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    19 inch wheel recommendations for ‘21 LR

    What about OEM 19s from the older cars?
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    Supercharger - Hamilton, TX

    Must not have been paying attention to the other posts... Tesla's Find Us site is inaccurate and not to be trusted. It's basically a "Hey, we'd like to put one here and we're thinking about it." Supercharge.info is what should be considered the Source of Truth - it shows where Tesla is...
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    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    What numbers in particular would you like to see?
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    Supercharger - Katy, TX - Buc-ee's

    Probably only 8 stalls because there's a 12 stall V2 basically across the street.
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    0-60 MPH for new Long Range Model S WITH and WITHOUT "Drag Strip Mode"

    Such a major change from the pre-refresh S, which is quite the opposite - totally loses steam after like 60.
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    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    Maybe it's something exclusive to the refresh S. Given how shoddy the rest of the software is, I wouldn't be surprised if it's awaiting a software update to be truly functional. The difference between Comfort and Sport on my 2019 Raven S is definitely noticeable. After seeing the complaints on...
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    Likelihood of Performance Software Updates for LR?

    They're already manipulating and downplaying the results in favor of the Plaid. As per Tesla's website, and official specs, the Plaid has a 1.99s 0-60 with one foot rollout subtracted. The LR's 3.1s does not have that subtraction. The Plaid has a 2.3s 0-60 without the one foot rollout...
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    Likelihood of Performance Software Updates for LR?

    The Long Range 3 and Y have $2,000 Acceleration Boosts available that drop their 0-60 by roughly 0.5 seconds. The LR 3 had a couple updates early on in its life that increased range and acceleration. It's not impossible that Tesla would offer either a paid or free upgrade to the LR S. Having...
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    My Wh/m after one year of ownership

    It's not a 1:1 conversion of energy spent going up versus regen'd. There's losses due to heat, friction, and other inefficiencies.
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    My Wh/m after one year of ownership

    High Wh/Mi consumption is more related to your driving habits and conditions than your actual battery. What kind of tires are you using? What kind of temps and speeds? Are you going uphill a lot? Mashing the throttle? I'm in the upper 290s/lower 300s with a Raven S with high heat, leading to...
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    Used Model S VS new Model Y and phantom braking

    In theory, it'll be "fixed" once Tesla releases more complete Tesla Vision software. What's out right now is half baked and likely a result of them having to remove the radar sooner than anticipated (if it was originally in the plans at all...) because of supply chain shortages. That software...
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    Used Model S VS new Model Y and phantom braking

    Do not buy a pre-Raven (2019) S. The Ravens are already missing out on a lot of features from the 3/Y, and the pre-Ravens are missing out on more than even the Ravens. If your budget allows for a 2017 S or a new Y, I'd pick the Y. The S (Raven or not) still has some phantom braking. But the...
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    Model S 2022 to Model Y 2022 - Should I switch?

    The other thing you're missing out on is the suspension. The Y has had some improvements over time, but even with those, there's still issues and complaints with how stiff and unrefined it is.
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    2017 Model S 100D a good deal?

    Unless you have a specific need for the size of the S, a new Model 3 will be a better decision than a 2017 S. What you'll get in the 3 over the S: Faster infotainment Longer range Faster charging Newest software features (like Sentry camera on phone) Phone key The new 3 will also have it's...
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    Supercharger - Abbott, TX

    I figured "Oh Waco's only 30 miles away, maybe I should try that." Waco, with it's 22 stalls, also showed a wait at the time.
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    Supercharger - Abbott, TX

    Woof. This location is stressed af. Here now and there’s a line of 8 - EIGHT - people waiting. On top of that, no one seems to be able to pull in more than 120kW despite being a V3.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Stopped watching this thread for a bit. Have there been any further changes after the swivel screen?
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    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Owners Thread

    Has anyone found any decent replacement wheels and/or tires for the 20"ers? I know there's tons of aftermarket options, but I want something that's focused on weight for range. And as far as tires, TireRack shows very limited options available. There aren't even any all season Pilot Sports.
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    Supercharger - Houston, TX - Hempstead Road

    I-10 and the 59 stretch between Houston/Nacogdoches/Texarkana wouldn't mind an additional charger or two.
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    Model X Plaid Third Row Climate

    I'd def open up a service ticket for this. Maybe it's a software issue. Maybe the HVAC system wasn't properly connected to the rear vents. Or maybe it's as simple as there's a damper that needs to be opened.
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    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Owners Thread

    "When you sell a car for more than it is worth, you do have to pay taxes. Selling a car for more than you have invested in it is considered a capital gain. Thus, you have to pay capital gains tax on this transaction."...
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    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Owners Thread

    You'll have to pay tax when you pick up/register the car as well as potentially short term capital gains taxes on the profit as well.
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    19" Wheels for 2022 Model X refresh?

    I don't know of any 19s, but I do know that there are lighter 20s out there. For example: 20" Tesla Wheels - Model X Long Range & Plaid (October 2021 - Present)
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Interesting that it goes away - possibly a lubrication issue? Or maybe something settles when the car isn't in motion, and the shafts (or something else) spinning causes the weight to appropriately redistribute?
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Again, yes, they're new - but new within the constraints of the original design since the S/X still use the original architecture. Poor (and entirely fictional) example, but let's say the half shafts are 2.5" in diameter, which is why they're so rickety. Tesla realizes they need 4" diameter to...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Of course the new refresh S has changes - nobody is contesting that. But it's a *refresh* rather than a *redesign*, which typically comes with a new platform/chassis. Reusing the existing platform means that while they can still apply suspension tweaks and such, they're still constrained by the...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Design/visual aesthetics =/= platform. The car has maintained a heritage look but with chassis improvements throughout the generations.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    No, it they never fixed the half shaft issue.
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    Results from the "350 kW" / 500A DCFC session is finally here!

    Is there any reason to expect that the new S/X would behave differently (better?) than these results? And is there any reason to expect that charge curve (on any of the cars) would be different than when on a Supercharger?
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    Digital clock

    No you're not missing something. The software on the refresh S/X is really half baked. You can't customize anything on the instrument cluster, you need to either use the main screen or try to use voice controls.
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    2022 Model X and Pet Transport - Tips And Buying Guide

    Love this. Do you have any specific recommendations for the 6 seater? I’ve got a 100lb lab that I’m trying to figure out a solution for. I know I want some kind of a seat belt/harness situation for sure. Just not sure what yet. Maybe something that clips into the seat belt of the 3rd row...
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model X - LR, 6 Seater, FSD

    Bump. Had an offer that didn’t pan out. Asking $135k obo.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Is he tho? I don’t disagree with the idea that the Model S is old. The refresh we got for ‘21/22 is after like 10 years. And even then, it’s the kind of refresh that traditional OEMs give to their cars after ~3 model years. The exterior barely has any changes at all - even people here in...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    You may have gotten matched with a car that someone failed to take delivery of, for whatever reason - could be as simple as their financing fell through, or they got tired of waiting and got another car, or they refused delivery because of QC issues.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Can we get an updated frontal and 3/4s view? I'm considering doing the same thing you did - blacked out roof and/or blacked out front lip, but can't really visualize what it'll look like together.
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    Supercharger - Georgetown, TX

    We went from that one ass-tier location, always overcrowded Supercharger in the middle of the city and 2 Urban Supercharger locations inexplicably right next to each other to almost able to walk across the entire city on top of the Superchargers without touching the ground.
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    Refresh Model S Tint / PPF / Ceramic Photos & Info

    Understood - but a wrap offers some protection, which is probably enough for my needs. So if I go the color changing wrap route, then I wouldn't have to pay the extra for Tesla's paint color + PPF + ceramic. Was your quote $4,500 for the full car's PPF and ceramic?
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    Tesla service installed PS4 after asking/paying for PS4S

    If your invoice says PS4S and you got PS4, then they have to either swap them out or refund you the difference - can't have a mismatch like that. That being said, what's driving you to the 4S over the 4? Is there's a notable difference? I'm trying to figure out which is the best for me as well.
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    Refresh Model S Tint / PPF / Ceramic Photos & Info

    Anyone have a general idea of how much a full wrap costs for the S? I'm trying to weigh whether it's worth paying $2,500 for the red and then another $4,000 for front PPF + ceramic versus just getting a red wrap.
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    2019 Tesla Model S Long Range Raven Black/Black - $68,500

    Can I ask how much they gave you?
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    Continental PureContact LS vs Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II

    I've had these Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus 2s for coming up on a year now. The OEM Goodyear Eagle Touring tires lasted me ~20k miles before needing to be replaced, with an average of ~275 Wh/Mi. These Pirellis have had about 15,000 miles put on them and are still at 7/32 tread depth -...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Tesla has consistently offered the highest for my MS, with Driveway being a relatively close 2nd.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Yep, the real test will be once the matrix features are actually enabled. What do you mean about the ring being different? And are the DRLs any different?
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    Supercharger - Waller, TX

    What else opened?
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Since you can directly compare, how are the new headlights vs old?
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Why would it do that?
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    EOQ = massive push and rush to get cars out the doors so that quarterly numbers are ever increasing, to help boost the stock. That means that EOQ cars can have looser QC standards.
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    Thought I'd start a RN116X thread (group).

    I ordered 2 months after you and my EDD hasn't shifted at all from literally 2 days after yours.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Word on the street is RGB ambient lighting that's user addressable through the tilting screens that tie into the matrix headlights and have their own interior version of the Light Show. Oh and also the individual RGB portions sync with the internal phone/ANC mics for passive fart observance and...

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