesla know what features or tech the Roadster should have to make it even more awesome?

    I just came back from the level 2 corvette track racing school at Spring mountain, which reconfirmed the need for HUD. At speed, or on a technical track, you must have relevant information front and center. It's dangerous to look down, and especially down and off center like the model 3. Since...
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    My blind spots.

    I'd like to suggest an improvement to the cute graphics on the dashboard. #1 Although it's nice to see the car icons match the real world, I'd like it if my tesla icon (avatar!) were moved up on the display so that the display would show 2-3 car lengths behind and beside me, so that it would...
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    19 vs 21" Wheel performance on P100D

    Thank you for your responses. My question is this: Assuming the diameter of the 19s and 21s is the same, why do the 19s give you 30 more miles on a charge? Is it because the 21s have a total surface area contact patch is larger and therefore has more friction on the road? If this were so, then...
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    19 vs 21" Wheel performance on P100D

    I'm sure this has been covered before, and maybe someone can redirect me to the appropriate thread. Im upgrading from a P85D to a P100D soon. Im not thrilled with the look of the new 21" wheels. I have had 4 flat tires in 3 three years on my current 21" tires which I consider somewhat fragile...
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    While Teslas fail at "Cars and Coffee"

    I don't think you've crossed the advertising line until you start posting your referral code in big letters across your windshield! :eek:
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    Another plea for Apple car play / android equivalent

    2 days after I started this thread, Tesla announced a bug upgrade in the Nav system for early 2018. Who says they don't read this forum? :cool:
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    While Teslas fail at "Cars and Coffee"

    Indeed, I didn't catch the autocorrect. Serendipitously, the lack of noise that a Tesla makes, turns out to be somewhat of an advantage, as it allows very "spirited" driving to go unnoticed. There is a certain amount of misbehavior that a tesla can get away with because the usual noisy revving...
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    Another plea for Apple car play / android equivalent

    Discussions such as these represent free market research and testing for Tesla. As stated above Tesla's lead will diminish as copy cats inevitably catch the innovator as happens in almost all products. The center console is a jewel that needs polishing.
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    silly question maybe but....Isnt 1.9 sec kind of harmful?

    Sadly, all it takes for sanity to flee most P100D owners, is for a Hellcat to pull up next to them while they are first in line at the red light. I once had a patient who was an old lady in her nineties. I asked her what the secret to her longevity was. I expected her to say half a glass of...
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    Another plea for Apple car play / android equivalent

    Im a bit surprised at the animosity. Adding Apple Car Play is simply an option, not a replacement. If you don't like it or need it, then ignore it. The Nav system in my Audi is excellent, and in many ways better than the Tesla, and I love it. My wife finds it too confusing so she simply plugs...
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    While Teslas fail at "Cars and Coffee"

    This list comes from what people told me as they have walked past my car. I presented this post to explain from personal experience why non - tesla owners might not share our enthusiasm for the cars we own. I have owned fast cars in the past and am well aware of car culture. In the end, the...
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    While Teslas fail at "Cars and Coffee"

    When I first got my P85D I used to clean and polish it and take it proudly to the local cars and coffee, and show it off proudly. These days, I park in regular parking and don’t bother showing it at all. These are the reasons why the car enthusiasts at cars and coffee are generally indifferent...
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    Another plea for Apple car play / android equivalent

    Upon inception the center console was replete with useful utilities and easter eggs, but three years later on there is growing discontent at the lack of updates and overall slowness of the browser. I make an earnest plea that apple car play be included as an app in the center console for...
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    silly question maybe but....Isnt 1.9 sec kind of harmful?

    From a Doctor's perspective, I will try to answer this question in a serious manner. If you assume the forward force of 1.5 Gs for 4 seconds (assuming you aren't quick enough to slow down as the car passes 60 mph) most people will experience mild discomfort and mild disorientation. However...
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    Let Tesla know what features or tech the Roadster should have to make it even more awesome?

    This is also the list of things I wish they would upgrade on the S: In a car that now has 200 cameras in AP2, Top down parking camera view with side cross view. This is exceptionally helpful in my Audi Q7. There is nothing worse than grinding the front of your carbon fiber front splitter over...
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    Tracking the new roadster - heat soak solved?

    I heard (or possibly imagined) that the thin horizontal bar is a G meter. Hopefully I can focus on the display without my glasses!
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    Tracking the new roadster - heat soak solved?

    The roadster is a ROADSTER, not a track car. By loose definition it is a car to be driven in a spirited fashion on a long winding road on a sunday afternoon, while enjoying the sport of driving, preferably with the top down. Even with the carbon ceramic brakes and vector torque steering will...
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    Let Tesla know what features or tech the Roadster should have to make it even more awesome?

    Dashboard front and center. While it might be OK for a prius or a model 3 to have the speedometer and other important information off to the side and (even worse) down below the windscreen, it is vitally important to see this information when traveling at speed. The speed is nicely displayed at...
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    Seriously. Where’s our annual update

    Squirrel! Ive had a p85d for almost three years now and I get the feeling that my car has many great ideas...that are half baked. It seems like they make good headway into good ideas and do all the hard work, but then get bored or distracted and never polish the feature to the point that it is...
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    Will there be a P115D or P130D?

    I don't think that it is any coincidence that Farraday and Lucid R&D independently decided on a 130 KW battery. I think that 130 KW is the intersection between power and weight, found by both of these companies. Each company has produced impressive prototypes that have achieved Tesla beating all...
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    Model S P100D beats 11 supercars in Motor Trend "World's Greatest Drag Race"

    So, a few details worth mentioning... The motor Trend drag race is an advertising event that is part of the performance car of the YEAR article that takes a week for them to decide. Loosely, only cars that are NEW or SIGNIFICANTLY upgraded during that year are eligible. So that's why the grand...
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    Insane mode?

    I know this has been discussed on many old threads, but i'll ask again for a quick answer. I assume if you drive in the same manner in sport or insane mode it makes no difference in wear on the car. What is the mechanical difference between these two modes?
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    Pack Performance and Launch Mode Limits

    A few easy software goodies i'd like to see: 1) some sort of icon on the dashboard when insane or ludicrous or range modes are engaged. I often forget to turn these modes off. 2) adding a sport/ludicrous switch to the menu selector on the right hand steering wheel 3) icons showing which engine...
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    Model S Sports package "SS"

    The model S was designed as a family sedan, with optional seating up to 7, but has become popular as an electric muscle car in its own right. Here’s my fantasy model S sports “SS” package that would be nice in the configurator: · Carbon fiber hood with modest SS badging. This is only a...
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    Partly thanks to Tesla's open technology architecture where it doesn't hold patents, and partly due to jealously, we are now seeing many other car makers building electric super cars. These include Rimac from Croatia, Nio from China, Faraday, and Lucid from the US with credible threats from Audi...
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    Calling All Lead Foots, Racers and Other "Abusers"

    There are several cars available that have buttons on the steering wheel for extra zoom. While I'm not advocating adding more buttons to the steering wheel, I think it would be nice to add a Sport/Ludicrous switching option to the menu button on the bottom right of the steering wheel, so that I...
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    Built in Dashcam

    Every Tesla comes with a high resolution forward facing camera that is always on. The car also has continuous GPS, and keeps track of speed and direction information as well as time and date. There is at least one USB in every car. Surely we have all the necessary hardware in place for someone...
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    Dash Board Requests

    Three somewhat nerdy requests for the dashboard. 1) I'd like the status display that shows my tire pressure to also show which of my motors is driving on my P85D by lighting up little motor icons on the car picture like other hybrids do. Perhaps even give a percentage or fraction or even torque...

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