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    Free Model S interior parts-SF Bay Area

    All items have been "freed" Thanks
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    Free Model S interior parts-SF Bay Area

    I have the following parts out of a 2012 Signature Model S Signature #46 without rear facing seat option. All are in excellent condition. The part numbers are taken off the actual parts I have. Part # suffix has changed over time as revisions are made. I have no idea of...
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    2012 Model S rear interior carpet, parcel shelf, and trim pieces from Signature car - SF Bay Area

    Sale pending on 3 panel parcel shelf. I also have a new in box 2 panel parcel shelf @ $175
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    2012 Model S rear interior carpet, parcel shelf, and trim pieces from Signature car - SF Bay Area

    I have the following parts out of a 2012 Signature Model S Signature #46 without rear facing seat option. All are in excellent condition. The part numbers are taken off the actual parts I have. Part # suffix has changed over time as revisions are made. I have no idea of...
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    Tesla Offer Model S Electric Frunk Kit For Sale

    Dropping price to $300 in light of Tesla Offer group buy. eBay listing:Tesla Offer Power Frunk Kit | eBay
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    Tesla Offer Model S Electric Frunk Kit For Sale

    I have a new in box Tesla Offer electric frunk kit for pre-facelift RWD dual latch Model S. Unfortunately, the car was totaled before I had a chance to install it. Asking $400. SF Bay Area
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    Supercharger - Folsom, CA - Iron Point Rd. (4 V2 stalls)

    I charged at Folsom Monday around 1am. Arrived with 20%, was getting a little over 300 amps. Stall 1A. One other Model S charging on 2B.
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    Tore up the cargo area

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    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    Just received HPWC today. Sig. VIN 42
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    Have you received your parcel shelf?

    Mine was delivered with car on sept. 19.
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    Model S Software/Firmware Updates

    Yes, everything as described in article. Except when I’m using my iphone as media source (via Bluetooth) the volume lowers when door is opened, but does not resume playing when I enter (unless I leave phone in car). Also, the errant pixels have disappeared from the display, but I think that is...
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    Model S Software/Firmware Updates

    Downloaded new software version 1.9.17 this morning.
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    No floating cam video.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Edit to post:http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/9489-Model-S-Delivery-Update/page21?p=185631&viewfull=1#post185631 My VIN is 42 not 43. Added 21" silver wheels and rear spoiler delete
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I’m seeing many of the same issues and some others. Noticing a higher than expected drop in the “rated range” number after unplugging. After completing a standard mode charge to 251 miles, I disconnected the charge cable. 2 3/4 hrs later rated miles were down to 243. Also having problems...
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    Model S Software/Firmware Updates

    Picked up my MSP last Wed and was told that it had just been updated with latest software version 1.7.36. No creep yet.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Just confirmed, taking delivery at Fremont next wed 9/19. SSL 46 Vin#42 Sig performance Sig red 21" Silver wheels Black interior w/lacewood Pano No third row seats HPWC Paint armor Rear spoiler delete
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    Anyone gotten their Model S HPC yet?

    I was told that the HPWC is one of the items on the due bill, and was offered the use of a Roadster to Model S adapter. I'm Sig Special 46, Vin 43 scheduled for delivery 9/10-9/21
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    Karma -vs- Model S

    http://www.frost.com/sublib/display-market-insight-top.do?id=166542046 http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/levprog/leviii/meetings/051810/2010_ucd-its-rr-10-10.pdf
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    4th annual ReFuel: Sun 7/1/12 @ Laguna Seca

    Steve was not babying his baby as far as i could tell, and he's definitly not a slow driver. Check last years lap times.
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    2.5 Sport today in Mill Valley, CA Anyone here?
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    Yeah, thats my hood.
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    DC Charging for the Roadster

    I was told by a Tesla employee that all the packs would be the same weight and use the same number of cells, but with different chemistry/energy density. The original plan was to have more cells for the 300mi pack (in the rear of frunk). The down side (for Tesla) of the new approach is that...
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    Looking for a Roadster

    10K sounds like a fair price for a paint job like that done right.
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    Xenon HID upgrade

    Just noticed - does that headlight assembly have a little fogging going on inside at the front? It does just seem like a simple bulb upgrade. I was hoping (wishful thinking) for 2k somehow the fogging issue had been resolved.
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    Feedback and suggestions regarding the Model S Beta

    Currently the cruise control is stalk mounted on the left side of the steering column. It may change slightly, but i think it will likely remain in that general location. As for the shift lever, didn't get any specifics, but everyone that I talked to at Tesla was indicating that the Mercedes...
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    Heated Headlamps

    Saw this one at Menlo Park Saturday. Didn't get the vin. # [Moderator's note: cleaned up photo embed. Click for larger image.]
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    Feedback and suggestions regarding the Model S Beta

    agreed on all points, especially the seats. For a car that promises class leading handling i would expect much more lateral support. other observations: -no storage/pockets in doors or seat backs. -didn't see any cup holders for back seat occupants. -no side bars/grab bars. -need sliding sun...
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    Another Model S feature wishlist

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    Model S Beta Test "Rides" and the Fremont, CA, Factory tour!

    Guess I'm the odd ball - local, Saturday.
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    Front license plate options?

    Super slick TEG, did you fab that yourself?!
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    3rd annual ReFuel: Sun 6/26/11 @ Laguna Seca

    TEG, you wouldn't be refering to me now would you :redface::smile: It wasn't all that bad. I'd do it again (and did). This year I managed to keep at least two wheels on the track at all times.
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    3rd annual ReFuel: Sun 6/26/11 @ Laguna Seca

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    Tesla Charging in SF - Can you help?

    Your welcome to use my Tesla HPC (70a/208v) in Oakland if that helps.
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    Motorweek: Roadster road test.

    I understand that TEG. I guess what I'm asking is if they weren't in performance mode, etc., then why not. Does't someone from Tesla make sure they know how to operate the car in order to get the optimum result for any given test?
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    Motorweek: Roadster road test.

    What's up with the 4.4s 0-60 time for a sport model? Has there been any third party test that has achieved Tesla's advertised 0-60 times of 3.7 for sport and 3.9 for standard Roadsters? The 1/4 mile times are also slower than owners have recorded at the track, IIRC.
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    Alpha Build

    Just a guess, but I suspect the interior is less than show ready.
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    It's the Batteries, Stupid!

    Yes, Bike, do tell. Firsthand experience is my source. I leased a first gen EV-1 with lead acid batteries, then upgraded to the second gen lead acid. Towards the end of the lease had the opportunity to drive a NiMH car for about six months. These cars were my primary and preferred daily...
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    Charging the Roadster

    I Agree, take I80 and plan some time to stop in Davis on the way up,back or both. plenty of places to get food or coffee within walking distance of the charge point (70a/208v tesla HPC). I do this all the time on my way from Oakland to Sacramento or Tahoe.
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    Tesla Charging Stations in the wild

    Graham, The San Ramon Charger works great, I charged ther last week. 233V @ 70A-faster than my home HPC (208V). The site is accessible 24/7.
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    Production/Delivery Status

    Hey Doug, did you happen to see my car? It's #106- radiant red w/black interior.
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    Bay Area TMC forum meet

    I'm still planing to be there Saturday.
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    Paint color discussion

    No, they just reqired my signature on the standard "you break it, you buy it" waiver and a casual "have fun" from Jeremy. I didn't have a performance computer with me, but my personal rush meter was pegged on high a few times:smile:
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    Paint color discussion

    I did drive VP10 locked in 2nd gear last September on Skyline Blvd. It's difficult to compare the two cars since the circumstances were so different. The Skyline drive was my first time at the wheel of the Roadster and with Zak in the passenger seat I didn't push it too hard; I didn't want to be...
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    Paint color discussion

    No foolin' I dropped by the store just expecting to look at some cars hoping to get a little closer to making a color choice, but the store wasn't too busy, so Jeremy offered me a drive. VP13 happened to be almost fully charged and ready to go. So I got a chance to cruse (fly) around...
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    Owner Takes Delivery of P16

    Pictures and video: http://gallery.me.com/mark.templeton#100092&bgcolor=black&view=grid
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    Paint color discussion

    Are you thinking of blue seat inserts to match the stripes? I was over at the Menlo Park store on Saturday hoping to get a look at some customer cars (I'm still tiring to decide on my color choice). I got to talking with Jeremy Cleland the Senior Manager of After Sales Operations; he said they...
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    Trunk latch problems

    Just a guess here, but it might be the latch bolts are loose and the latch gets knocked out of alignment more and more with each increasingly forceful attempt to close it.
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    Motor Authotity First Drive

    One of the conmmenters who drives an Elise recommends the Multivex Mirrors to help with the visibility issue. It will probably be one my first accesories.
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    Tesla SF crash?

    According to a podcast phone interview @EVcast, the license plate was knocked off in the accident. There was an unsubstantiated comment that is was being driven by a Tesla technician. I haven’t seen any other comment to that effect though.

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