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    Honest review of the wheel

    No,... not that stalk.
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    Honest review of the wheel

    Ha! We have duopolies and oligopolies now. Heck, we even have industries and companies writing legislation to benefit their own interests. There is a word for that... too.
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    Honest review of the wheel

    haha. I never knew a plane could double park and go in reverse to do so. Removing haptic feedback in a vehicle is so dumb, Tesla. So cheap. So dumb, cheap and arrogant, Elon.
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    Honest review of the wheel

    I have a Model S and a Model 3P. Everytime I get in the Model 3 I'm frustrated. Dumfounded at the decisions tesla made. AutoPilot on the Model S is on the left, on the Model 3, it is on the right. There are more differences that stump you for a few miles. Minimalism by using the Drive Train...
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    Poll on V11 interface

    Ever try to explain how to operate your car to your senior parents? A friend? Here's the key/keycard, go have fun and take the grandkids for a trip. How long before a call from your grandpa or grandma who is frustrated they can't do something, and they are on the freeway? Oh, hit the small...
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    Poll on V11 interface

    As an emergency doc, you must know how lethal distractions are to operating machinery. like a car. Reducing distractions, steps and actions while operating such machinery, would make your job easier. Thank you, for saving lives none the less.
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    Poll on V11 interface

    the feature is useless if nobody knows about it. Which is my point. Long press to show the controls is designing in a bubble instead of designing for the user. That is the ridiculousness of "invisible design" or "clean". Why not make them active buttons like the rest? Just put a thin grey bar...
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    Poll on V11 interface

    Long press for defrost?, seats? and wipers? FFS, is that just a UX designer's "FU" to us? Cause we complained only games and ENT where customizable? so, give use the option but still hide it? geeze, consumers just don't have any power anymore... 90% of people won't know that a long press is...
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Software Feature Requests: Ability to always show side cameras while in Reverse (like on Model 3). For some reason, if the Rear Camera is on, and one goes into reverse, it doesn't show the side cameras. Why in reverse, would I need to see Navigation or music? I want to see side views. But if...
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    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    that's what happens when UX designers don't design with a wheel in front of them. Nor looking at the road ahead of them.
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    Poll on V11 interface

    those "Challenges" should not have been released. UX designers must not use their own software in real world scenarios. Or they are too familiar with the complexity to antipate a new users "experience". THey are developing on a computer at home or at work. This is a CAR. It needs to be safe...
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    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    I think you missed the part about doing it quietly. lol. but good to know...
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    Poll on V11 interface

    I like change. When there are improvements. The only improvement is the ability to choose which apps to display. The fail is, it didn't give you the apps or buttons that were previously there. So it is a fail. I DON"T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT GAMES. Yet, there are customized buttons for them. It is...
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    Poll on V11 interface

    "all human input is error" Elon said that? well he is human. maybe.
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    Poll on V11 interface

    UX designers are failing us. Design over function. This isn't a game app, it is the interface to driving a machine that can kill people if drivers are distracted or can't control their car while driving. This includes light gray on white background small type, hidden access to features, reducing...
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    Weird sound from car during accleration

    !>I have had to take my car in numerous times for this. Now, I have to take it in again. This has been an ongoing and repeatable issue for years! Why? Why isn't this a recall?
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    Why to the UX designer think Fading the next exit is a good idea?

    Navigation UX - Navigation, the top "Next" direction listed at top of Nav has a gradient from gray to white at the bottom. So half is barely visible. Why? That is literally the most important action a drive needs to know. Why to the UX designers think Fading the next exit is a good idea? The...
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    So far so good MCU2 upgrade

    I just upgraded and the MCU portion is well worth it. I was crashing often, the UI was slow and the NAV would delay instructions. Many times past the turns or turn offs. I was late often, and blamed MCUONE. Only a few knew what I was talking about. The rest thought my dog ate my Nav. :P You...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I do not have that arrow to get he repeater cameras active until tap the "cone zone?" icon to get them. But it isn't persistent when going in reverse. Do you see an arrow on reverse without hitting the "cone zone" icon?
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Not sure why AP3 came into play... except that the Model S does have FSD and the AP3 hardware already. Guess I could have stated that. @HankLloydRight Yes, exactly, we have a Model S 100d that had MCU1 and a Model 3 Performance (M3P) that of course, comes with MCU2. We did the Infotainment...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I have had the car back a few days. Wow, its like a new car! I won't repeat all the specific improvements posted many times before, but overall its worth it. I was getting frustrated with the car. Probably more so, because we have an M3P and everything is so snappy. I'm using voice recognition...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I'm having the infotainment upgraded in our AP3/MCU 1 as I write this. Just to let you know, it's totally worth it! And I don't even have my car back yet.
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    Blog AMD RDNA 2 Architecture to Power Tesla’s Infotainment System

    Is this why the S/X got a $5000 price increase?
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    Blog IIHS Test Pushes Consumer Reports to Award Top Pick Status to Model 3

    So the beams turn off autopilot safety features when it senses an oncoming car? Turns them back on when no oncoming vehicles are present. makes sense. maybe lawyers saw this as an opportunity to disclaim any potential liabilities.
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    How’s the yoke steering wheel feel?

    not the same at all. Looking at a watch is different than physically controlling a car's direction with an input device that requires feedback from the operator. A watch just shows you time. Not how to control time. If you have a watch that controls time, can I borrow it?
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    How’s the yoke steering wheel feel?

    Hopefully air bags don't get deployed while doing a cross over. Broken wrists and arms flung into your face and head. The lack of a stalk is also stupid. Requiring the eye off the road. There is a reason tactile function works. it becomes mechanical without taking ones eye off the road. Now...
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    How’s the yoke steering wheel feel?

    there's no need to reinvent the wheel.
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    Passenger Lumbar Support

    Its petty and foolish to remove something that might help someone with health issues like back issues. It could be a make or break decision for some. Like others said, it's typically a set and forget setting. Siting "usage data" is BS, and just software people using data to justify a penny...
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    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    AI/SENSOR Redundancy is necessary. It should be mandatory.
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    Anyone else dislike the new UI?

    UX designers these days won't stop until its a Big Blank White screen. Its "Clean" they say. Just tap hold in different areas and things will appear. A swiping action adds "functionality" too! Once you Release, its back to a beautiful blank, but VERY Clean UI.
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    The closer you live to Silicon Valley, the worse it gets.
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    I just don't understand new UI designers. Its like they don't use their own UI in context. In this case; DRIVING! Low contrast, less color, small icons, small font. An "easter egg" hunt for functionality, swipe swipe. Reallly? while driving? They won't quit until its just a blank white page...
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    UI designers don't seem to use their designs in practice anymore. Everything is Smaller, have less contrast and they hide things. Thinking its "CLEANER". Its soooo "CLEAN" you can't see or find anything! Which is UNACCEPTABLE when operating a vehicle.
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    MCU1/AP3 - laggy response time

    Yep. Laggedy Lag Lag.
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    Doug Loverro, new Chief of Human Spaceflight, resigns from NASA

    nah. its a Space Force mission. One that is up to no good. or is it????
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    and someone would pay for it, then pay the labor to pull the old one out and put the new one in. Then forgo their warranty. Sounds like around $2500 for it, and the labor alone. or pay telsa for MCU2 and keep their warrenty.
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    Not having regen after the last software update sucks

    I had 2019 40.1 and perceived regen was different and lacking after installing. I just updated to 2020.4.1 and got regen back. Model S 100d
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    Report: Tesla to Deliver First Cars from Shanghai Factory on Dec. 30

    Model Y's in the photos?
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    GROUP BUY - MCU-1 to MCU-2 Upgrade, Testing interest

    I believe the harness is different. But yes, I would seem plausible
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    Double Tap Right Stalk Button for Summon no longer works

    Double Tap Right Stalk Button for Summon no longer works. Merging of Model 3 code? Thus losing the function in Model S? or bug? 2019.36.2.1 Model S 100D
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    RIP commasign / Matthew Chan

    Very Sad. Way too young. RIP Dr. Chan.
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    I cannot believe the phone call I just received.

    Ask them for discount if you take the car and see what they say. If they repeat lie about scrapping/illegal etc., there will be ramifications perhaps legal but certainly P.R. issues.
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    Is Venting for model 3 only?

    Model X and S are same buttons right?
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    Is Venting for model 3 only?

    I have an option to Vent windows on our Model 3 on iPhone. But not on our Model S 100d. Is Venting for model 3 only?
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    Renting a model 3 in Munich airport

    subscribing. i'd like to rent a tesla in munich for a week.
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    My road trip from Zurich to Salzburg in 24 hours

    curious, were you visiting? did you rent this tesla? I'm looking into renting a tesla in munich in a few weeks. advice?
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    Enhanced Summon, where are you?

    I want it so it goes up our long inclined driveway!
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    Best Iced Photo

    didn't happen if no photo. lol

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