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    CCS Adapter for North America

    Maybe your friend can check out the 3rd party one at Harumio?
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    They should really be included with every new Tesla, like the J1772 adaptor. This is petty sh!t for cars of this price range. I’d say for most long distance travelers the CCS1 would be more valuable than the now oprional UMC. Optimally every Tesla would have both along with J plug and be able...
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    Solar superchargers

    I have a very hard time believing the numbers on that map for Alaska.
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    How reliable have the CCS stations been? I haven’t had any trouble yet with chargepoint, but lots of comments on TMC about problems with damaged handles or app/payment methods.
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    Charger location in garage

    My garage is similar to OP except I only back in. I mounted my WC at position A and ran the charge cable to a pivoting overhead jib that swings to cover both stalls, and ziptied so the handle can never touch the ground.
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    Refresh Model X Window Sunshades

    Shop.tesla.com>model X>vehicle accessoriesl The text says fits all years.
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    Model X Winter Tires

    That’s what I use on a ‘21
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    Supercharger kwhr cost should not be based on price of gas

    The price of gas does not always reflect the price of oil, today oil is <$90. The refined product being a consumer commodity, retail price is what people are willing to pay at that time and place. When electricity is dispensed as fuel the same thing seems likely.
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    Parking at SeaTac airport

    Wow, I’m on Whidbey and it’s the opposite, the shuttle is cheaper and easier.
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    Should I get rid of my LR for a Plaid?

    The LR IS one of the fastest cars. Give it some time, enjoy it and if it’s still not enough you won’t get hurt selling it, maybe for a profit.
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    blank "controls" screen the first time I toggle to it

    That has happened every day on my 21X for weeks, SC was ”unable to replicate”. They were also unable to replicate window regulator noise and loose trim for what it’s worth.
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    Anyone know what kind of floor mat this is?

    I have those Toughpro mats from that link and very happy with them, but they aren’t what OP’s pic shows, and they are rubber not vinyl.
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    Should wait for a used Model X?

    “musk stated” lol
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    Just picked up car today

    When the app shows it as last seen however long ago, normally just means the car is sleeping.
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    TPMS sensors

    Have you priced TPMS at your tire center or wheel vendor? I have bought from both at fair enough prices, and no compatibility problems. My 12/20 build ‘21 MX uses same sensors as previous years.
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    Should I get rid of my LR for a Plaid?

    My use is kind of similar for prerefresh MXP 5 seater, I do love the power and it’s in Ludicrous pretty much all the time. But if it had only been available with 6 seats, I would have bought the LR... it’s only 1 day/week I need to fold the seats down, but it’s why I need the X.
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    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    I used Keithly Electric in South Park for a sizeable 3 phase warehouse job and they did a superb job quickly and for a decent price. They also do residential but I haven’t dealt with them for that. No affiliation.
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    Kansas is full

    If he’s had his Tesla 4 years it’s probably not CCS enabled.
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    How thick is the foam?
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    Anyone with a pre-refresh get the CCS charging enabled?

    Ukraine-made CCS adapter may be back before Tesla releases theirs outside of Korea
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    2022 22inch rim rash paint

    T Sportline sells wheel touch-up in Tesla colors, Amazon has them
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    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Yes. If that’s what you have, the tinning prevents corrosion, you won’t have that problem. Bryant is an excellent 14-50R, I have one installed and one waiting to install, and multiple Bryant 6-50R’s, never a problem with any.
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    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    The wire you suspect is aluminum sounds like tinned copper, good stuff if it is.
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    I was born here and thought my whole life we were almost entirely hydro but that was maybe never true
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    Back to the CCS adapter, with Tesla clamping down on Harumio and so many US serving in Korea, this is a good opportunity for a military spouse or dependent there to start a new side hustle and probably do very well.
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    World’s okayest diy chrome delete

    I think those wheels go nicely with your chrome delete.
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    Residential rates have not increased for PSE customers in WA, but have proposed ~20% increase over 3 years, with the largest step coming naturally coming first, if approved. We are still on almost 50% fossil fuel here so clearly investments are needed to get off the coal and gas. My guess, SC...
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    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Are you guys waiting on the 14-50 recepticles because it’s the only way to power your EVSE ? I went that route out on my pole for guests with EV or RV, in my shop I already had 6-50 for welding and charging. I’d say short of needing RV/dual use, a 6-50 is better suited for charging simply by...
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    From y performance to x plaid for less bumpy ride

    Seattle streets are a disgrace, not really fair to judge a cars ride on grossly neglected pavement! My 21X rides like sh!t in the city, I can imagine MY being jarring there, but those streets barely qualify as pavement.
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    My MX smells like something died in it

    I’ve never had to clean the coil in any of mine either, but having worked in refrigeration long ago, cleaning condenser and evap coils is standard maintenance. High head pressure was the usual indicator. I’ve never seen a diagram of the X’s airflow, I don’t know how a dirty condenser could...
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    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Are you charging at 32A? Have you tried charging at a lower amperage, maybe 25? At some rate the plug temp. will drop to a level your WC is happy with, it may be as little as a couple amps less.
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    Non-Tesla / non-EVgo station with built in Tesla CCS adapter

    if I read it right, monthly subscription includes unlimited charging for about$50, great deal for anyone without home charging!
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    Model X with 4680 cells?

    Doesn’t the new 4680 MY have less range than the 2170 version? I’ve seen speculation that he 4680 is not offered in Perfomance Y because they don’t cool as well as 2170, again that is some youtube opinion. That kind of reinforces the idea that S/X still use 18650 for a reason. Most of the info...
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    Model X with 4680 cells?

    i’m very satisfied with 18650 cells. What improvements (drivers perspective) do you expect from 4680 cells?
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    On one of these CCS threads someone reported they could unplug it hot at a certain station, EVgo I think. If the CCS plug is in proper condition I don’t see how it could be unlatched hot and I have not been able to duplicate that. But even in that case, the adapter itself should still be latched...
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    Model X Plaid GPS “Stuck” in Last Location (Parking Garage)

    Does TACC, autopilot, navigation work properly when the car thinks it’s stationary like that?
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    You are right, it would be reasonable and appropriate. But why would they? (From Tesla perspective-) what’s in it for Tesla, a small fee? Weigh that against bad press if a salvage car burns up at a SC. There may not be many CCS1 enabled Tesla cars in salvage status now, but there will be...
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    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    NM-B is such a PITA to work with I’m surprised it gets brought up so much. I personally find THHN or other suitable conductors in conduit faster, easier, and cleaner to install.
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    Polarized sunglass OK with X?

    Not an issue in legacy MX
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    WHY! Opening up Tesla Superchargers to any EV is a bad idea!

    “extra cash flow”? Haven’t there been enough price increases on every model and FSD for the world’s richest man? Profit margin on vehicles reportedly triple of legacy mfgs and still need charging revenue from non Tesla cars to add stations? Supercharging rates are increasing, I think the...
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    Electrician Mounted Wall Connector Backwards!

    Having it mounted 90* from where it is puts the handle storage to the street and the indicators away from your window without extra elbows.
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    Supercharger - Burlington, WA

    There was an MX with trailer charging at the first stall last time I was there.(in the last month)
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    Is Tesla Adding CCS Chargers a Mistake? (TMC Podcast Clip)

    I don’t buy that. There must be a load of Tesla owners that are satisfied with the charging system of the cars they selected and the supercharger network. Newer CCS-enabled Teslas have even more charging options with the adaptor. How many happy owners would agree their lives were made better...
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    There is a lot more to the CCS1 adapter than the J1772 adaptor- it handles -10X the current. Typically that costs significantly more in any product, I don’t think Tesla’s price is out of line in this one instance.
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    Liquid Tight Conduit with 4awg for wall charger

    You don’t need a torque screw driver. Tighten the lugs firmly, and let the wire end relax for minute, then turn again and you might get another1/4 turn. Done.
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    Wall Charger issue

    Might be worth asking your co. sparky if the facility 3 phase comes in at 480v with a 208v step down transformer for lighting etc. Just so you have all the info.
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    Hertz Employees Using All Superchargers

    I rent a car in Dublin every year and Hertz cars get returned to the same off-terminal lot with all the others, similar to many airports. It would be myopic to think Hertz will be the only rental co. with EVs. A DCFC station at these lots combined with L2 in the parking garage to serve all...
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    Roof Rack Weight Limit

    Thread 'Paddleboard Rack on MX: One solution' Paddleboard Rack on MX: One solution This guy found a way!
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    Strange 12 volt battery question

    Bizarre! Did you try Tesla Roadside on the app? Must have been Fremont or your Delivery Center’s screw up, you shouldn’t have to wait til Monday.
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    Liquid Tight Conduit with 4awg for wall charger

    I also used 1” conduit and if I remember correctly the Tesla WC is threaded for 3/4 so I did some minor mod on it, I think I had to grind out the WC threads and use a nut inside to secure the conduit.

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